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This was the codename used by the minor criminal Vreego, during the time he spent on Cularin, during the early years of the New Order.(LFCW)

This unit of measurement, used by the Imperial armed forced, described the amount of deliverable energy in a single artillery weapon charge. It effectively measured the power of a single blast, but the exact units were dependent upon the calculations used by the manufacturer to describe them.(ISB)

This was a model of hydrospanner produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation.(PSG)

Industrial Automaton's pilot droid series, the V1 was built to replace the R2 series. The R2 series was built as an assistant to a living pilot, and was used primarily in starfighters. The V1 droids were capable of performing an R2 unit's functions as well as piloting the ship. The V1, however, did not have any starship maintenance programming, unlike the R2 unit. The V1 was used on missions to hostile environments, when a living pilot would be harmed or killed.(RASB)

This was one of two Imperial TIE Defender facilities destroyed during the Galactic Civil War.(XWN)

This Merr-Sonn thermal detonator was part of the standard weaponry used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems to arm their battle droids, during the height of the Clone Wars. It later found its way into the arsenal of the Grand Army of the Republic, and was a favored explosive of the clone troopers.(LAWS, SWI84)

This high-grade starship weapons capacitor system was developed and produced by SoroSuub, during the height of the New Order.(SWG2P)

V-1 Droid
This was a series of droids who were programmed to fly freighters and other non-military starships.(WS)

This was the designation of the valet droid that was assigned to the Chief of State of the Imperial Remnant, Jagged Fel, during the years that followed the end of the Second Galactic Civil War.(FJ3)
v-150 Planet Defender
This planetary defense ion cannon was manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards, from designs that were developed by Can Lar while he was still employed by CoMar Weapons. CoMar refused to manufacture the v-150, so Can Lar quit and later went to work for KDY. The main weapon of the v-150 was housed in a spherical shell on a planet's surface, although the power generator was buried nearly a mile in the ground beneath it. This allowed for remote operation of the weapon, which was designed to disable an attacking ship in orbit. This also placed the v-150's power generator in a relatively cool position, although special arrangements usually had to be made to ensure the v-150 didn't overheat. The entire facility dedicated to the v-150 could contain enough supplies to keep the crew alive for three months without restocking. Despite its hefty price, the v-150 found a niche among wealthy planets, which used it in combination with planetary shields to protect their governments, citizens, and corporations. The v-150 allowed these worlds to save a few credits by providing more-than-adequate protection while the planetary shield was offline for repairs or to conserve power. The Alliance used one to defend the Echo Base on Hoth, while another was also used by Garm Bel Iblis to defend his Peregrine's Nest base.(E5, RPG, ISB, DFR, EGW, IWST, NEGW)

This Alliance sleeper cell was maintained on Malthor by Berren Sid Te', during the Galactic Civil War. As was typical of Alliance cells, no member knew anyone else in the cell, other than their direct contact. V-16 was most impressive as a cell, since none of its members knew that Sid himself was working for the Alliance.(CRO)

v-180 Planet Defender
This defensive, planetary ion cannon was produced by Kuat Drive Yards during the height of the New Order. The v-180 had nearly twice the firepower of its predecessor, the v-150, thus requiring the use of its own dedicated power generator. A v-180 Planet Defender was installed on Mytus VII, to help protect the Stars' End penal colony.(CSA, OWS)

v-188 Penetrator
Speizoc's heavy anti-artillery weapon, the v-188 was designed during the Clone Wars. It was among the heaviest energy weapons ever to see action, a fact that required them to be fixed in placed atop the Aratech 440 super-heavy armored chassis. The primary drawback to the v-188 was that the energy bolts it fired tended to dissipate quickly after being shot, requiring the target to be fairly close. However, the initial bolt was still quite powerful, and few unshielded vehicles or emplacements could withstand its power, even across a distance.(ISB)

This was a model of landspeeder built by SoroSuub during the last decades of the Old Republic. It measured 5.7 meters in length, and could carry a pilot and three passengers, as well as ten kilograms of cargo. It was one of several speeders which were produced in both civilian and military versions, in an effort to appeal to a wider range of customers. The speeder's upgraded hull plating made it more durable in combat, but it also made the V-19 popular in urban areas were collisiions were common.(SON, NEGV)

V-19 Torrent
This Slayn & Korpil starfighter was developed as part of the massive build-up of weapons and starships that accompanied the formation of the Army of the Republic, dring the months leading up to the Clone Wars. They were first tested at the Battle of Geonosis, and their speed and maneuverability made them a mainstay of the Old Republic's war machine. The V-19 was originally conceived of as a short-range fighter, but hyperdrives were soon added as the Republic needed quicker response time to arenas of battle. Armed with blaster cannons and missile launchers, the V-19 was easily distinguished by its split-wing design. Essentially a flying wing, the V-19 could take off and land vertically when the wings were in the folded-up position. When fully deployed, the wings added superior maneuverability. A stablizer fin hung below the main body. Each wing and the stabilizer fin held one of the fighter's three main drives.

Although the V-19 Torrent wasn't as durable as some of the Republic's other starfighters, it was easy to produce and was often deployed in huge numbers to overwhelm an enemy force. These fighters were not shielded, so that power could be routed to the main weaponry, and so they were often deployed into a battlezone with other starfighters and support ships. A common mission profile involved deployment from a Venator-class Star Destroyer upon re-entry to realspace. The Venator-class vessel's dorsal hangars were undefended by weaponry, so V-19 Torrents were deployed to screen the hangars while larger starfighters and bombers were launched into battle.(SWDB, SSOG, CWVG)

V-19 Torrent Interceptor
This was another name for the V-19 Torrent starfighter that was used by the Grand Army of the Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars.(CWTV19)

This droid worked for the reporter Andor Javin, and performed many of the complex decipherings used to identify the newsnet rogue Cynabar.(SWJ8)

This was one of two Imperial TIE Defender facilities destroyed during the Galactic Civil War.(XWN)

One of Kuat Drive Yards' newest ion cannons, the New Republic used them to guard its base on Nespis VIII.(EE)

This SoroSuub speeder was produced during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis.(TG)

This was the callsign of the TIE Fighter that assisted Maarek Stele in rescuing Admiral Mordon from an Alliance ambush near Farboon, sometime atfer the Battle of Yavin.(TSC)

This was a model of servo-lifter produced by Verekil. Measuring three meters in height, the V-2z exoskeleton allowed a being to lift heavy crates and cargoes, and move them on or off a starship.(PSG)

V-3 Vanguard
This model of holdout blaster was produced by Vector Technologies.(WSV)

This was a specific size of landspeeder mixture filter, used to control the amount of fuel being supplied to the repulsorlift engine. It produced a thick mixture.(CFG)

The V-35 was SoroSuub's enclosed, family-model landspeeder, first introduced during the last decades of the Old Republic. Also known as the Courier, the 3.8-meter-long V-35 was built to be reliable, inexpensive, and unremarkable, and it achieved all three goals. It had a thick, arrow-shaped hull that allowed large amounts of cargo to be stored fro transport. The canopy opened to allow a pilots and up to two passengers to be seated. Three large thrust turbines were mounted on the rear deck. Like many older speeder models, the V-35's rear sections were dominated by the repulsorfield generators, so all cargo had to be stored in the front sections. Its engine system gave the V-35 a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour.(CCG, EGV, SOT, NEGV)

V-35 Courier
see V-35(AEG)

v-35 Spoiler
This was Kuat Drive Yards' medium-duty, surface to air ion cannon.(HAS)

A new form of TIE Fighter, the V38 was also known as the TIE Phantom. This fighter design was developed by Darth Vader during the later years of the Galactic Civil War, and had a central sphere surrounded by three triangular wings. It had incredible stealth power because of the stygium-based cloaking system that was installed on the ship, allowing it to evade nearly every known form of sensor. It was classified by Alliance military leaders as an assault fighter because of its use of strong shielding systems and a Class 6 hyperdrive for long-range missions, as well as the twin laser cannons that provided defensive weaponry. To protect the pilot and gunner during long missions, the V38 was also equipped with life-support systems. It was believed that a large percentage of the TIE Phantom fighters that were produced were destroyed during the destruction of the Star Destroyer Terror.(RA2, LAWS, WOTC)

V-38 Phantom
see V38(RA2)

An Imperial heavy lifter stationed on Zaarin's beam-weapon research station.(TIE)

This protocol droid was owned by Senator Drextar Pym, who had the droid programmed to care for his two sins, Kyle and Dirv. When Kyle and Dirv were kidnapped by Imperial fanatics, V-3P5 was destroyed as a threat to the Senator. V-3P5 managed to send a transmission before it expired, warning Senator Pym that the kidnappers also held his wife.(SWJ7)

V-4 Plug
This Impulse slot connector was found on all blasters, and connects the trigger cable to the press plate.(CFG)

This orbiting dock, located in the Sluis Van shipyards, was the site of Grand Admiral Thrawn's first attack on the shipyards. V-475 was a Rendili StarDrive Space Dock. It was near V-475 that the Nartissteu exploded, allowing its cloaked mole miners to infiltrate the shipyards.(HTTE, HTSB)

This was the document number assigned to an Imperial report entitled, "Technical Specifications: Spacecraft of the Imperium and the Rebel Alliance". The document was written by Mordaph Clafdatha and Jord Krass, and detailed the starfighters on both sides of the Galactic Civil War to Darth Vader.(XW, XWP)

This was the identification number of a report written by the Imperial Navy, detailing the specifications of the current Imperial and Alliance starships. It expanded the Clafdatha/Krass report by including the Imperial ships.(TSC)

V-53 Hydromancer
This civilian, ocean-going pleasure yacht was manufactured by Saltech, and providing its owner with a sleek form and average performance. The V-53 measured 23 meters in length, and was manned by a crew of six.(SWJ1)

This was the designation of one of Mier-Lang's concussion grenades. The Alliance used them to combat Imperial forces on Hoth.(CCG3)

This was a series of transport droids produced by Veril Line Systems during the Galactic Civil War. Classified as fifth-degree droids, the V5-T was designed to assist transport owners in determinign the faster routes and piloting repulsorcraft.(FOP, GFT)

This droid was owned by the Herglic gambler, Doune. V-6's primary responsibility was to maintain a tab on Doune's winnings, so that no other being could swindle the Herglic.(TFNR)

V-6 Haywire Grenade
Produced by Merr-Sonn during the height of the Clone Wars, the V-6 Haywire grenade produced an intense electromagnetic pulse when it exploded. This allowed the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic to lob V-6 grenades into approaching units of battle droids, rendering the droids inert when the pulse fried their circuitry.(LAWS)

V6 Pilot Droid
Manufactured by Industrial Automaton during the height of the New Order, the V6 series of droid was designed to replace the somewhat successful V1 series. These droids could hold more hyperspace jump coordinates that a standard astromech, and had enhanced programming which allowed it to take control and fly a starship, but they were poorly programmed for combat flight.(FTD)

Merr-Sonn produced this portable mortar launcher for use by the stormtroopers of the Empire.(LAWS)

This was the Imperial designation of the planet Vaal, after a relay outpost was established on the planet several years before the Battle of Yavin.(SWESH)

This Alliance datafile contained a program which was used by its operatives to modify a starship's transponder codes.(CFG)

This was a form of tripod-mounted blaster cannon produced during the last decades of the Old Republic.(DMSH)

v-90 Protector
This was the designation of Kuat Drive Yards' medium-duty, surface to space ion cannon.(HAS)

Va deeza
This term from the Bocce langauge translated into Basic as "exit".(GPB)

Va foppa gee wontahumpa?
This Huttese question was often heard at used speeder lots, and translated into Basic as "Does that come with a warranty?"(GPB)

Va pa-manna luta
This Ewokese statement translated loosely into Basic as "That's how we got here."(E6, GPB)

Va rastne maj bajan quee
This Ortolan phrase roughly translated into Basic as "It took you long enough to get here."(3D3)

VA-13 Sweeper
This modifed snubfighter was developed by the Daedalus Gas Mines corporation to collect radiocarbon molecules from the atmospheres of gas giant planets. The Sweeper was fitted with a ten-meter-wide trough on its nosecone. The trough was equipped with a fine-toothed mesh that was made from a metal which attracted and held the radiocarbons and funneled them into a small container for later processing.(LFC)

Vaa, Seviss
This Dark Jedi was one of many who flocked to join the ranks of the Brotherhood of Darkness, serving under Lord Kaan during the decades leading up to the Battle of Ruusan. Vaa was a noted scholar who had read through the alchemical texts of Naga Sadow, and was one of Lord Kaan's most trusted underlings. His knowledge of the dozens of planets that were controlled by the ancient Sith was valuable in helping Lord Kaan expand his own empire. Vaa wanted to augment Kaan's forces by creating an army of mutated beasts, and spent a good deal of time working on the remote world of Aduba-3. There, he took indigenous lizards and imbued them with the Dark Side of the Force, eventually creating the creature known as the Behemoth. The Behemoth was incomplete, however, when the Battle of Ruusan took place, and Vaa was forced to bury his experiments in deep caves until he returned. When Vaa was killed in the battle, the Behemoth and other experiments remained in suspended animation for centuries, until a settler known as the Old One set it free.(GMR4, NECH, EGF)

This young Gand Jedi Padawan was part of the task force dispatched to the planet Jabiim, during the height of the Clone Wars. Like many of the students who were forced into battle, Vaabesh lost his Master to the Jabiimite rebels. The surviving Padawans banded together and did their best to hold off the advance of Alto Stratus, and managed to hold their own against his Separatist forces for several days. However, during the fighting, Vaabesh's containment suit was breached by enemy fire. He lived long enough to ensure that Aubrie could recover his lightsaber and use it in combat against Stratus, then he died.(RBJ)

This Mandalorian verb translated into Basic as "to do."(OWS)

This planet was controlled by the Empire, during the height of the New Order. Designated as relay outpost V-798, it was here that Darth Vader landed in the wake of the Battle of Yavin and the destruction of the first Death Star. Any approach to the planet was treacherous at best, since Vaal's orbit intersected several asteroid fields. The planet itself was covered with vast savannahs, which were home to a wide range of animal life. Because of its regular passages through the asteroids, Vaal was often struck by meteors and other chunks of debris, which wreaked havoc with sensors.(SWESH)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "during" or "while."(OWS)

This ancient prophet delivered a series of predictions and prophecies to the galaxy, some 800 years before the Battle of Yavin.(GMR8)

Vaal, Adari
A native of the village of Tahv, this Keshiri woman was considered a heretic by her neighbors, some 5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Her mother, Eulyn, had pressured her into a union with Zhari Vaal, hoping that a marriage to a Neshtovari would raise her family's status among the Keshiri. The label of "heretic" stemmed from a number of factors, including the fact that she spent her days collecting rocks in the wake of her husband's death, then claiming that natural forces - and not the Skyborn - were responsible for the land on which the Keshiri lived. Zhari had been killed in an apparent accident while flying over the open ocean. When Zhari's uvak, Nink, returned without him, Adari knew that the creature had purposely dropped him into the ocean, because Zhari constantly abused the creature. In the months that followed Zhari's death, Adari chose to ignore her children altogether, leaving them with her mother while she roamed the countryside in search of the rocks and stones that helped to prove her "heretical" theories. Although she was shunned and despised, Adari enjoyed a measure of respect because of who her husband had been, but this did not stop local villagers took to throwing rocks at the home she shared with her mother, making their lives miserable. Adari wore her hair exceptionally short, a necessity after her youngest child began to pull violently on it. She regarded her two children as somewhat dim-witted, a trait their seemed to have inherited from their father.

During her discussions with the Neshtovar about her apparent heresies, Adari found herself arguing with them over the legends of the Skyborn. She found herself unable to convince the elders that Kesh had been created from the blood of the Skyborn, but from natural events that she admittedly did not understand. The trial was interrupted when the top of one of the Cetajan Mountains suddenly erupted in flame. Adari knew that the mountains were not volcanic, and knew that she had to investigate. She ran to her home, where she was met by villagers who no longer cared about her status as the widow of a Neshtovari. Adari quickly told her mother to take her children to an uncle's home, then climbed onto the back of her husband's uvak, a creature named Nink, and set out to investigate the explosion on the mountain. Her first sight of the mountaintop was not that of a volcano, but the ruined shell of the starship Omen, which had crashed onto the planet. Her second sight of the mountain revealed a group of pale-skinned beings who emerged from the ruins with beams of red light in their hands. Adari had no idea what to make of these sights, and nearly fell off Nink's back in surprise. She retreated to a mountain cave for the evening, but felt words forming in her mind, drawing her back to the site of the explosion.

She returned the next morning, fearing that the beings she had seen were Keshiri warriors who were working with the Neshtovar to capture her. Instead, she found herself confronted by a group of beings of different races, all of which were strange and alien to her. Then, unexpectedly, Adari felt herself being lifted from the ground and hurtled toward a bonfire. Unable to break the invisible grip that held her, Adari was forced to listen as more and more bodiless voices entered her mind, demanding that she bring the Keshiri to the crash site. Confused and frightened, Adari was shocked to see Zhari Vaal - or an apparition with his form - appear before her. The being then spoke to her, using vocal words and mental projections to explain that his name was Yaru Korsin. This experience pushed her mind over the edge, and Adari fainted. When she awoke, the strangers had taken her in and were tending to her needs. She learned to communicate with them over the days that followed, and eventually agreed to recruit other uvak riders to help bring the Sith off the mountain. Upon returning to Tahv with the Sith, who were deemed to be the Skyborn made real, Adari was given the titles of the Discoverer and the Daughter of the Skyborn, and she briefly enjoyed more power that Izri Dazh and the Neshtovar.

Adari remained with Yaru Korsin and the Sith over the months that followed, serving as a liaison between the Sith and the Keshiri. In exchange, the Sith taught her everything they could about themselves and about the rest of the galaxy, giving Adari the knowledge that the Sith were not really gods.(LTS2)

Vaal, Finn
This Keshiri boy was the son of Zhari and Adari Vaal. After Zhari's death, he lived with his mother and grandmother in the village of Tahv, on their homeworld of Kesh, some 5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin.(LTS2)

Vaal, Tona
This young Keshiri girl was the daughter of Zhari and Adari Vaal. After Zhari's death, she lived with her mother and grandmother in the village of Tahv, on their homeworld of Kesh, some 5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin.(LTS2)

Vaal, Zhari
This Keshiri male was a member of the Neshtovar, some 5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Despite his status as a Neshtovari from the village of Tahv, Zhari Vaal was known as a foolish individual who lacked any respect for his uvak, Nink. He abused the creature on a regular basis, until Nink dropped Zhari from his back while flying over the ocean. Zhari was not seen again. He was survived by his wife, Adari, and their two children.(LTS2)

This multi-armed creature, native to the planet Sarapin, was known for its relentless attack patterns. Most vaapad had at least seven distinct, tentacular arms, which they used in a horrifically fast attack to stun and kill their prey. The largest vaapad ever caught and killed had twenty-one arms; the only way to know exactly how many arms a vaapad had was to kill it and examine the body. This characteristic attack style led the Jedi Master Mace Windu to name the Vaapad style of lightsaber combat after this creature.(NEGC, SHPT)

This lightsaber combat was developed by Mace Windu, with the assistance of Sora Bulq, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Derived from the Juyo discipline, Vaapad was an aggressive collection of maneuvers, and was considered to be part of the Form VII category. As such, the Vaapad training was considered extremely close to the Dark Side of the Force, and was forbidden to all but the most skilled of Jedi Masters. To Master Windu and his apprentice, Depa Billaba, Vaapad was more than a combat style; it was a state of mind in which the fighter opened themselves so fully to the Force to fight their opponent that they drew power from both the light and dark sides of the Force. The style was named for vaapad creature found on Sarapin.

The Vaapad form was all but abandoned after Sora Bulq was consumed by the art in what became known as the blood fever, and abandoned the Jedi Order. It was believed that Sora Bulq taught at least part of the Vaapad style to Quinlan Vos, although Vos claimed that he had never heard of it. Master Windu later explained to Obi-Wan Kenobi that Vaapad had originally been created as a way for him to channel his own darkness into a weapon of the light. While this was an adaptation to weakness within Master Windu, it was a potential danger for those Jedi who were unable to control the Dark Side of the Force.(J1, NEGC, SHPT, E3N, SWGAL, EGF)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "early," "undeveloped," or "half-grown."(OWS)

Vaargaz, Jah-kil
This woman worked as Kram Balut's primary contact on the planet Coruscant, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. She was wanted by the Republic Security Force for a variety of crimes, and a bounty was placed on her head in order to bring her in for questioning about her various criminal contacts. She was eventually captured and brought in for questioning by Jango Fett.(BH)

This moon, located near the Roche Asteroid Field, was believed to be the homeworld of the taozin.(WOTC, PJSB)

This Imperial commando was chosen by Ysanne Isard to lead the operatives who traveled to Ciutric to capture Sate Pestage, after Pestage was declared a traitor to the Empire.(XWMR)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "morning."(OWS)

This was a slang term used by the financial experts of the Corporate Sector Authority to describe the value-added assessments that were levied against those corporations and companies that were not part of the CSA, yet operated within the Corporate Sector. The Vaas were not considered deductible by these non-aligned businesses, yet were essentially a tax they had to pay in order to do business in the Corporate Sector. In addition to being excessive, the Vaas were not considered to be a form of deducation from a company's total income, and were later subject to the income taxes leved by the CSA.(CSA)

This twenty-five-meter-long assault ship was developed for the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars.(SWI81)

An alien race native to the planet Vaathkree, these beings evolved in the harsh environment of their homeworld. The Vaathkree were the adult form of Stonesingers, and resembled humanoids made from stone and metal. In reality, they were fleshy creatures encased in an armor-like covering of living metal or stone. Each Vaathkree maturee from a Stonesinger after twenty years. They were known for their religion, which was centered around bartering and the art of making The Deal. The average Vaathkree could live to be over 300 standard years of age, which included twenty or more years as a Stonesinger.(HTTE, LCSB, TTSB, AE)

This planet, the third in the Vaath'kror System, was a harsh, volcanic world that was - and continued to be - hit by meteors on a regular basis. Much of the atmosphere was filled with corrosive, poisonous chemicals. Nonetheless, several sentient species evolved on the planet. The Vaathkree were the primary race, having built domed cities in which to live. These cities were actually living, organic constructs known as Vnals. The Stonesingers were a small race of living rock, and eventually evolve into the Vaathkree themselves. Note that Secrets of the Sisar Run claims this planet was named Vaath'kror, after its sun.(LCSB, TTSB, SSR)

This was the language of the Vaathkree.(TLC)

Vaathkree Flatsculp
A mid-eighteenth-century pre-Empire art form.(HTTE)

Vaathkree Trade Corridor
This hyperspace trade route led through the Inner Rim.(SWJ12)

Vaathkree Trade Language
This civilian language was developed by the Vaathkree. Its primary use was in bartering.(KR)

This star was the central body in the Vaath'kror System.(SSR)

This affliction was specific to Yuuzhan Vong master Shapers, and was believed to have been a piece of brain matter of the goddess Yun-Ne'Shel herself. Each Master had to go through a period of personal sacrifice, during which a piece of the Vaa-tumor was implanted in their body. The pain had to be endured, as the Vaa-tumor supposedly altered the Shaper's own cells and brought her closer to Yun-Ne'Shel. After the period of sacrifice, the Vaa-tumor was removed, and the Shaper was changed forever.(EVC)

This was the identification number of a Bothan prisoner, held on the first Death Star in detention block AA-23, just prior to the destruction of Battle of Yavin.(WOTC)

Vac Attack
This was the brand name of Golan Arms' Mk-127 wrist-mounted blade launcher. It was capable of using firing three small, circular blades at a target in rapid succession, but then needed to be reloaded. The original design of the Vac Attack Mk-127 was done by the Vacutech Combine.(ROE, AEG)

Vaca, Rayno
This Tarnab worked as a taxi driver on the planet Coruscant, during the Battle of Naboo. He was known to be unscrupulous, willing to do anything to trick a customer out of another credit. It was Rayno who transported Jar Jar Binks and Anakin Skywalker to Senator Palpatine's residence, shortly before the Battle of Naboo.(YJC4, CCG15, SWI75)

This Filar-Nitzan infiltrator was often hired by Imperial officers and powerful gansters as a thief and spy.(AIR)

Vacant Valley
This dark, scary valley was located on the Forest Moon of Endor.(ECAR)

This third-rate Devaronian merchant purchased the Merasy from Geld Bernar, and set out to make his fortune as a trader. Like many Devaronian males, Vacasor had a deep sense of wanderlust, and spent much of his career simply circling the Rim worlds. The only smart thing he did - and the only reason he remained solvent - was to hire Naneb Pefan as a co-pilot.(SS)

This man, a native of the planet Alderaan, was one of the few Alderaanians who joined the Empire. Dr. Vacca was the noted scientist who developed Project Dead Eye. After the destruction of Alderaan, Dr. Vacca began to have serious doubts about his loyalty to the Empire, while many surviving Alderaanians questioned his continued support of the Empire. The Alliance set out to locate Dr. Vacca, after Lyda Skims uncovered evidence of Dead Eye's existence, in an effort to convince him to abandon the project altogether. Vacca's own convictions were put to the test when many of his Drall supporters were killed by Imperial stormtroopers, but this action only served to steel his resolve to defect. He was located by a group of Alliance operatives, led by Leia Organa, on the planet Corellia, and decided to turn over his work to the Alliance.(SWGAL)

This was a slang term used by Alliance Intelligence operatives to describe the act of eliminating a known Imperial agent.(RASB)

This was a slang term used by gamblers during the era of the Galactic Civil War to describe the act of ensuring that a deal did not fall apart.(SWJ4, OWS)

Doctor Parlay Thorp acquired the Millennium Falcon from Quip Fargil on this planet, during the early years of the New Order. An unspoiled world covered by rolling savannas and forests, Vaced was located beyond the planet Bilbringi. A few small groups of humans and Gotals established settlements on the planet, earning a living as nerf herders, and the native wildlife earned Vaced a reputation as a refuge for big-game hunters. Vaced was orbited by a single moon.(MF)

This was a slang term used by Imperial Navy personnel to describe a space-based TIE Fighter pilot. It was often used in a derogatory manner, as if to say that space-based pilots were somehow inferior to ground-based pilots.(SWJ10)

This naturally-occurring mineral was used in the creation of fuel rods for large artillery weapons, during the height of the New Order. Each fuel rod was produced with a certain concentration of vacierite, depending on the amount of power to be generated for each firing of the weapon.(ISB)

This man practiced the game of dejarik against the holographic projection of Krestin Baas, never beating Baas but only coming close.(GFT)

This planet was the primary world in the Vactooine System, which was a major stopover point for barge fleets moving ores and other raw materials through the Outer Rim Territories.(GORW)

Vacutech Combine
This small weapons manufacturer produced a variety of personal defense weapons during the early years of the New Order. After getting into trouble with the Imperial bureaucracy, Vacutech was forced out of business. The company and its assets were purchased by Golan Arms.(AEG)

This was a slang term used by Alliance Intelligence operatives to describe a situation in which an individual was deep undercover.(RASB)

Vacuum Flower
This unusual, flowering plant had a blossom that looked as disgusting as it smelled.(YDR)

Vacuum Mask
This was a generic term used to describe any mask that provided a minimum of protection aboard a starship, in the event of a loss of pressure due to a hull breech. These masks were most often used in conjunction with some form of environment suit.(KOTOR)

Vacuum Ooglith
Similar in most respected to a normal ooglith cloaker, the vacuum ooglith could be worn by a Yuuzhan Vong who needed to exist for a short time in the vacuum of space. The vacuum ooglith provided not only protection against decompression and a stable supply of air, it also provided enough heat to keep the Yuuzhan Vong's body from freezing.(NJOSB)

This was the name of an ablative coating that was used to cover dropships before atmospheric re-entry. Any VACX applied to a ship's hull would burn off during entry, requiring that it be replaced prior to each drop. The use of VACX helped to raise the dropship's hull strength by ensuring that none of the heat generated during re-entry could affect the hull or superstructure.(ISB)

Vadde, Shas
This Fondorian served as the planetary president during the years following the Swarm War. President Vadde worked with his advisors to keep Fondor's best interests in mind, which including seceding from the Galactic Alliance and joining The Confederation when Jacen Solo rose to power. He received covert intelligence from Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker, who explained that Solo was planning to attack Fondor and try to capture it, in order to bring its shipyards back into the Galactic Alliance. This information gave Vadde enough to provide to the Fondorian military, which arranged to thwart Solo's plans.

When Solo's forces arrived at Fondor to recapture the planet, President Vadde sneered at his demands, openly stating that Fondor would never become a resource that would be usurped to protect Coruscant. This stalemate led to the so-called Second Battle of Fondor, during which Solo broke away from the rest of the Galactic Alliance fleet and began bombarding Fondorian cities from the sky. Admiral Cha Niathal disavowed any support for Solo's actions, and offered Vadde a chance to surrender before any damage could be done. Vadde was forced to agree to the cease-fire, but was as surprised as Niathal when Solo refused to abide by the agreement.

After the forces of the Galactic Alliance and the Fondorian navy managed to drive Solo off, Vadde met with Luke Skywalker once again. As a result of this meeting, Vadde allowed Admiral Niathal to establish the underpinnings of a government-in-exile on Fondor.(LF8)

Vade soy oto gubu
This Ewokese statement translated loosely into Basic as "We need help to fight these enemies."(E6, GPB)

This was the codename used by General Wedge Antilles, when he decided to leave his command of the Mon Mothma and pilot a starfighter in defense of the planet Zonama Sekot, during the Galactic Alliance's final battle against the Yuuzhan Vong.(UF)

Vader, Darth
see Darth Vader(SW)

Vader, Darth
When Anakin Skywalker fell under the influence of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, he was unwittingly led down a path to the Dark Side of The Force. Despite the teachings of his friend, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin felt that the teachings of Palpatine led to quicker realization of the powers of The Force. Unknown to the Jedi, Palpatine was actually the Sith Lord known as Darth Sidious, and he had chosen Anakin to become his next apprentice. Later, there were even rumors that Sidious and his own master, Darth Plagueis, had used the power of the Dark Side of the Force to bring about Anakin's birth, in an attempt to create the perfect Sith. Regardless Anakin's origins, Palpatine drew Anakin into his confidence by preying on the young man's insecurities, especially Anakin's worry over the woman he had secretly married, Senator Padme' Amidala. Palpatine took Anakin aside and told him the story of Darth Plagueis, who had the ability to keep other beings alive. The story was true, but was also meant to lure Anakin to the Dark Side. Meanwhile, Palpatine also manipulated the Galactic Senate and much of the Clone Wars, ensuring that every action of the Old Republic and the Jedi Order seemed to be part of a plot by the Jedi to take control of the galaxy. After he revealed himself to be Darth Sidious, Palpatine gave Anakin a chance to tell the Jedi Council this truth. When Mace Windu and several other Jedi Masters came to arrest him, Palpatine struck back, and would have been killed if Anakin had not intervened. The young man cut off Master Windu's hand, allowing Palpatine to use his powers to destroy Windu and take control of the galaxy. In the wake of this event, Anakin gave in to Palpatine's urgings, and agreed to become his apprentice. Palpatine bestowed upon him the title of Darth Vader.

When Palpatine ordered him to kill the Jedi in the Jedi Temple, including the younglings, Vader agreed to the command, but he had his own agenda in accepting the mission. Having glimpsed the power of the Dark Side, Vader hoped that he could ensure the safety of his wife, Padme' Amidala. He also hoped to kill his new Master and rule the galaxy with his wife by his side. In order to accomplish this, however, Vader reasoned that he needed to eliminate the Jedi, who would never have understood the reasons for his actions. After destroying the Jedi, Vader was ordered to Mustafar, to assassinate the Separatist leaders hiding there. He told Padme' of the mission, and his hope that it would bring peace to the galaxy. Padme' later told Obi-Wan Kenobi about Anakin's mission. Kenobi and Jedi Master Yoda had survived the execution of Order 66, and were looking to confront the Sith Lords who had taken control of the galaxy. Kenobi stowed away on Padme's ship, and confronted his former Padawan on Mustafar. Although he was initially glad to see his wife, Vader railed at her inability to understand his plans for them, and he flew into a rage when Kenobi appeared. He used the Force to choke Padme' into unconsciousness, then confronted his old Master. In a lightsaber duel, Kenobi severed Anakin's arm and legs and left him to die near a river of molten lava.

It was at this point that Anakin Skywalker was totally consumed by the Dark Side. He screamed hatred and vitriol at Obi-Wan as he left, then struggled to avoid the burning lava. Vader was rescued from the fire by Darth Sidious and his clone guards, but he had suffered incredible burns over much of his body. His eardrums and a large portion of his skin had melted or burned away, and his lungs were literally seared inside his chest. In order for Sidious to keep Anakin alive, medical droids had to create a life support system that encased his entire body. Prosthetic limbs replaced those that had been lost to Kenobi's blade, and replacement lungs were implanted to ensure his survival. Synthskin was used to replace any real skin that had burned away, but his body had to be regularly scrubbed to remove dead skin cells. At the Emperor's direction, a full-body life-support suit was made to help preserve Vader's life and give him mobility, but prevented him from lying prone for more than a few minutes. Thus, Vader could only find rest in an upright position. Some parts of this suit were developed from technologies that had been used to keep General Grievous alive.

This armored covering resembled an ancient Sith war droid, and it was constructed in such a way that Anakin was continually struggling to accept it. This kept Vader off-guard until he finally succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force, when the all-black body armor became Vader's main weapon, as it instilled fear in all who saw it. Another aspect of the suit was that is interaced with a large portion of Vader's body, and it could not be fully removed without killing him. When Vader finally emerged from his surgeries and demanded to know the fate of his former wife, Palpatine pushed him further down the path to the Dark Side of the Force by explaining that it had been Vader himself who killed Padme'. Any chance he might have had of saving her was lost on Mustafar, when Vader tried to convince her to join him in taking control of the galaxy themselves. Whatever vestiges of Anakin that remained were consumed in a blinding rage, in which Vader destroyed the medical droids that had repaired his body and unleashed a violent scream that was both vocal and powerful in the Force. Although his body was reconstructed on Coruscant, Vader came to believe that his true birthworld was Mustafar.

After Vader finally gave in fully to the Dark Side, in the wake of his killing of Roan Shryne, Darth Sidious began training Vader in the ancient Sith lore, and Vader became the last of the Sith Dark Lords. As such, he became even more Palpatine's tool, able to create fear just by the mention of his name and the mysterious Sith teachings behind it. Early HoloNet news reports portrayed Vader as a hero of the New Order, having "stood against the rebellious leadership of the Jedi Knights, and nearly dying in order to protect the citizens of the galaxy." Rumors abounded as to his origins. Some said that he was a centuries-old Sith Lord who had been brought back to like by Emperor Palpatine. Others claimed that he was a "perfect clone", created to be a Force-wielding warrior. Still other stories described Vader as a rogue Jedi Knight or a droid in human form. Despite his power, however, both Vader and Palpatine recognized that the incident on Mustafar had caused Vader's connection to the Force to be diminished, effectively limiting his strength and his usefulness to the Emperor. Palpatine continued to cultivate Vader's growing powers, since there were no other Force-sensitive beings left in the galaxy. However, they maintained a strong connection to each other, and Vader continued to grow stronger.

During the early months of the New Order, Vader was obsessed with wiping out the Jedi Order, despite adminitions from his Master. One such Jedi was Jax Pavan, who had been something of a friend to Anakin Skywalker. Palpatine later sent Vader to support Grand Moff Tarkin during the time when the first Death Star was being readied for use. Vader oversaw the mission to recover the stolen plans to the battle station, which drew him to his childhood homeworld of Tatooine in search of the Tantive IV, but was unable to get Princess Leia Organa to divulge their location. When Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrived on the Death Star with Han Solo, in an attempt to rescue the Princess, Vader sought out his former Master for a final confrontation. Their lightsaber duel lasted only a few moments, as Vader seemed to gain the upper hand hwne Kenobi surrendered. Vader cut the old man down, but Kenobi's body simply disappeared. Taking up his teacher's lightsaber, Vader returned to Tarkin's side to await the escape of the rebels.

Tarkin and Vader allowed the Millennium Falcon to escape after planting a homing device on the ship. Using the ship as a guide, the Imperials were able to follow it to Yavin 4, the moon on which Anakin Skywalker had once battled Asajj Ventress. In the Battle of Yavin, the Death Star was destroyed by a young starfighter pilot, whom Vader recognized as having a strong connection to the Force. Vader's ship was disabled during the battle, but he regained control and managed to return to the Empire. When the Emperor heard of the destruction of the first Death Star, he removed Vader's living right hand as punishment, and replaced it with a cybernetic prosthesis.

Shortly thereafter, Vader went to Circarpous V to investigate the appearance of Leia Organa on the planet, as well as to locate the Kaiburr crystal. In an amazing duel with Luke Skywalker, Vader was hard-pressed to defeat the young man. Luke succeeded in defeating Vader, and even cut off the Dark Lord's right arm with his own lightsaber. In his dazed state, Vader fell into a sacrificial well in the Temple of Pomojema and was lost for a short time. He survived, however, drawing on the Dark Side of the Force for support and strength.

These confrontations with Luke Skywalker did not immediately lead Vader to realize that Padme' had not died before giving birth, and that Luke was his own son. Once Palpatine was aware that Anakin Skywalker's son had survived and posed a possible threat to the Empire, he told Vader of the existence of Luke Skywalker, in an effort to completely gain control of any vestiges of Anakin Skywalker and convert them to Darth Vader. However, this plan backfired on Palpatine, as the remnants of Anakin began to surface. On Cloud City, Vader confronted Luke once again, and revealed their relationship to the young man. He also offered Luke a chance to join him in overthrowing the Emperor. When Luke refused to believe the relevation or accept Vader's offer of power, he flung himself into Cloud City's ventilation system, but he eventually survived.

Vader learned soon after that Luke had survived, and tried to keep his own desires secret from his Master. However, Palpatine began to give Vader menial tasks, and tried to keep him away from Luke. In this, Palpatine was not completely successful, and the part of Vader that was still Anakin continued to assert itself. The Battle of Endor was a turning point for Darth Vader. It was then that Luke Skywalker surrendered to Vader, and began to try and turn the Dark Lord back to the Light Side. The darker parts of Vader resisted, but Luke's love and devotion to his father strengthened the spirit of Anakin. When the Emperor was forced to kill Luke, Anakin was reawakened, and with Vader's mechanized strength, he threw the Emperor into a power shaft, destroying Palpatine and the Empire.

Darth Vader also ceased to exist at this point, as Anakin was able to return from the Dark Side. However, the struggle with the Emperor left the life support systems inoperable, and Anakin died before Luke could save him. Luke carried his body aboard a shuttle and took it to the Forest Moon of Endor, where a funeral pyre was built to honor his sacrifice. Anakin Skywalker's body disappeared, and his spirit lived on for a short time, leaving the black body armor as the only evidence of Vader's existence. During the Alliance's celebration on Endor, Anakin's spirit appeared to Luke, next to those of Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Kyp Durron uncovered the remains of Vader's armor, some seven years later, during his brief struggle with the spirit of Exar Kun. Those pieces that were recovered were given a proper burial, in order to finally remove any trace of the evil that had consumed Anakin Skywalker.(E4, E4R, E5 E5R, E6, RESB, E3N, RDV, COTF, LJ5, RFDV, DSTR, CN2, RF1)

Vader Grader
This was shipjacker's slang for a target which was so well protected that even Darth Vader wouldn't be able to steal it.(SWJ13)

Vader-class Shuttle
This was the Imperial nickname for the Svelte-class shuttle.(SOG)

Vader's Fist
This was the familiar name of the Empire's 501st Legion of stormtroopers, an active part of the Imperial Remnant some twenty-two years after the Battle of Yavin.(FB)

Vae, Thrynni
This young woman was a student of the Force, and trained as a padawan under Tresina Lobi during the early years of the New Republic. However, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Tresina and Thrynni were dispatched to Duro to watch over the shipping concerns who were supplying the refugees who were working on the Duro reclamation project. Tresina started her investigation on Bburru, and during the search Thrynni disappeared. It was later learned that their investigation had hit pretty close to the heart of the matter between the Duros High House, CorDuro Shipping, and the Peace Brigade, and Thryni was captured and murdered. Luke Skywalker discovered that Thrynni had been beaten to death by a group of Gamorrean thugs, then dumped out an airlock.(BP)

This withered Yuuzhan Vong female was the chief priestess involved with the invasion of the galaxy, reporting directly to Tsavong Lah aboard the Sunulok. In her position as priestess, though, she was beholden to no being but Overlord Shimrra, and refused to defer to the Warmaster.(BP, SBS)

This New Republic liberated this planet from Imperial control shortly after the Battle of Endor.(DARK)

This Imperial Governor was in charge of the planet Venaari during the Galactic Civil War.(SWJ5)

Vaetes, D'Arc
This man served the Old Republic as a Colonel in the Grand Army of the Republic, and was the base commander of the Rimsoo Seven military hospital on Drongar during the height of the Clone Wars. Vaetes was known as a first-class surgeon, in addition to being a career officer who had given his entire life to serving the Old Republic. He was a veteran of a number of skirmishes, both military and political, and was not easily fooled. Thus, when Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee came to him with the belief that there was a spy in the Rimsoo Seven compound, and that the spy had been responsible for the loss of large amounts of bota, Vaetes demanded more than just her intuition as proof. Offee was unable to provide more proof, leaving Vaetes with little real ability to address the situation. He agreed to step up the existing patrols, but had no more resources to spend on pursuing her theory.(MBS, MJH)

This tree, valued for its deep red wood, was native to the planet Lamaredd.(GMR7)

This race of beings was native to a remote world in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. Over their history, the Vagaari conquered or enslaved large portions of space in the region of the Crustai System, spreading their influence to the borders of Chiss space. They took what they wanted and destroyed what they didn't, and many races were erased from history because of the predation of the Vagaari. The short-statured Vagaari were distinguished by their large, violet eyes, flattened ears located near the crown of their skulls, and the two mouths that were located along the jaw. The skin of a Vagaari was tan in color, with golden swirls near the mouth and cheeks, and their hands seemed overly large for their size. As a people, the Vagaari eventually left their homeworld behind and established an entire civilization aboard their spaceships, living a nomadic existence between the planets they controlled. In order to ensure that they met with minimal resistance when entering inhabited systems, the Vagaari built special transparent blisters on the surface of their starships, which were filled with the living slaves they had captured from the races they enslaved. The Vagaari were also among the first civilizations to develop working gravity well projectors, which they used to ambush starships. The Chiss, despite their military prowess, were worried about the advances of the Vagaari during the years following the Battle of Naboo, but military doctrine forbade them from making pre-emptive strikes against them. Field Commander Thrawn chafed at this restriction, and eventually manufactured reasons to engage the Vagaari in combat. When he was presented with the opportunity to eliminate the Dreadnaughts of the Outbound Flight Project, Thrawn took the chance to lure the Vagaari into the conflict as well. His manipulations were secretly approved by Admiral Ar'alani, but invoked the wrath of the Ruling Circle when he destroyed a large portion of the Vagaaru fleet before they fired the first shots. With the discovery of the remains of the Outbound Flight mission in the Redoubt, the Chiss and the New Republic discovered that the Vagaari had created advanced technology for suspending a living being's body functions. They built miniature suspension units to render their wolvkils inanimate, and used larger devices to hide additional pirates in specialized chambers aboard their ships. The Chiss, through the machinations of Aristocra Formbi, maneuvered Bearsh and his Vagaari into a position where they could make their own attack on the Chaf Envoy, hoping to lure them into making the first move. Unfortunately, that move came later, when the Vagaari tried to steal the D-Four Dreadnaught from the remains of Outbound Flight. Regardless of the timing, the attack by the Vagaari provided the Chiss with the moral opportunity to finally launch a full-scale war against the Vagaari.(SQ, OF, NECH)

This unusual language was spoken by the Vagaari race, and was formed from singsong tones produced in a two-part harmony because of their two mouths.(SQ)

Vagaari Empire
This was the name given to the civilization of the Vagaari people. Shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong launched their invasion of the galaxy, the Vagaari decided to launch an attack against the Chiss who had destroyed their forces some fifty years earlier. The plan was to steal droids from the remains of the Outbound Flight Project, using them as templates from which to build a massive droid army. When Estosh and his forces launched an attack on the Chaf Envoy and later, the Brask Oto Command Station, the Chiss were free to launch their own attack. However, they had no idea where the Vagaari base was. Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker were able to supply that information, having witnessed Estosh keying in the information shortly before he died. The waiting ambush fleet was summarily destroyed, eliminating the remainder of the immediate Vagaari threat.(SQ)

Vagaari Wars
This was the name used by Chiss historians to describe the series of conflicts between the Chiss and the Vagaari that occurred during the era of the New Republic.(DN1)

This was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(XVT)

Vagabond Suit
This was the name given to any form of personal envornmental protective suits, often used by scouts and explorers. They were named vagabonds because they give the wearer an incredile range of exploration. The vagabond suit contains a helmet with heads-up displays and communications gear, sensor packages in a backpack unit, armor plating, and a booster jet pack.(SWJ8)

Vagabond Trader
This was the name given to the converted SX troop transport used by Olee Starstone and her crew of Jedi to search out any other members of the Jedi Order who survived Order 66, in the wake of the Clone Wars. The ship had been commandeered by Siadem Forte and several other Jedi who had met on Dellalt, after surviving the Clone Wars, and was used to reach Starstone and Roan Shryne. Shryne chose to sever his ties to the old Jedi Order, but Starstone chose to set out on her own to locate other survivors. Forte and his comrades agreed to accompany her, as did Filli Bitters. They made their way to Kashyyyk, hoping to find information on Jedi Masters Yoda, Quinlan Vos, and Luminara Unduli. Instead, they were confronted by Darth Vader, who killed Forte and Iwo Kulka and injured the others. With the timely appearance of Roan Shryne, the young Jedi were able to escape. Chewbacca agreed to pilot the Vagabond Trader and return them to the Drunk Dancer, in exchange for the opportunity to take the transport back to Rwookrrorro in search of his family.(RDV)

Vaganon, Alistay
This woman was invited to spent a vacation on Glova, at the behest of the planetary Governor, Tegist Byrg. However, she was less than happy with the planet, the restaurants, the hotels ... everything.(POC)

Vagger, Gorothin
This Aqualish represented his homeworld of Andosha II, as well as the Andoan Free Colonies, in the Old Republic Senate, before the secession of the planet Ando. Senator Vagger denounced his fellow Aqualish for leaving the Republic, and voiced the continued loyalty of Andosha II and the Colonies to the Republic, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars.(HNN4)

Vagh Rodiek
This unusual race of slaves was created by the Yuuzhan Vong Shaper Taug Molou, who had been ordered to turn the Rodian people into slaves after Rodia was subjugated by the alien invaders. Rather than inserting yorik coral implants into the Rodians, Taug Molou spent months vivisecting thousands of Rodians, examining every aspect of their physiology, before learning how to alter it to his needs. Taug Molou combined Rodian genes with those of several other native creatures to develop the Vagh Rodiek.

The Vagh Rodiek moved about in crab-like fashion on all-fours, since its arms had been replaced with long, bony implants. The ridge of spines that ran along a Rodian's skull was modified to become long quills that protected the neck and upper spine from attack. The bones which replaced the arms of a Rodian were shaped into huge hooks, which could impale and grasp an individual with ease. Note that The New Essential Guide to Alien Species indicates that the Vagh Rodiek had six limbs, not just the normal four of a Rodian.(GMR8, NEGA)

Vagnerian Canape'
This sweet pastry was popular at formal dinners during the early years of the New Republic.(TNR, SWG2P)

This Langhesi forger met Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi when they traveled to Zonama Sekot to have a starship built for them. Vagno was a boisterous man who talked incessantly, and he was in command of the team which shaped their Sekotan starship from fifteen seed-partners.(RP)

This planet, located in the Corellian Sector, was where Talon Kaarde's team obtained three Skipray blastboats.(DFR, REB)

This Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyer was part of a fleet dispatched to harass the Alliance as it began massing ships near Sullust, just prior to the Battle of Endor.(XWA)

This red giant star was orbited by several planets and the Vahaba Asteroid Belt. It was believed that a huge comet or stray asteroid collided with one of Vahaba's larger planets, creating the huge ring of debris which became the asteroid belt. It was strategically important for the ores which were found in the asteroids, and the system was known for the incredible skills of its metal workers. The belt and its system were located in a cluster of stars not far from Halmad.(SOC, NECH)

Vahaba Asteroid Belt
This ring of asteroids was located in the Vahaba System. Scientists believed that the asteroid belt was formed when one of Vahaba's larger planets was struck by a comet or stray asteroid. The belt itself was quite large, with pieces of planetary debris strewn across a vast distance. This makes navigation through the belt hazardous. It was targetted for assault by the New Republic task force hunting Warlord Zsinj, but the commanding officers chose to strike at Comkin Five first. Han Solo then took the Mon Remonda to Vahaba, where he was met by Admiral Rogriss and the Stellar Web, in the hopes of trapping Zsinj and the Iron Fist in the system. The plan nearly succeeded, but Zsinj's forces inflicted as much damage as they took, and were able to escape.(SOC)

This man was a member of the Blood Razors swoop gang, and acted as the group's primary "offworld shipping agent." In this capacity, he spent much of his time collecting the goods needed by the gang. He was also Shirro's chief lieutenant.(PSG)

This Houk was killed by a Jenet known as Rish, while in a drunken stupor.(UANT)

Vahgr, Drex
This was a noted Hrakian individual.(GORW)

Vahitian Bat
This small, avian mammal was known for the intricate flight patterns employed when two males battled over territorial boundaries.(GMR5)

Vahr, Enid
This Alliance spy was on Demophon just before it was destroyed. She was planted in the Vortex Corporation about six months before the supernova occurred. While there, she had fallen in love with the pirate, Kasey, who joined the Alliance because of her. She had stolen Imperial plans and data, and was trying to flee when he was captured. The Empire said that they had commandeered her ship to help the evacutaion. She tried to escape with the help of Jor Entel and his crew, but they murdered her when they got off the planet. Her body was discovered by Alliance agents who infiltrated Entel's group.(SN)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "where."(OWS)

Vaii gar ru'cuyi?
This Mandalorian question translated into Basic as "Where have you been?"(RCTZ)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "directional."(OWS)

This woman was living on the planet Naboo, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

This was one of the Imperial cruisers that participated in the blockade of the ThonBoka, during the early years of the New Order. Rokur Gepta stripped the ship's captain and his second-in-command of their rank after the captain of the Intractable refused to be a front-line attacker. Gepta then ordered them all forced out of the airlocks on their vessels, as examples of what would happen to any other officers who dared to disobey his orders.(LCS)

Vainglorious-class Cruiser
This was an outdated Rendili StarDrive warship that was perhaps best-known for the autochef that was installed in its spartan kitchen area. This autochef was later reused aboard the Rendili-Surron Starlight Freighter.(SS, OWS)

A deity often spoken of by Rars Lefken, he uses an expletive that references Vair's eyelids.(SWSB)

This clone trooper was a member of the 501st Torrent Company, part of the 501st Clone Trooper Battalion, during the height of the Clone Wars. Vaize was was part of the team that accompanied Clone Commander Rex on a mission to recover Rotta the Huttlet from a Separatist base on the planet Teth. Unfortunately, Vaize was among the many members of Torrent Company who were killed while ensuring that Anakin Skywalker successfully rescued Rotta.(CWN)

Vaj Desert
This was one of the many deserts found on the planet Ingo.(DCAR, OWS)

This was a common name given to Zabrak males. Like many Zabrak names, it related to survival characteristics, and meant "club".(GCG)

This largest city on Socorro was also the capital of the planet. All business on Socorro eventually passed through Vakeyya, which was located near the Rym Mountains and the Ibhann'I Tribal Lands.(SWJ2, BSS)

Vakier, Ko
This thin-bodied Blood Carver being served aboard the transport vessel Uhumele, during the final years of the Old Republic. Like the rest of his crewmates, Ko Vakier had no reason to trust the Galactic Empire that rose to power in the wake of the Clone Wars. Thus, when the Uhumele was nearly trapped on New Plympto by Imperial troops, he recommended blasting their way past the Imperial ships that patrolled the system.

In fact, Ko Vakier was more than happy to assume his position as the ship's primary gunner, firing on the ARC-170s that pursued them into space. Upon reaching Orvax IV, Ko Vakier gladly lent his sword to the mission to rescue Bomo Greenbark's wife and daughter, who had been captured on New Plympto and sold into slavery. He continued to help with the search for Resa Greenbark, and helped Schurk-Heren and Mezgraf secure the front entrance to Dezono Qua's estate on Esseles.(DT1)

This ancient Quarren surname meant "gatherer of coral". Like many Quarren surnames, it could be traced back to the time of the Battle of Ruusan.(GCG)

Vakil, Nrin
This Quarren pilot joined Rogue Squadron shortly after the recovery of the Eidolon. He was a breath of fresh air to the Squadron, bringing a quick wit and florid personality to the heavy-handed pilots. To keep his skin moist,and to remind him of homeworld, Nrin wore a specially-designed flight suit that was filled with seawater. Nrin found a fast friend in the Mon Calamari Ibtisam, and they were constantly at each other's throats, arguing opposing sides of any debate with relish. During Plourr's attempt to reconstruct the monarchy of Eiattu, Nrin and the Rogues were on hand to prevent any warfare. Nrin was injured during an Imperial ambush ordered by Moff Leonia Tavira. After recovering, Nrin again proved a valuable member of the Squadron during the search for the Starfaring, when he use dhis X-Wing to take out a tribe of Irrukiine. Nrin was the loudest of the opponents of the New Republic's plan to place Soontir Fel into Rogue Squadorn, shortly after the Battle of Brentaal. After the Rogues tried to recover Sate Pastage from Ciutric, he resigned his post with them and took up other duties for the military. He had tired of killing, but still believed that the New Republic was too worthy a cause to abandon. He became a pilot trainer instead. He returned to active pilot duty during the struggle against Grand Admiral Thrawn, but saw limited duty. During the hunt for Prince-Admiral Krennel, Nrin was called upon to pilot the T-65R reconnaissance fighter during a fly-by of the moon Distna. After retiring from active duty for good, Nrin married Koyi Komad. Some three years after the end of the Second Galactic Civil War, both Nrin and Koyi agreed to help Lando Calrissian in his attempt to save the planet Kessel from destruction. Nrin flew his personal A-Wing during the mission, while Koyi served as the mission controller.(XWWP, XWRR, HXW, IR, DTO, FJ1)

This planet was the Imperial sector capital of Fakir Sector.(SWCP)

This temperate planet was the homeworld of Shula Palasj's parents.(LF8)

This man was the leader of a group of military officers who worked from a base on the planet Onderon during the years following the Mandalorian Wars. General Vaklu was at the forefront of a movement to unseat Queen Talia and the Royalists, and Vaklu himself was ready to take control of the planet, should the need arise. Vaklu and his supporters believed that the queen had lost touch with the general population, and was unwilling to listen to their needs and concerns. Vaklu and his supporters launched a massive coup attempt, and nearly captured the Queen. Only the timely intervention of The Exile saved her, as the former Jedi fought with the Royalists to end the battle. Vaklu himself was captured, but Queen Talia was forced to have him shot for his actions, fearing that he would escape from prison. It was later discovered by The Exile that it had been Tobin who was behind General Vaklu's bid for power, as Tobin was a minor Sith Lord who was working for Darth Nihilus.(KOTOR2)

This variant on the Kihraxz Assault Fighter was produced for the pilots of the Black Sun organization, during the Galactic Civil War. It was distinguished by its heavier armor plating and enhanced weapons and propulsion systems.(SWGAL)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "they" or "theirs."(OWS)

Val, Ekh'm
This Yuuzhan Vong commander was the first to claim he had located the lost planet of Zonama Sekot, many months after the Battle of Ebaq. Val's forces had been repelled by the planet, and he made haste to return with his report. Unfortunately, only rumors of his discovery reached the planet Coruscant, which had been reformed into a new version of Yuuzha'tar. Commander Val was said to be returning to Yuuzhan'tar with a piece of the rogue planet, when he disappeared while returning for an audience with Supreme Overlord Shimrra. Ngaaluh later learned that Commander Val's task force had been purposely destroyed, and Val himself had been thrown into Shimrra's charnal pits, where he was consumed by the yargh'un kept there. Master Shaper Nen Yim was given access to the piece of Zonama Sekot Val maanged to acquire, which was a specialized Sektoan starship. Nen Yim's work with the starship, as well as her knowledge of Shimrra's fear of Zonama Sekor, led her to believe that Shimrra himself was a fraud.(FH3, FP)

Val, Krag
This Yuuzhan Vong warrior was one of Shedao Shai's chief lieutenants. He was in charge of the recovery mission sent to Bimmiel to recover the remains of a Yuuzhan Vong warrior killed by slashrats decades prior to the invasion along Vector Prime. He was later in charge of repairing the damaged done by Corran Horn and Ganner Rhysode when they freed the slaves being held by the Vong on Bimmiel. Following the rebuilding of the base on Bimmiel, Krag Val was sent to Garqi by Shedao Shai to oversee the transformation of that world into a food-producing world for the Vong. It was on Garqi that he encountered Corran Horn, Jacen Solo, Ganner Rhysode, and their Noghri escort, in the Pesktda Xenobiological Gardens. There, the Jedi discovered that vonduun crab armor was allergic to the pollen of the bafforr tree. They burned down the bafforr groves in order to retain the secret, but drew Krag Val's attention. He managed to badly injure Rhysode and kill one of the Noghri before engaging Jacen Solo in battle. Krag Val's footing slipped when his leg fell into a drain hole, rendering him helpless against Jacen's attack. Krag Val ordered Runck Das to return to Shedao Shai just before he was slain in battle by Jacen Solo.(DTO, DTR)

Val Denn
This was the capital city of the planet Tinnel IV. Moff Jerjerrod had a private estate located there.(SWJ6)

This humanoid being was one of the founders of the criminal gang known as the Slams. She and Slam founded the gang on their homeworld of Mamendin, with Slam's skills as a conman augmenting Valadon's skills as an identification theft expert. The gang was briefly imprisoned at the Greylands Security Complex on Tentator, but managed to escape about two years before the Battle of Geonosis. Valadon was known as a tremendous flirt, and often wore provocative clothing to keep other beings off their guard. Several years before the Battle of Geonosis, Siri Tachi impersonated Valadon in an effort to infiltrate the planet Romin and located Jenna Zan Arbor. Slam and his gang had gone underground, but suddenly turned up on Romin at the same time as Siri and the Jedi. When Zan Arbor packed up her operations and moved to Coruscant with Roy Teda and Granta Omega, Valadon and the Slams went with them. Their part in the mission was to disrupt the ceremony in honor of the passage of the All Planet Relief Fund legislation. Roper and Valadon were disguised as Blue Guards during the event, which allowed them to gain easy access to the vertex crystal that served as the financial basis for the Fund. They were apprehended by Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker, and held for questioning. It was revealed that the real plan had nothing to do with stealing vertex, but rather the kidnapping of Chancellor Palpatine himself.(JQ8, JQ9)

Valan, Dru
This man served the New Empire's naval forces as an Admiral, during the years following the Sith-Imperial War. During the fighting that surrounded the Battle of Caamas, Admiral Valan was ordered by Morlish Veed to prevent Gar Stazi and the surviving ships of the Galactic Alliance naval forces from escaping. Valan was unprepared for Stazi's bold tactics, which included a blind hyperspace for the entire Galactic Alliance force. Valan was demoted for his failure, and ordered to serve under Admiral Sha Dun in the Outer Rim Third Fleet. When Admiral Dun was unable to prevent Gar Stazi from launching sneak attacks on Imperial forces, Darth Azard executed Admiral Dun, and named Admiral Valan the fleet leader and commander of the Relentless.

Among the first orders Valan made to his subordinates was the removal of all non-human personnel from his crew. He then put plans in motion to destroy the Galactic Alliance's naval forces by making it appear as if the Imperious was unguarded and an easy target for capture. He hoped that Stazi would take the bait, just as the Galactic Alliance's forces had taken the bait during the build-up to the Battle of Caamas. Valan knew that his plans were coming to fruition when he learned from Niffla that Gial Gahan planned to make sure that the Calamarian defenses were neutralized prior to Stazi's attack. Admiral Valan planned to place a group of Imperial stormtroopers aboard the Imperious, keeping them hidden until needed. He ordered the skeleton crew aboard the Imperious to offer no resistance if they were attacked, making it that much easier for Stazi's forces to fall into the trap. Valan then planned to have his own fleet of Star Destroyers waiting just a short hyperspace jump away from Calamari, waiting to jump back to the shipyards when Stazi's forces arrived. This return jump would be timed to coincide with the surprise appearance of the troops he had hidden aboard the Imperious, who would quickly retake command of the warship. If all went as planned, Stazi's forces would be trapped between Valan's incoming fleet and the shipyard's defenses, which would be augmented by the firepower of the Imperious.

Everything went according to Valan's plans, and the Galactic Alliance's forces were trapped near the shipyards, until Admiral Stazi refused to surrender. Instead, he ordered his warships to fire on the Relentless and the Imperious, forcing Valan to put his own ships at risk to prevent the loss of the Imperious. This gave Stazi's forces a chance to turn the tables on the Imperials. Stazi's forces retook the planetary defenses and began using the shipyard's weapons to fire on the Imperial fleet. The stormtroopers Valan had stationed aboard the Imperious had been eliminated and replaced with Galactic Alliance soldiers, who were able to retake command of the Imperious, which then blasted out of drydock. Angered and unsettled by this turn of events, Valan ordered his forces to concentrate their fire on the Indomitable in an effort to destroy Stazi, rather than protect the shipyards. When the Imperious was captured by Alliance forces, Valan refused to admit defeat, and went so far as to order the Imperial forces to allow the Alliance to steal the Star Destroyer, as long as Stazi did not survive.

He then ordered his forces to fire all their weapons at the Indomitable regardless of what was between them. This caused heavy damage to the Mon Calamari shipyards, but failed to prevent Stazi's escape. Further damage occurred when Jaius Yorub took control of the Indomitable and rammed it into the shipyards, destroying a large portion of the shipyards and ensuring the Alliance's escape. Unable to face the wrath of Darth Azard, Admiral Valan turned control of the Relentless over to Captain Hoge, then retreated to his quarters before committing suicide.(SWLI)

This was one of the many independent transport freighters that were parked on New Plympto in the wake of the Clone Wars. When the clone troopers began acting on orders from Emperor Palpatine to close the spaceports and search every vessel, the Valance was one of the few ships to all the Imperials to board, since her Captain had several contacts within the military.

The Valance was based on the same spaceframe as the Naboo Royal Cruiser, but was painted with green markings to denote it as an independent transport vessel. Dass Jennir targeted the Valance and opened fire on the ship, in order to draw attention away from the fact that the Uhumele was escaping New Plympto without permission, just after the end of the Clone Wars.(DT1)

Valance, Beilert
A native of the remote world of Shinbone, Valance was an orphan who claimed that his parents had died from the Hardan Plague. He enlisted in the Imperial armed forces, and became a decorated soldier for his efforts in suppressing the Nembus Sector. A former stormtrooper, Valance was fighting in an Outworld skirmish when an Alliance serial torpedo struck his platoon. The blast nearly killed him, but his soldiers managed to bring him to Telos-4. In order to keep him alive, the doctors there cyborged much of his body. When he awoke, he was angry and disoriented, and he hated what had been done to him. He distrusted droids, and the fact that he had become a cyborg made him hate droids even more. However, he decided to live, and left Imperial service to become a bounty hunter. After gathering a group of mercenaries and bounty hunters to assist him, Valance attacked the Outworld base at Telos-4, destroying everything in sight to erase his past and destroy some droids. During the fighting, the team learned of the efforts of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in the Battle of Yavin. He set out tohunt down Skywalker, dreaming of killing Luke because he had befriended R2-D2 and C-3PO. However, Valance acted on faulty information, and traveled to Aduba-3 because he misinterpreted the data. He tried to kill Jimm the Starkiller Kid, who bore a striking resemblance to Skywalker, but his efforts were thwarted by Jaxxon and Amaiza. In the skirmish on Aduba-3, Valance lost his entire team, and angrily fled the planet when he realized that he had been after the wrong man. He recovered on the planet Junction, where he was briefly employed as a bounty hunter by Skinker. It was duringthis time that Valance finally confronted Luke Skwyalker, who was on Junction to obtain replacement parts for the Alliance's droids. When C-3PO put itself between the two in order to protect Luke, Valance discovered something he hadn't considered: that even in a galaxy of droid-haters, a droid might care enough about a living being to sacrifice itself to save them. Unable to reconcile this new information, Valance allowed Skywalker and his droid to leave unharmed, and spent the next months ensuring that Darth Vader never discovered Luke's identity. To this end, Valance traveled to Centares to eliminate Tyler Lucian, only to be confronted by Vader himself. In the fight which ensued, Valance was badly injured, but maintained a grip on Vader as the Dark Lord pressed his advantage. Seeing that he had few options left, Valance threw himself into Rubyflame Lake, hoping to drag Vader in with him. Vader, however, used his lightsaber to cut off Valance's hand, and the cyborged bounty hunter died in the toxic waters.(MC16, MC27, MC29, SWMW)

Valance the Hunter
see Valance, Beilert(MC16, MC27, MC29, SWMW)

Valanti, Karn
This man was a friend of Jagged Fel, and often served as Jag's double during the years following the Swarm War, whenever the Imperial Chief of State needed to stay out of public view. Jag referred to Valanti by the codename Carved, which referred to the fact that he was a perfect decoy. Valanti's physical appearance was quite close to Jag's, but it was his ability to mimic Jag's movements that made him a valuable ally.(FJ2)
This Gurlanin and his consort, Jinart, were part of a large group of Gurlanin who agreed to assist the forces of the Old Republic in removing the Separatists who had taken control of their homeworld of Qiilura, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. Valaqil was part of the initial intelligence gathering team, along with Jedi Master Kast Fulier and his Padawan, Etain Tur-Mukan. They were betrayed by a group of local farmers, and Master Fulier was captured and presumed dead. Valaqil managed to return to the main Republic force, but was unable to account for the Jedi. Nevertheless, he provided Omega Squad with valuable information about the situation on Qiilura. After the successful capture of Ovolot Qail Uthan, Valaqil was released from his service to the Republic and returned to Qiilura and his consort, Jinart. Valaqil returned one last time to Coruscant, shortly before the end of the Clone Wars, to warn Ordo and Besany Wennen that he had been to Centax 2 and seen the clones being created there. He also warned them that their actions, especially those of Agent Wennen, were known to the office of the Chancellor, and that they were to be taken prisoner in the near future. Valaqil then revealed that the capture of Jilka Zan Zentis had been arranged by the Gurlanin to buy them some time, a revelation that did not please Agent Wennen in the least.(RCHC, RC66)

This given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy.(GCG)

This female Whiphid was the offspring of two gangsters. She took over the Lucky Despot Hotel in Mos Eisley while Jabba the Hutt was still alive. She was one of the few who outright challenged Jabba's unspoken rulership of the spaceport town. She hired Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes to play at her wedding reception. She was twenty-four at the time, and was going to marry D'Wopp. However, the simple-minded Whiphid decided to take up Jabba's offer of a bounty on Han Solo's head instead. When he tried to leave the ceremony, Valarian became enraged and a fight broke out. Imperial troops tried to break it up, and shut down the illegal gambling at the Lucky Despot. Valarian had D'Wopp sent back to a large number of boxes. She continued to try and thwart Jabba's powerplays, but the Hutt's influence extended too deeply into Mos Eisley's substance. So, Valarian backed off and simply tried to outmaneuver the Hutt. She planted a number of spies in Jabba's palace, and even had a number of plots to kill the Hutt started. She later employed her Whiphid lover, J'Quille, in an attempt to kill Jabba. However, before J'Quille could succeed, Jabba was killed at the Pit of Carkoon. Valarian slowly but surely began to usurp Jabba's old businesses. She chose to abandon Jabba's bullying tactics and tried to become a more benevolent employer to her new operations. This approach worked extremely well, and by the time the New Republic attempted to negotiate for governance of the planet, Valarian was the primary source of power, water, land, and shipping rights. She moved her base of operations to Mos Entha, and was a driving force in the emergence of the city as one of Tatooine's best spaceports.(GG7, TME, TJP, SOT)

Valarian Sun
This was the name given to Lady Valarian's military base of operations in the Dragon's Spine asteroid field.(SWG2P)

Valarian Syndicate
see Valarians(SWGAL)

Also known as the Valarian Syndicate, this daring gang of thugs established a base of operations in the Sserician Eclipse sector of the Dantooine System, during the early years of the New Order. The Valarians were known for their bravado and ferocity, and was reported to have challenged the presence of the Empire in the system during the months following the Battle of Yavin. An offshoot of the Valarians established a base on Tatooine, shortly after the Battle of Yavin.(SWGAL)

This man was known as Cularin's best kaavo chef, during the final years of the Old Republic. He was also the only baker in the city of Gadrin who cut his kaavo into ten slices, instead of six.(LFCW)

Vala's Place
This apartment was owned by Valantya Tyyre. Vala lived in apartment 25001 of the StarTower Residences, which she used as a temporary safehouse for Alliance agents before she could get them to 16AA889 Starfield Road. Alliance agents were able to gain Vala's confidence when they used the passphrase, "The droid sent me."(HAS)

Valc VII
This planet was a member of the Imperial Remnant, and was the planet farthest from the galactic core within its boundaries. It bordered deep on the Unknown Regions.(DTR)

This was the name of Darth Bane's personal starship, a T-class personal cruiser he confiscated from the Sith Academy on Korriban, where it had been given as a gift from Lord Kaan to Lord Qordis. Darth Bane fled the destruction of the planet Ruusan aboard the ship, having survived the explosion of Lord Kaan's thought bomb. The Valcyn was a blade-shaped craft, but it was severely damaged by the spirit of Lord Qordis when Darth Bane arrived at Dxun. After reaching the planet's surface, the Valcyn exploded, stranding Darth Bane on the moon.(GMR3, DBPD, DBRT)

Valdez, Shawn
This Alliance soldier was Echo Base's evacuation officer. He had a wealth of experience in planning and expediting the dismantling of a base. He was a poetic musician in his private time.(CCG3)

This man, one of the many homeless individuals living in Tolea Biqua during the years following the Battle of Naboo, was an acquaintence of Blackie. He once managed to locate a thermal detonator and killed another man with it. This earned him almost immediate popularity among the other homeless beings, who believed that Valdo had a line on getting more thermal detonators. Unfortunately, this also earned Valdo unwanted attention from the underworld of the Cularin System, and he was quickly eliminated by a group of assassins who left little more than a pile of ash behind.(LFCW)

This female Neimodian pilot served the New Republic Navy during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Shortly after the Battle of Coruscant, Vale was assigned to the Twin Suns Squadron, serving under Jaina Solo as Twin Suns Two. Unfortunately for Jaina and her squadron, Vale was killed during the early stages of the Battle of Ebaq, the victim of random fire in the initial melee. Note that Destiny's Way claims Vale was a male Duros.(Y, DW)

Vale City
This was one of the largest cities found on the agricultural world of Dagro.(SWI76)

This Imperial Navy Captain was in command of the Nebulon-B frigate Revenant, which was part of Lumiya's fleet, during the years following the Battle of Endor.(GAL3, OWS)

Valent, Kit
This Alliance fighter pilot served as Zev Senesca's gunner during the Battle of Hoth.(OWS)

This woman was a computer specialist who worked for the Alliance as part of the Gray Griffins.(OE)

The Empire squashed all rebellious activity on this planet, dispatching the Star Destroyer Stalker to knock out the rebel cell.(PG3)

Valerenn Environmentals
This corporation produced a variety of personal survival equipment, including flotation shelters and other contained systems.(PSG)

This woman was known as a wily slicer who broke into the Corporate Sector Authority's databanks when she was just a teenager. She was too consumed in her own skills to notice that CSA security forces had backtracked her connection, and she barely escaped with her life. She spent the rest of her life slicing computers for wealthy clients, but was always looking over her shoulder for CSA forces.(HR)

see Valarian(SWGAL)

Valesovich, Imal
This Count scoured the galaxy, collecting ancient dueling swords and vibroblades for his collection. He was an old-school warrior, preferring the hand-to-hand combat required by swordsman to the long-range battles created with blaster weapons.(GG9)

Valet Droid
This was a generic term used to describe any automaton that was designed and programmed to serve as an assistant to an organic being. These could be as simple as baggage droids at a spaceport, or dedicated servants that saw to their owners' personal needs.(NEGD, FJ3)
Valfin Labor Camps Insurgence
This slave revolt occurred during the early years of the New Republic.(SWJ10)

The murky atmosphere of this Expansion Region planet hides the mountains of wreckage and trash that cover its surface. The planet was, at one time, a mineral-rich world dotted with manufacturing facilities. Overuse and mismanagement turned it into a biological wasteland dotted with the blue, green, and yellow fires of burning refuse. The atmosphere of the planet was laden with machine fluids, toxic wastes, and other rotting gases. Hidden within this scum was The Yard, headquarters of Syndicate One. The Syndicate chose the planet for its remote location, and after purchasing the world had changed official records to note as anything from an airless moon to a worthless gas giant. The planet orbits a pair of stars in the V1-V2 System, and was the only world of three which supports life. The average day on Valgauth lasted 26 standard hours, and its year took 669 local days.(SWJ8)

Valia, Jikesh
This man served as a fireship Captain on the planet Coruscant, during the era of the Clone Wars. Captain Valia was on duty when Anakin Skywalker brought the remains of the Invisible Hand to rest on Coruscant' surface, during the First Battle of Coruscant.(X3)

This Victory-class Star Destroyer was under the command of Captain Fordwyn, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The Valiant was supposedly part of the small fleet that protected the Imperial shipyards near Togoria. However, Dengar and his companions later learned that Fordwyn was actually an Alliance officer, and that the Valiant was part of the Alliance's small fleet of warships. Fordwyn had intercepted Dengar's message about capturing Han Solo on Togorian, and stepped in to "take custody" of the "criminal." Dengar later learned of the deception on Tatooine, after returning Grubba the Hutt to his uncle, Jabba.(MIS8)

This was the designation of a Nebulon-B2 frigate that was part of the Alliance's fleet.(XVT)

This Imperial-class Star Destroyer was commanded by Captain Oweg during the height of the New Order.(ISB)

This ARC Trooper was one of the best infiltrators of his series, which was decanted during the Clone Wars. Just prior to the First Battle of Coruscant, commander Valiant was assigned to Mace Windu during the search for Darth Sidious, working alongside Captain Dyne and Jedi Master Shaak Ti. Their mission was very nearly successful, as a detailed search of the LiMerge Power building in Coruscant's The Works district led them to a hidden facility located beneath 500 Republica. However, Darth Sidious had put security measures in place that were waiting for them when they infiltrated the facility. Valiant and his explosives expert were leaidng the team, but were unprepared for the blast that Sidious unleashed on them. They were thrown across a room with such force that their bodies were crushed upon impact, killing them instantly.(LEV)

This was one of the Thranta-class warships slaved to the Another Chance to protect it from being taken by hostile forces. Like its companions, the Courage and Fidelity, it would accompany the Another Chance as it jumped through hyperspace to avoid detection. One of the Thranta's would enter realspace before the Another Chance to engage any resistance, the second would accompany it for protection, and the third would help draw off pursuit. After the Another Chance was recovered by the Alliance, the Valiant continued its mission without guidance, hopping into and out of hyperspace around the remains of Alderaan. It suddenly reappeared during the Bacta War when Tycho Celchu's X-Wing started using the IFF transmissions of the Another Chance to mask its true identity. The Valiant jumped back to realspace just as the Corrupter and Aggregator tried to eliminate Rogue Squadron. The Valiant saw the Corrupter as a foe and quickly fired on it, allowing the Rogues to disable it.(BW)

Valiant Damsel
This battered starship was owned by the New Republic, and was dispatched by Airen Cracken to Moorja to break reconnoiter the build-up of Imperial Advisor Golthan's fleet near the Core Worlds. It was a small ship, armed with a pair of turret-mounted laser cannons.(SWJ8)

Valiant Z1
This was an entry-level starship weapons capacitor system, produced by Subpro during the early years of the New Order. This unit was available in a standard version and an improved version for better power handling capabilities.(SWG2P)

Valiant Z2
This mid-grade starship weapons capacitor system was developed and produced by Subpro, during the height of the New Order.(SWG2P)

This was a common name given to male Duros children. The name Valik was based on the Duros term for a blaster weapon.(GCG)

This given name was common human males across the galaxy.(GCG)

This tall, strong Tasari male was a member of the Kiana order, and dedicated his life to eradicating the blood cults of Tasari. Despite Imperial anti-alien sentiments, Valjak supported the Empire in hopes of gaining Imperial help in locating and destroying the blood cults.(SWJ15)

This Herglic served as Hamar-Chaktak's bodyguard.(TSIA)

Valkanhayn, Borke
This man grew up on the planet Kalab, and was a childhood friend of Garvan Spasso. The two remained friends during their adulthood, and went into the import/export business together. Much of the cargo they transported was illegal, including spice and criminal holovids. Valkanhayn set up an enterprise on Glova, were he became known as the premier "importer of fine goods" in the city of Drepplin.(POC)

Valkrex Machinery
This corporation was known as manufacturers of fusion disintegrators.(VOF, GFT)

Vall, Helkson
This man succeeded Matagorn as the Sub-Prefect of Kalandis IV, reporting to Prefect Ursellis.(GG10)

This was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "legal" or "of law".(GCG)

Valla, Nabat
This black-skinned Twi'lek was a noted information broker during the modern era of the galaxy.(GMR3)

This was a clan of pirates. The Vallaido gang was a rival of the Seville pirates led by Yearo Seville, until the Sevilles forged an alliance with the Empire. The Sevilles then "borrowed" Imperial warships to attack and decimate the Vallaido fleet.(CRO)

Valla's Glorious Gesture
This huge starship was the flagship of the Vallaido pirate fleet.(CRO)

According to Ewok legend, this wind spirit was known to be friendly to the Ewoks, but also something of a danger. In her exuberance, she would shake the trees in which the Ewoks built their villages, endangering the entire village.(GCG)

This was a common name for Ewok females. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology.(GCG)

This long-barrel blaster carbine was favored by snipers and marksmen for its accuracy across long distances. The bounty hunter Dengar stole one of these weapons from a victim while working for the Empire.(CCG4)

Vallendri, Shiran
This was a noted member of Chagrian history.(UANT)

Valley of Blizzards
This wind-swept, icy valley was located on the planet Alzoc III.(EGP)

Valley of Dark Lords
see Valley of the Dark Lords(FJ3)
Valley of Darkness
This was another term used to describe the Valley of the Dark Lords, which was located on the planet Korriban.(PH)

Valley of Golg
This was one of the main branches of the Valley of the Dark Lords, located on the planet Korriban.(PH)

Valley of Rejection
Located some 300 kilometers west of Giat Nor, on the planet N'zoth, the Valley of Rejection was a 220-kilometer-long crack in the planet's crust. It was here, in the sweltering heat collected by the rocky walls, that exiled Yevetha were taken for banishment.(CCW)

Valley of Royalty
Located in the mountains of Duro, this valley had been walled of for protection. It housed a wealth of underground catacombs, caverns, and tunnels containing the artifacts and history of Duro's great leaders. Duros archeaologists had a secret entrance to the caverns, whose location was hidden during the Clone Wars when Separatist forces overwhelmed Duro's meager defenses.(MMY, SWI75)

Valley of Ternaax
This once lush and beautiful valley was located on the planet Rannon. Since Danaan Kerr made his home near the valley, his connection to the Dark Side of the Force had drained the valley of life. It was now a rotting, dark, evil place that few of the natives enter.(WBC)

Valley of the Dark Lords
This desolate valley, located on the planet Korriban, was the site of the tombs of the ancient Dark Lords of the Sith. Originally known as the Necropolis, the valley itself was located far from Dreshdae, and was continually covered by clouds. It was dominated by huge funereal temples and tombs, with an ornate altar at the far end, and was regularly patrolled by ravaging tuk'ata and vicious pelko bug swarms. The Valley was more than 1,200 meters deep in some places, although it was little more than a slit in the ground, and much of the rock that made up its walls had been carved with magical Sith runes and glyphs to ward off unwanted spirits and intruders. In additon to these runes, a wide variety of sculptures and reliefs adorned the Valley walls, portraying the heroics of the Sith Lords buried there. It was believed that the structure and placement of the tombs was designed to concentrate and focus the power of the Dark Side of the Force, allowing the spirits of the ancient Sith Lords to remain close to their tombs.

During the years following the Mandalorian Wars, the Valley of the Dark Lords was looted by the locals and other treasure hunters, and many of the tombs were ransacked. The Brotherhood of Darkness, after re-establishing the Sith Academy on Korriban, searched the Valley of the Dark Lords but could find nothing to indicate that the power of the ancient Sith was still there. They turned their backs on the Valley, allowing it to further deteriorate as the desert swallowed it. Nevertheless, the Valley of the Dark Lords had been immersed in the power of the Dark Side of the Force, and it became was one of the strongest nexuses of Force power in the galaxy.(GAS, PH, JQ10, KOTOR2, DBPD, EGF, FJ3)

Valley of the Floating Trees
This unusual valley was found on the Forest Moon of Endor.(ECAR)

Valley of the Giant Oysters
Located in the oceans of Calamari, this valley had been the home for Calamari's huge oysters for millions of years. Could this be the Calamarian Knowledge Banks?(GDV)

Valley of the Jedi
Located on the planet Ruusan, this valley was believed to have been an ancient, hidden, Jedi burial ground whose existence was considered a mere legend until Morgan Katarn discovered its exact location. In reality, the Valley was located near the site of the decisive struggle in the Battle of Ruusan, near the caves in which Lord Kaan and the Brotherhood and Darkness unleashed a thought bomb in a last-ditch effort to destroy Lord Hoth and the Army of Light. In the wake of the battle, Jedi Knight Johun Othone established a memorial to the fallen Jedi, naming it the Valley of the Jedi. Wondrous statues and a huge mausoleum were erected in the valley to honor the forces of Lord Hoth. The stone used to create these memorials came from hundreds of planets, symbolizing the diversity of Lord Hoth's forces. At one end of the Valley, Othone placed a huge Adegan crystal in a special chamber, as a place where Jedi Knights could meditate on their place in the galaxy. However, over the centuries, interest in the Battle of Ruusan faded, and the Jedi Council - which had prohibited the construction of the memorial in the first place - chose to forget about Ruusan entirely. Thus, the Valley of the Jedi disappeared from the public consciousness. The natives of Ruusan, an unusual race known only as the Bouncers, believed that the spirits trapped in the Valley would only be set free when a Knight arrived to upset the natural balance. The Jedi Knight Qu Rahn tried to keep the Valley's location a secret until he could secure it, but the Dark Jedi Jerec murdered Rahn and Morgan Katarn in order to discover its location and use it for himself. Kyle Katarn, Morgan's son, successfully defeated Jerec and his Dark Jedi in the Valley itself, preventing them from abusing the Valley's power. Kyle shared the secret of the Valley's location with only one other individual, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, so that the site could be investigated by the Jedi and not misused by their enemies.(DF2, ECH, RAG, PJSB, DBPD)

Valley of the Souls
see Valley of the Jedi(WOTC)

Valley of the Spirits
This was one of the many Tusken Raider settlements found on the planet Tatooine. The clan which lived in this valley was responsible for the capture of Shmi Skywalker, some ten years after the Battle of Naboo. Unfortunately, the clan was slaughtered by Anakin Skywalker, when he returned to Tatooine and witnessed his mother's death. For decades afterward, the Sandpeople avoided the valley and the remains of the settlement, fearing that the avenging "ghost" of Anakin would slay them, too. Ritual sacrifices, often captured moisture farmers, were made to appease the "ghost", to ensure that it wouldn't return to terrorize other settlements. Shortly after the marriage of Han Solo and Leia Organa, they were forced to travel to Tatooine to recover the Killik Twilight moss-painting, and had to rescue Kitster Banai before he could be the latest sacrifice.(SWI62, TG)

Valley of the Wind
This smooth-floored gulley was located near Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine. It was also known as the Teeth of Tatooine, for Jabba used it as a torture and punishment.(TBH)

Valley of Umbra
Located on the planet Zelos II, this 500-meter deep valley was unusual in that its walls slope inward. This creates a valley which was wider at its base than at its top. The floor of the valley was always in the shadows, and thus it was feared by the native Zelosians. It was for this reason that the Empire built their base there, hidden from the eyes of the New Republic and the Zelosians. The garrison was maintained at half-strength since the Battle of Endor.(PG2)

This small city was located on the planet Liinade III. During the New Republic's assault on the planet, Corran Horn was shot down over this city, and discovered a laboratory which was designing a new version of the Death Star. The lab had been set up by Ysanne Isard, in an effort to undermine the efforts of Prince-Admiral Krennel and Isard's clone.(IR)

Vallusk Cluster
Admiral Ackbar attacked an Imperial fleet in this area of the Gordian Reach, serving as a diversion for the ships fleeing Yavin 4 after the Battle of Yavin. The defeat of the Imperials in the Cluster marked the beginning of the end of Admiral Griff's career.(CSW, GORW)

Valn, Keiran
This Jedi Knight died on his homeworld of Alderaan, after ingesting a meal which was laced with glie poison. Valn's death was investigated by the Jedi as a murder, since it occurred at a banquet which was held by his own family.(SON)

This male Tarasin played the keyboards for the band Distraction, during the early years of the New Order. An exceptional example of his species, Va'Lonis was as tone-deaf as a stump, and was an egomaniac to boot. He believed himself to be an expert on virtually every subject, and had opinions for any being who asked for them.(WOA28)

This was the flagship of the Imperial fleet which protected the mining operations on Goroth Prime, during the height of the New Order. It was under the command of Admiral Val DeGoort.(GSE)

Valor, Dark
This man was the leader of an Imperial Navy unit that operated in the space near Dathomir, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He claimed to hold the rank of High Commander, and was often spotted near the Last Nav Station, patrolling space in a Decimator assault ship.(SWGAL)

This Imperial-class Star Destroyer was part of the Empire's Black Sword Command, and was one of the ships captured by the Yevetha shortly after the Battle of Endor. Nil Spaar told Leia Organa-Solo that it had been destroyed when the Empire left the Koornacht Cluster, but the ship later showed up as the Star Destroyer which pursued Platt Mallar near Polneye.(BTS)

This Alliance MC80a cruiser was operative during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(XVT)

This race was dubiously well-known for its heavily-guarded harems.(POT)

This Victory-class Star Destroyer was commissioned during the final years of the Old Republic. Named for Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, the ship was later decommissioned in the wake of the Clone Wars. It found its way into the naval forces of the planet Corellia, where it was part of the military force that was maintained by the Corellian Defense Force. When Sadras Koyan agreed to meet with Jacen Solo to discuss Corellia's possible return to the Galactic Alliance, more than forty years after the Battle of Yavin, he arrived at the meeting site aboard the Valorum.(LF7)

Valorum, Finis
This man served as the Chancellor of the Old Republic during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo, having been elected shortly before the rise of Senator Palpatine and serving nearly two full, four-year terms in office. Finis was the latest member of a family whose political roots stretched back over a thousand years, and had inherited the Chancellorship from his father. Historians point to Valorum's ancestors, many decades before the Battle of Naboo, laying the groundwork for giving the Trade Federation free reign to do as it needed to make a profit. The Valorum family was known for its favoring of rules and procedures over taking direct action, and Finis himself was almost blind to the idea of taking the initiative in a given situation. When Palpatine was appointed the Senator of Naboo, Valorum had just started his second term, and sought out Palpatine as a potential ally. Note that Star Wars: Galactic Crisis! indicates that Valorum was also a native of the planet Naboo, just as Palpatine was. However, Valorum was no match for Palaptine's political maneuverings, and was in trouble from false accusations even before the Trade Federation blockaded the planet Naboo. When Queen Amidala appealed to the Galactic Senate for a lifting of the blockade, Valorum was unable to act without a considerable resistance from many factions within the Senate. The Senators from Malastare demanded a review of the situation, and Valorum was forced to agree. As Palpatine's plan unfolded, he urged Amidala to call for a vote of no-confidence in Valorum. Amidala had very little understanding of the Seante's workings, and went along with Palpatine's suggestion. Shortly thereafter, Valorum was voted out as Chancellor, to be replaced by Palpatine himself. Valorum remained in the background of the Old Republic's political environment for several years, writing his autobiography and working with the Refugee Relief Movement, until the onset of the Clone Wars brought war to the galaxy. He returned to Coruscant some sixteen months after the Battle of Geonosis to speak with Bail Organa about the growing power of Chancellor Palpatine, berating Organa and the Senate for granting Palpatine additional powers and chafing at their assumption that Palpatine actually believed them to be temporary. He also believed that a pirate attack on one of Organa's transport ships had been orchestrated by Palpatine, as a way to eliminate Organa and obtain approval for the Security and Enforcement Act. As he left Coruscant, Valorum boarded the Star of Iskin to return to his self-imposed isolation. Just after liftoff, however, the ship exploded, killing Valorum and all aboard. The Separatists ultimately were blamed for the attack. Despite his troubles with the Republic, Valorum's memory was honored with the creation of the Finis Valorum Memorial.(E1, IG1, COD, SWI73, RDE, GC, NECH)

Valorum, Laeca
This ancestor of Finis Valorum was one of many members of the Valorum family to distinguished themselves in the political arenas of the Old Republic.(NEGC)

Valorum, Tarsus
This ancestor of Finis Valorum was one of many members of the Valorum family to distinguished themselves in the political arenas of the Old Republic. Tarsus Valorum led the Republic during the era known a the Ruusan Reformations, some 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. In his early fifties at the time, Tarsus Valorum had an ageless quality that made him appear much younger. He was known as a Chancellor who was honest and determined, traits that had gotten him elected to the position, even though he was not a Jedi Knight. In fact, he was the first non-Jedi Chancellor elected in over 400 years.

The decision to enact the Ruusan Reformations was not an easy one, and Chancellor Valorum debated them with Lord Valenthyne Farfalla. While Farfalla and other prominent Jedi argued that the Jedi Order needed to remain independent in order to combat any possible threat to the Republic, Valorum countered that there had been precious few times when there wasn't a state of war in the galaxy. He called out the public opinon that the Jedi had become merely instigators of wars, an opinion that was only heightened by the fact that only the Jedi could commune with the Force, further distancing them from the public. In the end, Farfalla was forced to accept the Chancellor's arguments, even though his Padawan, Johun Othone, did not. Farfalla then explained that the Jedi had been in a state of war for many years, and that the relative peace that followed the Battle of Ruusan required the Jedi to adapt in order to keep the peace.

Ultimately, the Ruusan Reformations were voted into law, and Tarsus Valorum became known as the man who reunited the galaxy. He was re-elected to a second term as Supreme Chancellor, and remained an active member of the Old Republic after his terms were completed. He became a diplomatic emissary for the Galactic Senate, and helped promote the Unification Policies. For most of his career, Valorum was protected by a personal guard that also included Jedi Knight Johun Othone. After stepping down as Chancellor, Valorum dismissed much of this force, but kept Othone for his companionship and insights. This relationship proved valuable when Valorum travelled to Serenno to discuss the growing separatist movement on the planet. The members of the Anti-Republic Liberation Front blew up their shuttle, the New Dawn, when it landed on Serenno, and Valorum nearly fell to his death. Othone managed to grab him and pull him to safety before confronting their attackers.

After accepting the assistance of the Great Houses in eradicating separatism on Serenno, Valorum returned to Coruscant with plans to establish a memorial to the Jedi Knights on Ruusan. His plans were greeted with applause in the Galactic Senate, but with concern and almost disdain from the Jedi Order. He asked Johun Othone to help win the support of the Jedi, and the plans for the memorial were soon passed through the Senate for funding.(NEGC, NECH, DBRT)

Valorum, Tullius
This ancestor of Finis Valorum was one of many members of the Valorum family to distinguished themselves in the political arenas of the Old Republic.(NEGC)

Valorum Center
This facility was located on the planet Coruscant, during the final years of the Old Republic. Although the exterior of the building made it appear to be nothing more than a spa, the Valorum Center was protected by a massive set of double gates and a series of doors that ensured no unauthorized beings got into or out of the building. This security arrangement was necessary, however, because the Valorum Center was one of the Galactic Republic's judicial psychiatric centers, where the worst criminals in the galaxy were sent for mental reconditioning. Any beings who were deemed too dangerous to be held at the Valorum Center were transported to an isolation center on Jevelet. Although the Valorum Center was known to house some of the galaxy's worst offenders, only three percent required the more secure facilities on Jevelet.(RC66)

Valorum Shipping and Transport
Based on the planet Eriadu, this interstellar shipping corporation was owned and operated by the family of Finis Valorum, during the last centuries of the Old Republic. About a year before the Battle of Naboo. Finis Valorum was accused of using inside information - the impending taxation of trade routes in the Mid and Outer Rim Territories - to bolster his holdings in Valorum Shipping in order to reap a substantial profit. Under the Amended Proprieties Bill, Valorum was legally bound to ignore such information, and Senator Bail Antilles was forced to expose the matter to the Judicial Department. For his own part, Finis Valorum was unaware of the investments that he was supposed to have made, mainly because the basis for these accusations was false. Nonetheless, the accusations forced many Senators to question Valorum's trustworthyness and capacity to rule the galaxy. It was later revealed that the transfer of funds initiated with a huge quantity of aurodium ingots, which were traced to the Trade Federation freighter Revenue.(COD)

Valorum Tower
This Old Republic-style building was located in Coruscant's Imperial City. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the building became a refuge for the many aliens who fled Yuuzhan Vong attacks.(JE)

Valotta, Eela
This female Twi'lek was one of the members of the Freedom Convoy, working on the planet Tatooine during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Along with Tray'la Sheek, she spent much of her time on Tatooine looking for ways to liberate the slaves of Jabba the Hutt. Unfortunately, this earned her a price on her head, when Jabba issued a bounty for her arrest. This bounty was later claimed by Jango Fett, when he was on Tatooine to seek an audience with Jabba.(BH)

According to the backstory developed for Abel Quiller, this planet was the home port of the Hab Camber during the early years of the New Republic. This was one of the many false identities used by Talon Kaarde and his people, allowing him to travel in the Wild Karrde without being disco vered. Valrar was also the site of a Noghri commando base, maintained by Grand Admiral Thrawn during the early years of the New Republic. Valrar was located in the Glythe Sector.(DFR, TLC)

This was one of the many aliases maintained by Han Solo, during his career as a smuggler. He later used the Valrith identity as a member of the Alliance, during a mission to acquire a cargo of credits being shipped from Ord Mantell. Valrith was the Captain of the YT-1300 freighter Victory Ring. During the escape from Ord Mantell, the Valrith identity was actually used by Leia Organa, to try and distract Ord Mantell's spaceport controllers.(RMOM)

Vals, Sarn
This Quarren Jedi Knight was one of many who managed to survive the Clone Wars and the execution of Order 66. Sarn Vals tried to remain hidden from the Galactic Empire's agents, but was located in the Corporate Sector after a mysterious disturbance was reported by local authorities.(WOTC)

A common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "tailor".(GCG)

Valt, Gegon
This Skakoan individual was noted in the histories of the planet Skako.(UANT)

Valtaullu Rift
This region of interstellar space was located in the farthest reaches of the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.(LSSM)

This man was the Virgillian pilot of the Flurry, during the New Republic's attempt to liberate the planet Bakura from the Ssi-ruuvi.(TB)

This surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy.(GCG)

This man was a native of the planet Tatooine, and served the New Republic as the Captain of the starship Sungrass in support of Wraith Squadron. His appearance was as well-weathered as that of his ship, and served to hide his true age.(IF)

Vam, Eejee
This Duros male spent most of his adult life jacked into the communications networks of the planet Arkania, although he worked from a command center aboard the Arkanian Legacy during the years following the Great Sith War. A former factory worker, Eejee was hired by Lord Arkoh Adasca as his chief aide, having been chosen because Adasca felt a Duros would handle the cybernetic implants better than most races. It was unclear why Eejee was chosen for the job, although he believed that Adasca might have had a droid named Eejee when he was young.

Eejee was asked by Lord Adasca to locate The Camper and Jarael, after their escape from Taris with Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph. When the two Arkanian Offshoots traveled to Arkania to get medical treatment for The Camper, Eejee proved himself to be a capable medical technician, and made all the arrangements for The Camper's treatments. In reality, however, Eejee recorded several minutes of The Camper while the Offshoot was asleep, and replayed them to Jarael in an effort to convince her that the old man was comatose. When Jarael asked why he was the lone Duros on the Arkanian Legacy, Eejee explained that it was too much of a liability to have a mixture of species on a self-contained medical vessel.

Back in the labs, Eejee was confronted by The Camper, who was only marginally ill from being exposed to the rotten air of the Last Resort. Eejee admitted that the cover story of Balinquar's Virus was a hoax, and that Lord Adasca had plans for both The Camper and Jarael. He then secretly arranged to have blood samples taken from both Jarael and The Camper for analysis. As soon as the results were in, Eejee made his way to the laboratory, and was surprised by the results. However, before he could relay this new information to Lord Adasca, a mysterious figure shot him dead in order to protect Jarael's true identity.(KOR4, KOR5, KOR6)

This form of gauntlet was developed by the Arkanian Offshoot known as the Camper, during the years following the Great Sith War. Created by combining tydirium and phrikite to form the gauntlet, vambraces were virtually indestructible, and could survive a glancing blow from a lightsaber without a scratch.(KOR4)

Van Serai Hostel
This was the primary accommodations which could be found on Darknon Station, although the building was officially closed down and abandoned. Most spacers tended to remain their ships, however, due to Rexis Lovech's unusual demands.(PSPG)

This fashion designer created the House of Vanar, during the early years of the New Republic. Leia Organa-Solo asked him to submit a design for Mara Jade's wedding dress, and Vanar's team came up with avery revealing design. Mara discarded their idea, despite Vanar's claims that "minimal was maximal" in galactic fashion of the time. In the wake of Mara's refusal of the design, Vanar fired his chief designer, Jari'kyn, despite the fact that the design was mostly his own.(U)

Vanarian Tree Eater
This creature uses its unusual tail to lure its prey close to its body. The tail resembles a small, furry creature.(GMH)

Vanasterin, Ajuva
This woman was native to the planet Rori, and was a knonw Alliance sympathized during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

Vancil, Horace
This man served as Queen Amidala's chief political and economic advisor, during the year leading up to the Battle of Naboo. After Senator Palpatine of Naboo was voted to serve as the Supreme Chancellor of the Old Republic, Vancil believed that he would be next in line to represent Chommell Sector in the Galactic Senate. Instead, however, Palpatine was succeeded by Janus Greejatus of Chommell Minor. The influential Naboo politicos were quite displeased, and were able to rally enough support that Greejatus only served a single term before being replaced by Vancil. Vancil himself was later succeeded by Padme' Amidala, a move that he wholehearted endorsed.(CCG14, SWDB)

Vand Belt
This was a belt, made up of several heavy strands of metallic fibers, favored by the Quarren people.(VD)

Vanda, Bo
This insane woman was one of the ancient Sith Empire's most skilled alchemists. Her knowledge of the processes of Sith magic were encyclopedic, and she relished the opportunity to display her knowledge to users of the Sith Holocron which was controlled by Kla. Bo Vanda often used her skills to torture victims, especially Jedi, and her glee in the torture was matched only by her vivid descriptions of the operations.(DSSB)

Vandalar City
This was the capital city of the planet known as Reaper's World. It was built like a mesa rising out of the ground, and artificial canyons cut through its interior. The elite of the city lived in the upper levels, while the lowest classes were forced to live in the trash heaps at its base.(ND)

Vandale, Tex
This man was an executive for the Tapani Starship Cooperative, who was also a supporter of the Alliance. In a pinch, he could provide Alliance agents with TSC ships, both as loaners and for purchase by the Alliance.(LOE)

This Chiss male was once the lover of Sev'rance Tann, before Tann was seduced by the Dark Side of the Force and agreed to train under the watchful eye of Darth Sidious. After Tann joined Dooku, Vandalor agreed to become a bounty hunter who worked for the Separatists. Vandalor was killed some ten months after the Battle of Geonosis by Anakin Skywalker, who was searching for the source of the cortosis-based battle droids being produced on Metalorn.(NECH)

Vandangante, Carmilla
This former Deputy Viceprex of the Rigahuerr Publishing Combine was Klaus Vandangante's mother. She was a widow, and doted heavily on her son. She provided him with every luxury and opportunity she could, which ultimately bored him enough that he rebelled against her lifestyle and reprogrammed his nanny droid to do whatever he wanted.(CSA)

Vandangante, Jessa
Best-known simply as Doc's daughter, Jessa was one of the best outlaw techs in the galaxy, during the early years of the New Order. Jessa was often overlooked by most males, who failed to see past her heavy, blond curls and shapely figure. She was also an accomplished fighter pilot, as well as a mechanic, and often flew in the modified Z-95 Headhunters her father used to defend their base. She knew Han Solo when he showed up asking for help to repair the damage he did to the Millennium Falcon while running guns to Duroon. She agreed to fix the Millennium Falcon if Han agreed to carry some cargo for her. The cargo turned out to be Bollux and Blue Max, with the secondary mission being to collect Rekkon's team on Orron III. She made the deal shortly after her father was captured by the Security Police and imprisoned at the Stars' End facility.(HSE, CSA)

Vandangante, Klaus
see Doc(CSA)

Meaning "bejeweled", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual.(GCG)

Vandap, Dree
This female Rodian was the Jedi Padawan of Crian Maru, six months before the Battle of Ruusan. Dree and Crian were dispatched to Harpori to locate Kaox Krul, but arrived too late to save the Duros colony there. The Dark Jedi caught them in the Balowa System, disabling the Golden Song as well as his own starfighter. Landing on the only inhabitable world in the system, the two Jedi readied themselves for battle. Kaox Krul attacked them at every turn, until Crian Maru could confront him on her own terms. The two Jedi together were initially a match for the Sith warrior, but when Crian was thrown from the battle with a blast of Dark Side energy, Dree Vandap's limited training put her at a severe disadvantage. Kaox Krul wasted no time in killing Dree, before Crian could return to the fight.(GMR5)

Vandar, Jos
see Vondar, Jos(MJH)

This independent prospector and his partner, Helm, were the first beings to discover the planet Vandelhelm, which was eventually named in their honor. They were able to penetrate the vast cloud of asteroids that surrounded the planet some 3,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, and found that the planet was incredibly rich in metals and ores. They decided to make their claim with the Old Republic before relocating their families to the planet, where they served as the founding members of the Metalsmiths' Guild. Over the millennia, the Vandel and Helm families were regarded as royalty on Vandelhelm.(PH)

This planet was the only world in the Vandelhelm System, located in the Expasion Region of the galaxy. A relatively small world, Vandelhelm was orbited by thirteen moons, and was hidden behind the vast Vandelhelm Cloud. A world rich in minerals, it was best-known as the homeworld of the Metalsmiths' Guild. It was undiscovered by the Old Republic until about 3,000 years before the Clone Wars, when two independent prospectors - Vandel and Helm - first located it. The two settled on the planet with their families, and became the founders of the Metalsmiths' Guild. Following the Galactic Civil War, the Guilds threw their support to the New Republic, but the Guildmaster, Orrk, remained loyal to the Empire. He hid Commander Mordur in a converted drone barge among the asteroids, until the Imperials could regroup. The Imperials infiltrated the New Republic's supply depot on the planet, but were eventually defeated. The natives of Vandelhelm were generally superstitious, and have perfected their craft. Their metalsmithing secrets have been passed down from generation to generation.(VM, MC98, PH)

This star was the central body in the Vandelhelm System, located in the Expansion Region of the galaxy.(PH)

Vandel-Helm Charter
This was the name given to the document that laid out the operating procedures of the Metalsmiths' Guild, based on the planet Vandelhelm. Among the regulations outlined in the Charter were the processes and guidelines behind the production and export of metals and ores.(PH)

Vandelhelm Cloud
This vast asteroid field surrounded the Vandelhelm System, found in the Expansion Region of the galaxy, and virtually hid the planet Vandelhelm from most sensors.(PH)

Vandelhelm Guildhouse
This was the primary governmental building found on the planet Vandelhelm, which served as the base of operations for the Metalsmiths' Guild.(PH)

This was the name of the datafile maintained by Lando Calrissian for the New Republic, which contained information on the planet Vandelhelm. The file was originally put together for Han Solo, just before he was dispatched to Vandelhelm during the months following the Battle of Endor.(PH)

Vander, John "Dutch"
Also known as Dutch, Vander was the leader of Specter Squadron at Renforra before volunteering for starpilot duty during the Battle of Yavin. He assumed the role of the leader of Gold Squadron, and piloted a Y-Wing during the Alliance's attack on the first Death Star. Vander was killed in the battle when Darth Vader and his wingmen pursued Gold Squadron's Y-Wings through the space station's equatorial trench. He never got a shot off, as Vader's strafing laserfire destroyed his ship before he reached the unshielded thermal exhaust port.(E4, CCG, E4Y)

A musical instrument.(TME)

Vandolae, (Indeterminate)
This Shi'ido worked as a Senior Anthropologist for the Empire, serving under Major Vontenn during the Galactic Civil War. During a mission to Centares, Vandolae booked passage with Pyrron Nox. Vandolae then tried to use Nox's appearance to infiltrate the ranks of spacers and learn more about them. Vandolae's inability to collect memories from Nox's mind led to his downfall, as Gideon and Keeta tripped him up with a question about their mutual acquaintence, Cleven. Vandolae was killed on Centares by Gideon and Keeta.(SWJ12)

This Imperial Corporal served as the Imperial Security Bureau attache' to the Executor during the final years of the New Order. He was in charge of all detention block transfers during the mop-up operations following the Battle of Hoth. Fiercely loyal to the New Order, Vandolay was also the political liaison for COMPNOR.(CCG4)

This barren, rocky ball third planet of the Coruscant System.(PH)

This barren, rocky ball fourth planet of the Coruscant System.(PH)

The Tech Raiders moved their base to this planet, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. Vandor-3 was located near Coruscant, being the fifth world in the Coruscant System and with an orbit just inside that of the cityworld. Along with Coruscant, it was one of only two planets in the entire system with terrestrial environments. During the height of the Clone Wars, Vandor-3 was one of many underpopuulated worlds that served as clone trooper training grounds for the Grand Army of the Republic. Many of those clone troopers who were trained oin Vandor-3 also regarded it as the harshest of all their training grounds. Any trooper who lacked a drop ribbon from the Vandor-3 training facility was regarded with something not unlike suspicion, although it was generally believed that this was simply a form of secrecy that ensured the Vandor-3 facility was new to each individual.(DH, PH, TCD)

This planet was one of the many worlds that were ravaged during the early stages of the Clone Wars. During the height of the Clone Wars, Vandos was captured by General Grievous, and became a Separatist outpost.(SWGG, SWI86)

Vandrayk, Gorman
This ancient Arkanian scientist and researcher was the first being to ever document the inner workings of the exogorths, some 3,993 years before the Battle of Yavin. Vandrayk and his team launched a specialized mission when they discovered an apparently dormant individual, later learning that it was actually in a form of hibernation as it moved between star systems. The team was able to travel inside the exogroth's body, learning much about how its brain and bodily systems worked.

Vandrayk and his team theorized that, if the exogorths could be controlled, they would be quite useful in the refining of ores and other raw materials. The team's discoveries allowed Adascorp to learn how to control an exogorth's mind, as well speed up their reproduction and enhance their growth cycle. In this way, Adascorp was able to create a number of exogorths in the Omonoth system. The time away from Arkania was considered a waste by many Adascorp executives, who derogatorily called the mission a camping trip.

During a project review with research director Artonian Dobonold and Lord Argaloh Adasca, Vandrayk extolled the potential economic benefits of the exogorths. Lord Adasca, however, saw that the creatures could be used for political or military purposes. When Vandaryk heard Adasca's sinister plans, laced with racial slurs against his Offshoot heritage, Vandrayk abandoned the project and went into hiding. To spite his former masters, Vandrayk adopted the nickname The Camper.

Little was known about his whereabouts in the following decades, until the Arkanian Offshoot known as Jarael appeared on Arkania, looking for medical assistance for her companion, another Offshoot known only as The Camper. Analysis of The Camper's blood revealed to Lord Arkoh Adasca that he was actually Gorman Vandrayk, and prompted him to take Jarael prisoner to force Vandrayk to complete his work on the exogorths. Vandrayk reluctantly agreed, knowing that he needed to keep Jarael safe until he could find a way to escape.(KOR5, KOR6)

This man was the heavy weapons and repulsorlift specialist in Page's Commandos, during the early years of the New Republic. Vandro was part of the team assembled by Page for the assault on Moff Sarne's stronghold on Kal'Shebbol, four years after the Battle of Endor.(HTSB, DARK)

This planet was under Imperial control during the Galactic Civil War.(HR)

Vandron, Crueya
One of Emperor Palpatine's closest advisors, Crueya was the individual responsible for the formation of the Commission for the Protection of the Republic and its successor, COMPNOR. He saw that a popular movement which openly supported the New Order would feed upon itself, growing by leaps and bounds. His speech at the rally that announced the formation of COMPNOR started this effort off, as his stirring words emphasized and built upon the orations of Ishin Il-Raz. Vandron was also responsible for the placement of Imperial orphans into COMPNOR's SAGroups, thereby filling its ranks with children whose parents were placed in "protective custody," later to be executed for some false crime.(ISB, CRO, SWI70, SWI84)

Vandron, Theala
The Lady of House Vandron, she was the superior Senex Lady due to her house's age and vastness. A native of Karfeddion, she was a heavy-set woman in her mid-forties. She, along with many other Senex Houses, fell into Roganda Ismaren's plot to recover the Eye of Palpatine.(COJ, COD)

A Bakuran local paid by the Empire to patrol the Alliance's landing area.(TB)

Vane, Cecil
This man owned and operated The Credit Chip casino, aboard Sel Zonn Station, during the early years of the New Order. Although many of his games brought in more credits for the house than were given out to patrons, Vane had never been openly accused of cheating. This all changed when the Empire moved into the system and assumed control of the station. Imperial officers didn't like losing their credits so easily, and tried to make life hard for him. This didn't endear Vane to the Empire, and only compounded his criticism of how the Empire was handling the station.(DD01)

Vane Droid
This was the name used by Jax Pavan to describe one of the many feral droids he encountered in the Factory District of Coruscant, several months after the end of the Clone Wars. The vane droid was a heavily-modified BXL-99 labor droid that had a pair of electrical vanes sticking out the top of its head. These vanes continually passed an intense electrical charge between them, which created high-voltage discharges that popped and crackled as the droid moved about. Pavan was able to shoot the vane droid to force it to stop, then plunged his lightsaber into its cengtral processing unit, paralyzing the vane droid.(CN1)

This tall, guant woman was distinguishable by the dark top-knot of hair she wears. She served as the chief of security for Mon Tondievz, Limited, until it was discovered that she was an Imperial Intelligence agent. Her training was in destabilization, and was working undercover on Krann to determine a way to enslave the Kluuzot and control the nova crystal trade. There were several well-known episodes in which Vanel survived assassinations, a testiment to her abilities as a hardened killer and perfectionist. She had been known to adhere to the "I don't get mad, I get even" tenet of business, and will stop at nothing to get her way. While on Krann, she also served as the bodyguard to Mon Tondievz's mine supervisor, Quarlo I'Shibix. Together, they were using eldratz to addict the native Kluuzot and use them as miners. When Quarlo and his men were apprehended by New Republic agents, Vanel was also captured. She was taken into custody by the New Republic and imprisoned.(TSK)

This was one of the most common names given to female Corellians.(GMR9)

Vang, Teelo
A native of the planet Coruscant, this man served in the naval forces of the Old Republic military, during the height of the Mandalorian Wars. In response to his heroic actions during The Onslaught, Vang was promoted to Captain.(KOR4)

This Yuuzhan Vong vehicle was similar to a standard landspeeder. Like most Yuuzhan Vong vehicles, the vangaak was grown rather than built. Most vangaaks were bred to move in the water, but could move over land for short periods of time. Each vangaak fed by seining food from the water in which it lived. Excess water was expelled from filtering membranes at the posterior of the creature. The name "vangaak" came from the Yuuzhan Vong verb for "to submerge". The average vangaak measured thirty meters in length, and was formed from a yorik coral skeleton, onto which was grown a colony of kera-boa cells. The craft was then protected by the chitinous bodies of scutes from a dora-mu.(EVC, UF, NEGV)

Vangaard Industries
Manufacturers of several small starships designs, including the Pathfinder scout ship, Vangaard produced its starships some 63 years before the Battle of Yavin.(GG8)

This Barabel individual was famous in the history of Barab I.(UANT)

see Vanguard(TIEP)

This New Republic gunship was part of the fleet supporting the Indomitable during the final battle of the Black Fleet Crisis. It was under the command of Captain Inadi, and saw a great deal of duty during the Battle of ILC-905. It was during this battle that the Vanguard took heavy fire and was destroyed.(TT)

This was the brand name of a missile launching emplacement produced by Arakyd during the Galactic Civil War.(HAS)

This Imperial-I class Star Destroyer was under the command of Commander Ritton, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. The ship was later commanded by then-Vice Admiral Thrawn, during the months that followed the Battle of Hoth. Thrawn and the crew of the Vanguard was assigned to the task force that was led by Darth Vader and the Garret, which was charged with bringing the renegade Admiral Zaarin to justice. Zaarin attempted to kidnap the Emperor near Coruscant, but was intercepted by Vader and Maarek Stele before he could complete the mission. Stele was able to identify the shuttle in which the Emperor was being transported, and he and Vader were able to detain Zaarin's other ships long enough for Thrawn and the Vanguard to arrive at the scene of the battle. Once the Vanguard began launching its complement of TIE Fighters and TIE Bombers, Zaarin's forces were quickly overwhelmed, and the Emperor was rescued and returned safely to Coruscant.(SWJ8, TIE, TIEP)

Vanguard c20
This was the designation of a starship upgrade package produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, during the final decades of the Old Republic. Coming at a cost of about 500,000 credits, which included raw materials and labor, the Vanguard c20 upgrade allowed owners of CR70 corvettes to bring their older vessels up the same level of specification as the newer CR90 corvettes. The upgrade package included additional armor plating, enhanced and updated weapons systems, and expanded sensor capabilities.(SWI90, SSOG)

Vanguard One
This was the name of the upgraded Chiss clawcraft piloted by Jagged Fel, shortly after the Second Battle of Coruscant. Jagged and Shawnkyr Nuruodo employed the advanced clawcraft on a reconnaissance mission, in an effort to gather any sort of information they could about the Yuuzhan Vong.(DJ)

Vanguard Probot
This Arakyd probe droid was developed during the final decades of the Old Republic to assist deep-space scouts and explorers in mapping out new hyperspace travel routes. The use of Vanguard droids ensured that the organic scouting crew did not have to perform jumps into unknown territory.(NEGD)

Vanguard Squadron
This was the name of the small squadron, originally formed by Jagged Fel and Shawnkyr Nuruodo, which provided defensive support to the planet Hapes, following the Second Battle of Coruscant. Jag and Shawnkyr were first dispatched from Csilla by Baron Soontir Fel, on a mission to obtain information on the Yuuzhan Vong. They arrived at Hapes just as the Millennium Falcon and the Trickster arrived there. Joined by Kyp Durron, Vanguard Squadron took shape. The team eventually joined the remnants of the New Republic on Borleias, after the Battle of Coruscant, where they were assigned to elite and special operations by Wedge Antilles. After the Battle of Ebaq, Vanguard Squadron was reassigned to the Fourth Battle Group along with the Twin Suns Squadron, forming a single unit under Fel's command.(DJ, EL2, UF)

Vanguard Two
This was the name of the upgraded Chiss clawcraft piloted by Shawnkyr Nuruodo, shortly after the Second Battle of Coruscant. Shawnkyr and her commander, Jagged Fel, employed the advanced clawcraft on a reconnaissance mission, in an effort to gather any sort of information they could about the Yuuzhan Vong.(DJ)

Vanguard-class Gunship
This heavy assault vessel was manufactured during the height of the New Order.(DM102)

This branch of the Alliance's Special Forces division specialized in the use of shoulder-mounted missile launchers and other personal artillery weapons. This meant that the Vanguards were usually the first soldiers to make contact with enemy forces. However, because their primary weaponry was quite cumbersome, Vanguards were virtually undefended after firing their first volley, and often had to retreat quickly in order to get behind the next line of soldiers. In order to overcome this problem, Vanguards came to carry a variety of grenades and other small explosives that could be lobbed at the enemy during a retreat, giving them time to reach safety and reload their weapons.(SWMW)

This man served in the Old Republic as a Captain, and was placed in charge of the mission to Koros Major during the years leading up to the Great Sith War, where a combined Jedi-Republic force was to try and liberate the Empress Teta system from the Krath. He was later placed in charge of a battle group that tried to capture Ulic Qel-Droma's growing Krath armada, and was the first to discover Qel-Droma's plans to attack Coruscant. Vanicus later served as the fleet commander that assisted in the defense of Onderon during the Great Sith War.(DLS, TSW, KORH)

The Vanicus family was generally regarded as one of the galaxy's most influential families, during the era of the Great Sith War.(OWS)

Vanik System
Rumors spread to the remote worlds still held by the Empire that the Lusankya had been captured in this system by the New Republic.(CE)

Vanis, Tay
A native of the planet Telfrey, this man was an Alliance special agent who went by the codename "Tiree". He managed to survive the Imperial destruction of his homeworld, but lost his entire family to the stormtroopers who swept through the towns and cities. Like many of Telfrey's survivors, Tay fled to Iskalon before joining the Alliance as soon as he could. There were rumors that it was Vanis who received the plans for the second Death Star from the Bothans, but he disappeared before relaying them to the Alliance's central command. Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker were dispatched to locate Vanis and recover the plans. He left a message behind in his downed X-Wing, somewhere on the planet Arcan IV, in order to help Alliance agents locate the stolen plans, which had been hidden in the memory banks of the administration droid LE914. Luke and Leia later found him, after Vanis had been tortured by Darth Vader himself, and his mindless body left behind to die. Vader kept information on Vanis a secret, hoping to lure Luke into a trap.(LTA6, MC74, MC80, GMR1)

Vanish 2 Sensor Mask
Developed and manufactured by Fabritech, this device combined electromagnetic and holographic transmissions to "hide" a starship from most sensors. This device didn't absorb sensor beams but, rather, disrupted them by sending back information on the environment surrounding a starship. The Vanish 2 made a ship virtually disappear by sending back sensor data about the starfield around it.(PP)

Vanishing Place, The
This was the Basic translation of the Felucian term used to describe the Imperial prison facility that was constructed on Felucia, during the early years of the New Order.(DD01)

This man was the ruler of the planet Vanqor during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. After years of Vanqor conquest throughout the Uziel System, Van-Ith was approached by Talus and Binalu of Typha-Dor, who came with the support of the Jedi Knights, to negotiate a cessation to their incursions. After much debate, Van-Ith eventually agreed to a ceasefire, and the leaders began working toward a mutual resolution to their hostilities.(JQ7)

Vanjervalis Chain
Developed by Vanjervalis Systems, this was a starship operations system that allowed multiple ships to receive orders from, and coordinate their activities with, a single flagship. Originally developed during the era of the Mandalorian Wars, the Vanjervalis Chain was first put into use by Admiral Saul Karath, when he was recalled from the front lines of the war to defend the capital planet of Coruscant. The Vanjervalis Chain slaved the tactical and drive systems of Karath's fleet to the computers of the Swiftsure, which allowed Admiral Karath to direct the actions of his entire fleet from a single bridge. A chain of sensors placed throughout the fleet gathered tactical information on the current formation of Karath's forces and those of an enemy fleet, and issued the necessary commands to move Karath's ships all along the line to adapt to threats and changes during the battle. Theoretically, the Vanjervalis Chain made Karath's fleet almost perfect, since there were no tactical weak points in the defense of Coruscant. However, unknown to the Republic and its military contractors, a majority stake in Vanjervalis Systems was funded by the Draay Fund, which allowed Haazen to acquire the necessary elements to override the orders of any fleet that employed the Vanjervalis Chain. Thus, when Admiral Karath's blockade forces were in place over Coruscant, and when Haazen realized that the Jedi Order had discovered his treachery, he activated his link to the fleet and ordered the ships to fire on Jedi locations across Coruscant. Admiral Karath was helpless to act, although a technician discovered that the Chain could be broken if the Swiftsure was destroyed.(KOR9, KOR10)

Vanjervalis Systems
This was an Arkanian corporation that was active during the years following the Great Sith War. Vanjervalis Systems was known for its control systems and its starship computer systems, and the corporation was contracted by the Rendili Hyperworks to improve the data and computing power of the warships that were being produced for the Galactic Republic's navy. The Vanjervalis computers addressed the data-crunching problems that were experienced on the Hammerhead-class cruiser, and led to the success of the Inexpugnable-class tactical command ship.The Arkanian Offshoot known as The Camper claimed that representatives of Vanjervalis stole some of his ideas and used them as their own, but he lacked any sort of proof to back up this claim. One of the key technologies delivered by the corporation was the Vanjervalis Chain, which allowed an entire Republic fleet of warships to be monitored and coordinated from a single flagship. Unknown to the Republic and its military leaders, however, was the fact that Vanjervalis Systems had been purchased by Haazen, who was administering the Draay Trust. This allowed Haazen unprecedented access to the technology behind the Vanjervalis Chain, which he used when he attempted to take control of the planet Coruscant, some 3,963 years before the Battle of Yavin.(LPSS, KORH, WOTC, KOR10)

This Imperial Moff was an aging old man who had dedicated his life to the military. He was once a personal friend of Emperor Palpatine. He was one of the two Moffs with territories bordering the Maelstrom. Along with his compatriot Torpin, Vanko submitted falsified budgets and financial reports to the Empire to try and hide the fact that he was losing a great deal of money to the Riders of the Maelstrom. The last reports Vanko sent wer covering up nearly 25% losses. He and Torpin met in secret on the planet Aris, then boarded the Kuari Princess to discuss what their next moves would be. Both believed that the pirate groups were woking in concert with the Alliance to plan a major offensive against their forces. Vanko and Torpin barely escaped from the Princess after it was hijacked by the Riders and rescued by Alliance agents.(RM)

Vankoo, Cas
This Nikto was a noted bandit who worked from a base on the planet Lok, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

This Kiffu served as a member of the Guardians of Kiffu, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was Vanlin and Horsea who shot down Havor and Merglyn, during their attempt to run weapons to the prisoners on Kiffex.(OWS, DRKN)

Vannan Crystals
These rare minerals were often smuggled and sold on the black market.(IA)

Vanneb, Kharl
This man was a native of the planet Naboo, and was training to become an engineer at the time of the Battle of Naboo. He was a graduate of the Theed School of Technology and Engineering, and had interests in starship engines and environmental systems maintenance. Along with his good friend, Sakme Kelene, Kharl was hired for a position on the moon of Ohma-D'un shortly after the Trade Federation's blockade of Naboo was broken. Kharl was incapacitated aboard the shuttle Fair Gale when Captain Worlohp went mad after breathing Kyvalon-4 gas.(GMR1)

Vannell System
This star system, which contained the planet Pollillus, was located in the Koornacht Cluster, in the Deep Core.(NEGA)

This plant produced a long seedpod. The sticky seeds produced a sweet-tasting oil that was used in flavoring a variety of desserts and beverages. Truly decadent desserts contained the entire vannilan pod.(BF4)

This temperate world, the first planet in the Vankalay System, was similar in many respects to Alderaan. Located near Kuat, Vannix was a blue-green marble mottled with white clouds. The humans who were native to the planet were ostentatious in their manner of dress and decoration, preferring posh accommodations and lavish décor. Their lifestyles were shaken, just after the Battle of Coruscant, when Presider Sakins looted the planetary treasury and fled Vannix, leaving the planet bankrupt and leaderless.(EL2)

This planet was the largest of the worlds in the Uziel System, and was believed to have been the original homeworld of the gundark species. Vanqor was orbited by a pair of reddish moons, which orbited the planet in tandem. Much of the planet was covered by deserts and high, rocky plateaus, and many of its rocky outcroppings were formed from smoke-colored crystals. During the last decades of the Old Republic, Vanqor's human population began to assert control over the rest of the inhabited worlds in the system. The Vanqors subjugated all worlds but Typha-Dor before the Jedi Knights were asked to intervene. The planet was known for its native population of gundarks, which were a bit more menacing than the standard gundark found throughout the galaxy. Obi-Wan Kenobi stumbled into a nest of these gundarks during his mission to mediate a cessation to the Vanqors' invasions, and had to be rescued by his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, several years prior to the Battle of Geonosis. The two Jedi returned to Vanqor during the Clone Wars, although they were forced to crash-land on the planet when their ship was damaged while pursuing Count Dooku. They were once again forced to battle a gundark in order to escape with their lives.(JQ7, NEGA, CWTV11)

This was the name used to describe the human population of the planet Vanqor.(JQ7)

Vanqor, Astar
This woman served as a Major in the Sacorrian military, and was Kedar Blackgate's second-in-command at the Dorthus Tal Prison during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Native to the planet Sacorria, Vanqor was as fanatically loyal to her homeworld as Blackgate was, and she tolerated no dissent among the prisoners.(CCW)

This style of double-bladed lightsaber hilt was sometimes found among the new order of Jedi Knights who were trained by Luke Skywalker during the height of the New Republic, despite its name and the fact that it harkened back to the weapons of Exar Kun and Darth Maul. The Vanquisher was onef the few double-bladed hilts that was forged as a single unit, unlike the Guardian or Champion that employed two identical hilts welded together at the end. The main body of the Vanquisher was thicker than the ends, giving the hilt stability when being used. The wide emitter cones provided a measure of protection against energy backwash.(JKAP)

This modified MRX-BR Pacifier was owned and operated by Borun Call.(SWJ10)

This Kiltirin-class dungeon vessel was operated as a slave ship, and was owned by the Mytaranor Slaving Council. It was acquired by Talas Piran during a "business trip" to the planet Kessel.(AIR)

This Outer Rim world was one many worlds that was on the front line of battle during the height of the Mandalorian Wars, some 3,964 years before the Battle of Yavin. A mining world, Vanquo was within traveling distance of several other front-line worlds like Suurja and Jebble, and thus became a haven for refugees who were fleeing the conflict. Unfortunately, Vanquo was eventually captured by the Mandalorians, giving them a stronghold in the Outer Rim that the forces of the Old Republic were unable to break.(KOR1, KOR2)

This woman ran the Madame Vansitt Charm Academy in Mos Espa, on Tatooine, some 32 years before the Battle of Yavin. She was quite obese, with rolls of fat which hid her true form. To enhance her appearance, Madame Vansitt had filed her teeth into sharp points, and always wore blood-red lipstick.(E1A5, E1A6)

Vanstar Military Base
This was the primary base of operations of the Vannix Navy, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy.(EL2)

Vanster Enan's Sop House
Located in the city of Gadrin, this loud, boisterous cantina was owned by the Ithorian bartender Vanster Enan. The Sop House idea proved extremely popular, and Vanster Enan eventually built several more cantinas across Cularin. The chain reached its height during the height of the Clone Wars.(EOS1, LFCW)

This man served on the Empire's Moff Council, during the years following the Second Galactic Civil War. Moff Vansyn was one of the many allies of Moff Lecersen, and both men felt that Imperial Chief of State Jagged Fel was not an ideal leader for the Empire. Like Lecersen, Vansyn established a residence on Coruscant, in order to be closer to the dealings of the Galactic Alliance.(FJ2)
Vant, Docent
This tall, blue-skinned Twi'lek female was one of the Jedi instructors at the temple on Coruscant, during Obi-Wan Kenobi's early training. She had but a single headtail, which was ornately tattooed. It was Docent Vant who brought Obi-Wan the news that he had not been chosen as a Padawan, and must leave the temple on his thirteenth birthday.(RF)

Vant, Ryko
This Imperial Captain was in charge of the Delta Seven base on Jerne. He captured Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa when they arrived there, looking of rthe Eternity Crystal. However, his prisoner caravan was attacked by Meeka Reen's pirates, and the two Alliance agents were taken from him. Darth Vader nearly killed him for allowing the two to evade capture, but allowed Vant one last chance to redeem himself by capturing them on Adony Station. He was caught in the explosion that rocked the vault containing the crystal, itself a trap laid by Vader to capture Organa and Skywalker. However, they managed to escape while Vant was killed and Vader sustained numerous injuries.(CSWDW)

Vant, Senin
This Utai served as an Air Commodore in the Utapau Skyforce during the height of the Clone Wars.(X3)

Vant, Sires
This Devaronian male was known as a criminal and loanshark during the early years of the New Republic. He was a member of Valis Lorn's organization, and controlled much of the underworld money-lending on the planet Andasala.(GG11)

Vantai, Kir
This blue-skinned Duros served the Alliance and, later, the New Republic, as a Naval officer. His competent command of starships allowed him to rise to the rank of Admiral, and was one of the New Republic's commanding officers during the struggle against Grand Admiral Thrawn. He maintained his position of command, controlling the flagship Moonshadow.(IR)

Vantare, Leosa
This was a noted individual from Koorivan history.(UANT)

Vanth, Regnor
This young man was a reporter for the Sektor 242 NewsLine during the Galactic Civil War. Vanth was the lucky individual chosen to interview the bounty hunter Malis, in order to determine what drove a hunter to do his job. He believed that the interview would be among the top opportunities for a reporter, but Malis made him uncomfortable and just a little frightened. The interview focused on the reasons Malis became a hunter, and how he continued to operate in the role of a hired gun. Vanth was surprised to learn that Malis did not consider himself to be a murderer, despite his record of bringing back more dead bounties than live ones. His surprise turned to fear and disgust when Malis explained his support of the Empire, and his belief that Luke Skywalker a murderer for destroying the Death Star.(GG10, OWS)

see Vandos(NECH)

Vanya, Uncle
This Twi'lek crimelord once took Dash Render under his wing and brought the young smuggler along. It was Vanya who provided Dash with the Outrider, as well as a Rodian first mate. While the Rodian didn't survive their first mission, the Outrider remained with Dash for the rest of his career. Dash also "inherited" the Rodian's droid, LE-B02D9. Although Uncle Vanya was angered when LE-B02D9 rerouted some of Vanya's profits to pay for further modifications of the Outrider, the Twi'lek later forgave them both when Dash saved his life during a Corporate Sector Authority Espo raid.(OWS)

Vanya-class Courier ship
These craft were developed for use by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic, during the years following the Great Sith War. The Vanya-class ship had more cargo space than the Delaya-class ship, which allowed Jedi Masters to transport and train a larger number of students. Measuring seventy meters in length and carrying up to eight beings and ten metric tons of cargo, the Vanya-class courier was armed with a pair of laser cannons and a proton torpedo launcher. After the Battle of Ruusan, when the Jedi Council declared that a Master could train no more than a single apprentice, ships such as the Vanya-class were no longer needed.(PJSB)

One of the permanent polar icecaps of the planet Stroiketcy, Vanyets was named for the word "upper" used by its discoverers.(GG2)

Vao, Astraal
This female, blue-gray-skinned Twi'lek was an acquaintance of Cade Skywalker, and the twin sister of Shado Vao. She was sensitive to the Force, like her brother, and was discovered by Jedi Master Wolf Sazen at the Imperial Mission that had sheltered them for many years. Although the twins were brought to Ossus for training, Astraal chose to join the Imperial Missionaries, rather than becoming a Jedi Knight.

She was eventually stationed on Socorro, where she became good friends with Marasiah Fel, who had been sent to Socorro after her father was deposed by Darth Krayt. Astraal became something of an advisor and mentor to the Imperial Princess, as well as a good friend. Thus, when Darth Talon arrived on Socorro to expose Marasiah's identity and force the former Emperor out of hiding, Astraal did her best to help the Princess escape.

They managed to locate the starship of Cade Skywalker, who was on Socorro with his crew to deliver two bounties to the Feeorin pirate, Rav. Skywalker agreed to transport them to Vendaxa, where Astraal had arranged to meet her brother. On Vendaxa, Astraal Vao revealed that she and her brother had been stranded on the planet as children, when their parents' starship crashed into the surface. Only Astraal and Shado survived, and they vowed to return to the planet if they ever needed each other's help.

Although Astraal and Marasiah were reunited with Shado and Jedi Master Sazen on Vendaxa, they were unaware that they had been followed to Vendaxa by Darth Talon, who confronted them in the jungles. Only the intervention of Cade Skywalker saved them, when he used his own hidden connection to the Force to crush the Twi'lek Sith under a pile of debris. Their escape was delayed when Cade and his crew discovered that Darth Talon had disabled their ship, the Mynock, so Astraal did the only thing she could think of to help. She contacted her superior, Moff Konrad Rus, hoping to having his arrange for a rescue. She was unaware that Moff Rus was actually in league with the Sith, and had been providing information on her whereabouts to Darth Krayt himself.(SWI87, SWI88, SWLB)

Vao, Griff
This young, Rutian Twi'lek male grew up in the Lower City of Taris with his sister, Mission, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. After the deaths of their parents, Griff and Mission were welcomed into the family of the Hidden Beks. Although they worked together to survive without parents, Griff found himself drawn to the criminal underworld that lurked throughout the Lower City. He befriended Marn Hierogryph, but found that he lacked any skills at being a conman. He also made friends with Brejik, and helped him sneak food to the children of Noana Sowrs. The children had been kidnapped by Brejik, despite the orders of Gadon Thek, but the Mandalorian invasion of Taris prevented Brejik from issuing any ransom requests. The children were discovered by Mission Vao and Zayne Carrick, after Mission believed that Griff was sneaking food to a secret pet.

Years later, He borrowed a large sum of credits from his girlfriend, Lena, to pay for a series of get-rich-quick schemes, none of which ever panned out. Lena finally left him, tired of his continued squandering of credits. Distraught, Griff abandoned Mission and fled Taris. He eventually made his way to Tatooine, where he became a drone working for the Czerka Corporation. He was captured by a tribe of Sandpeople, but was eventually freed by the Jedi Knights who came for Iziz's clan.(SWDB, KOTOR, KOR7)

Vao, Mission
This young Twi'lek female grew up on the streets of the Lower City on Taris, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Mission spent her early years with her brother, Griff, as part of the Hidden Beks, and it was in the Lower City that she first met Zayne Carrick. They were hiding in The Pit, while establishing a resistance against the Mandalorian invaders. One day, she tried to show Zayne where Griff kept a pet hidden, but they were pursued by Brejik, who wishd to kill Zayne and claim the bounty on his head. She remained with Hidden Beks until Griff disappeared into the underworld. Mission blamed his girlfriend, Lena, but was unaware of the truth behind her brother's troubles. She made many enemies during her struggles to survive, especially among the Black Vulkars, but a chance meeting with Zaalbar the Wookiee earned her a fast friend and protector. She was known as a quick thinker, a characteristic which helped her escape a number of tight situations during her life. She accompanied Zaalbar wherever he went on Taris, and was usually given the task of scrounging for food, a role she performed quite successfully over the years. When Zaalbar was captured by a group of Gamorrean thugs, Mission found herself turning to a group of Old Republic heroes to rescue him. Among her newfound friends were Bastila Shan and Carth Onasi, and the group quickly became good friends after Zaalbar's escape. Mission and Zaalbar played key roles in the search for Darth Malak, helping to repay the debt for Zaalbar's release. Mission Vao was voiced by Cat Taber for the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.(KOTOR, SWDB, KOR7)

Vao, Shado
This Twi'lek was the twin brother of Astraal Vao, and was born on Ryloth more than 100 years after the Battle of Yavin. As childern, Shado and Astraal were orphaned when their parents' starship crash-landed on Vendaxa, killing their parents. They were rescued and lived for many years in an Imperial Mission, until they were discovered by a Jedi Master. Like his sister, Shado was sensitive to the Force, a fact that attracted Jedi Master Wolf Sazen to them.

Master Sazen took the twins to Ossus for training, but Astraal chose to join the Imperial Missionaries instead. Shado remained loyal to the new Jedi Order, and trained under Kol Skywalker for many years.

When Darth Nihl led an attack on the Jedi compound on Ossus, Shado was ordered to fly a shuttle carrying several Jedi and a group of younglings away from the planet. Shado was dismayed when Cade Skywalker refused to obey his father's dying orders, and set off to ensure that the shuttle escaped.

In the seven years the followed Cade's apparent death, Shado continued to grow strong in the Force, but remained ever vigilant of the growing power of the Darth Krayt and his new Sith Order. Shado reluctantly agreed to meet Master Sazen on Daluuj, where the Zabrak openly called for the Jedi to seek out Cade Skywalker. Their meeting was discovered by the Sith, however, and only Shado Vao and Master Sazen survived. It was then that Shado finally agreed to help Master Sazen seek out Cade Skywalker.

Unexpectedly, their mission came to its conclusion when Shado set out to answer a distress call from his sister, who had been forced to flee the Imperial Mission on Socorro with the exiled Imperial Princess, Marasiah Fel. Astraal and Princess Fel had fled Socorro on the Mynock, the starship owned by Cade Skywalker, who had become a bounty hunter after fleeing Ossus. On Vendaxa, any reunion they might have had was cut short when Darth Talon arrived with her Sith companions, setting off a vicious lightsaber battle across the open plains of the planet. Shado himself confronted Darth Talon, hoping to draw her away from the main battle and separate the Sith.

The group eventually managed to get free of the Sith, and Cade and his crew set out for Bastion, where they returned the Princess to her father. Master Sazen and Shado Vao then set out with Cade, leaving the others behind as they began their own search for answers. Their stopover at The Wheel was enough for Cade to shake them, at least briefly. The two Masters correctly assumed that Ossus was his next destination, and it was there that they were reunited, not only with Cade, but with Master K'kruhk as well. The group of Masters, on the urgin of Master Sazen, began to retrain Cade in the ways of the Force. Master Vao spent a good deal of time honing Cade's finer skills, teaching him to use the Force to sense what was around him.

During a training session, they fell into a pit that contained a trove of ancient Jedi artifacts that had escaped the Sith during the Massacre at Ossus. When they were beseiged by razor bugs, they discovered a group of Yuuzhan Vong hiding in the caves. Led by Nei Rin, the Yuuzhan Vong had been protecting the cache from looters and pirates. This discovery led to the realization that Cade might be a focal point for rallying the surviving Jedi to unite and overthrow the Sith. For all the conviction Master Sazen held in being able to train Cade, Shado Vao still held reservations about Cade's moral convictions. Shado vowed to Master K'kruhk that if Cade ever went over to the Dark Side of the Force, he would kill him before he could do any more harm to the galaxy. The three Jedi Masters then decided to retreat to the Hidden Temple on Taivas, where they hoped to plan for the final stand of the Jedi Order.

Although the Jedi were glad to learn that Cade and his uncle, Nat Skywalker, were returning to the Hidden Temple, they were concerned when a group of Imperial Knights followed them down to the Temple's location. These Imperial Knights claimed to have been dispatched by Emperor Roan Fel to discuss an alliance with the surviving Jedi, forcing Master Vao to accept their presence until their story could be verified. When Cade later suggested that the Jedi attempt to assassinate Darth Krayt in order to restore peace to the galaxy, Master Vao feared that his friend had turned to the Dark Side of the Force. On the pretext of taking a tour of the grounds surrounding the Hidden Temple, Vao drew Cade outside and confronted him about his allegiances. When Cade answered Shado's use of force with his own, Shado believed that Cade's fall to the Dark Side was all but complete, despite the fact that Cade showed him that he was in control of his powers. In order to keep an eye on his old friend, Master Vao volunteered to be part of Cade's independent mission to assassinate Darth Krayt.(SWI88, SWLB, SWLG, SWLHT)

Vaocan, Veedo
This Rodian spurned all the violent and agressive tendencies of his species, and shunned the holidays which Rodians held to venerate hunters and warriors. Eventually, Veedo was exiled from Rodia and was discovered by the Alliance. In an effort to remain peaceful during the epic conflict which spread through the galaxy, Veedo choose to study medicine, and eventually became a renowned doctor. Known as "Doc Rodian," Veedo served as the chief medic at the Tierfon base for many years. He was recognizable by the missing antennae on the right side of his head, the result of being too close to a battlefield explosion. Thus, he could only hear with his left side.(HR)

This shellfish was native to the rivers of Ansion. The native Ansionians often harvested the vaoloi for their sweet flesh, which was poached before being eaten.(APS)

This was the nickname used by Garik "Face" Loran for his R2 astromech unit.(WS)

Vape Charge
This was the Chiss version of a thermal detonator. Like a thermal detonator, which used a baradium charge to obliterate material, a vape charge simply disintegrated everything in its blast radius, leaving no evidence of its explosion behind.(DN3)

Vape It
This was a mild expletive used by the people of Alderaan to express exasperation and impatience at a situation, as in, "Vape it, I can't get past the shielding".(CWWS)

Vapeet, Lo
This humanoid Muun served as the Vice Chairman of Communication for the InterGalactic Banking Clan, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. When the Tandleroff's Trove was intercepted on Eriadu, carrying 144 Hailfire Droids, Lo Vapeet claimed that the droids had been stolen from the IBC. Later, as the Clone Wars erupted, Lo Vapeet continued to claim that the TBC was only acting in its best interests as it supported the Separatists.(HNN4, HNN5, SWI65)

This word from the Jawan language translated into Basic as "vaporator."(GPB)

This unusual, wraith-like creature was native to the planet Togoria, specifically to a marsh known as the Swamp of Vapors. The tentacled vapor appeared to be a semi-solid body of gas, which writhed and undulated through the air like fog. However, if a vapor was able to enter a creature's nose, it could extend into the lungs and strangle the creature from within.(MIS8)

Vapor Op
This slang term was used by the Special Operations units of the Alliance to describe any mission that was utterly hopeless. These missions were often developed by individuals who had no combat experience beyond what they had learned during officer training school, or on war holovids.(GG9)

Vapor Room
This cantina was located on Cloud City, during the height of the New Order. Although it catered to the Ugnaught population of the outpost, the Vapor Room had a fair number of humans and Rodians among its regular clientele. The Vapor Room was known for its dark interior, where shadows hid the faces of most everyone inside unless one was standing next to another being.(TFUN)

Vapor Scream
This backwater tavern was known for its watered-down drinks and low prices. It was a favorite of semi-legitimate spacers during the Galactic Civil War.(IA)

see moisture vaporator(SW)

Vaporator Mushroom
This was the name given to the hardy mushrooms which grew near the base of moisture vaporators on the planet Tatooine. The spores of these mushrooms grew whenever they encountered the dew that formed in the early morning around the metallic base of a vaporator, and survived whenever they could grow in full shade.(NEGC)

This was the Clawdite word for a warrior.(GMR10)

Vaporizer Beam
This was the term used to describe any blaster weapon setting in which a huge blast of coherent light was created to utterly destroy a target. Because of the huge amount of power needed to fire such a blast, vaproizer beams were used as a last resort.(MC22)

Vaporizing Tooth-cleaner
A device which, when brushed against the teeth, vaporizes the plaque and other non-enamel substances adhered to the teeth.(LCJ)

An Alliance container group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War.(TIE)

Vapps, Grubber
This man served as Second-in-Command to Mix Liddell, during the Mon Calamarian's tenure as Chief of Security for the Outer Rim Oreworks facility on Lamaredd, during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. Vapps, like Liddell, was a former fisherman, and was dragged off his vessel when Liddell asked him to assist in the hunt for Byrch Dyshkava. Vapps resigned his membership in the Sailors' Union to join Liddell, and quickly became one of Liddell's most trusted lieutenants. Many beings in Bartyn's Landing regarded Vapps as the consummate frontier lawman: the wily, grizzled old veteran who spent as much of his free time working on his swoop as he spent in Miss Mylla's Saloon. In fact, Vapps was well-known around the Cargo Track as an excellent swoop racer, despite the fact that racing put him in a dangerous position.(GMR7)

Var, Gennan
This Twi'leki bounty hunter accepted Ganis' offer to capture Nawnum the Hutt. He hired the Stalkers in an effort to ensure he captured Nawnum. He was easily distinguished by the large scars on his head and arms, and the fact that he was missing one of his head-tails.(IA)

Var, Talek
This being was hired into the New Republic Scout Service and assigned to the Nova Scouts for training. During a training exercise designed to give a scout experience in locating a hidden Imperial base, Var's team actually found a real Imperial base. Var took the initiative, after gauging his enemy's strengths, and crashed his scout vessel into the base's command center. He wiped out the majority of the Imperial personnel and scattered the rest, but died in the attempt. The surviving members of his training team returned to report on his actions, and further investigation by the New Republic revealed the true nature of the base. Var was posthumously named the first member of the Nova Scouts' Hall of Fame.(GG8)

This species of four-legged, herbivorous reptiles was native to the planet Utapau. Distinguished by its long, low body and heavily-clawed feet, the cold-blooded varactyl could climb the sheer walls of the sinkholes that dominated the surface of Utapau, but only after sunning itself to sufficiently warm up its body temperature. On open ground, a varactyl was a fast-moving creature, which made them an excellent choice as mounts for the Utapaun military.

Xenoarchaeologists believed that varactyls were first tamed by the Utai, which managed to capture them at night when they were sluggish.

A crest of feather-like plates ran down the skull of both male and female varactyls, extending the length of the body along the spine and covering the dorsal and ventral sides of the tail. Although both sexes exhibit an array of colors among these feathers, the female usually had the brighter colors. Mixed into the plates along the tail were sharp spines that could be used for defense against other predators, and a bony mace that could be used as a weapon capped the tail. A mid-body ridge of spines was connected with skin to form a kind of fin, which was used during mating displays. The scaly skin of the varactyl was waterproof, allowing the varactyl to swim whenever necessary. The wide, splayed feet of a varactyl were studded with five clawed toes, giving the varactyl excellent stability and traction.

The average varactyl measured four meters tall at the shoulder and more than fifteen meters in length, with the tail accounting for up to two-thirds of the overall length. Despite their size, varactyls were common prey for the avian dactillions, which raided varactyl nests and consumed varactyl eggs and hatchlings. This led to a tenacious ferocity in the species, especially the females, who fought to protect their nests. The females often defended their nests with their tails, lashing out at any intruder to strike with incredible power.(SWGAL, VD3, E3N, SWDB, NEGA)

Var'alich, Adion
This man was a divisional head, working for Ororo Transportation during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWJ14)

Va'ran, Tavvar
This Kubaz was considered the second-best Kubaz chef in the Empire, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. Tavvar was also a master at combining subtle poisons with his culinary creations, using nearly untraceable elements which reacted with the natural oils and spices in the meals to create poisonous substances which themselves were unidentifiable. This made him an invaluable employee of Prince Xizor and Black Sun. As the Master Chef at the Manarai Restaurant on Coruscant, he took pride in this description because the best chef was part of Emperor Palpatine's personal staff.(SESB)

This plant, which was native to the planet Togoria, produced a sweet-tasting fruit that was often squeezed to extract its nectar.(MIS8)

This was an unusual, reptilian creature.(SWGAL)

Varatha, Finn
This woman bore a striking resemblance to the bounty hunter Beylyssa in both appearance and dress, something she worked hard to cultivate in order to hide her true profession. Varatha worked as a remote operative for the Alliance, and was sent to Corulag to back up Cryle Cavv and Quillin Arkell during their rescue of Rivoche Tarkin.(SWJ12)

This Gree master was credited with the creation of the Varat'k Snarap device.(SWJ8)

Varat'k Snarap
This weapon, created by the Gree Varat'k, was used to protect the vast starship known as the Rokak'k Baran. It was not a blaster-type weapon, but instead manipulated a generated forcefield into wind-like energy bolts. When rakes across the surface of an enemy ship, it can effectively vaoprize the enemy with blasts of energy.(SWJ8)

Varda-class Starship
This ancient starship design was considered outdated and slow some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Nevertheless, the middle-class spacer of the time could find them for little money, and they maintained an excellent durability.(TOJC)

This was a common name among the Chev race.(UANT)

This was one of the most common names given to female Corellians.(GMR9)

This was one of the small group of Shamed Ones who lived with Vuurok I'pan beneath the surface of Coruscant, after the planet had been transformed into a likeness of Yuuzhan'tar. It was Varesh who first heard the stories surrounding Vua Rapuung and his acceptance of the Jedi Knights on Yavin 4, having listened to the story while toiling on the planet Duro. He had heard the story from his creche-mate, who learned of it from a friend on Sriluur. Varesh later relayed the story to Vuurok I'pan on Coruscant.(FH1)

This Bothan name was given to newborn males. It was an archaic variant of the name Borsk.(GCG, WOTC)

This short, human female was stranded on Tatooine with her Sullustan companion, Garron, when their ship - the Startled Circuit - was in need of repairs. She was eventually recruited into Jabba the Hutt's organization by Bib Fortuna.(GG7)

Varganner Way
This thoroughfare was located aboard Toryaz Station, in orbit near the planet Kuat. Varganner Way ran parallel to, and one level above, Kallebarth Way.(LF1)

This manufacturing and direct-sales conglomerate became successful via aggressive marketing techniques and franchising. Their products, however - including breath masks and atmospheric filtering devices- were mediocre at best. VargeCorp was one of the original non-voting Contributing Sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority.(CSA, ROE)

Mallatobuck's black-sheep brother, this Wookiee assisted the N'Gai known as Knife in capturing Wookiees for slavery. He was ostracized from Chewbacca's home for his actions in leading a group of Trandoshan hunters away from his immediate family by giving the Trandoshans the names and locations of other Wookiee clans.(EGC, EGA, LTA1, MC91)

This ball of searing rock was the innermost planet of the Muunilinst System.(GORW)

Vari, Daoud
This young man was the son of a farmer, and was native to the planet Vernet. He was injured in a farming accident as a child, and was overlooked by the Empire when it took control of the planet and conscripted the young man for service.(SWJ15)

Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid
This was the name of the droid starfighters used by the Trade Federation during the last years of the Old Republic. These craft were also known as Vulture-class starfighters or Vulture Droids, and were sometimes denoted as "Mark 1" droids. The Trade Federation never wished to risk any of its living members, so droids permeated its armed forces in every aspect. The droid starfighter was designed by the Xi Char order, and was a small starfighter with a pair of wings mounted to a wing-like fuselage. Lozenge-shaped weapons emplacements were mounted on the tips of the wings, and could split open in combat to reveal additional weapons systems. A small knob in the center of the fuselage held the droid brain that acted as the ship's pilot. When not in flight - either during storage aboard a Federation battle ship or after landing - the ship's systems transform the fighter into a walking weapons platform. The fact that the Vulture droid was equally adept at moving in space and on the ground was a marvel of droid technology that could only have been manufactured by the highly-precise Xi Charrians.

The starfighter measured 3.5 meters in length when in flight mode, and was armed with four blaster cannons and two torpedo launchers. Because all shipboard systems were controlled by the droid brain, the weapons systems could be fired simultaneously. The only drawback to this droid starfighter was that it could only remain active for thirty-five minutes before it required refueling, and would go into standby if it lost contact with the control ship for more than twelve seconds. If it was out of contact for more than six minutes, the ship would self-destruct. Any potential problems were overcome by sheer numbers, as there were 1,500 Vulture Droids aboard every Federation battle ship. These craft were designed for both spaceflight and atmospheric flight, and could attain speeds near 1,200 kilometers per hour in atmosphere.

These fighters were used throughout the Clone Wars, and although they were cheap to mass-produce, Vulture droids were among the smartest and most persistent of all the Separatist war droids. Production of the Vulture Droid was later turned over to the Baktoid Armor Workshop. These craft often augmented the squadrons of Tri-Fighters and HMP Droid Gunships in battle. At the height of the Clone Wars, it was estimated that there were nearly a billion Vulture Droids in operation, as part of the quintillions of battle droids that made up the Separatist armed forces. Like all Separatist war machines, the Vulture Droids were shut down after Darth Vader destroyed the Separatist leaders on Mustafar.(E1N, X1, IG1, SWRPG, SON, NEGV, VD3, OWS, SSOG, CWNOP)

Variant Alpha
Doctor Vin Emil developed this strain of bacteria from the Rift Mutation, creating a dominant trait which would allow the bacteria to live longer if it didn't eat so much. It was released within the facility, where it bred with the natural form of the bacteria and bred the desire to continually eat out of their genetic makeup. He allowed the crew of the FarStar to obtain a sample of the Variant Alpha bacteria, in order for them to bring it back to the New Republic and use it to assist in colonizing and traveling through the Kathol Rift.(KR)

Variant Atmosphere Battle Simulator
This was a technology developed for military training, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The VABS, as it was often referred to, was contained in a kilometers-wide structure that allowed for the artificial simulation of various planetary environments and battlefield conditions. The structure of the facility that housed the VABS contained various repulsorlift-equipped floor and wall panels that allowed for simulation of different gravitational environments.(GORW)

This bald-headed man served as a Lieutenant in the Corellian Security Force, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Lieutenant Varias and his team of agents investigated the sudden reactivation of an underground battle droid near Nashal.(SWGAL)

This city on the planet Dosha was regularly bombarded by sandstorms. These storms were known throughout the galaxy for their intensity.(SWJ4, OWS)

Variety Theater
Located in Roaring Crater, on the planet Tasariq, this entertainment facility was a restaurant during the day. At night, it showed holo-movies and sometimes had live entertainment.(SWJ15)

Variform Bean
This legume was one of the staple crops grown on the moon of Sulon, during the height of the New Order.(SFE)

Variform Cattle
This form of bovine herd animal was raised on the farms of Sulon, during the height of the New Order.(SFE)

This Mistryl warrior acted as Imperial Moff Caerbellak's bodyguard and enforcer. A stunningly beautiful woman with red hair, sharp crimson fingernails, and an athletic build, Variise was also cold, calculating, and exceptionally cruel. She acknowledged her membership in the Mistryl Shadow Guards, but never revealed any additional information. How she came to work for Caerbellak was also a mystery, although it wa rumored that Caerbellak once saved her life from a band of pirates. Variise was an enigma, having seemingly gone against her sisterhood in serving an Imperial Moff.(SWJ9)

Varim, Ronald
This Imperial officer was accused of stealing Imperial funds for his own use, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. He was also accused of neglecting his duties, and was forced to abandon his post and disappear into the general populace.(SWGAL)

This ore was used in the production of droid shells.(CSWDW)

Vark Street
This avenue was the location of The Strip, in the city of Takari on Iyuta.(SWCP)

The original homeworld of the Hutt race, Varl was the only planet in the Ardos system. Once a lush, forested paradise, Varl was later rendered a cratered wasteland which no longer had the necessary resources to maintain itself. Hutt legend said the planet was destroyed when Ardos' twin star, Evona, was sucked into a black hole. Hutt legends maintained that Ardos and Evona were lovers, and that the many planets in the system were their children. When the black hole consumed Evona and many of the system's planets, legend held that Ardos became enraged and began to self-destruct. This led to Ardos' shedding of incredible amounts of radioactive material and shrinking to become a white dwarf. At this point, the Hutts no longer felt Ardos a worthy god, and abandoned Varl and the Ardos System. The fact that Ardos and Varl actually existed was an astrophysical impossibility. Some scientists theorized that the Hutts devastated the planet in a civil war. The Hutts left the dying planet and established colony worlds elsewhere, including Nal Hutta. From space, Varl was a brown ball of rock and dust, with large portions of the planet visibly glowing from radiation. Much of the precipitation that fell was in the form of acid rain, and all of the planet's surface water was contaminated or toxic. The major cities were allowed to crumble and fall, cluttering the landscape with twisted wreckage. The only inhabitants were the slaves left behind by the Hutts, and a few beings who worked in the squallid manufacturing facilities that still operated on the planet.(COTF, DE1, GG4, TF)

This planet was the site of an Imperial base, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. Rorworr once infiltrated the base, posing as a starship pilot to steal Imperial plans to attack local Alliance supply convoys.(WOTC)

This was the capital city of the planet Roonadan.(LF2)

A valuable ore that was used to manufacture hyperdrive cores.(SWJ1)

This planet was completely covered by water. Lando Calrissian set up an ore extraction and processing facility there some fifteen years after the Battle of Endor, obtaining fraca and tertian while allowing investors and tourists to witness the mining from special viewports.(HSR, SOP, VOF)

Varn was the chief scout reporting to Tyrann, the Supreme Serpent Master. He always wore stormtrooper armor, and was one of Tyrann's best Serpent Riders, but was bested in combat by Luke Skywalker.(CSW)

A wild carnivore found on the planet Ibanjji, they hunt in packs.(DESB)

Varn, Soras
This man was a professor of psychology ay the Institute of Imperial Psychological Studies during the Galactic Civil War.(GG10)

Varn, World of Water
This travelogue was shown by Han Solo to the Kamarian Badlanders during the early years of the New Order, while he was trying to earn some extra money after surviving the assault on the Stars' End facility. The Badlanders had developed an almost religious devotion to the holofeature, having never seen a planet so covered with standing water. When Han stopped showing the holofeature and showed Love was Waiting instead, the Badlanders revolted and tore down Han's holoprojector in their anger.(HSR)

Varna Biqua
This was one of the five major cities which were situated in the atmosphere of the planet Genarius. It was located in a dense cloudbank which never seemed to dissipate, and was built as a sister-city to Tolea Biqua. The motto of the inhabitants of Varna Biqua was "Live and let live … unless they get in your way. Then kill them." The city was populated by a variety of pirates and other criminals, who spent much of their time looking out for themselves. Many beings speculated that the unusual cloudbank in which the city was located was artificially formed by Riboga the Hutt, in an effort to hide the city and a rumored secret cache.(LFC)

This Ithorian Shepherd-class shuttle was commanded by Iych-thae.(OE)

This ineffectual and vengeful Imperial Moff controlled Wyloff Sector during the period following the Battle of Yavin. He was less concerned about government than recreation, and spent much of his time away from the actual leadership of the sector. When his lack of government was revealed by the father of Ilo Jev, Varnier had the broadcaster executed. Varnier had been assassinating any individual who opposed or questioned his rule,and the elder Jev was just another member of the opposition. His operation was eventually broken by the efforts of Major Kerri Lessev, who was working more for the Alliance than the Empire's Destabilization branch. Varnier's entire entire operation was laid bare, and many Imperial agents were reassigned or executed for their parts in Varnier's government.(CRO)

Varnillian, Niclara
This woman was the youngest daughter of a prosperous Alderaanian family that ran a t'iil harvesting operation. As the favorite child a single father, she enjoyed many privileges as long as her older brothers were off at school. Niclara decided, much against her father's wishes, to join the Imperial Academy, and graduated with honors. She was assigned to the first Death Star as an operations crewer, and was part of the team which fired the station's first blast - at Alderaan. Shortly afterward, she was transferred to the Star Destroyer Pulsar and assigned the rank of gunnery officer. When she failed to capture Alton Lochner and Anson Blazer on Ord Mantell, she was demoted. A year later, when the Pulsar surrended to Alliance forces after the Battle of Endor, she and a group of troops fled on a transport ship and escaped. She continued to strike at New Republic forces in the Outer Rim Territories, and managed to elude capture each time.(SWJ8)

Varn-Kezzler, Horatio
This man was a news reporter who was sent to Zirtran's Anchor to "expose the truth" about the station, during the height of the New Order. He interviewed a man who claimed to have intimate knowledge of the station's inner workings, and unknowingly came away with only enough information to make Zirtran's Anchor more mysterious. It was later revealed that the Kalai had hoped to bring Horatio into their fold, to serve as a kind of liaison to the other races living aboard the station.(SWJ5)

Varno Market
This sprawl of small shops and businesses was located in the primary city of the planet Vengler. A vast array of trinkets and treasures from around the galaxy can be found there.(GG8)

This man was a noted military expert and trainer to the royalt families of the planet Alderaan, many years before the Clone Wars. Captain Varo trained Senator Bail Organa in combat techniques, but he always stressed that no amount of training could fully prepare an individual for actual fighting.(CWWS)

This Wookiee lived on the planet Cularin, during the last decades of the Old Republic. He spent much of his free time wrestling with the Trandoshan Oosk, using their arms and fists instead of energy weapons.(EOS1)

This term from the Bocce langauge translated into Basic as "meteor".(GPB)

This planet, located along the Ison Corridor in the Anoat Sector, was the homeworld of the Morodin race. Varonat was a jungle world that was originally colonized by the Morodin about a millennia before the formation of the Old Republic. A group of human colonists from the planet Salliche arrived many millennia later, about 250 years before the Galactic Civil War. They established a farming economy, which proved to be profitable. However, the Morodin proved to be a menace to the community's farms because of their size and the slime they left behind, which caused the soil to become infertile. Many of the farming industry's profits went into security measures. Gamgalon later set up a hunting industry on Varonat, as a cover for his aleudrupe berry farms. Both businesses were eventually shut down, after it was discovered that he was actually hunting the Morodin. The average day on Varonat lasted 27 standard hours, and its year encompassed 325 local days. Note that the Galactic Gazetteer: Hoth and the Greater Javin indicates Varonat's day lasted 24 hours, and its year lasted 400 local days.(SWJ1, TFE, WOA33)

This was an expletive that was used on the planet Alderaan, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.(CWWS)

A Singing Mountain clan witch who succumbed to the Dark Side and joined the Nightsisters.(CPL)

Varra, Con
see Con'varra(UANT)

This man was a member of Han Solo's strike team, dispatched to the Forest Moon of Endor to take out the shield generator protecting the second Death Star.(SWRPG)

Varree, Seer
This was a famous Iktotchi individual, distinguished in the histories of the moon of Iktotch.(UANT)

This grizzled old man worked as the chief mechanic at Fenn's Landing, on the planet Gelgelar, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(PSPG)

This planetoid was too small to maintain an atmosphere. It was controlled by the Offworld Mining Company in the years leading up to the struggle between Offworld and Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation over Bandomeer.(RF)

Varrscha, Lakwii
This woman was one of the many promoted to officer status in the Imperial Navy, in the wake of the destruction at the Battle of Endor. She served as the Executive Office under Joak Drysso aboard the Virulence, and was in line to take his position when Drysso was promoted. She was known to be a no-nonsense, by-the-book commander from her days at the helm of a customs Corvette. After Drysso's promotion, Varrscha proved herself to be an average Captain, with unimpressive results in battles against Rogue Squadron. Taller and more muscular than Ysanne Isard, Lakwii lacked Isard's commanding presence. When Isard discovered that the Rogues were based off the space station in the Yag'Dhul system, she ordered Varrscha and the Virulence to accompany the Lusankya and destroy it. When Booster Terrik managed to catch the Super-class Star Destroyer in a trap, the Virulence moved between the station and the Lusankya, allowing the larger ship to leave. Captain Drysso believed Varrscha and her crew were killed by Terrik's attack. In fact, the Virulence and her crew were captured by Terrik.(BW)

This was the term used by the Coynites to describe the birth group of an individual. The average var'sairk consisted of two to six children. When used to describe the birth group of royalty, the word was capitalized (Var'Sairk). All infant Coynites born to the same var'sairk were of the same sex.(AE, PG3)

Varth was the bitter, taciturn Wing Commander who was in charge of the Atrivis Resistance Group's Generis base starfighters during the height of the New Order. He was hated by all his pilots, who served because they recognized his flawless tactics and military brilliance. He was under the control of Travia Chan, but was also directly answerable to the Alliance Sector command and Starfighter command. Years later, as a New Republic Wing Commander on Generis, he was known as a man who would send his starfighters out against impossible odds without a second thought. It was unknown if he survived the Imperial attack there, just prior to the Battle of Bilbringi.(RASB, TLC)

Varth, Alinn
This young woman was a member of Rogue Squadron, during the second decade of the New Republic. She held the rank of Major, and was also Gavin Darklighter's third-in-command behind Inyri Forge, flying as Rogue Nine during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.(DTO)

Varth, Gilder
This man served in the Imperial Navy as an Admiral, during the early years of the New Order. As part of a far-reaching plan to uncover rebellion within the Imperial Senate, Admiral Varth adopted the guise of a deserter. Outwardly, he grew tired of the Empire's iron-fisted approach to leading the galaxy, and began to relay information about the Empire to Senator Bail Organa, in the hopes that it could be used to help bring Emperor Palpatine to justice. Varth's "duplicity" was later discovered by the Empire, and he was sent to an Imperial prison on Felucia.

Varth was later rescued by a group of freelance rebels who were hired by Senator Organa, and he was transported to a safe world for protection. Varth continued to provide information to Senator Organa, revealing more about his past activities with the Empire, specifically his contacts in the Sarlacc Project. This information led to the rescue of Jedi Master Denia and the discovery of the Sarlacc Project's headquarters on Coruscant, where it was finally learned that Varth had been lying all along.

Varth was in command of the Imperial Star Destroyer that destroyed the frigate Resurgence when it arrived to recover Senator Organa's agents, and his forces were able to destroy the frigate and allow Inquisitor Draco to recapture Master Denia.(DOFD, DD01)

This short, bald man was one of the many Athari laborers who sided with the Separatists, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. Distinguished by the white tattoos that covered his brown-skinned head, Varti was part of the group that joined Shil Kaval and Merish Hath in rebelling against the Regent of JanFathal. Once the Workers' Uprising started, Varti unleashed blasterfire on the Regent's forces with a mixture of cool detachment and wild abandon, inciting his fellow rebels while shooting any opposition.(CWNOP)

This creature was known as a loyal pet which could be trained to be extremely obedient.(SWJ6)

This Dark Jedi worked for the Empire on Mustafar, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWGAL)

Vartos, Cobb
A Major with the New Republic Intelligence Agency, Vartos was one of the best instructors in the military. He wasn't a loud, screaming drill sergeant, but instead a persistent teacher who maintained a high level of pressure his students in subtle ways to earn their buy-in to the training. He was in command of the team dispatched to Verkuyl to assist in ousting the Imperial presence there, shortly after the Battle of Endor. He and Selby Jarrad posed as corporate spokesbeings from GalFactorial, who came to Verkuyl to negotiate a deal with Governor Parco Ein. After the capture of Claris' infiltration team, Vartos himself was caught by Governor Ein's stormtroopers. Sebly tried to break away from the troopers and complete the mission, and opened fire on those holding Vartos. Unfortunately for Vartos, the first thing the remaining troops did was shoot him before they fired on Selby. Luckily, though, he survived long enough to be rescued by members of the Republic's second wave.(TFNR, SWJ13)

This was a common name among the Yinchorri race.(UANT)

Varula, Tott
This Twi'lek male worked as the head bartender at the Observation Lounge cantina, located in the Hedrett Groundport on Cularin, during the final years of the Old Republic. He was known more for his friendly demeanor than his skills in mixing drinks, although he would gladly attempt to make any drink that wasn't in his repertiore.(BIT1)

Varvenna Sector
The area of the galaxy once ruled by Yndis Mylore.(TJP)

This was one of the thirty-seven ancient families who lived in the city of Maslovar, on the planet Desevro. The family estate was located in the Swamplands, on an island located along the eastern edge of the Outer Wash.(GORW)

This was a hulking, alien race which was distinguished by their retractable eyeballs which were constantly bathed in fluids.(APS)

This was the name of the Lake Country retreat to which Padme' Amidala and Anakin Skywalker traveled, when they arrived on Naboo after a second attempt was made to assassinate Senator Amidala. It was considered remote enough to allow the Senator a chance to recover her strength, since no assassin could locate her there. Varykino was owned by the Naberrie family, and was maintained by a staff of loyal servants.(VD2, SWDB)

Vasarian Brandy
This intoxicating beverage was favored by Thrackan Sal-Solo. It was fermented from the berries and fruits that were native to the planet Talus.(AS, SWGAL)

A planet covered by lush, rolling, green hills.(TMEC)

Vaschean Rye
A fermented spirit created on Vasch.(TMEC)

Vash, Lonna
This woman was one of the five Jedi Masters who survived the Jedi Civil War, several millennia before the Clone Wars. Unfortunately, she was captured and brought to Korriban by the followers of Darth Sion, who tortured her and finally sacrificed her to augment their growing powers.(KOTOR2)

This planet, the homeworld of the Vashan race, was located in the Moddell Sector of the galaxy, on the border between the Inner Zuma and Wild Space. During the Imperial occupation of the Moddell Sector, Vasha was one source of ores and metals that were mined to support the construction of the second Death Star. It was during this time that the Ayrou assumed control of the planet from the Vashans, virtually enslaving the Vashans in an effort to mine more ore and appease the Empire. During the early years of the New Republic, it was believed that the Ayrou Tessent was being hidden on Vasha by a group of Vashan rebels.(GMR9)

This insectile race was native to the planet Vasha, in the Moddell Sector of the galaxy. Each Vashan individual was covered with a chitinous shell, and they were known for their strength and stamina. The internal organs of a Vashan were unusual, especially the stomach. The true stomach was lined with muscle, which the Vashans used to crush their food to begin the digestive process. Six antestomachs preceeded the true stomach, and each was filled with small stones to help break down food as it passed through. When coughed up by the bodhis of the Vashan people, these polished stones were called sin-bullets, and held a special place in the Vashan religion. Vashans were known to ignore food until their bodies were at the brink of collapse, at which point they gorged themselves to the point of satiation. Because of this, most restaurants refused to serve Vashan patrons, for fear of the mess they created. As a people, Vashans were timid and seemingly incapable of independent action, traits which were exploited when the Ayrou assumed control of Vasha during the Imperial occupation of Moddell Sector. The Vashans were quickly subjugated and forced to work as slaves in the mines, digging for metals and ores to support the construction of the second Death Star. The vast majority of Vashans simply accepted their fate, bowing to the demands of their leaders.(GMR9)

This was the native language of the Vashan race.(GMR9)

Vashan Liberation Force
This band of Vashan rebels sought to throw off the yoke of their Ayrou oppressors, during the early years of the New Republic.(GMR9)

Vashee, Zaa
This Togruta was the heir to the throne of her homeworld of Shili, during the final years of the Old Republic. Ahsoka Tano posed as Princess Vashee when she pretended to be a slave, in order to help herself and Anakin Skywalker gain admittance to a Zygerian slave auction, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. The pair, in working with Obi-Wan Kenobi and the clone troopers of Ghost Squadron, were trying to locate the missing Togruta colonists who vanished from the plant Kiros. Ahsoka assumed the guise of Princess Zaa Vashee of Shili, who was captured on Malastare by Anakin's alter-ego, Lars Quell.(TCW1)

see Vashan(GMR9)

This Yuuzhan Vong warrior was one of the many who were placed in charge of security at the Shaper compound on Yavin 4, during the attempt to capture the students of Luke Skywalker's Jedi praxeum. Vasi was known as a demented individual, who would torment a Shamed One by forcing them to do cruel and unusual things.(EVC)

This petty thief preyed on unwitting passengers of the Kuari Princess.(RM)

Vass, Siqo
This Kel Dor individual was owner and captain of the Krayt's Honor, and worked to assist independent spacers from the machinations of the Trade Federation during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Although Vass was the captain, the more public face of the crew was Layn Wynest. Many believed that this was due to the pro-human prejudices of the Core Worlds, but Vass never fully explained the deception.

Vass and the crew of the Krayt's Honor remained active during the era of the Clone Wars, but they disappeared after the establishment of the New Order. Their self-appointed mission was to run escort duty for independent freighters and merchants, helping them get through Trade Federation blockades or bypass the normal spacelanes in order to deliver supplies and foodstuffs to planets that needed them the most. The Trade Federation vowed to eliminate the ship and its crew, but the timely rescue of Jabba the Hutt's personal yacht allowed Siqo Vass to gain a powerful ally. Jabba allowed Vass to use Tatooine as a base of operations, thereby keeping the Krayt's Honor well away from regular Federation patrols.(SWDB)

This planet was the primary world in the Vassek System. General Grievous maintained a fortified castle on the planet's third moon, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. Deep within the castle was a reconstruction center, where Grievous maintained several sets of body armor and droid technology that could be used to repair his systems after a battle. After Grievous suffered several defeats at the hands of the Jedi Knights and the Grand Army of the Republic, Count Dooku allowed knowledge of the fortress on Vassek's moon to reach the Galactic Republic, knowing that the Republic would send a task force to destroy it. In this way, Dooku hoped to test Grievous and determine whether the cyborg General was up to the task of leading the Separatist armed forces.(CWTV10)

Vassek System
This remote star system contained the planet Vassek.(CWTV10)

This sinister-looking Twi'lek was the smuggling partner of Tal Pak, until he sold out to the Empire. Vassk knew that Tal Pak held sympathies for the Alliance, and used his position to earn favor with the Imperials. However, when Vassk tried to turn in Tal Pak and a team of Alliance agents at the Red Moon Saloon on Tatooine, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Tal Pak and the agents managed to escape.(SWJ2)

Vast Veldt
Located on the planet Cathar, this wide-open grassland was known as a place of solitude for the native Cathar people. The Vast Veldt itself was a remnant of an ancient kiltik feeding frenzy, which consumed everything the insects encountered as they moved across the landscape.(PJSB, PH)

Vasti, Edas
This man served as a crewman aboard the scout ship Bright Seeker.(TSIA)

This unusual, bio-engineered membrane was produced by Yuuzhan Vong Shapers to create chambers and holds onboard their starships. These vastiv membranes could also be generated in large sizes, and used to cover transport ships such as the yorik-trema.(NEGV)

Vastor, Kar
This Korunnai man was a noted leader among the Upland Liberation Front during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. As a child, he was unremarkable until a group of Balawai prospectors murdered his entire family before his eyes. This senseless killing hardened Vastor, but was nothing to the year he spent surviving in the jungles on his own. This tan pel'trokal brought Vastor into a deep harmony with the jungle and with the pelekotan power of Haruun Kal. During this time, Vastor seemed to lose the ability to speak with his mouth, trading his humanity to pelekotan in return for his survival. To many members of the group, Vastor was a lor pelek of vicious or even dangerous proportions. He was known for his tendency toward wanton violence, and many ritual killings and torturings of Balawai militia bore his own distinctive signature. Vastor himself was a massive man, heavily muscled and radiating his own dark hatred of the Balawai. He had filed his teeth into sharp points, further emphasizing his predatory nature. In battle, Vastor wore specially-made vibroshields on his arms, with points at the elbows to drive into his enemies. The edges of these shields were razor-sharp, and the alloys used to create the shields could cut through a blaster's barrel. He controlled a pack of twelve akk dogs and their Force-bonded riders, known as the Akk Guards, which he used to round up his victims and keep them pinned down while he decided how to torture them. He also communicated in via a limited form of telepathy, projecting his words into the mind of the being he was looking at. It was later realized that Vastor's power was drawn from the Dark Side of the Force, which came upon him at the deaths of his family.

Shortly after the Battle of Geonosis, Vastor and his warriors came upon the bunker in which Mace Windu - on Haruun Kal to locate Depa Billaba - had tried to protect five Balawai children and their parents. Vastor ordered his warriors to brutally kill them all, and Master Windu was forced to intervene. He was too late to save Terrel Nakay, but confronted Vastor with a blur of lightsabers against the vibroshields. Neither combatant could gain an advantage, and Master Windu was forced to see the civil war on Haruun Kal through Vastor's eyes. They agreed to a truce, since Vastor was simply trying to bring him to Depa. In the coming days, Vastor and Mace engaged in another titanic duel, and this time Mace was forced to surrender in order to survive. Vastor accepted his surrender, unaware that Mace had used his surrender to break Vastor's control of him. Depa Billaba and Vastor himself later revealed that he and Mace were, in fact, the last surviving members of the Windu ghosh. Vastor used his considerable control of the Force to draw out the fever wasps which had infected Besh and Chalk, then healed their injuries. Later, during Master Windu's attempt to take control of Pelek Baw and the droid control system hidden beneath the city's surface, Vastor and his Akk Guards tried to prevent any success from falling into the Jedi's lap. His Akk Guards fought bravely against the clone troopers of the Army of the Republic, and Vastor himself launched into another assault on Windu. In this battle, however, Master Windu managed to grab hold of a vibroshield and flung it at Vastor. The vibroshield cut through Vastor's own shields, slicing through his arms and burying itself deep in his chest. Before he could object, Vastor heard Windu place him under arrest for obstructing the work of the Old Republic. He was brought to Coruscant for medical treatment, and charged with crimes against civilization, a category which had been not been invoked since the Great Sith War.

Vastor languished in a Coruscant prison for many years, before he was taken away by Lord Cronal. Cronal had discovered Vastor's strong connection to the Dark Side of the Force, and planned to use the man as a test subject for the Darkening process that Cronal would use to take over Luke Skywalker's body. Vastor's brain and nervous system was impregnated with meltmassif stone, allowing Cronal to use the Sunset Crown to take control of Vastor's still-powerful body. Although the Darknening process did not destroy Vastor, his mind was not quite perfect for the transfer process, and Vastor was rendered unable to use normal speech. Lord Cronal did not discard Vastor after the initial tests, however, and brought him to his secret lair on the planet Mindor to serve as a kind of bodyguard. When Cronal was unable to capture and convert Skywalker, he sent Vastor out to capture Leia Organa, who had traveled to Mindor in search of Skywalker. Cronal reasoned that Leia's untrained talents in the Force made her a better candidate for Darkening that Skywalker, who was her brother. Guided by Cronal's use of the Sunset Crown, Vastor located Leia and Han Solo in a burial chamber beneath Mindor's surface. After a brief struggle, Vastor was able to take Leia in his massive arms and whisk her away, leaving Han stuck in hardening meltmassif stone.

Skywalker later discovered Vastor at the Shadow Egg, where Vastor had been protecting the body of Leia Organa. Luke was able to communicate with Lord Cronal through Vastor's mind, warning him that his plans had been smashed. Cronal refused to give in, and threatened to kill Leia using Vastor's body. Luke drew his lightsaber and leapt at Vastor, who dropped Leia's body and jumped away from Luke's attack, landing on the Shadow Throne. Luke, however, had never intended to stab Vastor. Instead, he destroyed the repulsorlift controls that held the Shadow Throne aloft, plunging Vastor's body into the empty lake below. Upon landing on the lake bed, Vastor found himself surrounded by a squad of stormtroopers let by Klick, who had pledged his loyalty to "Emperor" Skywalker, and demanded that Vastor stand down. It was then that Cronal played his final card, abandoning Vastor's body and taking control of the stormtroopers through the meltmassif stone of their black armor. As Cronal tried to kill every being he could reach through the crystal network, Vastor attacked Luke, biting him hard on the throat in a savage attack.

Cronal's attack eventually reached Vastor, and the huge man released his grip on Luke as intense pain shot through his body. Flailing in agony, Vastor fell from their location, but Luke refused to believed that he was dead. Freed of Cronal's control, Vastor came to his senses in one of the many Melter crypts, and realized that Luke was someone to be feared. However, Luke used the meltmassif crystals in their bodies to communicate with Vastor, explaining as much as he could about the situation. Luke then took Vastor's hands, and used their combined power in the Force to seek out Cronal. Vastor survived the death of Cronal, unlike the other Imperial forces who had been implanted with deadman connections to Cronal himself. As he realized that the Taspan System was doomed, Vastor explained to Luke that he was a greater Jedi Knight than those of the Old Republic, because he had not been afraid to confront the Dark and overcome it. With the end of the Battle of Mindor, Vastor joined Nick Rostu and Aeona Cantor in their continuing search for Dark Siders in the galaxy.(SHPT, CN1, LSSM)

Vastrip IV
A planet.(WBC)

This Xiytiar-class transport was carrying bacta to a hospital space station which was sympathetic to the Alliance, when it was destroyed after being ambushed. Galin and Tomaas Azzameen were piloting the ship at the time, and perished in the explosion.(XWA)

Vasur, Medrit
This massive man was a native of the planet Mandalore. In the years following the war against the Yuuzhan Vong, Vasur became the planet's chief metallurgist, having had a lifetime's experience in blacksmithing at the Beviin-Vasur Farm. Known as Med'ika to his close friends, it was Medrit who verified that the open pits near Enceri were sitting on top of a new lode of undiscovered beskar, during the height of the Corellia-GA War. Many months later, Medrit assisted with the recovery of Sintas Vel, who was extracted from a block of carbonite after she was first frozen more than thirty years earlier.(LF5, LF8)

This planet was the site of an Alliance communications relay base, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. A strike team from Vasuuli was dispatched to AX-456, but only managed to rescued a handful of technicians in the wake of the Imperial attack on the asteroid.(WOTC)

This fog-shrouded planet was forsaken during the last decades of the Old Republic, and all settlements were abandoned in favor of more hospitable worlds closer to the Core. Because of this, the Empire chose to establish a base of operations on Vatleria.(T9)

This Mandalorian man, distinguished by his blond hair, black armor, and red helmet, was a member of the assault team that was assembled by Boba Fett to come to the aid of the Verpine, during the weeks that followed the Second Battle of Fondor. The Roche Asteroid Field had been invaded by the forces of the Imperial Remnant, and Fett led the assault team to abide by the mutual-aid treaty he had signed with Verpine. Vatok was part of Mirta Gev's team that was charged with eliminating any Imperial Moffs and other leaders, in an effort to reduce the Imperial leadership ranks. Like the other members of his squad, Vatok was surprised to run into Jaina Solo during the mission, since he was one of the many Mandalorians who had sparred with her when she trained under Boba Fett on Mandalore. He also had become fond of Jaina, and believed that she shared the same feelings. Unfortunately, the Mandalorians were outnumbered by the Imperial Elite Guard and the stormtroopers who were stationed on the asteroid, and they were outmarched when Darth Caedus entered the fray. Caedus confronted Vatok in the Strategic Planning Forum and, after a brief struggle, ran his lightsaber through Vatok's skull, killing him instantly. Jaina later took up his beskad during her fight with Caedus, hoping to throw off his balance while fighting with the archaic weapon. The tactic worked, and Jaina was able to slice off one of Caedus' arms with the sword.(LF9)

This retired Imperial Army officer was highly distressed by the victories the Alliance was able to claim over the Empire, including the Battle of Yavin. He was fairly vocal about the Empire's lack of success in eradicating the Alliance. Vatoki was a passenger on the Kuari Princess when it was attacked by the Riders of the Maelstrom.(RM)

This Jedi Master and his former Padawan, Talia Moonseeker, were among the 200 Jedi Knights who were dispatched to the planet Geonosis, some ten years after the Battle of Naboo. The Jedi had been sent to Geonosis to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi, but were faced with the incredible droid army of Count Dooku and his Separatists. Master Va'too died in the fighting, leaving Talia without her teacher to guide her.(CWWS)

This Rodian bounty hunter was wanted in connection with the deaths of several other bounty hunters, during the era of the Galactic Civil War. Their deaths were originally believed to have been unrelated, but evidence showed that Vatoono had actually murdered the other hunters, thereby violating the bylaws of the Bounty Hunters' Guild.(SWGAL)

Vatstu datsa
This Neimoidian term translated into Basic as "waste collection chamber", referring to any availabel fresher station.(GPB)

Vatta Four
Airen Cracken was able to fight off Imperial forces on this planet by using a Baed Sharpshooter and some modified explosive slugs.(CFG)

Vattle Juice
This sour-tasting juice was considered quite healthy, despite its awful flavor.(LF8)

Vaturha, Sil
This Twi'leki female was orphaned on Corellia and left to fend for herself. She was captured and sold into slavery, and was eventually purchased by Kaylo NaKuda. She found her calling while tinkering with speederbikes and swoops,and truly enjoyed the company of the mechanics and technicians who worked in Kuda's Compound.(WSV)

This was a prominent noble family, during the final decades of the Old Republic. The Vau family maintained their ancestral home on the planet Gesl, where the patriarch of each generation held the title of Count.(RCTC)

Vau, Walon
This man was one of the many military instructors called to Kamino by Jango Fett to train the clone commandos that were created by the Kaminoans, during the build-up to the Clone Wars. Like his peers, Vau was a Mandalorian mercenary who was chosen for the heritage he shared with Jango Fett. As one of the Cuy'val Dar, Sergeant Vau was known for his pessimistic demeanor, and his training was noted for its focus on planning for the worst-case scenarios. He also stressed the need for superior technology and firepower, which added to one's chances to survive an encounter. Many of his graduates considered Vau to be a borderline sociopath, especially given the way he planned missions. However, his clone commandos were among the best that were ever trained on Kamino, having one of the lowest casualty rates in the entire Grand Army of the Republic.

Years before he joined the Cuy'val Dar, Vau was a member of the Irmenu aristocracy, but he ran away from his family and was later written out of his father's will. Walon had wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Imperial Irmenu Navy, but his father claimed that he wasn't good enough. Walon was to have become the next Count of Gesl, but after he left them, the family decided that his cousin would inherit the title instead. It was his father's position in the navy that gave Walon a sense of military tradition, and he maintained a knowledge of naval terminology and tactics. He claimed to hold no grudge against his family, but he secretly harbored them the worst kind of ill will imaginable.

His hatred of his family came out during a mission to the Dressian Kiolsh Merchant Bank on Mygeeto, at the height of the Clone Wars. The mission called for the elimination of this Separatist asset, but Vau knew that his family fortune was hidden in one of the bank's many safe-deposit chambers. Once the main mission was completed, Vau broke into the vaults and stole everything he could transport. He was trapped beneath the ice when the ice covering a chasm gave way, and he had to be extracted before the Galactic Marines launched their attack on the bank. He was both dismayed and happy that his rescuer turned out to be Kal Skirata, and he surprised Skirata by turning a large portion of the stolen goods to him, to help fund his efforts to provide a future for the clones beyond the war.

Vau remained with Skirata during the search for Ko Sai, lending his financial and technical support to the effort. After they captured the Kaminoan on Dorumaa, Vau decided not to accompany the group immediately back to Mandalore. Instead, he made a side trip to Aargau to deposit the rest of the credits he had stolen from the family vault, then traveled to Coruscant to return the GAR resources they had been using. He planned to acquire his own transport and rendezvous with them on Mandalore at a later time. Once back on Mandalore, Vau worked with other former members of the Cuy'val Dar to keep those Mandalorians and clone troopers ready for combat. He returned to Coruscant when Skirata sent a communication about the capture of Jilka Zan Zentis, a co-worker of Besany Wennen who had been wrongly accused of being the source of a security breach into the Republic's systems. The breach had actually been Wennen, with help from Mereel and Jaing, and so Vau came up with a plan to use his influence with Arligan Zey to get Zan Zentis freed. During a regular meeting, Vau explained that the Republic Domestic Security force would be unable to actually get any usable information from Zan Zentis, and volunteered to extract her from prison and question her himself. Zey agreed to the plan, but refused to take any blame if Vau were to be caught.

Vau and his clone commandos managed to get Zan Zentis freed, but their escape was pre-empted by the sudden appearance of General Grievous in orbit around Coruscant. During the confusion that ensued, Vau and Skirata agreed that the time had come to put their escape plans into motion. The command to execute Order 66 came several days later, and Vau suddenly came to believe that Jango Fett had not given his genetics to the clone army for the credits, but to ensure that the GAR would be strong enough to bring down the Jedi Order, if such a demand was ever made of them. He railed against Skirata when pushed, then revealed that it had been his decision to add Skirata to the Cuy'val Dar, despite any issues Jango had with him. With this argument out of the way, both men agreed to work for the betterment of Mandalore, and readied for their flight from Coruscant. Although they eventually made their way to Mandalore, Vau was dismayed to learn that Etain Tur-Mukan had been killed on Coruscant, and that both Darman and Niner had been stranded on the planet.

After just a fews days of relative peace on Mandalore, Vau approached Skirata and explained that he needed to travel to Kashyyyk and learn what had become of Sev. This fit into Skirata's own plans to eventually return to Coruscant in search of Darman and Niner.(RCHC, LAWS, SWI84, RCTZ, RCTC, RC66)

Vaufthau Processing Industries
This manufacturing and urban construction combine was one of the original non-voting contributing sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority.(CSA)

Vaults of Narner
A famous group of burial grounds located on the planet Salliche, they were looted over the years until the Jedi Knight Soonis put a stop to it.(SWJ3)

This was the Basic translation of the Muun term that described the cities that formed around the cones of active smoker volcanoes on the planet Muunilinst. Despite their name, these cities were primarly equipped to mine and process the valuable ores and minerals that were spewed out by the smokers. The actual vault was the smoker itself, a cone composed of gold, silver, platinum and other metals that was covered with all manner of aquatic life.(GORW)

Vax, Romo
This small-time Twi'lek criminal managed to earn his way into Jabba the Hutt's criminal organization, and was often found in Jabba's palace on Tatooine during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

This star, located in the Inner Rim near Hutt Space, was the central body of the Vaxal System.(DM106)

Vaxx, Norrin
A native of Coruscant, Vaxx discovered he was sensitive to The Force at an early age. However, his sensitivity was quite low, a fact which allowed him to escape the notice of Emperor Palpatine. Instead of pursuing the Jedi arts, Vaxx turned to gambling and fighting as a means to make ends meet. This lifestyle began to turn him toward the Dark Side of the Force, a path which drew him in deeper after he constructed his own lightsaber and began to use it in combat. He was a regular combatant at the Dool Arena on Reuss VIII during the Galactic Civil War, and was beaten at least once in his career, by Tull Raine.(WSV, OWS)

Vaxx, Vrannin
This man was a native of the planet Dorvalla. During the era of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Vaxx had been a noted mercenary who was badly injured in a shuttle crash. Rather than allow Vaxx to either die or live out life as an invalid, his family used the wealth they had accumulated from their mining operations to purchase a YVH-1 combat droid, and had the surviving parts of his body encased in the massive machine. His appearance was quite threatening, and was made all the more so by the fact that he spoke with the intelligence of a human being. Because of the living tissue contained within the droid's shell, Vaxx was unable to utilize the full weaponry of a YVH-1 droid, although his ingenuity and experience gave him an advantage that a regular droid did not have.(FJ1)

Vaya-class Scout Ship
This ancient starship was designed and manufactured by ho*rsch-Kessel Drive, Incorporated, and was developed for use as an exploration vessel. The Vaya-class was not a combat ship, and suffered from ion engine malfunction if pushed too hard. The Vaya-class measured 30 meters in length, and required a pilot and two gunners. It could transport up to 4 passengers and 60 metric tons of cargo. These ships were often armed with a front-mounted laser cannon and projectile launcher. They were equipped with a hyperdrive, and was considered fast by ancient standards.(TOJC)

This drink was served warm.(TNR)

Vaykaaris Uprising
This struggle took place some forty-five yearas before the Battle of Endor, when a terrorist group threatened more than a hundred worlds in the Colonies region. The Chandrilan corvette Freedom's Messenger was dispatched, with a dozen Jedi Knights onboard, to resolve the dispute.(DARK)

This planet, located near the end of the Perlemian Trade Route between the Corporate Sector and the Tion Cluster, was known for its diverse aquaculture. Its exotic islands formed the basis of a thriving tourism industry that catered to the rich and famous during the height of the New Order, while its remote location and the isolation of its landmasses made it a haver for smugglers and criminals. The first settlers on the planet made their homes on the Vaynai Archipelago, establishing aquaculture as a way to survive. As the settlers prospered, the leaders became wealthier because of the labor of the masses. Rather than have their paradise diminished by this "rabble", the leaders banished the workers to the caves near the shore, keeping the lush highlands for themselves. Because ground space was at a premium on the planet, the leaders chose to enforce their airspace first, and were known to shoot first and aask questions later of any starship captain who didn't follow the rules.(GMR8)

Vaynai Archipelago
This chain of islands was located on the planet Vaynai. It was the Archipelago that attracted rich and famous tourists to the planet during the height of the New Order.(GMR8)

Vaynai Island
This was the largest of the islands contained in the Vaynai Archipelago, located on the planet Vaynai.(GMR8)

Vaz-Weplinn, Ilm
This Assistant Deputy Viceprex of Security for the Corporate Sector Authority oversaw much of the initial paperwork and the actual construction of the Stars' End facility, during the early years of the New Order. He worked with the Imperial Lady Chawkroft to franchise the penal colony, based on the findings of the Detention Taskforce. In the wake of the destruction of the Stars' End facility and the death of Security Viceprex Hirken, Chawkroft recommended Vaz-Weplinn as his replacement, a recommendation that was later implemented by the Direx Board.(CSA)

V'Bren Goh
This small lake was located near the city of Graith, on the planet Goroth Prime. Its name literally meant "Bitter Tarn" in the Basic language. Water from the V'Bren Goh was used in Graith, but only after filtering and purifying. However, the water from V'Bren Goh was relatively clean, given the environmental damage the planet had suffered.(GSE)

This Keganite Truant Guide was V-Tarz's partner.(FFT)

This exceptionally sturdy metal was mined on the planet Sullust.(GCG)

This archaci name was common among Sullustan males, and literally translated into Basic as "hard to break", referring to a sturdy metal mined on Sullust.(GCG)

VCA Line Caster
Manufactured by Jabriel, this device was used on a droid to fire a length of syntherope at a specific target. The VCA was designed to be used in conjunction with a winch, allowing a droid to extricate itself from a precarious position.(FTD)

This Acclamator-class troopship was part of the massive fleet assembled during the Clone Wars by the Old Republic. It was ambushed by Separatist forces during a troop transfer to Drongar.(J4)

This Mon Calamari once claimed to have seen a Tessent on the planet Thonner, after escaping from an Ayrou prison facility and nearly being killed by a zoun mauler. He returned to his home only briefly before disappearing. Rumors and stories told that he was hiding from his Ayrou jailers, and whenever fishnets were found cut or raided, the loss was attributed to Vcikas.(GMR9)

The VCX-series of transports was developed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation in the wake of the Battle of Endor. The VCX-350, like other ships in the VCX line, were designed with enhanced shields, engines, and weapons that were almost military-grade. At 31 meters in length, the VCX-350 was created to be the workhorse of CEC's new line of transports, but it's steep pricetag kept it out of reach of most independent spacers. Because of its high-profile clientele, CEC designed the VCX-350 with luxurious appointments for its crew of two plus a gunner, as well as up to eight passengers. It was armed with a pair of laser cannons to keep pirates at bay, and could carry up to 250 metric tons of cargo. The main section of the ship was wide and flat, with a rounded co*ckpit mounted along the center spine. The engine section was reminiscent of the YG-5000, with three large sublight engines mounted just aft of the main section.(GMR2)

Designed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation as a heavy courier, the VCX-700 continued the VCX series' paramilitary design standard. At 26 meters in length, the VCX-700 was armed with four light ion cannons, two heavy laser cannons, four concussion missile launchers, and a front-mounted autoblaster. It required a pilot to operate as well as four gunners, and could carry up to six passengers and five metric tons of cargo. The VCX-700's heavy armor plating gave it substantial protection against pirates, but it sacrificed cargo space to allow for the increased protection. The hull configuration of the VCX-700 was similar to the Trade Federation's AAT battle tank, with a hemispherical main section situated below and in front of the secondary drive section. The two main drives were located at the rear of the main hull. The co*ckpit was mounted atop the main hull, allowing continuous access to the drives.(GMR2)

Designed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation as an escort freighter, the VCX-820 was named to admit that it was built to military specifications without directly labelling it as a warship. It was first produced shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, and found instant popularity in the Mid and Outer Rim Territories as a true escort. At 20.2 meters in length, the VCX-820 was a small ship, but its heavy weaponry and enhanced shielding gave it more than enough advantage in a firefight. Originally developed to patrol the border with the Imperial Remnant, the VCX-820 was armed with a pair of twin heavy laser cannons, eight autoblasters, and a proton torpedo launcher. It required a pilot and co-pilot to operate, as well as six gunners to handle the weapons. Because of the ship's small size, no passenger space was found aboard the VCX-820, and a minimal one-metric-ton of cargo space was provided, thereby giving it freighter status. Visually, the VCX-820 took many cues from the old YT-1300, with two forward-facing mandibles jutting at the front. These mandibles connected to the thin center section, with the co*ckpit mounted between the mandibles and the engine section along the rear.(GMR2)

This Keganite boy was a student at the time Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri were held on Kegan. His parents died of the Toli-X virus, mainly because Kegan was isolated from the galaxy and never learned of the vaccine which counteracted it. He later befriended Obi-Wan and Siri, realizing that their continued opposition to O-Bin came from a greater knowledge of the galaxy. V-Davi helped them escape the Learning Circle, but was later sent to the Relearning Circle for his part in their escape. After the Jedi revealed the sham perpetuated by V-Tan and O-Vieve, V-Davi was released from the Relearning Circle. He decided to live with V-Nen and O-Melie, after their daughter O-Lana traveled to Coruscant to begin training as a Jedi Knight.(FFT)

V'Droz, Garrbo
This man was considered one of the best architects of his time, during the early years of the New Order. Garrbo and his brother were hired by Emperor Palpatine to design the Mount Tantiss facility. Both brothers were easily distinguished by their emerald-colored hair. Despite the successful completion of the project, both Garrbo and his brother were executed by the Emperor in order to maintain the secrecy of the facility.(LCSB, TTSB)

This holograph-enabled comlink unit was produced by Tramora Interstellar Communications during the height of the New Order. It allowed a user to send and receive face-to-face communications, and even provided the capability to receive HoloNet transmissions. One of the primary features of the VDV-100 was that a user could program in a recorded holographic image of themselves, which would be animated to appear as if the user was talking. This was primarily marketed as a way to answer the comlink early in the morning, allowing the user to remain in bed but appear on the other comlink as if up and moving. This feature was later used to criminals to mask their true identity.(GFT, AEG)

Veb, Bedran
This man was a grandfather, and he was considered one of the best storytellers of his generation, at least by his grandchildren.(TOJC)

Vebb, Nahdar
This Mon Calamari was one of the many Jedi Knights who were forced into military duty during the era of the Clone Wars. Barely past the successful completion of his Jedi Trials, Nahdar Vebb had been trained by Kit Fisto. The war took Master Fisto away before Nahdar was ready for the trials, and the Nautolan was both saddened and elated to learn that Nahdar had been successful without his guidance. Nahdar later accompanied Master Fisto on a mission to track down General Grievous, but the pair were trapped in Grievous' underground dungeons on the third moon of the plane tVassek. Master Fisto worried that Nahdar's impulsive and angry nature would get the best of his former student, especially after Nahdar blamed his clone troopers for getting in the way of his chance to attack Grievous. They had to fight their way past a captive roggwart in order to attempt an escape, and Nahdar grew continually more angry as the clone troopers defending them were killed. This ultimately cost Nahdar his life, for as he rushed to confront Grievous, the Separatist General confronted him with two lightsabers of his own. Grievous used his weapons to pin Nahdar's lightsaber, then drew a blaster and fired two blasts into Nahdar's chest, killing him instantly.(CWVG, CWTV10)

This planet was admitted to the Old Republic several decades before the Battle of Naboo.(NEGC)

Vectac Systems, Incorporated
This corporation produced several types of survival suits, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(GFT)

see Vector Technologies(WSV)

Vectivus, Darth
This was the title assumed by the man who once served as director of the mining operations of the asteroids in the MZX33291 System. His miners discovered the ancient remains of the mynock-like race that had once lived in the asteroids, and he fell prey to the energies of the Dark Side of the Force that permeated its stone. He kept the secrets of the asteroids to himself, and eventually left them to seek out a teacher. His Sith master was lost to history, but he eventually emerged with the title of Darth Vectivus.

Unlike the popular image of a Sith Lord, Darth Vectivus did not conquer star systems and wipe out entire populations. He came into his power as an adult, having led a fairly normal life as a successful businessman. His code of ethics was well-established, and he simply used his power to gather information and learn about Sith lore and the galaxy until he died of old age.

Millennia later, the spirit of Darth Vectivus was discovered on the asteroid by Brisha Syo, inhabiting a wondrous Naboo-style mansion that had apparently erected in a deep cavern. Vectivus then revealed to Jacen Solo that he was something akin to a Force ghost, and could control living beings to carry out his wishes. He then explained to Jacen that the young Jedi could prevent the deaths of thousands of beings throughout the galaxy by simply killing his spirit.

A holocron containing Darth Vectivus' words and teachings was later uncovered by Alema Rar on Korriban, which she hoped to bring to Jacen so that he could continue his training as a Sith Lord. However, this holocron was actually a fake, created by the modern Sith Lords to track Alema Rar's activities. These modern Sith regarded Darth Vectivus as a fraud who used Sith technologies to augment his own abilities, rather than developing his skills on his own.(LF1, LF6, LF7)

Vectivus Holocron
This Sith Holocron was turned over to Alema Rar by a group of Sith adherents, some forty years after the Battle of Yavin. Alema Rar had been searching for the Sith, in the hope of continuing the work of Lumiya, who had been grooming Jacen Solo to become the next Dark Lord of the Sith. The ragtag group of Dark Siders she encountered on Korriban explained that they had had nothing to do with Vergere's plans, and turned the Vectivus Holocron over to her in order to get her out of the Valley of the Dark Lords.

Unfortunately, for Alema Rar, the Vectivus Holocron contained very little in the way of Sith lore. Instead, it contained anecdotal wisdom on managing a business, apparently the musings of the businessman that Vectivus had once been. Some of the wisdom had a distinctly vengeful tone, such as "Never borrow money from someone powerful enough to make you pay" and "Let your employees know that you trust them… then watch them."

Alema Rar tried to get rid of the insidious thing, but the Sith Meditation Sphere she was traveling in - known to her only as Ship - refused to allow it. Unknown to both was the fact that the Vectivus Holocron was a fake, and contained a tracking beacon that allowed the Sith on Korriban to monitor Alema Rar's activities.(LF6, LF7)

This game of chance and skill was often found in casinos, during the early years of the New Order.(HSR)

Vector Plate
This was the term used to describe the component of a starship's drive systems that diverted thrust energy in a certain direction, allowing a pilot to maneuver their ship.(DN3)

Vector Prime
This was the codename used by the Yuuzhan Vong to describe their path of galactic invasion. Starting from a point in the Yuuzhan Vong's own galaxy, the Praetorite Vong traveled along Vector Prime and made first contact with the known galaxy at Helska, where their first ship established a base of operation. Through the efforts of Yomin Carr, they destroyed the planet Belkadan and planned to use it as a breeding ground for yorik coral. Next, Vector Prime continued on to Sernpidal, which was destroyed when a dovin basal drew the moon Dobido into a collision with the planet. Next on the vector were Destrillion and Dubrillion, but it was here that the first wave of the invasion force encountered stiff resistance. The New Republic was alerted to the presence of the alien invaders, and the base on Helska was destroyed. However, the Republic's leadership turned a blind eye to the scope of the Yuuzhan Vong threat, believing that Leia Organa Solo magnified its impact in order to regain political power. When Vector Prime consumed the worlds of Bimmiel, Dantooine, and Garqi, Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya was forced to concede his mistake and yield more power to the military in order to counteract the Yuuzhan Vong forces. With the destruction of the planet Obroa-skai, Vector Prime had captured or destroyed thirty planetary systems. After taking Bimmisaari and Nal Hutta, the Yuuzhan Vong made a series of strikes toward the Core. The fleet was split to attack the worlds of Tynna, Duro, and Ord Mantell. These victories gave the Yuuzhan Vong staging areas from which to attack the shipyards at Bilbringi and Fondor, as well as a direct path into the Core Worlds.(VP, DTO, HT, EVR)

Vector Technologies
This small corporation was owned and operated by Yin Vocta. Known as VecTech to most businessbeings, it owned a number of subsidiary and ancillary businesses, including Bantha Traxx on Lianna.(WSV)

Vector-class Spaceskimmer
This small starship was a Sullustan design.(ROM)

This woman was the Queen of the planet Gala, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. Veda became the ruler of the planet after her husband, Cana, passed away. As her own life came to an end, she began putting in place the mechanisms to have her successor chosen by democratic vote. This angered her son, Beju, who believed he should be the rightful ruler after her death. Veda knew that Beju might not be the true heir, knowing that Cana once married a woman of the hill clans, and fathered a daughter named Elan. She loaned Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi a starfighter when they were dispatched to the planet Melida/Daan to rescue Tahl, then requested their assistance in ensuring a democratic vote for her successor. Veda had planned to abdicate the throne, knowing that she was about to die.(DOD, MOC)

This young girl was one of the many children studying at the Jedi Temple, on the planet Coruscant, during the height of the Clone Wars. Veda was known for her impulsive nature, which often manifested itself in the urgent need to ask seemingly pointless questions of the members of the Jedi Council.(BF6)

Veda Cloth
This was a soft, luxurious cloth used to make ceremonial robes and cloaks.(JQ)

Veda Pearl
This was one of the most luxurious gemstones that were native to the planet Naboo. Originally, veda pearls were harvested from the shells of mollusks, where they were formed as a way to isolate a piece of debris or grit that was inside the shell. Over time, the Naboo learned how to cultivate veda pearls, implanting a grain of sand into the mollusk's shell to force the creature to create the pearl.(CVD)

This Kajain'sa'Nikto was sold into Jabba the Hutt's servitude by his family. He was a notorious gambler, and spent much of his free time playing sabacc with his fellow Nikto. Vedain perished when Jabba's sail barge exploded near the Pit of Carkoon, when Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa rescued Han Solo, shortly before the Battle of Endor.(CCG7, SWI98)

This man grew up in the swamps of Naboo, and grew to become a skilled guide and explorer. Shortly before the Battle of Naboo, Vedd established a small trading outpost in the swamps, and used his skills to assist the Royal Security Forces whenever needed. He supported Queen Amidala and the RSF, and helped the force during the liberation of the planet from the control of the Trade Federation.(BFN)

This Imperial Major was assigned to General Yrros, during the garrisoning of the planet Rhamalai. Like Yrros, Vedder was killed when the droid R2-4B self-destructed, destroying much of the Imperial base.(SWJ13)

Vedij, Dhas Feneop
This man was the son of Ronnan Tyla Vedij and a native of Coruscant. Like his father, Dhas joined the Imperial Navy and had a distinguished career. After earning the rank of Captain, Dhas was promoted to serve aboard the frigate Far Orbit. He was second in command of the Far Orbit when Alderaan was destroyed, and had become disgruntled with the leadership of Captain Kenit. The destruction of the planet, and the propaganda that followed, further soured Vedij's loyalty to the Empire. The deaths of his parents in a so-called traffic accident added fuel to the fire. After Kenit ordered the destruction of the Silent Blades, losing an entire starfighter squadron - and Elon Vedij's life in the process - Dhas could no longer contain his hatred of Kenit and the Empire. Vedij and a group of followers, comprising about two-thirds of the crew, staged a mutiny, and successfully wrested control of the frigate from Captain Kenit. They then became independent privateers, and allied themselves with the Alliance in order to obtain funding and strike back at the Empire. Vedij and his crew participated in a series of raids on Imperial installations in the Ringali Shell, during the Alliance's experiment in using pirates and privateers to assist in the Galactic Civil War.(FOP)

Vedij, Elon
This man was Dhas Vedij's younger brother. Like his father and brother before him, Elon joined the Imperial Navy, and later served with Dhas aboard the Far Orbit as a starfighter pilot. When Captain Kenit ordered the destruction of the Silent Blades, he ordered a full squadorn of starfighters to attack their base. Elon's squadron was dispatched, but was eventually wiped out by the pirates. Elon was killed in the assault.(FOP)

Vedij, Ronnan Tyla
A Baron with family holdings on Coruscant, Ronnan was not content to live a comfortable life like his ancestors. Instead, he elected to join the Imperial Navy and serve the Emperor. He led a distinguished career, earning the rank of Captain after saving his ship and crew from a pirate attack after the death of his commanding officer and after receiving serious wounds himself. Vedij ended his career as a full Admiral, and retired to the family estate on Coruscant. After retiring, Ronnan began voicing his opinion of the Emperor's use of a huge war machine to scare the galaxy into submission. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, he and his wife were killed in what was officially deemed a traffic accident.(FOP)

Vedis IV
Lu Esi was killed here after his ship crashed on the planet. He was being pursued by sector authorities at the time.(SWJ2)

Vee, Tabbins
This Imperial stormtrooper was part of the detachment sent to Golrath, as part of Lieutenant Giel's mission to discover the whereabouts of the Alliance, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. Vee had graduated from the Imperial Academy with his friend, Bens Figg, although Vee was always second in line to Figg's exploits. Whatever Figg earned, Vee seemed to earn it shortly afterward. When Leia Organa infiltrated the Imperial base on Golrath, Vee was knocked unconscious just after Figg, allowing Leia to gain further access to the base.(MC65)

Vee Gee
This droid belonged to Airen Cracken.(CFG)

Veed, Morlish
This man was one of Roan Fel's primary rivals in the New Empire, some 100 years after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. A Grand Admiral and the leader of Moff High Council, Veed maintained several key contacts in the Imperial Intelligence agency, specifically Nyna Calixte, to keep tabs on Emperor Fel and watch for anything that could be used against him.

When the Ossus Project began to fail across the galaxy, Moff Veed and his supporters called for retaliation against the Galactic Alliance, claiming that the Alliance had failed to protect its worlds. The New Empire broke off all relations with the Alliance, and set about taking control of the galaxy. It was during this time that Calixte struck a deal with Darth Krayt and the new Sith order, and drew Veed into their plans. The alliance with Darth Krayt and the new Sith order was formed without the knowledge of Emperor Fel, but all the Imperials were unaware that Darth Krayt had sabotaged the Ossus Project as part of his own plans to assume control of the galaxy.

In the wake of the Battle of Caamas, in which Veed accepted the surrender of the Galactic Alliance, Emperor Fel sent a diplomatic delegation to Ossus to negotiate with the Jedi. Darth Maladi and the Sith used this mission to cover their own attack on the Jedi, turning a peaceful mission into the Massacre at Ossus. Veed and the other Moffs were unprepared for the attack, and feared that they had added the Jedi and Emperor Fel to their list of enemies.

Unknown to all but Nyna Calixte, Veed had made a deal with the Sith. In exchange for control of Coruscant and Ossus, Veed believed that he had forced the Sith into accepting him as the new Emperor. Thus, when the Sith attacked Coruscant, Veed and the Moffs watched as the Sith cut down the Imperial leadership, apparently including Emperor Fel himself. When Krayt assumed the throne, however, Admiral Veed was forced to submit to his leadership. He silently cursed the Sith, believing that he had been double-crossed. Thus, when Calixte revealed that she had been ordered by Darth Maladi to locate Cade Skywalker, Veed and Calixte put plans in motion to locate Skywalker themselves.

Although their initial plans failed, Veed refused to accept the fact that the Sith had beaten them. He and Calixte agreed to have Morrigan Corde infiltrate the Sith Temple to extract Skywalker and bring him to the Moffs. Veed himself put the initial deal into motion, hiring Corde and providing her with Yuuzhan Vong lifeforms that she could use to infiltrate the Sith Temple. He also agreed to keep Imperial forces from interfering with the mission, and was forced to recall the Skull Squadron after they scrambled to intercept the Mynock.(SWI88, SWLB, SWLN, SWLA, SWLT, SWLC)

This was a common name among the Talz race.(UANT)

When translated into Basic, this Ewok word meant "quick."(GPB)

Veekan, Cebann
This Hamadryas male was a small-time actor who made a niche for himself playing roles in B-grade horror films, during the height of the New Order. Unfortunately, his membership with the Imperial Entertainers Guild was revoked during a series so-called "loyalty purges," and Veekan found himself without a source of income. He took to drinking to pass the time between performances, and the credits he earned barely covered his down-time expenses. After a long, unsuccessful run in backwater productions, Veekan ended up on Tatooine, doing performance art in Mos Eisley when he wasn't at Chalmun's cantina. It was at the cantina that he met Ackmena, and together they formed a small troupe of performers. Chamlun allowed them to rehearse at the cantina, often allowing them to perform for the regular patrons. Their performances were only mildly well-received for many years, until they decided to put on a series of shows that chronicled the life of the local hero, Luke Skywalker, in the wake of the Battle of Endor. Veekan himself took on the lead role, and the show became quite popular over time. He eventually retired a rich Hamadryas, although he remained with the acting company as a teacher.(SWDB)

Vee-Kir 4
This was a version of the standard container ship, built with a sleek design that resembled a huge landspeeder.(SWJ3)

This was a Weequay form of needle or thin-bladed knife.(TFNR)

This plump woman joined Kyp Durron and the Kyp's Dozen starfighter squadron shortly before Coruscant fell to the Yuuzhan Vong. She was an affable woman, but she had a short temper and never forgot any slight against her. Veema was killed when the Dozen showed up after the Yuuzhan Vong had taken Coruscant. Her ship holed by a plasma bomb, while she was trying to escort a freighter full of refugees away from Coruscant. Her X-Wing exploded, killing Veema and setting off a chain reaction which destroyed the freighter as well.(DJ)

This Ithorian pilot was the owner and Captain of the cruiser ship Luxury, during the final years of the Old Republic. When the ship was rented by the organization known as Sentient Beings Opposing Violence, Veer took on an extra co-pilot to help with the shipboard duties. Unknown to Veer, the woman who called herself Lernia was not what she seemed to be. In reality, Lernia was the Dark Jedi known as Raik Muun, who used the Lernia alias to infiltrate the Luxury in an effort to disrupt the peace talk between the SBOV and Jedi Master Kirlocca. When she sprang her trap, Muun killed all of the bridge crew except Veer, whom she needed to pilot the ship while she oversaw her plans. She also wired a dead-man switch to his arms, which was connected to explosives that she taped to his chest. This forced Veer to remain at his post, lest he move his hands and set off the bomb.(FOC3)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "area."(OWS)

This was the alias used by the obese, bald man who was one of Naboo's most wanted criminals, during the reign of King Veruna. He was linked by Lieutenant Panaka to the Gungan criminal Kroke Modbom, after Panaka discovered Veermok's team in the caves below Naboo's surface. He admitted to Panaka that he and his forces were working to find the balance between the human and Gungan natives of Naboo, hoping to break the pro-human government of King Veruna and unite the peoples of the planet. Veermok understood that the Gungans were the true natives of Naboo, and that they were able to sense when the planet's natural balance was disrupted. Veermok had captured Panaka, but the death throes of a sando aqua monster disrupted his plans and allowed Panaka to get free. Veermok was killed when he was killed by Sate Pestage, on Naboo to take custody of Kroke Modbom. Pestage's laser blast took him square in the chest. Panaka demanded that Pestage be arrested on charges of murder and conspiracy, but Captain Magneta refused to grant this wish.(GMR2)

This vicious, gorilla-like creature was native to the planet Naboo. The veermok inhabited the plains and forests of the planet, staying well away from the swamps. They were quite large and very fast on their feet, and have sharp teeth and large claws with which to attack their prey. The Gungans often use veermoks as guards for their waste yards, and a veermok trained from birth could become loyal and protective to its master. In the wild, veermoks were solitary beasts that congregating only during the mating season.(E1N, SON, WSW)

This was the name used by Luke Skywalker to describe the thirteen- and fourteen-year-old trainees at the Jedi academy on Ossus, during the years following the Swarm War. Students in the Veermok class were allowed to build their own lightsabers, preparing them to become Wampas and be chosen as apprentices.(LF6)

Veerone, Veerdo
This Rodian dramatist was known as the author of The Unquiet Spirit Arises from the Swamp, and immense play.(HR)

Veerpal Squadron
This was one of the Imperial starfighter units which was garrisoned on Redcap during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWJ5)

Veers, Maximillian
Veers had been an Imperial soldier nearly his entire life. He trained as the commander of an All-Terrain Armored Transport. He was part of General Irrv's mission to subdue the planet Culroon III, and was nearly court-martialled for telling Irrv that the ruse of a peaceful ceremony would be less effective than an all-out assault on the Culroon people. When Veers was proven correct, Irrv was executed by Commander Grath, who then promoted Veers to Major. Veers learned that mistakes were not to be tolerated by the Empire, and when Davin Felth pointed out that the AT-AT was vulnerable due to its legs, he carefully hid the information and shipped Felth off to Tatooine. Veers was assigned to the first Death Star, and managed to escape in a shuttle just before the battle station exploded. His shuttle crashed on Yavin 4, and he was forced to survive for days before an Imperial rescue team found him. After assuming the rank of Colonel, he was part of the garrison stationed on Corellia during the early years of the New Order, and was dispatched by Grand Admiral Thrawn to "assist" Hal and Corran Horn in capturing Zekka Thyne. After Thrawn described Veers' bravery and leadership skills to Darth Vader, Veers was promoted to Imperial Army General, and he led the AT-AT assault on the Hoth Rebel base. Veers again survived the battle, after jumping free of his walker when it was destroyed by a disabled Alliance snowspeeder. He later served under Executor Sedriss during Operation Shadow Hand, and died during the Battle of Balmorra. Note that in the novelization of Star Wars: Epsiode V - The Empire Strikes Back, Veers was killed when Hobbie crashs his disabled snowspeeder into Veers' walker, disabling the walker and causing it to explode.(E5, E5R, DE2, TME, TFE, NEGC)

Veers, Zevulon
The son of Maximillian Veers, Zev grew up wondering why the Empire stood for so many wonderful things, yet destroyed entire races and enslaved others. He reluctantly joined his local SAGroup battalion, but the New Order was notvery much to his liking. When his father told him that certain comments and questions Zev had made were endangering his career, Zev vowed to be anything but like his father. He endured his Imperial training, as well as the glory his father received from the Battle of Hoth. When his commanding officer brutally torture an elderly man suspected of supporting the Alliance, Zev's better judgement took over. He helped the man, and was taken prisoner by Alliance agents trying to rescue him. Zev was questioned, but the Alliance could find no reason to distrust him. Zev became an Alliance soldier just prior to the Battle of Endor. As a gunner in the New Republic navy, he served aboard the Emancipator during the first Battle of Calamari. He was also part of the assault which attacked Byss by hiding inside the Emperor's shipment of Viper Automadons.(DE1, DESB, DE2)

This Meerian woman was the leader of the Home Planet Party, some 12 years before the Battle of Naboo. She was fiercely loyal to her people and her homeworld of Bandomeer, and strove to forge an alliance with the Arconans that shared the planet in order to restore it to its natural beauty. However, in order to further her plans and ideals, VeerTa entered into a secret pact with Xanatos. This put her in between her own political party, which worked with Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation, and the leaders of Offworld Mining Company. VeerTa hoped that this alliance would free Bandomeer once Xanatos had exacted his revenge against Qui-Gon Jinn, but she ultimately discovered that she was just a pawn in Xanatos' plans to destroy the planet. VeerTa was exposed after Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Kenobi thwarted Xanatos' plans, and she was removed from office.(DR)

This man served the Alliance as a General at the base on Arbra, during the months following the Battle of Hoth.(MC65)

This was a common name among the Ranat race.(UANT)

This was the name of a noted Pho Ph'eahian individual.(UANT)

Vees, s'Too
This starfighter mechanic worked as an engineer on Cloud City until the Empire garrisoned the outpost. Then, Vees fled the station behind Lando Calrissian and joined the Alliance. Vees was offered a position with the Alliance's rear guard, but turned it down to continue working on Calrissian's starships. Vees held the rank of Lieutenant during the Battle of Endor.(CCG11)

Meaning "eager", this name was common among Gungan females.(GCG)

This was a common name among adult Codru-Ji.(UANT)

Veeshas Tuwan
This was the name of a great Sith library complex that was built on Arkania, but later destroyed by the Jedi Knights in the wake of the Great Hyperspace War. Many of the Sith Lords who rose to power after Darth Ruin believed that the loss of the Veeshas Tuwan complex was one of the costliest losses the Sith had ever dealt with, since a great portion of their history was destroyed or stolen by the Jedi.(TOJC, EGF)

This Imperial Colonel was dispatched to the garrison on Omman during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was a lifelong enemy of Karl Ancher, who often referred to him as "Colonel Weasel," especially after learning that Ancher had had an affair with his then-newlywed bride.(SWJ3)

This was a gourmet form of VegHash that was often served in bubble-shaped bowls.(ML, SWG2P)

This was a vegetable-based meat substitute that utilized the dense textures of certain legumes and vegetables to simulate the taste and texture of a steak.(DSTR)

Vegetable Man
This was a common term used to describe a member of the Zelosian race. Depending on the situation, the term could have positive or negative connotations.(DSTR)

This Zabrak male and his partner, Nilloc, were part of the Coalition that tried to take control of the Cularin System's economy, during the months following the end of the Clone Wars and Cularin's secession from the Galactic Empire. Vegg's family had owned a transport business for four generations, and it was Vegg's misfortune to be aboard the family starship when her hyperdrive blew out near Cularin. He put down on the planet in hopes of getting the ship repaired, and found himself in the middle of the Coalition's attempt to take control of the Cularin System. Seeing that he had few other choices, Vegg joined the Coalition's Blade Squad, hoping to receive discounts on a new hyperdrive if the Coalition was successful in its takeover bid. He often resented the fact that he was paired with Nilloc, because the simple-minded human spent more time rambling on about inane subjects than actually fighting in battles. In frustration, Vegg finally shot Nilloc dead during a stakeout on Tolea Biqua, but his relief was short-lived. Just after reporting Nilloc's "accident," Vegg and his team witnessed the Coalition's lone warship plummeting into the atmosphere of Genarius. The LH-3210 plunged into Tolea Biqua, utterly destroying both ship and city in a massive explosion. Vegg and his counterparts, along with the Cularin Militia forces, were killed in the resulting explosion.(LFCW)

A nickname for Wedge Antilles used by Mirax Terrik.(XWPA)

This vegetable mush was served in a grain and choya shell in many restuarants on Lianna. Because it had a long shelf life, VegHash was often packaged in small containers and used as part of the food stores on many independent starships.(ML, SWG2P, SWJ4)

This surname was common among the Sullustan race, and meant "game warden" in the Sullustan language.(GCG)

Vegnu, Jub
A huge, obese Sullustan working for Jabba the Hutt just before the Battle of Yavin. He served as a go-between for many of Jabba's informants in Mos Eisley.(TME)

This was the brand name of a series of specialized, zero-gravity hydroponics stations that could be deployed into orbit above a world, where fruits and vegetables could be grown in specialized chambers that enhanced the flavor and the size of the foodstuffs that were grown in them.(OWS)

This Imperial Nebulon-B frigate was the ship that transported Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and his Mon Calamari slave, Ackbar, during the height of the of the New Oder. When the Alliance tried to assassinate Tarkin, shortly before the Battle of Yavin, their starfighter pilots were able to rescue Ackbar, although Tarkin escaped.(XW, XWP)

This was one of the many Imperial-class Star Destroyers used by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War.(FTD)

This Imperial-II class Star Destroyer was part of the Empire's fleet dispatched to protect the second Death Star, during its construction. It was destroyed by the Alliance during the Battle of Endor.(XWA)

Vehn, Remis
This man was a member of the Peace Brigade team which blockaded the Yavin System, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. However, Vehn claimed to have no affiliation with the Peace Brigade when he was approached by Anakin Skywalker. Anakin had been trying to rescue Sannah, Valin Horn, and Tahiri Veila, and needed Vehn's ship to take them away from Yavin 4. Vehn, fearing that the Jedi would melt his brain if he refused, allowed them to take the ship. He then allowed himself to be "forced" to cooperate, believing that the Jedi would take control of his mind if he didn't. Remis's beliefs about the Jedi were straighted out after he was paired with Qorl. The two were supposed to wait for Anakin's rescue of Tahiri, avoiding the Yuuzhan Vong at all costs. The pair managed to survive, and rescued Anakin and Tahiri just as they escaped the damutek complex of the Shapers.(EVC)

Veil Dancing
This was a form of sensuous dancing that was practiced by the Zeltron race. The art of veil dancing was an ancient one, dating back more than a millennia before the Galactic Civil War.(DBPD)

Veil of Skynara
This luxurious yacht was built in the Vensor System, and operated along the Five Veils' Tour Route from a based on Skynara, during the height of the New Order. The owners of the ship eventually purchased the valuable Balved sculpture known as the Veil of Skynara to display aboard the ship, although it was unclear which was given the name first..(GG9, OWS)

Veil of Skynara
This famous Balved sculpture was purchased by the owners of the luxury star yacht Veil of Skynara for an incredible sum of credits, although it was unclear whether the sculpture or the starship had the name first.(GG9, OWS)

Veil, The
This cloud of molecular gases was located just Coreward of the boundary between the Mid Rim and the Expansion Region.(TOJC)

Veila, Cassa
This woman was Tahiri Veila's mother. Cassa and her husband, Tryst, were strong with the Force, and they were among the more compassionate of the moisture farmers on Tatooine during the early years of the New Republic. When they found the Tusken Raider Sliven after his tribe was attacked by smugglers, Cassa and Tryst took him in and nursed him back to health. Sliven never forgot their generosit or their compassion, especially after spending time with their daughter, Tahiri. After several months, Sliven was nearly strong enough to return to his tribe. He had begun teaching Tryst how to fight with a gaderffi as a way to build up his own strength. However, Sliven was unaware that his tribe was still searching for him. A group of Tusken Raiders came upon the Veila farm and witnessed Sliven and Tryst practicing with their gaderffi sticks. Believing that Sliven was in trouble, the Raiders attacked and killed both Tryst and Cassa in order to recover him. Tahiri was taken in and raised by the Tusken Raiders after Sliven demanded that she be adopted, much to the dismay of Vexa.(P, ECH)

Veila, Tahiri
A native of the planet Tatooine, Tahiri was suddenly orphaned as a young child when her parents were killed in the desert by Tusken Raiders. They were moisture farmers, and Tahiri grew up with the determination of her parents. She would have died of exposure, but she was taken in by Sliven and his tribe and raised as one of their own for five years. When she was nine, Luke Skywalker and Tionne found her on Tatooine, and she was allowed to accompany them to Yavin 4 to attend the Junior Jedi Academy. She befriended Anakin Solo, and the two suddenly discovered that they were experiencing the same dream. The dream led them to discover the Golden Globe beneath the Palace of the Woolamander, and introduced them to the ancient Jedi Master Ikrit. She was a very natural child, preferring to walk around the jungle complexes in her bare feet in order to feel the world around her. She was known for her pale yellow hair and green eyes. After solving the puzzle of the Golden Globe, Tahiri continued to study on Yavin 4. She befriended Anakin despite the fact that he was two years older, and she eventually graduated into the Jedi praxeum and training under Kam Solusar and Tionne. While on Dagobah, Tahiri discovered that her grandfather had actually been a Jedi Knight, but had been hunted down and killed during the Jedi Purge ordered by Emperor Palpatine.

When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Tahiri found herself trapped on Yavin 4 with Sannah and Valin Horn. The two younger students managed to reach Kam Solusar, but Tahiri was captured. She was given over to Mezhan Kwaad and Nen Yim, who kept her under control long enough to map her neural pathways in an attempt to isolate the Force. The goal of the Shapers was to create a living bridge between the Yuuzhan Vong and the Jedi Knights. Part of Tahiri's captivity involved the breaking of her will and the implanting of memories that twisted her sense of reality. Mezhan Kwaad hoped to alter Tahiri's mind into believing that she was, in fact, a Yuuzhan Vong adept who had been captured by the New Republic's infidels. Tahiri struggled to maintain her link to the Force, although she barely managed to keep herself whole before Anakin rescued her.

When she realized that he loved her, Tahiri dragged herself out of the false memories implanted in her mind, although she maintained the illusion of being a cooperative slave long enough to trick Mezhan Kwaad. Tahiri then picked up Anakin's lightsaber and beheaded Mezhan Kwaad, and she escaped Yavin 4 with Anakin. She feared that her killing of Mezhan Kwaad had also destroyed her mind, but Anakin swore he would help her recover. Tahiri soon regained control of her mind, although the Yuuzhan Vong language and demeanor remained within her. This allowed her to communicate in with the alien invaders, as well as to understand them during conversation. After capturing the Stalking Moon, Tahiri and Anakin discovered that their relationship had taken another step, as they began to fall in love. Unfortunately for Tahiri, Anakin was killed while trying to kill the voxyn queen at Myrkr. Tahiri had to watch as he fell, and she sank into a deep state of despair. She continued to fight as a Jedi Knight, but her spirit had been quelled. At the suggestion of Saba Sebatyne, Tahiri joined a group of Jedi aboard the Ralroost near Kashyyyk, in an effort to develop a technique to Force-meld minds together. While the exercise had a decidedly military outcome, Saba correctly guessed that the close promixity of other Jedi minds would help bring Tahiri out of her shell.

Tahiri was ostensibly promoted to squadron commander under Kre'fey's command, working as an advisor to the fleet which massed as Kashyyyk and launched raids on Yuuzhan Vong-controlled space. Her Barefoot Squadron proved to be loyal and dedicated, and helped to build her confidence as a pilot and leader. However, Anakin's death and her imprisonment by the Yuuzhan Vong continued to plague her mind, and her connection to the Force flared up stringly whenever she encountered a Yuuzhan Vong individual or artifact. She fainted into deep unconsciousness after the Galactic Alliance regrouped at Calamari, one on Calamari itself and later on Galantos when she found a pendant depicting Yun-Yammka. These spells worried Jaina Solo the most, since she too retained a connection to Anakin. It was later discovered that the spells were caused by the Riina Kwaad personality, which was trying to survive by casting out Tahiri's mind. Riina even found a way to use Tahiri's connection to the Force, and the Ryn Goure was the first to suggest that Tahiri had to find a way to live with Riina in order to survive. This process took many painful months, until Tahiri herself realized that killing Riina would mean killing herself. The two personalities found a way to merge, and the new being which resulted from this union was a perfect combination of Jedi Knight and Yuuzhan Vong.

After a brief mission to Dagobah, Tahiri found herself bound to a promise of izai she made to Hul Qat, and she requested permission to locate Yu'shaa, the Prophet of the Yuuzhan Vong Shamed Ones on Coruscant. Accomanpied by Corran Horn, Tahiri managed to infiltrate Coruscant, which had been reformed into a simulacrum of the long-lost planet Yuuzhan'tar. Along with the Prophet, Tahiri and Corran picked up Harrar and Nen Yim before fleeing Coruscant and setting out for Zonama Sekot. On the planet, Tahiri found herself in the middle of the struggle between Nom Anor and the living planet, shortly after she discovered that the former Executor had killed Nen Yim. After the Yuuzhan Vong surrendered at Coruscant some months later, Tahiri decided to remain on Zonama Sekot with Tekli and the Yuuzhan Vong, in an effort to learn more about herself and her relationship with Riina. Master Skywalker had one final request for her as she left with the planet: to locate the Widowmaker so that it could be brought home safely. Five years later, when UnuThul sent out his call for help, Tahiri was among seven young Jedi who dropped whatever mission they were currently on and traveled to the Unknown Regions to answer the call. Unlike Zekk and Jaina Solo, Tahiri believed that the Chiss were planning to destroy every hive of the Colony, despite the fact that the Force had given the Jedi no indications of the true nature of the conflict.

After the crisis with the Dark Nest was resolved, Tahiri continued to serve the new Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance, and was part of Team Tauntaun when the GA tried to prevent the complete secession of the Corellian System. Unknown to Tahiri at the time, Jacen Solo recognized that she would be a powerful ally in his bid to assume control of the galaxy. By teaching her the ability to flow-walk, Jacen gave Tahiri a chance to relive her final moments with Anakin Solo at Myrkr. This also gave Jacen a chance to subtly influence Tahiri's mind, slowly gaining control over her by taking advantage of her emotions. When the Galactic Alliance met the forces of The Confederation at the Battle of Kuat, Tahiri was assigned a position as part of the Night Blades squadron. In this role, she was the only Jedi pilot who refused to follow Luke Skywalker to Kashyyyk when he decided to break off relations with the Galactic Alliance. She then followed Han and Leia Solo to Hapes, in order to discover what they were up to. Tenel Ka wanted no part of Tahiri and her loyalty to Jacen, and had her arrested as a Jedi defector. Tahiri managed to avoid any form of sentence, and returned to Jacen's side after Ben Skywalker chose to break off his relationship with Jacen. Jacen then began grooming Tahiri to serve as his apprentice, seeing that she was more suited to becoming a Sith than Ben had been. Her first mission for Jacen was to visit with Gilad Pellaeon, in an effort to convince the old military man to provide naval forces from the Imperial Remnant to Jacen's plans to capture the shipyards of Fondor.

Back on Coruscant, Jacen received questions about Tahiri's position in the command structure of the Galactic Alliance from Admiral Cha Niathal, who knew Tahiri was just a Jedi Knight. In order to appease the Admiral, Jacen had Tahiri installed as a Lieutenant in the military, allowing her to serve on the decks of the Anakin Solo. Once she had military standing, Tahiri was able to serve as Jacen's liaison to Admiral Pellaeon on the Bloodfin, during the assault on Fondor. Tahiri was under orders to ensure Pellaeon's compliance with Jacen's plans, even if that meant killing the old man. She was unsure about this mission, until it became obvious that Jacen was in trouble with the rest of the Galactic Alliance's fleet. As the battle plan splintered when Cha Niathal relieved Jacen of his military command and Admiral Pellaeon ordered the Imperial forces to take orders from Niathal alone, Tahiri knew that it was time to act. She cornered Pellaeon in the Bloodfin's command center and shot him dead, while the Imperial Moffs looked on without any thoughts of aiding Pellaeon. However, upon learning of Pellaeon's death, the crew of the Bloodfin mutinied, trapping Tahiri and the Moffs in the command center. A group of Mandalorians led by Boba Fett then infiltrated the ship and killed the Moffs, and Tahiri escaped into an accessway during the fighting. She was soon apprehended by Mirta Gev, and was dismayed when her lightsaber failed to penetrate Gev's beskar armor. Gev stabbed Tahiri in the leg, severing a major artery, and Tahiri might have died from blood loss if Darth Caedus hadn't arrived to rescue her. Even with his appearance, however, their escape was not guaranteed. Boba Fett shot Caedus in the knee from point-blank range, letting Caedus know that he had just barely escaped death. Caedus managed to get Tahiri to his med runner, and they fled back to the Anakin Solo.

Upon returning to Coruscant, Tahiri was able to make a full recovery from her injuries, and assumed her role as Darth Caedus' Sith apprentice. Caedus sent her on a mission to locate the whereabouts of the exiled Jedi Order, but she reached a dead end when discovered the remains of their base on the Forest Moon of Endor. Caedus then charged her with a new mission, based on a vision he had received from the Force. Tahiri was recalled to Coruscant, where she was placed in charge of a mission to capture Ben Skywalker and hold him prisoner. When Ben refused to divulge any information under the torture of the droid SD-XX, Tahiri tried to use her feminiity to confuse the youth. When this failed, Tahiri was force to try different tactics, and offered Ben the chance to save Lon Shevu's life in exchange for information about the location of the Jedi base. Shevu refused to let Ben give up the Jedi for his life, and was killed during Tahiri's torture. However, Shevu's death meant that Tahiri no longer had the upper hand, and reacted with an angry slap to Ben's face when he taunted her. The slap knocked Ben's hoverchair over, and in the moment of confusion that followed, he used the Force to knock Tahiri into her guards. Ben then nudged one of the guards' weapons off-target, striking Tahiri with a stunning blast that knocked her unconscious. After gaining the confidence of the guards, Ben then dumped Tahiri's body down a processing chute and made his escape, taking Shevu's body with him.

When she finally extricated herself from the processor, Tahiri managed to track down Ben with the help of the droid SD-XX, which had been charged with tracing Ben's movements by Darth Caedus. She took the Anakin Solo to Nova Station, and had planned to capture Ben when he left with Trista and Taryn. However, when she learned that they were to rendezvous with Prince Isolder of Hapes, Tahiri captured Isolder's ship in the hope that he would be a more pliable person than Ben. Her feeling of success was smashed when Caedus revealed that he had already isolated the possible location for the Jedi base to the Transitory Mists, but agreed that Isolder might have his uses. Although she was only mildly upset that Caedus had not praised her efforts, Tahiri was later angered when he revealed that their flow-walking back to Anakin Solo's death had not actually changed anything in the past. In that instant, Tahiri realized that Jacen Solo had used the technique to draw her into his schemes.

Although she hated him for doing it, Tahiri continued to obey Caedus' commands, and led a strike force to the surface of Shedu Maad. Her orders were to detonate a baradium warhead on the surface of the planet, in order to wipe out any Jedi who remained there. Her intelligence on where to place the warhead came from General Livette of the Hapan military, who had been loyal to Ducha Requud. Before she could detonate the weapon, however, her forces were attacked by a group of Hapan commandos led by Ben Skywalker and Taryn. She was forced to confront Ben in order to carry out her mission, and their lightsaber battle continued into a sinkhole. When they were both trapped beneath the surface, Ben appealed to Tahiri to abandon Darth Caedus and return to the Jedi Order. Tahiri didn't believe that they would take her back, and was surprised when Ben then offered to let her go free. Tahiri finally surrendered to the Jedi, and allowed herself to be questioned by the Jedi before she was given a chance to recover. She provided information about the nanokiller that had been deployed on Mandalore, which was later confirmed by the Imperial Moffs who survived the war.

In the wake of the Second Galactic Civil War, Tahiri decided to become a freelance bounty hunter, knowing that her place was no longer with the Jedi. This placed her in a unique position some three years later, after Grand Master Luke Skywalker was arrested and charged with negligence in allowing Jacen Solo to rise to power. All of the Jedi Knights and Masters were forced to allow a government observer to follow them wherever they went, and Tahiri was included in the legal order. Nawara Ven successfully argued that Tahiri was no longer a member of the Jedi Order, and that her ability to use the Force was a natural ability, and so the intrusion of the government observer was a violation of her privacy. Tahiri later confided to Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel that she did not believe Jacen had been broken by Lumiya and forced to accept the will of the Dark Side of the Force, Instead, she believed that Jacen had been shaped by Lumiya, but that something in his past had caused Jacen to abandon the ways of the Jedi. After Javis Tyrr exposed the fact that the Jedi Order was holding Seff Hellin within the Jedi Temple, the Jedi involved were forced to reveal themselves to the Galactic Alliance government. Because Tahiri had been part of the group that captured Hellin, she might have been named as well, but Jaina Solo did not include Tahiri in her list of names because Tahiri was no longer a Jedi Knight. This simple fact saved Tahiri the embarrassment of an interview with Tyrr, but it also gave the Galactic Alliance Security force enough leeway to arrest her for the murder of Admiral Pellaeon.(GG, LW, P, AQ, JE, EVC, EVR, SBS, Y, FH1, FH2, FH3, FP, UF, DN1, LF1, LF6, LF8, LF9, FJ1, FJ2)

Veila, Tryst
This man was Tahiri Veila's father. Tryst and his wife, Cassa, were strong with the Force, and they were among the more compassionate of the moisture farmers on Tatooine during the early years of the New Republic. When they found the Tusken Raider Sliven after his tribe was attacked by smugglers, Cassa and Tryst took him in and nursed him back to health. Sliven never forgot their generosit or their compassion, especially after spending time with their daughter, Tahiri. After several months, Sliven was nearly strong enough to return to his tribe. He had begun teaching Tryst how to fight with a gaderffi as a way to build up his own strength. However, Sliven was unaware that his tribe was still searching for him. A group of Tusken Raiders came upon the Veila farm and witnessed Sliven and Tryst practicing with their gaderffi sticks. Believing that Sliven was in trouble, the Raiders attacked and killed both Tryst and Cassa in order to recover him. Tahiri was taken in and raised by the Tusken Raiders after Sliven demanded that she be adopted, much to the dismay of Vexa.(P, ECH)

Although sometimes attributed to Twi'lek dancing girls, the veil-dance actually originated on Zeltros.(OWS)

This Yarkora was an independent trader based on the planet Galtea, during the early years of the New Republic. He disdained religion and anything he deemed "mindless mysticism," but could pretend to be a curious scholar in order to get what he wanted. His travels in Kathol Sector provided him a fairly detailed mapping of the sector.(DARK)

This was a sheer, gauzy dress that was popular among human women during the early years of the New Order.(HSL)

Veizen Fever
This disease was believed to drive the Moochers of Abregado-rae into fits of madness. It was feared that an outbreak of Veizen Fever might also affect the Gado population, and for this reason the Tundei regime allowed the virtual extermination of the Moocher population.(CCW)

This Selkath worked for Ithoriak Guldar during the era of the Great Sith War.(KOTOR)

This individual was one of Dolph's tactical advisors on Almania. He supported the failed Jedi during the New Republic's assault on the planet.(TNR)

Vek, Ratrin
This man claimed to have been the true owner of the Ebon Hawk, during the years following the Jedi Civil War.(KOTOR2)

Vek, Senni
This Twi'lek worked as a messenger for the Genoharadan Assassin Guild, during the era of the Great Sith War.(KOTOR)

Vek, Tendler
This man was considered to be tall, dark, and handsome, at least by the standards of the planet Seregar. He was born in the Outer Rim, and made his living as a gambler after his family went bankrupt. He amassed his own fortune before acquiring the suspicion of a group of nobles who lost a fortune to him, and he was forced to flee for his life. He ended up on Seregar, claiming that the "sore losers" had driven him to the planet.(ND)

This was a Yuuzhan Vong command, used to open an organic portal which had been coded to an individual's domain or genetics.(FP)

This unambitious Quarren was one of Prince Xizor's vigo's, or one of his closest lieutenants. He started out with Black Sun working for another vigo, until his master attempted to assassinate Xizor. After executing the vigo, Xizor offered Vekker the chance to take his place. Vekker agreed, and developed a wide range of gambling halls and casinos that brought in steady profits to Black Sun.(SE, SESB)

This name was commonly given to Quarren males, and referred to a dangerous predator found in the oceans of Mon Calamari.(GCG)

This dangerous, oceanic predator was native to the planet Mon Calamari.(GCG)

This young, red-haired girl was a member of the Bantha class of Jedi trainees, at the training facility on Ossus, during the height of the Galactic Alliance's conflict with The Confederation. Vekki was taken hostage when Major Serpa of the Galactic Alliance Guard tried to take control of the training facility, in order to protect himself from the mature Jedi Knights who were opposing him. She was freed by Zekk, who snuck up on Serpa and used his lightsaber to cut off the Major's arms.(LF6)

This alien race was distinguished by the pair of horns which sprout from the frill of bone that sits over their eyes. They also have wide mouths and heavy-set jaws. Veknoids were native to theplanet Moonus Mandel.(YJC1, IWE1)

One of the family names used by the Bothan people, it literally meant "ocean" or "sea".(GCG, WOTC)

This Toydarian slicer worked with Erli Prann and his group of salvage pirates, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was Vel's hard work that revealed the possible existence of one of the Golan II battle stations in the Bilbringi System. After he cracked into a Imperial computer system, Vel managed to learn that the stationed had been cloaked by Grand Admiral Thrawn, and was still at Bilbringi. The pirates then acquired a crystal grav-trap detector and located the battle station. However, the Yuuzhan Vong capture of the Bilbringi shipyards forced them into hiding. It was Erli Prann who allowed the station to be located by the crew of the Mon Mothma during Operation Trinity, so that he could lure hyperdrive-capable ships to the station. In this way, the pirates could salvage the hyperdrives from the New Republic ships and use them to power the battle station. Despite Vel's vigilance, Jaina Solo managed to use the Force to alter Prann's recollection of his hyperspace jump coordinates, and the station ended up trying to jump through a Yuuzhan Vong interdictor. While Prann and his people weren't clear of the Yuuzhan Vong, their proximity to the interdictor allowed them to pound the ship and clear an escape route for the Galactic Alliance forces. Prann then tried to fight his way clear, but Vel demanded that he surrender the Golan station to the Galactic Alliance. He refused, but was eventually subdued. Once he was remvoed from control, Vel and the rest of the pirates agreed to turn the station over.(FP)

Vel, Ailyn
This black-haired young woman was the daughter of Sintas Vel and Boba Fett, although her parentage remained a well-kept secret. When Ailyn was sixteen, her mother was killed on a mission that was supposed to have funded her birthday present. Orphaned and alone, Ailyn became obsessed with hunting down her father, whom she felt had abandoned the family. She became a well-known hunt saboteur, hoping to get the chance to work against Boba Fett and confront him. She believed that she had finally killed him in the Extrictarium Nebula, but her victim turned out to be the insane clone Alpha-02. She took his armor and used it to masquerade as Fett, taking away from his image in much the same way that Jodo Kast once had.

Despite her actions, Ailyn held true to the Bounty Hunter's Creed, but she took any bounty she could find. Ailyn worked for many employers, including the Diversity Alliance and Bwahl the Hutt. After believing Fett to be dead on Shogun, Ailyn permanently adopted his identity, but she disappeared during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was during this time that she got a Kiffar tattoo on her face, married a Mandalorian man was gave birth to her own daughter, Mirta Gev. The tattoo, displaying three black lines running from her left eyebrow to her cheek, was similar to the tattoo Sintas wore. When her husband died, Ailyn took it upon herself to raise Mirta in the ways of the Mandalorians of old.

When she emerged once again, Ailyn had adopted the alias of Ailyn Habuur. In this alias, she was one of the first to take up Thrackan Sal-Solo's bounty on Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo. However, before she could track them down, she was captured by the Galactic Alliance Guard on Coruscant. She was brutally interrogated by Jacen Solo, who physically beat her before using the Force to compel her to speak. Ailyn died under the pressure of the assault, although Leia arranged for her body to be returned to Fett. As Fett and Mirta made a quiet peace, he took the heart-of-fire necklace that he had given Sintas on their wedding day - and which Mirta had recovered after Sintas' death - and cleaved the stone in two. One half he gave to Mirta, and the other half he placed on Ailyn's neck. Then, Fett and and his grand-daughter set off for Mandalore, where they could give Ailyn a proper Mandalorian burial. Ailyn was buried in a simple woodland grave next to that of Fett's father, Jango.(SWI80, LF2, LF5)

Vel, Sintas
This raven-haried Kiffu woman was one of the galaxy's lesser-known bounty hunters. Nevertheless, Sintas was quite skilled and able to track her targets for long periods of time. It was rumored that she was, at one time, married to Boba Fett and became the mother of Fett's child, Ailyn Vel. Only a handful of beings knew this rumor to be true. Fett was sixteen, and Sintas just eighteen, when they were married. On their wedding day, Fett gave her a heart of fire gemstone threaded into a necklace. The couple managed to make their marriage work for three years, with the birth of Ailyn occurring about a year after the ceremony.

However, Fett was rarely home, and Sintas was forced to acknowledge that they were no longer working as a family. Their split was amicable, but was one of the galaxy's best-kept secrets. The loanshark Pizztov claimed to have a hologram that portrayed their family, and threatened to auction it off at the Eport auction house if Fett didn't accede to his demands. In the end, Pizztov was shot and killed by Fett, who acknowledged Sintas' part in his life and then left her to ponder their failed relationship. Sintas continued to work as a bounty hunter, although only to support her young daughter, Ailyn.

Unfortunately, Sintas disappeared during a mission to earn some pin-money, leaving Ailyn an orphan at the age of sixteen. Ailyn later recovered the heart of fire necklace from the man who was believed to have killed Sintas, and passed it on to her own daughter, Mirta Gev. Mirta eventually tracked down Boba Fett, her maternal grandfather, and returned the heart-of-fire gem to him. He split the gem in half, burying half with Ailyn and giving the other half to Mirta. The pair later exhumed Ailyn's body to recover the gemstone, and had the complete stone read by an elderly Mandalorian named Gotab.

Gotab revealed that Sintas had traveled to Phaeda in search of a man named Rezodar, providing Fett and Gev with enough information to begin a search for Sintas' killer. Their investigation revealed that Sintas might still be alive, as her body - frozen in a carbonite slab - was discovered to be among the possessions in Rezodar's outstanding estate on Phaeda. Fett arranged to purchase Rezodar's entire estate from the Phaedan State Treasury, but only cared about the carbonite slab, which he took back to Mandalore. With the help of Doctor Beluine, Fett and the Mandalorians brought her out of hibernation, but Sintas was initially blind and unable remember many details about her life. Mirta and Fett worked with her on a regular basis, slowly making progress, until Jaina Solo discovered that Gotab was actually the former Jedi Knight Bardan Jusik. Jusik agreed to use his skills as a healer to help Sintas recover, and he eventually managed to restore her sight and most of her memories. He believed that Sintas' Kiffar braion chemistry helped her to survive three decades in hibernation.

With the flood of memories came the understanding of who Fett was, as well as who Mirta was. Sintas took it all quite well, but vowed to avenge the death of Ailyn Vel if she was given the opportunity. She then explained to Fett that she hadn't said a word to Ailyn about Fett or their relationship, but she admitted that Ailyn probably developed the wrong idea about Fett from their shattered family situation. Sintas also admitted that she did little to dispel Ailyn's beliefs, since she just wanted to get on with her life as best she could. Sintas and Fett spent many moments digging through their past, hoping to assuage the pain they had caused each other. Hoping to ensure that Sintas would never want or need anything else, Fett purchased an exceptionally rare and large heart of fire gemstone for her. He explained that she could keep it or sell it, but either way she was welcome to remain on Mandalore for the rest of her life. With this agreement, the pair celebrated their granddaughter's wedding to Ghes Orade.(T7, GMR6, SWI80, LF2, LF5, LF8)

This planet was the homeworld of the Velabri. It was subjugated by the Empire, during the earliest days of the Alliance.(SWJ12)

This near-human race, native to the planet Velabri, was distinguished by their solid blue eyes and spiky silver hair. Their eyes lacked pupils, making them easily distinguishable from normal human stock. They were a race of warriors who lived by a strict code of honor, and despised thieves and other criminal who worked outside of law and honor.(SWJ12)

Velabri Bloodvow
This was the most sacred of the bonds formed by Velabri warriors, and was much like a Wookiee Life-debt. Any Velabri who was rescued from death by another being - Velabri or not - must repay the debt by protecting their savior.(SWJ12)

Velabri Lancer
This brotherhood of Velabri warriors was made up of those Velabri who accepted the role of svoereign protectors of the Velabri people.(SWJ12)

This frozen ball of rock was the sixth and outermost planet of the Velm System. It was orbited by three tiny moons, which were probably large asteroids attracted from the rings of Zeloc.(WOTC)

This ore was supposedly mined on the planet Tatooine, one of the few natural resources that the planet offered up to settlers. In reality, velamite was a red herring, used to lure unsuspecting rookie prospectors to the planet.(GMR7)

Velanarian Boxing
This form of martial arts was designed for races that had more than four arms, although some of the techniques of the crosscut variant could be learned by two-armed beings.(DSTR)

This Imperial Security Bureau agent held the rank of Captain during the Galactic Civil War. He was easily recognized by the large jewel which replaced his right eye. The jewel held a small, holographic camera which Velantia used to record meetings and conversations.(GG2)

Velcar Free Commerce Zone
Despite what its name implies, the Velcar Free Commerce Zone was a secretive, restrictive sector of the galaxy governed by a group of Master Commerce Commissioners. It controlled by the Pentastar Alignment during the early years of the New Republic, as many of its corporate leaders allied themselves with Moff Ardus Kaine. Many of the star systems within the VFCZ were inhabited by primitive species, and the corporate leaders were not afraid to use them as "indentured laborers," having loyally served the Empire years before.(SWJ3)

Veld, Tru
This near-human Teevan youth was training to become a Jedi Knight, on the planet Coruscant, during the same period that Anakin Skywalker was a Padawan. A rubbery-limbed being with silvery eyes, Tru became one of Anakin's best friends at the Jedi Temple, especially after Anakin discovered that Tru's technical skills complimented his own. At the time, Tru was being trained by Ry-Gaul, and he was known for this photographic memory. Tru supported Anakin's plans during their participation in the evacuation of Radnor, some five years after the Battle of Naboo, further deepending their friendship. Their friendship continued to grow over the following years, although Anakin continued to become more emotional and confrontational. Tru failed to understand his friend's competition with Ferus Olin, and began to find Anakin's continual anger toward the other apprentice contrary to the teachings of the Jedi Order. When the Padawans, along with Darra Thel-Tanis and their Masters, were dispatched to Korriban to apprehend Grant Omega, Tru finally realized that Anakin might not be the best friend for him. Anakin continually baited Ferus, and refused to cooperate with the other Padawan. Tru understood that Ferus - not Anakin - had been chosen for early promotion to Jedi Knight, but he felt that Anakin should have been more supportive and less angry. Tru was injured in a fight on Korriban, and his lightsaber was badly damaged in the fighting. Rather than turning to Anakin, who had previously repaired the weapon, Tru decided to ask Ferus for help. Ferus didn't turn him in for the damage, as Tru had expected, but instead helped repair the weapon so that Tru could continue fighting. The repairs, however, reversed the fixes Anakin had done, and caused the lightsaber to drain power at a faster rate. Thus, as the Jedi team pursued Granta Omega in the Valley of the Dark Lords, Tru found himself weaponless. In another fight, he was unable to protect Darra, who took several blasts in the chest and later died from her wounds. Although the mission was ultimately successful, both Tru and Ferus were dismayed by Darra's death. Upon returning to Coruscant, Ferus was censured for his actions and chose to leave the Jedi Order. Rather than turning to Anakin, Tru remained loyal to Ferus, who had helped him in a time of great need. Tru was believed to have been among the many Jedi who were killed during the Clone Wars, but historians later discovered that he had survived the initial command to carry out Order 66. Tru remained a fugitive for several days, although the 501st Legion had orders to kill him on sight.(JQ1, JQ10, LJ1, RC66)

This was the capital city of the planet Ryvellia.(SWJ5, SWJ12)

One of the many Ithorian herdships.(MTSE)

Velerinden, Kullan
This man was the son of a petty thief, and was native to the planet Elrood. After trying to attack an off-duty Imperial officer, Kullan was beaten to within an inch of his life and given two choices: go to jail or enlist in the Imperial Army. He enlisted, and became known as a resourceful, brave warrior who could pilot an AT-ST as if it were part of himself. However, his background was never far from his mind, and he set himself up as his unit's procurement officer. In this position, he worked to obtain the best supplies for his unit, only to turn around and sell them to black marketeers in return for lesser-quality supplies. In this way, Kullan made a small fortune for himself without the Empire knowing about it. The fortune did Kullan little good personally, as he gambled most of it away. When a more honorable officer discovered his duplicity and threatened to expose him, Kullan used all his political favors to destroy his accuser's credability and then got himself placed in charge of a small command on the planet Tasariq to avoid further attention.(SWJ15)

This was the capital city of the planet Viamarr 4. Located on the largest continent of the planet's southern hemisphere, Velery was a community of 100,000 beings, and was situated near a vast forest. It was also the site of Velery Station, the planet's main starport.(WS)

Velery House
The capitol building found in the city of Velery.(WS)

Velery Station
This was the main starport found on the planet Viamarr 4, and was located in the city of Velery.(WS)

Velex City
This metropolitan area was located on the planet Pirin.(GG10)

Velga Prime
This moon was the site of serveral luxury hotels and casinos which catered the the wealthy beings of the galaxy. It was here that Xaverri left Han Solo, breaking off their romance. The planet was also one of the primary stops for Haj Shipping Lines starliners.(THG, RD)

This city was located on an island in the western continent of the planet Bothawui.(SPG)

A V-shaped, flying predator native to the planet Bespin, the velker was the primary hunter of the balloon-shaped beldon. These creatures were covered with a tough, armor-like hide, and have hard claws. The velkers were pack-hunters, and will gang up on any beldons they happen to find in the upper atmosphere. The pack will first rip open the beldon's gasbag, which causes it to begin to sink. The velkers then feed on the carcass as it sinks, a feast which can last for days due to the huge size of the average beldon. Velkers were fast flyers, and they generate a small electric field around their bodies. This field helped disrupt the beldon's own electrical field, allowing the velker to get close enough to attack without warning the beldon. The field also served as a defense mechanism.(GG2, ISU, WSW)

see Blood Velkers(LFCW)

Vellam, Nox
This former Imperial General served as the Governor of the Bright Jewel System and its surrounding sector during the height of the New Order. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, several of Vellam's planets were discovered to be minor bases used by the Alliance in the area, and Vellam was forced to explain this to the Emperor. Palpatine punished Vellam by placing five of his most productive planets under the control of Darth Vader. Vellam became angry with Vader, but found himself helpless to do anything about. Then the Battle of Yavin took place, and Vader was lost in his TIE Advanced starfighter. Vellam was disgraced when it was learned that the Alliance had been using Yavin 4 as a base, a moon in a system that was under Vellam's control. When Vader's co*ckpit suddenly appeared on Ord Mantell - right in the middle of the Bright Jewel System - Vellam tried to recover it and eliminate Vader. Unfortunately for Vellam, the co*ckpit was recovered by Captain Sodarra and his team and brought to Tatooine.(SL, GORW)

This former Imperial Captain was a native of the planet Coruscant. He served under Warlord Zsinj during the period following the Battle of Endor and the breakup of the Empire. When Zsinj stole the Razor's Kiss from Kuat Drive Yards, Vellar took command of the Iron Fist while Captain Raslan commanded the Razor's Kiss.(IF, SOC)

This surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy.(GCG)

This planet was the homeworld of the Borneck race. Much of the planet's temperate surface was given over to agriculture.(GMK, AE)

Vello, Tav
This thin, tense man served as the head of the Galactic Alliance Procurement Center, during the years following the Swarm War.(LF5)

This Imperial datafile contained information on the royal family of Velmor.(WOTC)

This was the name of a deity worshipped on the planet Velmor.(WOTC)

This was the name of the insectile race which was native to the planet Velmor. During the height of the New Order, the Velmocs were all but extinct. A few managed to survive in the Tol Velmoc Mountains, although many others were considered little more than circus side-show attractions.(WOTC)

Velmoc Flu
This form of flu was found on the planet Velmor. It was believed to be a minor inconvenience to the Velmoc population, but was considered deadly to the human population of the planet.(WOTC)

This tribe of Velmocs lived in the Tol Velmoc mountains of the planet Velmor. It was believed that this tribe accepted former royal bodyguard Ergric Betos into their fold, calling him the "soft-skinner warrior".(PH)

This desert world was the second planet in the Velm System. It was orbited by four small moons.(WOTC)

Originally colonized by the natives of the Empress Teta System, this Mid-Rim planet was subjugated by the Empire, sometime during the early years of the New Order. The planet and its inhabitants were decidedly anti-Imperial, despite the growing power of Emperor Palpatine. All members of the ruling family were killed, except for Prince Denid and his younger brother, Prince Anod. The average day on Velmor lasted 26 standard hours, and its year lasted 297 local days. The native population chose to count the passing years by associating them with certain animals that were native to Velmor, including the mrid and the ycaqt. The planet was orbited by three moons and seven large asteroids. Note that the official Wizards of the Coast website indicates that Velmor was in the Expansion Region.(LTA2, GMR10, WOTC, MC49)

This was the name given to the human natives of the planet Velmor.(ANT)

Velmorian Energy Sword
This unusual sword was produced on the planet Velmor, many centuries before the onset of the Clone Wars. Many of these weapons were handed down through the generations, passed on to the family leader of each generation. Measuring about a meter in length, the Velmorian energy sword was made from a silver metal that seemed to have been formed from molten oil. The surface of the blade appeared to shift and change like oil on water, giving the weapon a distinctive appearance. The hilt of an energy sword was often forged from electrum or another precious metal, and was usually studded with gemstones that identified the royal family for which the sword was created. What made the Velmorian energy sword different from other swords was the tiny plasma generator that was hidden in the hilt. When activated by a pressure pad, this plasma generator sent streams of energy through the crystals in the hilt and along the blade. A magnetic feedback loop was then generated to collect the plasma energy and wrap it around and along the blade. This loop also served to keep the plasma energy from contacting the blade itself, so that it did not melt the metal of the sword. This made the Velmorian energy sword similar to a lightsaber in many technological respects.(CN2)

This unusual crystal, found only on the planet Velmor, was used as a focusing crystal in the creating of an energy sword. The ancient Jedi Knights often used velmorite crystals to produce training lightsabers.(PH, KOTOR2)

This gas giant was the fourth planet in the Velm System. It was orbited by thirty-three moons, more than 280 large asteroids, and a dense system of debris rings.(WOTC)

This was the name given to any special-use facility in which beings could participate in a wide range of self-propelled sports, such as skating and boarding.(BTS)

This was a 1.9-meter-long speeder vehicle produced during the height of the New Order.(SWJ4)

Velocity Mercenaries
This band of thugs was based on the planetoid known as Dantooine's Second Star during the early years of the New Order. Although the Velocity Mercenaries tended to keep to themselves, the arrival of the Empire in the Dantooine System forced them to actively patrol the 7-IK region of the Ferionic Nebula and vigorously defend their home.(SWGAL)

This dart shooter was produced by Prax Arms during the last years of the Old Republic., It was believed that Jango Fett had a Velocity-7 unit integrated into his gauntlets.(NEGW)

This phrase was used to describe any being who enjoyed and participated in extremely fast racing sports, such as podracing and swoop racing.(HNN4)

Velop, Senya
This woman was a noted Doctor and xenobiologist at the Rhire Medical Academy during the last decades of the Old Republic. She inadvertently fell into the midst of a medical and ethical firestorm when she started investigating a method to split the Troigh DwuirsinTabb into its two separate parts, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars.(HNN5)

Velossian Caramachi Shell-back
These small, shelled creatures were often served as a side dish, accompanying many gourmet dishes.(GFT)

Veloz, Jadonna
This female starhip captain was picking up a shipment of nerf tenderloins on Alderaan, bound for Cloud City, when a malfunctioning repulsorsled knocked her over. She suffered multiple injuries, but was helped out by a young Han Solo. He piloted her ship, the Wayward Girl, to Cloud City for her.(RD)

This ancient Hutt tried in vain to subjugate the Riileb species. The Riileb banded together and turned back Velrugha's forces several times, until Velrugha gave up and left them alone.(SWJ13)

Velser's Ring
This huge asteroid field was located between the planets Miser and Orin in the Bespin system. It was believed that the asteroids were remains of another gas giant planet, since the asteroids appeared to be formed from frozen gases and liquids rather than metal. Scientists believed that the asteroid belt was formed around 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Note that Planet Hoppers indicates that Velser's Ring was located between Orin and Bespin.(GG2, PH)

This Rodian was one of Druckenwell's most powerful crimelords, during the early years of the New Republic. However, Velsey and his "family" were forced to flee Druckenwell when it was subjugated by the Yuuzhan Vong. They managed to get aboard the Chilastra, using force to take over one of the container modules for their Rodian families and comrades. Velsey agreed to deploy his Rodian thugs, assisting the security forces aboard the Chilastra, when the ship was attacked by a group of Yuuzhan Vong commandos searching for Ka-Tu-Un.(GMR8)

This Imperial officer served as a Lieutenant in the armed forces, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was stationed at the Emperor's Retreat on Naboo, in the wake of the Battle of Yavin.(SWG2P)

Veltraa, Jimas
This being served the Old Republic military forces as an Admiral in the Navy during the Mandalorian Wars, some 3,964 years before the Battle of Yavin. Admiral Veltraa served as the commander of the warship Reliance, and was the individual who proposed the original Interdictor-class warship. During the engagement known as The Onslaught, Veltraa worked with Admiral Sommos and Captain Saul Karath to lead the assault on the Mandalorian forces arrayed near Taris and Vanquo, in an effort to break through the advancing forces and gain a foothold for the Republic. Unfortunately, the Reliance was destroyed in the fighting, and all hands - including Admiral Veltraa - perished in the explosion.(KOR2, KOR4)

This gas giant was the third planet found in the Velus System. It was orbited by seven moons.(CCW)

This Hornet-class Carrier was the flagship of the pirate fleet commanded by Captain Sorran. In her holds, the Velumina carried four full squadrons of experimental droid starfighters.(SFT)

This star was the central body of the Velus System.(CCW)

This planet, the second world in the Velus System, was located in the Core Worlds. An oceanic world, Velusia was orbited by a pair of moons. The average day on Velusia lasted 22 standard hours, while its year encompassed 325 local days. Because of the planet's oceanic nature and the frequent seismic activity that altered its minimal landmass, Velusia was often overlooked by spacegoing travelers. The planet was first colonized several millennia before the Battle of Yavin by a group of human explorers. Over the intervening millennia, these humans evolved into the aquatic race known as the Aquar. During the last decades of the Old Republic, Velusia was controlled by the Nexcore Mining Corporation, which tried to strip the oceans of their mineral content. There plans were uncovered, and NMC spent the next decades simply exploring the ocean.(SWI64, CCW)

This man served the Imperial Navy as a Chief Petty Officer aboard the Star Destroyer Steel Talon, during the early years of the New Order.(DSTR)

This synthetic material was noted for its thick, soft texture, and was used to create drapes and furniture coverings.(LF8)

This was a stylish fabric used in men's clothing.(LCM)

This planet was raided by a group of smugglers during the Galactic Civil War.(HAS)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "real" or "genuine."(OWS)

This Muurian transport was owned by the pirate group controlled by Golov Nakhym, shortly before the Battle of Endor.(XWA)

This was the name of an individual level of knowledge and enlightenment, found by those ancient Nazzar who followed the Ulizra. There were fourteen unique ven to attain.(TOJC)

This was one of the many Twi'leki clans found on the planet Ryloth. The clan's name meant "silvery" or "of silver" in the Twi'leki language.(KT, GCG)

This was a form of noun prefix used by the Mandalorian people to indicate a future-tense form of a noun or verb. In general, the ven prefix was placed between a noun and a verb.(OWS, SWI86)

This man was a member of the Peace Brigade, and accompanied Reck Desh to Kuat to gather information from an unknown telbun.(HT)

This clone trooper was one of the many members of the Grand Army of the Republic who participated in the evacuation of the human colonists of the planet Qiilura, during the height of the Clone Wars, Unfortunately, Ven was one of the handful of clone troopers who were badly injured when the remaining humans decided to fight for their lands.(RCTC)

Ven, Nawara
This Twi'lek was a member of Wedge Antilles' X-Wing Rogue Squadron. On Ryloth, Nawara was born to the Ven clan. His name was translated literally to be "tongue of silver," but the translation was modified to mean "excellent speaker." On Ryloth, he was known as Nawar'aven, which indicates the Twi'leki tendency to modify names to indicate meaning. If he were known by his true clan name, Nawara'ven, the translation would then be "tarnished silver." He was a lawyer with the New Republic before applying for fighter duty. As such, he drew a part in the mission to liberate Coruscant. Once on the planet, Nawara contracted the Krytos virus, but underwent immediate bacta therapy and was able to overcome the virus. He later served as Tycho Celchu's defendant in the trial of Corran Horn's murder, as well as the Rogue Squadron primary representative in the mission to Ryloth to obtain Kor ryll. Upon his return to Coruscant, Ven was contacted by Kirtan Loor, who offered to expose every Imperial agent on Coruscant, including the true identity of the traitor in Rogue Squadron, in return for freedom from Ysanne Isard and certain liberties. Ven brokered a deal with the New Republic's Provisional Council, and met Loor with Iella Wessiri in the bowels of Imperial City. When they exitted the turbolift at the prosecutor's level, they were attacked by Diric Wessiri. Wessiri believed that Loor was actuall Evir Derricote, and wanted to kill Derricote for enslaving him. Instead, Diric shot Ven in the hip before killing Loor. Diric himself was killed by his own wife, Iella, who believed him to be a crazed assassin.

Ven managed to overcome the injury and return to Rogue Squadron, but was shot down during the Battle of Thyferra by Erisi Dlarit. He ejected before his X-Wing exploded, but he sustained damage to his legs when his vacuum suit was pierced by shrapnel. He decided to give up flying, and once his injured right leg was replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis, he served as Rogue Squadron's Executive Officer. He tried to develop a relationship with Dia Passik, but she remained aloof to him because of the fact that he remained loyal to Ryloth in many ways. He later started working for Booster Terrik aboard the Errant Venture, using his legal and accounting skills to keep the floating outpost solvent. He was briefly stranded on Trogan during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, while trying to arrange for transport of some "hot items" off the planet's surface. The "hot items" were actually a group of Force-sensitive children Nawara was trying to return to the Errant Venture. He was impeded when a group of bounty hunters arrived on the planet looking for Jedi Knights, but a group of freelance operatives helped him evade the bounty hunters and return to the ship. In the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Nawara Ven went into a private practice, working as an attorney on many worlds, although most of his work took place on the planet Coruscant. He later fell in love with, and married, Rhysati Ynr.

Some three years after the end of the Second Galactic Civil War, Nawara Ven found himself defending Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker, who had been arrested on orders from Chief of State Natasi Daala. Ven had assumed that the Galactic Alliance's case would be based on Luke's choice to separate from the Galactic Alliance during Darth Caedus' reign of terror. However, the Alliance alleged that Luke had been derelict in his duties as Grand Master, failing to recognize when Jacen Solo became a Sith Lord. The Alliance went on to claim that Luke was therefore responsible for every death that occurred during the Second Galactic Civil War, and there was also a separate charge of treason to go along with this. Luke knew that his arrest would only be the beginning of a witch hunt that might destroy the Jedi Order, so he decided to plead guilty to all charges. Nawara Ven later questioned Luke's actions, since he had acted without any input from Ven himself, but Ven agreed to keep pursuing any legal information that might help while Luke served out his ten-year sentence of exile.

Nawara Ven and his firm then agreed to serve as legal consultants to the Jedi Order, hoping to ensure that no further legal action was taken against the Jedi. When the Office of the Chief of State imposed the requirement that all acting Jedi be accompanied by a governmental observer, Nawara Ven did his best to rescind the order. He was able to successfully argue that former Jedi Tahiri Veila did not require an escort, since she was no longer associated with the Jedi Order, but this only caused a political backlash when the Galactic Alliance demanded that Valin Horn be turned over and remanded into police custody. Like the rest of the Jedi, Ven was outraged when Judge Zudan ruled that Valin was to be encased in carbonite until his condition could be diagnosed and cured, at which time he would be forced to stand trial for his actions. He continued to lobby with the High Court, and eventually was able to convince them to overturn the Galactic Alliance's various laws and orders that had been put in place to limit the members of the Jedi Order.(XWN, WG, KT, BW, SOP, IF, NJOSB, FJ1)

This was the primary world in the Vena System, which neighbored the Hapes Cluster. The Venan natives chose to remain wholy neutral from the Old Republic, but maintained good trade relations with the Republic as well as the Hapes Cluster. The planet and its natural resources were courted by Chancellor Finis Valorum of the Old Republic, as Vena had remained neutral for many generations. Valorum hoped to have Vena join the Republic and provide a new source of resources.(LSOM, WOTC)

Vena Isolationists
This was the name given to the grassroots organization that evolved on the planet Vena, after Baron Kindoro and his wife, Omnino, began entering into trade agreements with other planets. Historically, the Venans had remained a neutral body, avoiding any direct relationship with the Old Republic. Kindoro and Omnino, however, had become used to the lifestyle of an ambassador and his wife, and could not find the luxuries they enjoyed on their homeworld. The Baron and his wife allowed Republic corporations to used Venan resources in exchange for various amenities and luxury items, much to the chagrin of the general population. The Venan Isolations began sabotaging the various business dealings of the royalty, and these actions escalated into outright terrorism after the death of Baron Kindoro. The Baroness Omnino found herself powerless to stop the terrorist attacks, until she purchased mind-control technology in an attempt to quell the population. A radical group of Isolationists tried to assassinate the Baroness, but failed when they were thwarted by the Jedi Knights. However, the Isolationsists eventually achieved their goals when Omnino was killed by Qui-Gon Jinn, after she took Chancellor Finis Valorum hostage.(WOTC, LSOM)

This Mid Rim world, located in the Vellakiya System, was under minimal Imperial control until the Battle of Endor. Then, for some reason, the Imperial presence was stepped up. This angered the populace, and strong resistance cells began to pop up. The reason for the increased Imperial presence was the created of Project Orrad, which was exposed by Shandria L'hanar. Since then, the New Republic had had a hard time regaining the planet, due to increased Imperial security. The average day on Venaari lasted 28 standard hours. Its year lasted 300 local days.(SWJ5)

Venaari Enterprises
Manufacturers of the Venaari Striker military speeder.(SWJ5)

Venaari Strike
A military landspeeder manufactured by Venaari Enterprises, the Strike was used by Imperial forces which garrisoned the planet Venaari. It was also known as the SV-50 Swift-Strike.(SWJ5)

Venaarian Cringe-Ale
This bitter, yellow-colored beer was produced on the planet Venaari.(SWJ5)

This was the term used to describe the near-human ihnabitants of the planet Vena.(WOTC)

Venan, Chala
This Imperial officer was part of the team which was stranded on Dolis 3 in the wake of the peace accord signed between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic. Chala joined Moff Derran Takkar in his plan to disrupt the wedding of Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker, as a way to strike back against the New Republic. He had a wealth of experience working in the field, and had developed a rapport with the lowlifes who made up the criminal underworld. Takkar ordered him to recruit swoop gangs and other ruffians to help disrupt the wedding. However, Chala's recruits proved to be no match for Luke and his friends, including Han Solo and Wedge Antilles. In a last-ditch attempt to halt the wedding, Chala and Iry Danta tried to infiltrate the wedding ceremony. However, they were intercepted by Chewbacca, who incapacitated both men and put an end to their actions.(U)

This man was the servant of a major crime lord, who was swindling money from his boss. He conned a group of Alliance agents into helping him smuggle some of the funds.(RPG)

Venator-class Star Destroyer
This Old Republic warship was considered by historians to be the first, true Star Destroyer produced in the galaxy, although it was actually classified as an assault cruiser, and followed the development and manufacture of the Victory-class Star Destroyer. Developed by Lira Blissex at the onset of the Clone Wars to be front-line warships, the Venator-class Star Destroyer was at the forefront of the news when three of the first ships were rerouted to protect the planet Rodia, instead of being dispatched to the planet Duro. Duro fell shortly afterward to General Grievous and the Separatists, and Senator Onaconda Farr was charged with falsifying the orders that should have put the ships at Duro.

The Venator-class Star Destroyer was produced by Kuat Drive Yards, and measured 1,137 meters in length, 268 meters in height, and 548 meters across the widest part of its hull. It required a crew of 7,400 to operate, and could transport up to 2,000 additional troops and 20,000 metric tons of cargo. These ships were armed with eight DBY-827 heavy turbolaser turrets, a pair of medium dual turbolaser cannons, fifty-two laser cannons, four proton topedo tubes, and six tractor beam projectors. Several Venator-class ships in the Open Circle Armada were also armed with the superlasers from SPHA-T walkers, mounted near the ventral docking bay at the direction of Anakin Skywalker, to give the vessel a ventral firing arc.

The Venator-class Star Destroyer filled a number of different roles for the Old Republic, including pursuit of smaller ships and independent sieges. It could also land on a planet's surface, allowing it to deploy troops and vehicles directly onto a battlefield. The hangars of the Venator-class Star Destroyer were connected to a dorsal flight deck that ran the length of the ship down the central spine, and could accommodate 192 V-Wing fighters, 192 Eta-2 Actis Interceptors, thirty-six ARC-170 fighters, twenty-four walkers, and forty LAAT/i gunships.

During launch, these ships exited from the nose of vessel, but only after a pair of heavy blast doors were opened. These blast doors were considered the vessel's only weakness, since they took a long time to open and close, leaving the vessel vulnerable to a starfighter bombing run. Starfighters returning to a Venator-class vessel entered the hangars from a ventral docking bay. A Class-1 hyperdrive allowed the vessel to reach any battleground within 60,000 light-years with incredible speed for a vessel of its size.

By the end of the Clone Wars, the Venator-class Star Destroyer had outlived its usefulness, and was phased out in favor of the Imperial-class and Tector-class Star Destroyers.(SWI76, LEV, X3, WOTC, CHRN2, SSOG)

Vench my skug
This Huttese expression was used whenever a Hutt was surprised, and was often mixed with sarcasm or anger.(PRT)

This Mandalorian verb translated loosely into Basic as "to help survive". This term stemmed from the word vencuyot, which referred to an optimistic view of the future.(RC66)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "future" or "tomorrow," but conveyed a sense of optimism rather than a time scale.(OWS, RCTC)

Vendallan, Nitra
This woman lived on Tatooine during the height of the New Order.(GQRG)

This was the name given to the near-human natives of the planet Vendara. It was believed that they were descendants of an ancient colonization attempt.(COG)

This tropical planet was covered with a variety of jungles, rainforests, and swamps.(COG)

This lushly fertile planet was considered the original homeworld of the acklay. Vendaxa had one of the most densely varied ecosystems found in the galaxy.(VD2, NEGA)

This flowering plant was native to the planet Teya IV, where it grew in small tufts within the planet's valleys.(SWJ11)

This was Prince Xizor's flagship, which was used whenever he needed to travel with a more imposing force than the Virago could provide.(HM)

This Imperial-class Star Destroyer patrolled the Inner Rim during the Galactic Civil War.(CRO)

This Dreadnaught was stationed at Carida, as part of the defense fleet that was maintained to protect the Imperial Academy on the planet's surface. In the wake of the Battle of Endor, the Vendetta became Ambassador Furgan's flagship, and as such, it was the primary ship used in the attempt to kidnap Anakin Solo from Anoth. After Furgan was deployed to the surface to lead the MT-AT assault on the New Republic's facility, Colonel Ardax was left in command of the Vendetta. He was unprepared for the suddent appearance of the Galactic Voyager and several other New Republic warships, and tried to avoid combat by maneuvering between the main sections of the planet Anoth. However, the electrical discharges that tore through the space between Anoth rendered the Vendetta defenseless, then tore the ship apart in a series of massive explosions. All hands aboard were killed.(COTF)

This was once of the many names given to Duros females. Among the Duros, it meant "desirable".(GCG)

Vendikar Station
This city was located on the planet Devaron.(J3)

Vendoll, Bho
This spacer traveled along the Ac'fren Spur of the Sisar Run in his ship, the Tragic Flaw, during the last years of the New Order. Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, Vendoll signed on to work for Kisquar, having only an inlking that the Mrissi worked for Sprax and Black Sun. Kisquar ensured that Vendoll remained legitimate in his operations by injecting a purge virus into the datacore of the Tragic Flaw, which could be removed after obtaining an alien-translation database at his destination.(SSR, OWS)

A group of Imperial modular containers operative during the Galactic Civil War.(TIE)

Vendrak V
This planet was the site of a protracted battle between Imperial and Alliance forces, fought over possession of a starship hangar. The Imperial troops had laid a trap for the Alliance forces, and were able to route them.(MB)

This small world was the innermost planet of the Bissillirus System. This barren world, which orbits Bissillirus every 56 standard days, had one unstable moon.(GMK)

Vendusii Crystal
A valuable mineral mined in various grades of purity.(HR)

Venedlian Sandmole
This was a small, hunch-back rodent.(SLS)

Venerable One
see Megalith(T13)

Veneral Devourer
This was the name given to a particularly vicious subspecies of pugoriss, that was native to the moon Rori.(SWG2P)

Venerated Ones
The title given to the leaders of the Vandel and Helm families in each generation of metalsmiths on Vandelhelm. Just before the Battle of Endor, the Venerated Ones were whisked off the planet when it became apparent that galactic power was going to change hands. They were two young children, the last heirs to the Vandel and Helm lines, and were given over to Alliance supporters on Ord Vaug. Following the Battle, Han Solo was contracted to pick them up on Ord Vaug and return them to Vandelhelm, an action which would help restore ore shipments to Fondor. They were necessary because they held the control codes which could be used to move the ore convoy out of the system. The older child was a strong-willed young woman named Lilli, while the younger was an obnoxious boy named Endro.(VM, MC98, PH)

This was the name of Ree Duptom's personal starship.(HM)

Vengaris, Nave
This female served as the governor of the planet Aquilaris during the last decades of the Old Republic. She welcomed the tourism and income which accompanied podracing during this period, and heartily supported the used of several floating cities as parts of the race courses.(RAC)

This Imperial Star Destroyer participated in the subjugation of the Taroon System, during the height of the New Order. It was commanded by Admiral Mordon at the time.(TSC)

Admiral Senn's Super-class Star Destroyer, the Vengeance was destroyed by the Alliance prior to the Battle of Endor.(XVT)

This modified YV-260 light freighter was one of many ships that were owned by the Bomu clan of Rodian pirates, who often worked for Zonnos the Hutt during the early years of the New Order. It was commanded by the Rodian soldier, Heedran Bomu. This ship was dispatched by Zonnos to intercept the freelance agents who had been hired by Zonnos' parent, Popara the Hutt, to rescue Mika from Endregaad. The Vengeance was armed with a pair of blaster cannons, two pairs of ion cannons, and a turret-mounted tractor beam projector.(TF)

This was the name used by Drend Navett and Klif as a monicker during the time they worked for Moff Disra. Navett and Klif had been hired to incite riots throughout the New Republic following the revelation of the Caamas Document, and they began dropping the name "Vengeance" to the people around them. Talon Karrde picked up on the name and provided it to Booster Terrik and Corran Horn.(SOP)

This Old Republic cruiser was part of the huge fleet that was amassed to support the Grand Army of the Republic during the early stages of the Clone Wars. The Vengeance was dispatched to Qiilura to provide protection and cover for the Majestic, which was in orbit around Qiilura as the aerial support for Omega Squad's mission to capture Ovolot Qail Uthan. The Vengeance was given orders to prevent the landing or escape of non-Republic vessels, and was free to use force if a starship didn't comply. The Vengeance was forced into action during the final assault, when several Techno Union vessels moved into attack position near the Majestic, as the assault ship was providing bombardment for Omega Squad.(RCHC)

This was the name given to one of the many podraces which wound through the caverns and energy domes of the penal colony on Oovo IV, during the last decades of the Old Republic.(RAC)

This Star Destroyer was demolished while it was in drydock at the Wroonian Stardock, when Dirk Harkness and Jai Raventhorn exacted their revenge against Bregius Golthan.(SWJ5)

This Imperial-class Star Destroyer was under the command of Jerec and then-Captain Thrawn during the height of the New Order. Jerec used this vessel to carry out missions given to him by Emperor Palpatine, such as collecting the entity known as Spore. However, Spore took control of the ship's crew and tried to capture Tash Arranda in the asteroid fields near Ithor. A group of huge space slugs, dishomed when the Vengeance destroyed the asteroids in which they lived, attacked the Vengeance and destroyed it by continually ramming it with their long bodies. Jerec managed to escape the destruction of the vessel, and eventually recovered the ship's computer core and placed it into the Vengeance II, which was part of the Death Squadron.(GOF8, GOF9, WOTC)

This huge, spike-shaped warship was used by Jerec as his base of operations, during his search for the Valley of the Jedi. In design, this ship was a variant on the Super-class Star Destroyer, produced at Kuat Drive Yards. This ship was named for the Imperial-class ship Jerec commanded with Captain Thrawn. It was often escorted by several Imperial-class Star Destroyers also under Jerec's command. What set this ship apart from other vessels in its class was its unique drive system. The ships main drives were arranged across the flattened stern of the Vengeance, with the outer three drives on each side extending out from the main hull on flattened wing-like vanes. There were three primary drive nacelles, four smaller nacelles, and four maneuvering drives.(DF2, NEGC, SSOG)

Vengeance Derra IV
This disguised Imperial spy ship was a Dwarf-class freighter that slipped into the Pyria System to see if the New Republic had actually retaken Borleias. It was sent by the Imperial warlord Zsinj, to see who controlled the planet. It was driven off by Corran Horn and Rogue Squadron.(WG)

Vengeance II
An Imperial-I class Star Destroyer operative during the Galactic Civil War, the Vengeance II was the flagship that invaded the Taroon System. The ship was later placed under the command of the Imperial Inquisitor Jerec, who installed the computer core from the original Vengeance in the ship, so that he could preserve the information it contained. In the wake of the destruction of the original Vengeance, the numerical portion of the name Vengeance II was dropped, and this vessel was simply known as the Vengeance. When Jerec was allowed to take command of a Super Star Destroyer as his flagship, the Vengeance II was then assigned to the famous Death Squadron, after having its cargo holds refitted to hold additional TIE Fighters. Later, the Vengeance II was turned over to the Imperial agent Blackhole by Jerec and was stationed near Byss, as part of the planet's defense network.(TIE, DE2, CCG9, WOTC, SSOG)

Vengeance-class Frigate
This triangular-shaped frigate was produced during the height of the New Order. It was distinguished by the fact that it was not equipped with any sort of shield generator system. Instead, the Vengeance-class frigate was equipped with a cloaking device that allowed it to sneak into a battle zone and attack, then escape with relative ease. Each Vengeance-class frigate was armed with powerful mass driver cannons that could penetrate a starship's shields deliver blasts of energy that could rip holes in the hull of an enemy starship.(LAWS)

Vengeful Sandstorm
The pirate ship owned and operated by Armanda Durkin's alter ego, duch*ess.(GG7)

This rustic, backwater world was discovered by Imperial scouts shortly before the Battle of Endor. The planet was known for its open-air markets.(GG8)

Vengra, Tols
This cyborged Jenet worked for Opun Mcgrrrr. He received his Aj^6 implant as a youth, in an effort to augment his already impressive memory. Tols hoped to become a high-ranking government official, but the surgery which connected the implant to his brain wiped out much of his personality and pride, and he decided to became an Imperial official. His attempts to join the Empire were thwarted by the fact that he wasn't human, and Tols was even threatened with slavery twice before he met up with Mcgrrrr. Using his enhanced brain, Tols went to work on Mcgrrrr's businesses, helping the Corellian to maximize his profits. Tols began skimming a portion of Mcgrrrr's profits for himself, secreting them away in hopes of being able to return to Garban with a small fortune. After Mcgrrrr lost control of the accounting droid CZ-3, he dispatched Tols to recover it. Unfortunately, Zutton destroyed the droid before Tols could obtain possession.(SWJ11)

Vengu, Jub
This was the name of a noted Sullustan individual.(UANT)

VenHalgon, Lady
This noble woman was the wife of Lord Sargo VenHalgon, a noble from the Empress Teta System. While Lord VenHalgon fancied himself a big-game hunter, having spent many an afternoon on holographic safaris on his estate, Lady VenHalgon was an accomplished hunter who surpassed her husband's abilities at almost every skill. Despite this, Lady VenHalgon often let her husband boast of his abilities. However, on a safari cruise to the Cularin System during the early stages of the Clone Wars, Lady VenHalgon voiced her concern that Lord VenHalgon was not ready for a real safari. He refused to heed her warning, and set off with a group of men to hunt down somethingbig.

Lady VenHalgon was forced to set off after her husband, after he became lost in the jungles of Cularin. She left the family valet droid, LF-R3D, aboard the Twilight's Kiss and launched a rescue mission. Her efforts were improved by the appearance of the freelance crew of the rescue vessel Starchaser IV, who helped destroy the massive kilassin that had cornered her husband's party on a cliff.(REPL)

VenHalgon, Sargo
This well-known Tetan nobleman was one of the many beings to purchased a cruise from Cularin Star Tours, during the final years of the Old Republic. A native of the Empress Teta Systen, Lord VenHalgon and his party of seven rented out the cruise ship Twilight's Kiss and set out for Cularin. They had spent many hours tracking down simulated creatures at Lord VenHalgon's estate, and believed themselves to be ready for the challenge of live targets. However, they were soon lost in the jungles of Cularin during the early stages of their safari, prompting VenHalgon's wife and several other noble women to try and find them. When the women failed to return, VenHalgon's valet droid LF-R3D was forced to send out a distress call to the crew of the search and rescue vessel Starchaser IV.

The crew found Lord VenHalgon and his nobles trapped on a cliff by a kilassin, obviously overwhelmed by the real environment of Cularin. Once the kilassin was dispatched, Lord VenHalgon launched into a sweeping tale of their misadventure, downplying the fact that they were obviously under-prepared. Even Lord VenHalgon's wife, the Lady VenHalgon, chided him for being rash and impetuous.(REPL)

This planet, the primary world in the Venir System located near the Kuat System, was the site of an Imperial base dedicated to protecting the Kuat Drive Yards. The Venir System was also used as a staging area for starship traffic which was outbound from the Kuat Freight Port.(SWJ9, PSPG)

VeNiste, Marshall
This Imperial Army officer was the Trans-Nebular Sector Commander, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. In this position, Commander VeNiste held sway over all the troops in Goroth Prime.(GSE)

Venithon, Denuab
This Ithorian and his twin brother, Dorin, were among the most vicious pirates of the New Order. This made them a great aberration to the normally placid Ithorian people. Formerly members of such notable groups as the Fivaran Organization, the Bandits of Ggy-ynt, and the Yarnak Gang, the Venithon Twins joined the Hy'thor Pirates shortly before the Battle of Yavin. The Twins left the Fivaran Organization after a failed raid on the Alliance Special Forces vessel Hauler VI, and fled to the Hy'thor gang, where they quickly established themselves as cruel leaders. They were even made special ambassadors to Safonne Pendon's gang. Whereas Dorin was belligerent and bullish, Denuab was somewhat reasonable and diplomatic.(AIR)

Venithon, Dorin
This Ithorian and his twin brother, Denuab, were among the most vicious pirates of the New Order. This made them a great aberration to the normally placid Ithorian people. Formerly members of such notable groups as the Fivaran Organization, the Bandits of Ggy-ynt, and the Yarnak Gang, the Venithon Twins joined the Hy'thor Pirates shortly before the Battle of Yavin. The Twins left the Fivaran Organization after a failed raid on the Alliance Special Forces vessel Hauler VI, and fled to the Hy'thor gang, where they quickly established themselves as cruel leaders. They were even made special ambassadors to Safonne Pendon's gang. Where Denuab was somewhat reasonable, Dorin was belligerent and vicous, with bullying attitude.(AIR)

Venithon Bandit
This modified Ghtroc Industries Class 580 freighter was owned and operated by Denuab and Dorin Venithon. It was armed with a pair of turret-mounted quad-laser cannons, and was refitted by the brothers with a variety of parts they stole from their employers.(AIR)

Venithon Twins
This was this nickname used by Denuab and Dorin Venithon, a pair of infamous Ithorian pirate raiders. They were last seen in the employ of Safonne Pendon.(WBC, AIR)

This Viraxo freighter was a modified YT-1300. Aeron Azzameen once tried to infiltrate the Viraxo base on Denbo by altering the IFF codes on the freighter Selu to mimic those of the Venix. Their plan nearly worked, until the real Venix appeared at Denbo. Unfortunately, the Azzameen ships were forced to destroy the Venix in battle during the escape from Denbo.(XWA)

This non-commissioned Imperial Navy officer was one of the multitude that was promoted in the wake of the destruction of the first Death Star. A hard-worker, Venka's dedication to the New Order earned him a transfer to duty on the Executor just prior to the Battle of Hoth.(CCG4)

The capital city of the planet Venaari, Ven-Kav was also the site of the planet's largest spaceport.(SWJ5)

Ven-Kavi Starport
Located in the city of Ven-Kav, this was Venaari's largest spaceport.(SWJ5)

This Mandalorian man was one of the thousands who returned to their homeworld during the height of the Corellia-GA War, when Boba Fett began recalling soldiers home to rebuild the planet Mandalore. Venku was a traditionalist, a fact that was pointed out by his unusual armor. No two pieces of armor seemed to be from the same set, as Venku had collected a single item from many of his deceased relatives and combined them into his own beskar'gam. A variety of colors were on display, from blues and reds to white and black, gold and gray, and even gold. The shoulder armor and chest plate had been his uncles', while the forearm plates were his fathers. The thigh plates were once used by a cousin, and the belt came from Venku's aunt.

Upon returning to Mandalore, Venku met up with Fett, and revealed that he had been working with Jaing Skirata. It was Venku who delivered the serum that Skirata had agreed to provide to Fett, in order to help Fett recover from his debilitating sickness. After leaving Fett with the serum, Venku revealed that he was actually the man known as Kad'ika, and was the son of Etain Tur-Mukan and the clone commando known as Darman. He had been trained to use the Force by Bardan Jusik, who had abandoned the Jedi Order and adopted the persona of the Mandalorian soldier known as Gotab. Over his life, Venku acquired a pair of lightsabers, although he never explained whether he had built them himself, found them, or took them from another being.(LF5, LF8)

Venn, Marlena
This woman lived on the planet Tatooine with her husband, Tanis, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. Tanis angered Marlena by treating their marriage like a business, rather than a union of equals, which got him into all sorts of trouble. When she finally had had enough, Marlena reprogrammed all his hunting droids to explode if he made even the slightest motion to leave their homestead. He managed to befriend a Jedi Knight, who helped him solve the puzzle of the droids and allow him to leave his home.(KOTOR)

Venn, Tanis
This man and his wife, Marlena, eked out a living on the planet Tatooine, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Tanis was a hunter, although he lost the respect of his peers when he started using reprogrammed battle droids to assist in his hunts. Tanis often made his wife angry by treating their marriage like a business, rather than a union of equals, which got him into all sorts of trouble. When his wife finally had had enough, she reprogrammed all his hunting droids to explode if he made even the slightest motion to leave their homestead. He managed to befriend a Jedi Knight, who helped him solve the puzzle of the droids and allow him to leave his home.(KOTOR)

Ven'nari, Knol
This female Bothan was known to her fellow Bothans as the 'Fire Eater', for she had a connection to the Force which allowed her to literally consume fire. She joined the Jedi Knights, and earned the respect of her peers during a mission to save the Bothan worlds from an attack by Wookiee bandits. After attaining the rank of Jedi Master, she refused to take a Padawan learner, choosing instead to roam the galaxy wherever the Force guided her. Unfortunately for the Jedi Order, Master Ven'nari died during the early stages of the Clone Wars. She had been part of the team dispatched to recover the antidote to the swamp gas used to destroy life on Ohma-D'un, and had died while protecting her fellow Jedi Masters from a massive fire set by the bounty hunter Durge. Her efforts, and those of the other Masters, allowed Obi-Wan Kenobi to escape.(RBR)

This was a species of small, predatory insect that fed on the blood of other living creatures. Because of their size, venn-bugs were practically harmless as individuals. However, swarms of venn-bugs could cause intense pain and severe loss of blood if they attacked a victim as a group.(DBRT)

Venne, Corix
This Bith musician worked in Mos Espa, on the planet Tatooine, during the last decades of the Old Republic, and attended the Boonta Eve Classic podrace which was won by Anakin Skywalker.(YJC6)

This chronometer, produced by Alliwon Electronics during the height of the New Order, was equipped with a hidden compartment underneath the display. This compartment allowed the wearer to store medication, credit chips, or other small items out of sight.(GFT)

Vennor, Dej
This bounty hunter was one of several who agreed to take on the bounties offered for the return of Dhas Vedij and the crew of the Far Orbit, following their mutiny and defection from Imperial service. Vennor refused to track down a bounty unless they were pirates or had engaged in piratical acts. It was rumored that Vennor was a former Imperial scout trooper who was horribly scarred by a pirate king, and forced to leave Imperial service. Vennor wore a suit of modified Imperial scout trooper armor, and flew in the modified Firespray-class craft Target Acquired. Vennor also used the modified interrogation droid IT-904 on his hunts. He was well-skilled in a variety of martial arts, and was proficient in the use of a vibrobladed force pike.(FOP)

Vennsiol, Devidia
This woman, a native of the planet Sacorria, was spoiled by her father for most of her life. He let her get away with just about anything, until Devidia started getting into trouble with the local boys. Her father then sent her to a military school, hoping to fix the problems he had created by not disciplining her. Devidia, however, took a liking to weapons, and cultivated her ability to make the boys do what she wanted. After graduating, Devidia and her boyfriend, Dorbus Kyrullus, stole a caches of weapons from Safidine Industries. Dobrus was captured, but Devidia remained free. Safidine placed an Imperial bounty was placed on her head, in an effort to recover the prototypes she stole.(GMR6)

This Yuuzhan Vong substance was used as a cleaning and disinfecting agent. During highly religious ceremonies, a form of venogel was also used to cleanse and annoint supplicants, especially non-Yuuzhan Vong who had embraced the True Way.(SBS, UF)

This Victory-class Star Destroyer was part of Zsinj's fleet, but it was destroyed at the Battle of Selaggis.(SOC)

Venom, Zeed
This bounty hunter was contracted to hunt down Pyro Gibbtra. Venom was trained by the Skine Bounty Hunter College.(LAA)

Venom Assault Trooper
The Venom Assault Troopers were part of the Galactic Alliance's military force, during the decades leading up to the Sith-Imperial War. Distinguished by their black body army Venom Assault Troopers carried out some of the most dangerous special operations missions.(WOTC)

Venom Guard
This unit of Imperial Special Navy troops was assigned to Moff Sakai, in an effort to track down Reekeene's Roughnecks.(SS)

Venom Sting
This was the name used by Xufal D'aut to identify the Barloz-class freighter he purchased from an agricultural combine in the Tion Hegemony. Original known as the Harvest, this ship was operated by D'uat until he was killed by a rival bounty hunter. The Venom Sting was set adrift in space, until it was salvaged by TaggeCo. and auctioned off to a group of Thalassian slavers, who named it the Twi'lek Dancer.(SS)

This vicious creature was often used to guard the estates of wealthy criminals.(POC)

This vicious creature was native to the planet Draboon.(CWTV35)
This Gamorrean female was the mate of Ortugg.(SWSB)

This man served the Empire as an Imperial Moff during the height of the New Order. Moff Vensell's territory included the planet Jerijador.(ISB)

Vensenor Flight Academy
This starship training facility was located on the planet Arkanis.(GG9)

Vensensor Sector
This area of the galaxy contained the planet Sarrish.(CHRN2)

Vensor System
This planetary system creates beautiful staryachts.(GG9)

Venteck, Pter
This man worked at the Derilyn Space Defense Platform's monitoring garrison during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was also a member of the Friends of Paran.(OE)

Venti Paz
An alien who was often found among the scum in Jabba's palace.(TJP)

Ventil System
This star system was located in Trax Sector, near the star Dresscol. The Alliance established a shipyard in the system, where capital ships could be staged and repaired for missions in the sector.(GMK)

Vento System
This planetary system was the site of an Old Republic shipyards.(TSW)

Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian traveled to this primitive planet to locate a rumored power source. They were beset by Imperial stormtroopers upon landing, and discovered a monumental statue of Han Solo. Much of the planet's economy was based on the export of crystals, but a good portion came from the illicit sale of sansanna spice. The power source they heard about was actually the Shadeshine stone, which had been destroyed years before by Han Solo.(LTA5, MCA2)

Ventor, Halagad
A native of Alderaan, Halagad was trained to be a Jedi Knight during the last years of the Old Republic. Halagad was trained by Everen Ettene, and it was known that he started his schooling in the Jedi arts at a late age. Ventor and Ettene were part of the team of Jedi who were believed lost when they were dispatched to resolve the growing conflict between the Virgillian Free Alignment and the Virgillian Aristocracy. Their transport was destroyed upon arrival, and it was feared that the four Jedi were killed. Halagad managed to survive the mission, however.

He later served under Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars, and was a distinguished warrior. Ventor accompanied Kenobi and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, to the planet Skye, where they discovered that Kharys was sensitive to the Force. The older Jedi refused to take her on as a potential student of the Force, however, noting that she was too old.

Shortly after the end of the Clone Wars and the formation of the Galactic Empire, Ventor was captured by Darth Vader and brutally interrogated. All the information Halagad knew of the Jedi was stripped from him mind, allowing the Jedi Purge to become nearly a complete success. Halagad, traumatized by the interrogation and the death of the Jedi, fled to Trinta. There, he succumbed to the Dark Side nexus that was located on the planet, and gave himself over to the energies of the Dark Side of the Force.

He was discovered nearly two decades later by a group of Alliance field agents who crashed on the planet, and their bravery and trust in the Light Side of the Force eventually brought Halagad out of his despair. Upon learning of the survival of Kenobi and the appearance of Luke Skywalker, Halagad fought against the Dark Side and defeated it, but died shortly afterward. His body disintgrated, and he became one with the Force.(DOE, HNN4, OWS)

Ventran Explorers
This group of freelance operatives worked from a base in the Ventran System, and often took on missions for the Alliance, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

Ventran System
This star system was located near the Al'har System, along the Gevarno Loop. During the Clone Wars, the Ventran System was loyal to the Old Republic.(SHPT)

Ventress, Asajj
A native of the planet Rattatak, this woman was a ruthless and cunning adversary, known for her military expertise and her corrupt mastery over the Force. Her parents were murdered by Osika Kirske when she was young, and might have died if not to the sudden appearance of Jedi Master Ky Narec. Master Narec was stranded on Rattatak, and discovered her connection to the Force. Cut off from the Jedi Order, Narec took it upon himself to train Ventress. After Narec was killed by Kirske, Ventress used her considerable powers to gain power and authority on her homeworld, and eventually killed Kirske. She believed that the Jedi Order had abandoned her teacher to his fate, and she hated them for it. This hatred gave her a strong connection to the Dark Side of the Force, which she tapped to kill off the twelve warlords who controlled various parts of Rattatak. A black tattoo stripe was draw on her bald skull for each warlord she killed.

She was discovered later by Darth Tyranus, and was instrumental in his plans to lead the Separatists to victory. Despite the fact that she was never trained in the Sith arts, she became one of his most trusted Commanders, and wielded a pair of curved-handled ligthsabers which were similar to Tyranus' own weapon. She was trained in the Jar'Kai style of fighting, but because each of her lightsabers could be attached at the base, Ventress was also adept at fighting with a double-bladed lightsaber that had blades that extended at slightly different angles. This made the weapon harder to deflect and counter. When it was learned that Jedi Master Mace Windu was traveling to Ruul to meet with the dissident Jedi Master Sora Bulq, Tyranus ordered Ventress to go to Ruul and kill the dissidents. If cornered, she was to explain that she had been hired by Master Windu, to help ensure that there would be no dissention among the Jedi.

She managed to injure Master Bulq and kill Mira, and she openly stated that she hoped Master Windu would be pleased with her work. She then turned her attention to destroying Master Bulq's followers, hoping to ensure that the Jedi Order was discredited. She was unable, however, to defeat Master Windu in battle, and opted to flee Ruul and fight another day. Ventress later was teamed with the bounty hunter Durge, during the Separatist attack on the moon of Ohma-D'un. They had hoped to launch a second attack on Naboo, after Ohma-D'un was destroyed, but Republic forces led by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker interrupted their plans. As Durge tried to reach Naboo, Obi-Wan and Ventress battled with their lightsabers in the swamps. Their battle ended in a draw, with Anakin arriving with clone troopers just as Durge arrived to help Ventress escape.

They fled to Queyta, where they were ordered to secure the antidote to the swamp gas poison used on Ohma-D'un. Once again, Obi-Wan and the Jedi Knights confronted them, but Ventress was in control of the antidote by then. She tried to flee, but was pursued by Obi-Wan and Master Fay. It was Master Fay who used the Force to hurl shards of glass and metal at Ventress, catching the Dark Jedi in the throat. Ventress had no skills in healing, and surrendered the antidote to the Jedi. She didn't die, however, and stabbed Master Fay as they were fleeing. Once again, Ventress and Durge fled the Jedi to return to Count Dooku.

As the Clone Wars ground on, Ventress issued substantial bounties on 82 members of the Jedi Order, all of them without the consent of the Republic Office of Criminal Investigations, which allowed every bounty hunter in the galaxy to try and capture them. This served two purposes. First, it helped eliminate many of the Jedi Knights. Second, it kept the rest of the Jedi Order busy defending themselves from bounty hunters while they were trying to bring an end to the conflict. She nearly killed Anakin Skywalker on Yavin 4 before escaping with her life, then captured Obi-Wan Kenobi on Jabiim, hoping to present the Jedi Master to Count Dooku as a gift. However, Obi-Wan managed to escape, taking Ky Narec's lightsaber with him. The loss of the weapon, which had been a symbol of Ventress' only guiding example, left her with a broken sense of loyalty.

At the height of the Clone Wars, Ventress guided the capture of the Intergalactic Communications Center on Praesitlyn, only to lose control of it to Anakin Skywalker's daring rescue operation. Ventress then began pleading with Dooku to take her as his apprentice, but Dooku refused. He knew that she would surpass him someday, and her skills only got more powerful the more she tried to impress him. Her loss of the Last Call and her failure to capture Yoda on Phindar did little to improve her standing in Dooku's eyes. After the escape of both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos from the wreck of the Titavian IV, Ventress turned to desparate measures to regain favor with Dooku. She abandoned Tol Skorr at the wreck and followed the Jedi to Coruscant. There, after learning the truth behind Skywalker's relationship with Padme' Amidala, Ventress tried to kill the young Jedi Knight. However, Anakin's tactics put Ventress off-guard, and he was able to bind her with a set of electrical conduits, before throwing her off the top of a building.

She was not seen again, although rumors of her came to Obi-Wan Kenobi through several channels. He continued to chase down every rumor, until even Anakin Skywalker became concerned that Obi-Wan was obsessed with killing her. Even after they discovered that it was Durge who killed Drama Korr, Obi-Wan continued to believe that Ventress was still alive. He obtained information from Durge's pilot droid of a trip to Boz Pity, and there Obi-Wan discovered that Ventress' was being held in a form of stasis. Rather than eliminating her, Obi-Wan tried to redeem her, believing that she was not fully corrupted. He might have had a chance, after Dooku abandoned her on Boz Pity, but Dooku also ordered his MagnaGuards to shoot her dead. The blast only injured her, and as Obi-Wan tried to save her, Ventress lashed out at him with a jagged piece of metal. Anakin intervened, slicing into her chest with his lightsaber before she could harm Obi-Wan.

The Jedi believed her to be dead, especially when she begged Obi-Wan to guard Coruscant from Count Dooku with her "dying breath." However, Ventress had used a Sith meditation technique to drop her vital signs to near-dead levels. Her body was loaded onto the medical shuttle Bright Flight, and was to be taken to Coruscant for cremation. During journey, she awoke from her stasis and forced the pilots to take her to a remote hospital facility for treatment, and she was never seen again.(OWS, J1, RNFW, RBR, SWI73, SWDB, RHF, YDR, NEGW, RDR, O, EGF, CWVG)

This was Leia Organa-Solo's nickname for the one of the image analysts assigned to her by Nanaod Engh. The Ventriloquist was in charge of scripting Leia's speeches and critiquing her ad libs.(TT)

A planet.(EVE)

This New Republic Endurance-class fleet carrier was assigned to the Fifth Battle Group. It suffered major damage during the unsuccessful blockade of Doornik-319, including the loss of 14 starfighters and three portside docking bays. After spending a short time in spacedock, the Venture saw further duty in the Republic's conflict with the Yevetha.(SOL, TT)

Venturer-class Freighter
This freighter design was developed and manufactured by Ckratar Crafts.(AIR)

Lady Valarian's human assistant, Venutton was known as high-strung and scrawny.(GG7, TJP)

This surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy.(GCG)

Venzeiia 2 Prime
A planet subjugated by the Empire following the Battle of Hoth.(TIE)

Veq-Headley Battery
This was one of the many tests that were part of the Imperial Corrections Psychological Profile Exam. The Vew-Headley Battery was designed to identify any psychopathological attitudes in a being's mental make-up, with a focus on locating those traits that might be useful to the Empire.(SWDT)
A title used in the names of the life witches on Leria Kerlsil. It was used before the witch's surname, as in Karia Ver Seryan.(AC)

Ver iz da ezkapa pud?
This Neimoidian question translated into Basic as "Where is the escape pod?"(GPB)

Ver Seryan, Karia
This female was Lando Calrissian's third choice as a rich wife, at the time he was trying to fund Domeworld. Unknown to him, she was a life witch on Leria Kerlsil. She was a strikingly beautiful, albeit 312-year-old, woman, with a tall, slender figure and deep purple eyes. She also had long, golden hair. She lives in a large mansion on Leria Kerlsil, but it was located in a deserted part of town. This was probably due to the knowledge that she was a life witch. The ostentacious gardening and landscaping givens the masion the feeling of a well-fortified castle. She was proud to have had 49 husbands during her lifetime, since she believes that she had given them all the gift of five added years. She made it onto Lando's list because she was married to an old acquaintence of Landos, Chanto Solk. Solk died after the five years Karia Supported him, and it was about five years after that time when Lando met Karia. Karia was the heiress to Solk's starship sales fortune. Lando visits her first, and was taken with her beauty as well as her fortunes. Fortunately, C-3PO and R2-D2 interrupt the marriage ceremony before Lando entered into the blood kiss.(AC, CTD)

This Vratix term describes the overseers of the production of bacta. The term verachen can refer to a single individual, or the group working with them. This was due to the fact that Vratix have a hive mentality, but can function as individuals. The verachen control the introduction of alazhi and kavam into the creation process, monitoring batch potency to ensure that the endproduct was consistently high-quality bacta.(KT)

This was the name given to one of the groups of Habeen cargo ferries that were used to transport hyperdrives to Admiral Zaarin on the Shamus, during the months that followed the Battle of Hoth.(TIE, TIEP)

Veragi Sector
This area of space was one of the few sectors without any form of stellar body. The sector was simply an empty void, although it held a secret hyperspace jump beacon placed there some twenty years after the Battle of Endor by Kyp Durron. He and the Dozen-and-Two Avengers used the jump beacon as a gathering point and escape vector during their hunts for smugglers and other criminals. They jump beacon had recorded the fly-by of the ExGal-4 Spacecaster shuttle, on it way to Helska under the command of Danni Quee, which alerted Kyp to the trouble on Belkadan.(VP)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "lieutenant."(OWS)

This t'landa Til served as Teroenza's Sacredot during the early years of the Ylesian slave and spice colony. Veratil was Han Solo's escort and trainer when he arrived at Colony One on Ylesia, offering his services as a pilot. Veratil led him on several tours of the surrounding country and the spice processing plants, before turning control of the young pilot to Muuurgh. Later, Bria Tharen and the Corellian resistance tried to assasinate Veratil, but she was unsuccessful in the endeavor. Veratil rejoined Teroenza on Ylesia, along with Tilenna, but was one of the first victims of the Battle of Ylesia as the Alliance's troops attacked Colony One first.(TPS, RD)

A highly-advanced computer used to provide protocol droids with the processing power to manage millions of languages and protocols.(CPL)

Verbon, Hesh
This imposing woman served as the portmaster and chief administrator of Kwilaan Starport during the period leading up to the Battle of Naboo. A native of Naboo, Verbon was not an adherent to the ideals of the rest of the population. In many respects, she was simply criminal. She obtained her position as portmaster through an association with Senator Palpatine, although no direct link was ever discovered between them. She was also not above taking a bribe to overlook certain underhanded affairs, although she tried to ensure that her commitments to the Bureau of Ship Services were always met.(SON)

This Mandalorian verb translated into Basic as "to hire" or "to contract."(OWS)

Vercanne Mineral Technologies
This small corporation produced a wide range of devices for extracting oxygen and other vital elements from subsurface deposits, for use by explorers and thrill-seekers, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(GFT)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "wish" or "dream."(OWS)

When used at the beginning of a sentence, this Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "I wish..." or "May this happen…"(OWS)

This Mandalorian verb translated into Basic as "to wish" or "to hope."(OWS)

Vercupti of Sgazza Boleruuee'
This unidentifiable dish was created by Dexter Jettster, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. It was this dish that first brought Obi-Wan Kenobi back to Dex's Diner, which was once Didi's Café, to visit the Besalisk. Obi-Wan had eaten a similar meal prepared by the chefs at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and had become quite ill.(VD2, SWI65)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "soldier" or "warrior."(OWS)

Verd ori'shya beskar'gam
This Mandalorian phrase translated literally into Basic as "a warrior is more than his armor." However, the exact meaning of the phrase went much deeper than that, referring instead to the warrior's heart and will to endure.(OWS)

This archaic Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "warriors."(OWS)

Verdanaian "Sliding Hands"
This was an unusual form of martial arts. It allowed an individual to maintain physical contact with their opponent while being able to anticipate the opponent's next moves.(PJSB)

A jungle planet used by Darth Vader as bait to capture Alliance personnel. R2-D2 and C-3PO were sent to the planet to investigate a crashed Imperial shuttle, which was left there by Vader. They activated a proximity drone, which was meant to keep Alliance personnel at bay until Vader, notified by a signal from the drone, could recover them. The drone also activates a force field that contains the prey for transport to the Executor for probing by Vader. Luke Skywalker tried to recover the droids, but was captured by Vader. He was later rescued by R2-D2 and Han Solo before Vader could take control of him.(CSW)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "soldiers."(OWS)

This blue dwarf star was the central body of the Verde System, about which orbitted the Verde Asteroid Belt and a pair of small iceball planets.(SSR)

Verde Asteroid Belt
This was the largest feature of the Verde System, and was home to a wide range of smugglers, pirates, and thieves.(SSR)

Verde's Belt
see Verde Asteroid Belt(SSR)

This Mandalorian term translated literally into Basic as "soldier's birth," and referred to the point at which a Mandalorian individual finally completed their training and became a warrior. This training was often completed around the time an individual - male or female - turned thirteen years of age, and was followed by some sort of trial at which they proved they had completed their passage from child to adult.(PM, OWS, LF2)

Verdian Vine Bean
This bean was considered a delicacy by the nobility of Tapani Sector.(LOE)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "private," referring to a military rank. It could also be used in a affectionate manner, to describe a lifelong friend.(OWS, RCTC)

This was a specially-made alloy, used to create wondrous bathroom fixtures. Its burnished finish and greenish color gave it a well-worn look.(TG)

Verdox, Broden Kel
This ancient Jedi Master discovered the peaceful, primitive world of Yalara, many centuries before the onset of the Galactic Civil War. Rather than see the natives of the planet being forcibly integrated into the rest of the Old Republic, Broden used the natural energy found within the planet to create an immense cloaking device, that hid the entire planet from view. His cloaking device remained active for many centuries, although it was nearly shut down when cultists from the Disciples of Ragnos tried to take control of the planet during the height of the New Republic.(JKA, JKAP)

Manufacturers of starship shield generators.(RM)

This city was located on Kalandis IV.(GG10)

Verdun, Tic
This man was a pratical theorist who specialized in the investigation of planetary origins, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Doctor Verdun was part of the team, led by Doctor Fort Turan, which traveled to Haariden to investigate the effects of a volcanic environment on the planet's atmospherics and ecosystem. When the team was beset by Haaridan rebels who had broken the tentative cease-fire, it was Doctor Verdun who managed to keep them one step ahead of the rebels. His survival skills kept the team alive for several weeks, until Obi-Wan Kenobi and Soara Antana and their Padawans, Anakin Skywalker and Darra Thel-Tanis, could arrive and rescue them. Obi-Wan later discovered that Doctor Verdun had been added to the team of scientists at the request of Senator Sano Sauro, who had been the committee chairperson who proposed the mission to Haariden. Further investigation led Obi-Wan to the inevitable conclusion: Tic Verdun was actually Granta Omega. Anakin had already discovered this, though, after befriending Tic and meeting with him several times back on Coruscant. Using the guise of Tic, Omega managed to lure Anakin into a place where he could be drugged, so that Omega and his conspirators could question the young Padawan on the nature of the Force. Anakin managed to escape, with help from Obi-Wan, and exposed Omega's true identity.(JQ4)

This was an alternate spelling of the Mandalorian word verd'yc.(LF5)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "aggressive," although this word lacked a negative connotation among the Mandalorians.(OWS)

This was the nickname of one of the clone troopers who were assigned to Torrent Company, during the early stages of the Clone Wars, after the original company was nearly wiped out on Teth. Vere was a quiet individual, although he and Ince spent a good portion of their time ribbing Ahsoka Tano about the Jedi Order and its restrictive ways. Despite the fact that Vere and his new comrades had not yet seen a lot of combat, they became fast friends, and they were able to bond while on a layover when the Torrent Company was assigned to the shakedown cruise of the refitted Leveler. However, their time together was cut short when the Leveler was diverted from its work-up cruise to rescue Intelligence agent Hallena Devis from Separatist rebels on JanFathal. Although locating Agent Devis was made easier by the fact that she had turned on the emergency signal in her comlink, the extraction mission turned into a desparate firefight. The rebels were eventually killed or captured, and Agent Devis was rescued, but their retreat was blocked by a group of battle droids. One of the droids began lofting grenades at the troopers, and Vere caught the blast of one grenade full in the chest. His armor shattered, and resulting shrapnel combined with the fragments if the grenade to rip into Vere's body and cause massive internal damage. Despite Boro's best efforts, Vere died shortly afterward.(CWNOP)

This was the alias taken by Senator Padme' Amidala, during her secret wedding to Anakin Skywalker, at the onset of the Clone Wars. Anakin assumed the name Set, when the pair was united in matrimony by Pontifex Maxiron Agolerga. The aliases were chosen because of their origins in Futhork legend.(SWDB)

According to an old Futhork legend, Vere' and her lover, Set, were happily united in marriage for all eternity.(SWDB)

One of the Empire's last remaining Moffs, Vered met with the other seven major Imperial leaders on Bastion to discuss Admiral Pellaeon's proposed peace treaty with the New Republic some ten years after the death of Thrawn. While he wasn't firmly in favor of the peace treaty, he realized that the Republic would have to allow any systems which wanted to secede to the Empire to do so, or risk damaging its own claim to authority.(SOP)

Veredictas CompuTechnology
This Bith corporation produced a variety of computer security products during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(GFT)

This small corporation produced a variety of servo-mechanisms for moving large crates and cargoes in starports.(PSG)

Verena City
This was the capital city of the planet Kirima, and was the site of the planet's largest starport. It was notable for the fact that many of its inhabitants had identical first and last names, a result of the small group of clans which founded the city. Individuals were denoted by their middle names, which often indicated gender.(TSK)

Veretrex Securities
This small corporation produced a wide range of personal security devices during the height of the New Order.(GFT)

Verga Mer Mining Company
This was one of the largest mining operations that maintained operations in the Cularin System during the last decades of the Old Republic. They employed what they called a "purely organic workforce," removing all their droid laborers as part of a media campaign to attract itinerent workers in the system. The Verga Mer Mining Company was originally founded by Verga Nus and Mer Stodiz, and grew it into a company known for its ability to accomplish whatever goals it set for itself, in the most expedient manner possible. When the Metatharen Cartel was ordered to abandon their facilities on Tilnes, VMMC was called in to ensure the underground caverns were indeed empty. However, signifcant numbers of credits were funneled into VMMC accounts, and the inspectors who were dispatched to Tilnes conveniently "missed" several chambers.(LFCW, MCT1)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "bodyguard," although the literal translation was "hired guardian" or "half-father."(OWS)

This was a term used by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic to describe an intense concentration of the Force. Most often, vergences were associated with relics and places, but sometimes they were centered on a living being. This being often had a high concentration of midi-chlorians in their body, and could touch and use the Force with little or no training.(E1)

This feathered, avian being was a member of the Fosh species. Vergere was also a Jedi Knight, and she was dispatched to Zonama Sekot two years after the Battle of Naboo, in an effort to discover the source of Sekotan starships. The Jedi received no communication from her for a year. Her Master, Thracia Cho Leem, feared for her life, and requested that the Jedi Council send another party to try and find her. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker eventually discovered that, during her attempt to bond with a Sekotan starship, the planet was attacked by a group of Far Outsiders. In an effort to draw them away from the living planet, Vergere engendered herself to them and allowed herself to be taken by them, in exchange for the safety of Zonama Sekot. She left behind a message for any Jedi who followed her to Zonama Sekot, in the seed-partners she had to leave behind, warning them of the presence of the Yuuzhan Vong. She then dedicated herself to closing off the Force and pretending to be a loyal familiar of the Yuuzhan Vong priestess, Falung.

During this time, she learned everything she could about the aliens, while giving out as little information as she could. She knew that the Old Republic's meager armed forces would be no match for the Yuuzhan Vong. Decades later, she returned to the known galaxy, posing as a familiar to the Yuuzhan Vong priestess, Elan. Vergere had never given up hope of returning to the galaxy, but served Elan faithfully while biding her time. When Elan was chosen to act as a hostage to the New Republic, in an effort to destroy the Jedi Knights, Vergere accompanied her as a loyal servant. Vergere then revealed her true heritage to Elan, but did not reveal her position as a Jedi. In reality, Vergere was looking for a way to return home. After Elan was killed by the bo'tous she planned to use on the Jedi, Vergere gave Han Solo a sample of her tears, which she had chemically manipulated with the Force. In addition to simple lacrymal fluid, the tears contained an unusual substance which counteracted the effects of the coomb spores.

During her captivity among the Yuuzhan Vong, Vergere had learned to internalize the Force, and use it to keep herself alive without revealing her true identity to her captors. These tears eventually allowed Mara Jade Skywalker to recover from her illness. Vergere, once free of Elan, fled the Millennium Falcon in an escape pod, and returned to the Yuuzhan Vong. She later supplied Warmaster Tsavong Lah with information on the Millennium Falcon, to satisfy Tsavong Lah's quest to capture and kill Jacen Solo. In this way, Vergere became Nom Anor's chief rival among the Warmaster's underlings, a situation which was as dangerous as it was favorable. When the Jedi Knights discovered the voxyn creche in orbit around Myrkr, Vergere allowed herself to "help" the Jedi, giving the Yuuzhan Vong a chance to capture Jacen Solo and bring the Warmaster one step closer to achieving his goals. Despite her treachery, Vergere paused long enough to cry for Jacen, exuding some of her healing tears to heal him in preparation for the torture he was to endure.

Vergere then developed a relationship with Tsavong Lah, hoping to receive a chance to remain near Jacen. Her wish was granted when she and Nom Anor were placed in charge of the so-called Solo Project, during which time Vergere taught Jacen that there was more to the Force that light and dark. Although she refused to reveal her true intentions, Vergere gave Jacen enough information to push him in the proper direction. It was Vergere who stopped Jacen from destroying all the dhuryams bred by Master Shaper Ch'Gang Hool, which gave her just enough leeway to allow Jacen to be transported to Coruscant, which had been reshaped into a new version of Yuuzhan'tar. There, she continued his "training", until he discovered a way to befriend the World Brain. After establishing his connection to the mature dhuryam, Jacen and Vergere fled Coruscant on their own. They stole Nom Anor's coralcraft, hidden in the Well of the World Brain, in order to get off-planet. When Nom Anor accused Vergere of being a traitor to the True Way, she simply responded that she had learned it from him.

Vergere remained with Jacen for several months, and eventually met Luke Skywalker. She continued to challenge the new Jedi about their beliefs about the Force, questioning the very definition of the Force in the light of the obviously-alive though Force-blank Yuuzhan Vong. She urged Jacen to follow his destiny, but was concerned when Jaina Solo was trapped during the Battle of Ebaq. When Jacen tried to rescue his sister, Vergere knew that his death would destroy any remaining hope the New Republic might have. So, she commandeered a starfighter and returned to the Yuuzhan Vong. She received permission from the Warmaster Tsavong Lah to return to his worldship, but never planned to actually land her craft. Instead, she used the access she had gained to the Yuuzhan Vong blockade to drive her starship into the surface of Ebaq 9, venting the mining shafts to the vacuum of space.

This suicide mission was so sudden that the Yuuzhan Vong forces on the moon were unable to place their ooglith masquers over their faces before they lost consciousness and died. Jacen and the New Republic team on the moon, however, managed to survive. Jacen himself was visited by the spirit of Vergere, and later understood Vergere's concern over his emotional actions. He then pledged to honor her memory by following the Force to his own destiny.

In the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong War, there was much speculation about Vergere's true nature, especially after Jacen Solo took on the title of Dark Lord of the Sith and became known as Darth Caedus. Some scholars came ot believe that Vergere might have been a Dark Jedi, or even one of Darth Sidious' apprentices. They pointed to the possibility that, like Sidious before her, Vergere might have influenced the onset of the Yuuzhan Vong War in order to discover a new Sith Lord to take over the galaxy. No actual proof was ever displayed to back up these theories, but the fact remained that Vergere had been one of Jacen Solo's closest mentors.(RP, HT, JE, EVR, SBS, T, DW, EGF)

Vergesso, Ecile
This Corellian scientist was a Doctor of planetology, and was the first to develop a theory on the formation of the asteroid belts which later became known as the Vergesso Asteroid Field.(SPG)

Vergesso Asteroid Field
Located in the Lybeya System in the Rim Territories, the Vergesso Asteroid Field was actually a collection of five distinct belts of planetary debris. Scientists and archaeologists have raised a number of theories about the system, but most seem to agree that some extraordinary force ripped apart every planet in the system and scattered their debris into the asteroid belts. The fields were named for Doctor Ecile Vergesso, who did the first work on the formation of the field. The Vergesso Asteroids were used by Ororo Transportation to hide a shipyard on one of the larger asteroids, known as Vergesso Base. The base was also used as a stopover point for much of the Tenloss Syndicate's spice trade. Xizor, displeased with Ororo for trying to horn in on his spice trade, provided the location of the shipyards to Darth Vader, telling Vader that the coordinates were for an Alliance shipyards. Xizor damaged Ororo and gained favor with the Empire in one blow.(SE, SESB)

Vergesso Base
This was the name of Ecile Vergesso's base of exploration, during his survey of the asteroid belts which surrounded the star Lybeya. The asteroid belts became known as the Vergesso Asteroid Field, and this particular asteroid retained the name of Vergesso Base. However, after Doctor Vergesso returned to Coruscant, the asteroid was usurped by Ororo Transportation for their own base.(SPG)

Vergesso I
This was the name of the innermost asteroid belt found in the Vergesso Asteroid Field.(SPG)

Vergesso II
This was the name of the second asteroid belt found in the Vergesso Asteroid Field.(SPG)

Vergesso III
This was the name of the third asteroid belt found in the Vergesso Asteroid Field.(SPG)

Vergesso IV
This was the name of the fourth asteroid belt found in the Vergesso Asteroid Field.(SPG)

Vergesso V
This was the name of the outermost asteroid belt found in the Vergesso Asteroid Field.(SPG)

This planet, located in the Hapes Cluster, was the homeworld of the Vergill race.(L)

Verhayc, Beviin
This Mandalorian was a noted blacksmith, during the era of the Clone Wars.(RC66)

Veridi, Mana
This woman was a Jedi Knight, and a contemporary of Qui-Gon Jinn. Mana was easily distinguished by her long, flowing, red hair, which she wore in a pair of thick ropes over each shoulder. She sent an urgent message of danger back to Coruscant from the planet Kwannot, and Qui-Gon and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, were dispatched to Kwannot to locate her. They found her in a dark alley, but were unable to stop Aurra Sing from killing her, with her own lightsaber, in cold blood.(T12)

Veridicator 200
Produced by Saldalith Manufacturing, this device appeared to be a beautiful bracelet made from Falasian liquid crystal inlay. In reality, it was a complex sensor device which could interpret the biorhythms of an individual and determine the truth of their words and actions. The use of this type of device was outlawed in many systems during the height of the New Order, unless the being who was scanned had given their expressed permission.(GFT)

Veril Line Systems
Manufacturers of the EG-series of ambulatory power generators.(MTS, CCG)

see Veril Line Systems(NEGW)

This woman was hired to stand-in for Ushka Et - the Devaronian lead singer of the band Distraction - at public appearances. She wore extensive prosthetics and makeup to ensure her appearance matched that of the enigmatic Ushka Et. She was killed by Niklas Cories aboard the Hutt yacht Sleemo Poya Jeedai, as part of Cories' plot to murder Aquella Firth. Cories then blew up her body in his own quarters, hoping to throw off any investigation team.(WOA28)

This entertainment industry newsfeed was active during the last decades of the Old Republic, reporting on the latest news from the worlds of film, music, and stage.(HNN4)

This planet was located in Bajic Sector.(GG11)

Veriss Creek
This small waterway was located on the planet Freliq.(COG)

Veritas Press
This was one of the most disreputable printing houses which were based in the Column Commons District of the planet Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic.(CCW)

This man was a noted smuggler during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was known to have sold goods and materials to both the Empire and the Alliance, and was quite diplomatic when dealing with the Hutts.(WOTC, HG)

Verivax, Xav
This man was, at one time, a member of the Old Republic's armed forces. After retiring, he became something of a playboy freighter captain, operating his starship from a base on Tolea Biqua.(LFC)

Verke, Teeyr
This was the name of a noted Phindar individual.(UANT)

This Swokes Swokes was one of the twelve Caliphs who lived in the city of Thousand Thousand, on the planet Makem Te, during the height of the New Order.(GORW)

A planet which was under Imperial control until early in the New Republic, Verkuyl was known as an alazhi manufacturing center which survived outside the control of the Bacta Cartel. It was also known as an Outer Rim backwater world with an incredible odor, generated from the alazhi production. It was one of the few planets in the galaxy with forests of alazhi trees. The planet was originally purchased by Corlin Quarle Deld, who imported workers by getting them to sign ten-year indentured contracts. Over the years, the natives became virtual slaves to Verkuylian BactaCo, until the planet was nationalized by the Empire. The Empire helped eliminate one form of slavery, and instituted another. The New Republic eventually liberated Verkuyl, but it was unknown whether the natives truly wanted to be freed. The average day on the planet lasted about 27 standard hours, and its year lasted 315 local days.(TFNR, SWJ13)

Verkuylian BactaCo
This bacta-producing corporation, based on the planet Verkuyl, was the only such facility known to operate outside the control of the Bacta Cartel headquartered on Thyferra. During the height of the New Order, many of the corporation's leaders - as well as many of Verkuyl's political leaders - abandoned the philosophy of self-ownership and aligned themselves with the Empire. It was founded by Corlin Quarle Deld, who manned the operation with indentured workers. While not exactly slaves, the workers eventually owned more to the BactaCo than their small salaries paid. The corporation was nationalized by the Empire when it took control of Verkuyl, and the workers were freed from their contracts. However, they were forced to work more hours with less time off. The New Republic later liberated Verkuyl and the BactaCo.(TFNR, SWJ13)

This rough-looking Jenet, distinguished by his sad eyes and mangled lips, was one of Ludlo Lebauer's henchmen on Pavo Prime, during the early years of the New Republic.(SWI67)

Vermel, Meizh
This Imperial Navy Colonel served under Admiral Pellaeon, following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the defeat of Admiral Daala. Pellaeon chose Vermel to deliver a message of Imperial surrender to Garm Bel Iblis, shortly after Bel Iblis arrived at Morishim. Pellaeon had hoped to begin negotiating a peace treaty with Bel Iblis, but Vermel's corvette was intercepted by a Star Destroyer dispatched by Moff Disra. Disra attempted to waylay Pellaeon's plans for peace, and captured Vermel before he could reach the New Republic. However, Vermel was able to send out a garbled transmission to Rogue Squadron shortly before he was taken captive. Vermel was then held at Rimcee Station, until Pellaeon could recover him.(SOP, VOF)

Vermiform Vine
A species of rust-colored plant native to Yavin 4.(DA)

This Hutt clan was known for its impetuous actions. Several years after the Battle of Endor, a young Hutt of the Vermilic clan disregarded the Hutt Commercial Laws and executed his counselor. In response, the governing body of the Hutt clans broke off all ties to the Vermilic clan. The clan went bankrupt, and no traffic between Hutt worlds moved for three months until trust was regained.(TFNR)

Vermilla, Pursey
This woman was a native of the planet Vernet. She spent much of her time trying to emulate the fashions of the galactic Core, despite her humble farming background.(SWJ15)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "hostage."(OWS)

Vermor, Adana
This Imperial advisor was a civilian who monitored the economic activities of the Empire. She didn't know it, but she was sensitive to the Force, and it helped her recognize when things weren't right with the Empire's use of resources. She offered to assist certain Tapani Sector Houses by supplying information on Imperial activities to the highest bidder, shortly before the Battle of Endor. She would only supply the information was the paying House could guarantee her safety.(TSIA)

This prim old lady operated the souvenir shop on the Kuari Princess during the Galactic Civil War.(RM)

Vernal-class Freighter
This series of freighters was produced during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.(CWNOP)

This man served as a General in the Alliance's Intelligence division, and was Commander Zgorth'sth's commanding officer. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, it was Vernan who ordered Admiral Ackbar to take the Alliance fleet in the Atrivis Sector and guard Mantooine from an attack by the Imperial Oplovis Sector Fleet. He later served as Dutra Zeneta's commanding officer, but was killed in action shortly before the Battle of Hoth.(RASB, SWJ10, AIR)

Vernan Group
This heavy industrial manufacturer was one of the original Signatory Sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. They held a significant share of the Minos-Mestra Corporation during the last century of the Old Republic, but the institution of the New Order severely depressed the economy of the Minos Cluster, and VernanGroup was forced to sell out to local investors.(CSA, GG6)

This wild, herding mammal was native to the planet Dathomir, and was prized for its leathery hide.(GQRG)

Verneilan Parasite
This microscopic parasite was virtually undetectable when it it immature. However, once it finds its way inside the body of a host organism, the parasite lodges itself in the host's throat and begins to drink its blood. The parasite grows quickly as it gorges, filling the host's throat and causing the host to choke to death. The parasite then explodes, filling the host's body with toxic fluids from its gut.(POC)

This world was the second planet in the Vernet System of the Expansion Region. Vernet was a temperate world under Imperial control during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Much of the planet was given over to farms and agriculture. Vernet was located at the heart of the Expansion Region, had three moons. Note that the system log found in Star Wars Adventure Journal #15 indicates that Vernet only had two moons.(SWJ15)

This alien race was found on many worlds, including Garnib. The average Vernol resembled a squat, blue-skinned humanoid, and had orange coloration around the eyes, mouth, and the underside of the hands and feet. By nature, the Vernol were territorial and fearful of others, but proved to be extremely loyal to those beings they considered friends.(PG1, AE, CN2)

This tacky-dressing Sullustan male was one of Thadius Black's associates on Demophon.(SN)

This man worked as a clerk in the primary medical facility on the planet New Apsolon, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. He took his job seriously, and wouldn't allow Qui-Gon Jinn to obtain any information on Oleg. Vero was a member of the Civilized caste, and was often disdainful of the Workers. He was also slightly xenophobic, and treated newcomers with similar disdain.(CTV)

A planet with an ancient, aristocratic House. Located in the Veron System, in the Mektrun Cluster, it was the homeworld of the Gazaran race. Its tropical jungles and forests attracted many tourists. This industry also helped them co-exist with an Imperial garrison during the Galactic Civil War, since the Gazaran offered no resistance. The average day on Veron lasted about 26 standard hours, and the year encompasses 367 local days. The Veron System was centered around the binary stars Noveron and Orell.(COJ, PG1)

Veronian Berry Wine
A non-alcoholic drink, Veronian berry wine was believed to help prevent excessive bleeding.(XW, SWGAL)

Verossian Computers
These computers used a binary language, to simplify their use.(HR)

This Chiss male served the Expansionary Defense Fleet as Lieutenant, during the height of the Swarm War. Vero'tog'leo served aboard the Fell Defender, and was present when the Millennium Falcon was captured near Tenupe. It was Vero'tog'leo who reactivated C-3PO and demanded that the droid show him the freighter's smuggling compartments. The protocol droid refused, and Vero'tog'leo had to search out a team that could bypass the droid's security systems. In the meantime, Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo returned to the ship and escaped.(DN3)

One of the ruling houses on Lianna following the birth of the New Republic.(DESB)

Verpalion, Rodin Hlian
This Imperial Advisor to Emperor Palpatine rose quickly to power in the Imperial Senate and attracted the attention of Emperor Palpatine. A close friend of Willhuf Tarkin, Rodin was given many "sensitive situations" to resolve, and was chosen to oversee the NOVA project during the height of the New Order. However, life on the planet Lianna didn't agree with his cultured upbringing, and decided to manage the project from a more urbane world. He continued to monitor the NOVA project.(ML)

This was one of the many Imperial frigates that were part of the Outer Rim Third Fleet that protected the Mon Calamari shipyards, during the years following the Battle of Caamas. During the defense of the shipyards against an attack by the Galactic Alliance, the Verpine took heavy damage when the Alliance's forces took control of the shipyard's defenses. The Alliance personnel used the shipyard's weaponry to fire on the Imperial forces, and the Verpine was one of the first ships to suffer damage in the assault.(SWLI)

This was the spoken language of the Verpine people, which could be spoken or communicated via radio waves to another individual.(UANT)

The Verpine were an insectile, mantis-like race of beings known for their ability to fix high-tech devices. The Verpine were considered the original settlers of the Roche asteroid system, although any memory of their original homeworld remained a mystery, even to the Verpine. during the generations of their civilization, the Verpine developed a high level of technology, but retained a child-like sense of wonder at the galaxy around them.

The Verpine body was thin and ungainly, and had only four limbs: two long arms and two thin legs. Their large, black eyes have evolved beyond the normal ability of the multifaceted eyes of most insects, allowing the Verpine to see incredible levels of detail. Their system of mathematics was a base six system, which often presented unique difficulties in transferring their technology to most humanoid race that used base ten systems. They built a series of hives in the Roche asteroids, and connected them with focused repulsor beams. The Verpine lived in hives of about 100 individuals, and reproduction was only required when the population of the hive dropped below a certain level.

Despite their hive mentality, each Verpine was allowed individual thoughts. Their communal consciousness precluded the need for formal government. What distinguished the Verpine from other mantid races was the body organ in their chest, which allowed them to emit radio waves and thus communicate with each other across distances. There was some discussion on the necessity of the Verpine's antenna, and the fact that the most criminal Verpine invariably had damaged antennae.

The Verpine were strong supporters of the Alliance, but didn't officially join its ranks, although the Verpine helped Ackbar develop the B-wing fighter. During the height of the Swarm War, the Verpine government was targetted by the Colony for a military coup, and in effort to draw the Galactic Alliance into fighting smaller fires and leaving the Utegetu Nebula unguarded. This would allow the Colony to launch its full-scale attack on the Chiss, but the plans of the Colony were discovered by Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo. The Verpine managed to escape largely unharmed, but were wary of the galactic government.

The concerns of the Verpine were brought to a head during the Corellia-GA War, when the neighboring world of Murkhana began breaking trade agreements and producing small-scale technology that had once been the sole property of the Verpine. Appeals to the GA went largely unnoticed, even when planets like Kem Stor Ai threatened to go to war with Murkhana to prevent further abuses. The Verpine, seeing that the galactic government would be of little assistance, turned to the Mandalorians for help. The two groups signed a mutual-aid treaty that ensured Verpine weapons would be available to the Mandalorians, in exchange for protection from outside forces. Unfortunately, the Mandalorians were no match for the tactics of the Imperial Remnant, which used a modified nano-technology virus to wipe out the members of the Verpine warrior caste. The Imperials then enslaved the Verpine, forcing the survivors to continued working in their munitions factories, in order to provide war materiel for the Remnant and the Galactic Alliance.

The Imperial attack on the Roche Asteroid Field came just days after Leia Organa Solo had tried to persuade the Verpine to withdraw from their treaty with the Mandalorians and join the growing Jedi Coalition.(CPL, DFR, DFRSB, XWN, SFS, GG4, DN3, LF5, LF9)

Verpine Bond Gauntlets
Similar to stabilizer gauntlets, bond gauntlets were designed by the Verpine race to imitate their exoskeletons. The gauntlets themselves were formed from a tensor-mesh material that stiffened the forearm of the wearer, allowing them to safely manipulate volatile materials with a minimum of extraneous movement.(KOTOR)

Verpine Headband
Developed during the era of the Great Sith War, this device was similar in many respects to a cyborg construct or other interface band. However, because the Verpine were operating outside the control of the Old Republic, they were able to build their headband to use extreme electrical force. Although this greatly increased the user's mental abilities, long-term usage caused many problems.(KOTOR)

Verpine Ocular Enhancer
This form of cybernetic vision improvement system was developed for export by the Verpine, which had no need for such enhancements. The system was based on the idea of a visor, but the internal systems provided a visual acuity that was almost as good as that of the Verpine themselves.(KOTOR)

Verpine Slugthrower
This was a dedicated weapon that was manufactured by the Verpine, during the final years of the Old Republic. The Verpine slugthrower was designed from a basic slughtrower tool, but was given improved power and accuracy over a standard tool.(RC66)

Verpine Sniper Rifle
This type of highly-accurate blaster rifle that was produced by the Verpine, during the final years of the Old Republic. These weapons were extremely well-made and powerful, and were correspondingly expensive to purchase.(RC66)

This was the name given to the powerful cyberbrains that were produced by the Verpine, during the years following the Swarm War. VerpiTron cyberbrains were installed to handle many aspects of Verpine business and their colonies, including the monitoring of manufacturing lines and the maintenance of the life-support systems that were required on many asteroid in the Roche Asteroud Field.(LF9)

Verr, Aliniaca
A native of the planet Balmorra, this beautiful young woman was a popular holodrama actress, during the years following the Swarm War.(LF4)

This Mon Calamari officer served as a Captain aboard the Home One flagship during the Battle of Endor. A computer and power systems expert, Verrack could also take a place as a gunner if needed.(CCG11)

This was one of the more common names given to males of the Mon Calamari race. To the Mon Calamari, this name meant "crafter of metals".(GCG)

This was a Kerestian swear word.(SSR)

Verre d'n Nocka
A particularly vehement Kerestian curse.(SSR)

Verrimuch, Dankko
This Anx was an up-and-coming podracer, joining the professional circuit shortly after the Battle of Naboo.(ETM)

This was a form of datapad produced by MicroData.(NEGW)

Produced by Vectac Systems, this unusual cloth was used in the formation of survival suits. Versatex was a thin, micro-capillaried fabric which could ensure extremes of temperature, moisture, and vacuum. Waterproof and tear-resistant, Versatex was fitted with several sensors and processors to monitor the user's bodily status. Sweat could be recycled for use in conducting heat throughout the suit, or it could be exuded to assist in cooling a body down. The micro-capillaries also allowed for a small amount of adaptive camouflage, changing color at a singal from a processor to help the wearer blend into a background. A helmet attached to the neck of the suitm providing a sealed environment in the vacuum of space.(GFT)

This woman was one of the three handmaidens assigned by Captain Typho to serve Senator Padme' Amidala, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Along with Corde' and Dorme', Verse' served as a protector and decoy whenever Senator Amidala traveled throughout Chommell Sector or to Coruscant. When the Senator was due to return to Coruscant for the vote on the Military Creation Act, Verse' and Corde' flew aboard the Senator's starship, acting as decoys while Padme' flew a Naboo N-1 starfighter. Unfortunately, Verse' and Corde' were killed when the craft was destroyed by Zam Wesell, in an attempt to assassinate Senator Amidala.(SWDB)

This young girl was a native of Brentaal, and was Darrik's older cousin. She was in charge of ensuring that all her younger siblings and cousins got to the Brentaal Commerce Academy each morning, placing the older children in positions to keep an eye on the younger children. Darrik often thought of her as a Star Destroyer commander.(IDC)

Vershyi Sharpshooter
This blaster rifle was produced during the final years of the Old Republic.(SWGAL)

A meteor shower that regularly blankets the space around the planet Borleias.(XWN)

This Zeltron male served as the Governor of the Northern Province during the years leading up to the Battle of Endor.(MC104)

Vertag Crystal
This form of crystal was found exclusively on the planet Shownar. Vertag formed much of the outer crust and surface structure of the planet.(GG9)

This was the name given to the enormous, balloon-powered airships which were used by the Fia to move cargos across the surface of their homeworld of Galantos.(FH1)

A crystalline mineral mined on the planet Kir, vertex was used as the standard for most financial transactions of the Old Republic, and became a supplement to Authority Cash Vouchers when the Corporate Sector Authority was formed. When a being needed to exchange credit at an Authority Currency Exchange, they were given either a Voucher or vertex crystals at the going rate. The crystals that were mined on Kir were refined to a standard size and color, helping to stabilize their value as currency.(HSE, CSA, JQ9)

This was the term used to describe the three corners of a shockboxing arena, or wedge. At each vertex was a padded pole that supported the bouncewires that enclosed the wedge. One wedge was set aside for each shockboxer as their home vertex, where they went in between phases to get a brief rest and coaching from their trainers. The third vertex was considered neutral, and a boxer could be directed to the neutral vertex during a phase when the referee needed to assess the other opponent's physical condition or warn them about unfair tactics.(OWS)

Vertex Street
This street, located near the Old Republic Senate Chamber on Coruscant, was known for the guesthouses which lined its sides.(DH)

This was the term used by shockboxers to describe the coaches and trainers who stood by a fighter during a bout. The term referred to the fact that the shockboxer and his team were assigned a specific vertex in the wedge.(OWS)

This small predator was native to the planet Morseer. Its teeth were shaped like triangular chisels, and had a blue-tinted enamel that xenobiologists claimed was a form of camouflage.(TBSB)

Vertical City
This was another name for the moon Nar Shaddaa, referring to the skyscrapers that covered most of its surface.(TFUN)

Vertical Swoop
This Imperial TIE Bomber flight tactic was developed by Captain Tomax Bren, and was put to practical use by the pilots of the Scimitar Assault Wing during the Galactic Civil War.(ISB, SWJ15)

Vertigo Influx Override
This was an advanced piece of technology used in the engines of podracers, during the last decades of the Old Republic. When activated, it provided an incredible boost of power to the podracer's engines, allowing a racer to achieve faster speeds for a short distance.(T14)

Verti-Go Line Thrower
Developed by Susuax, this self-contained climbing system consisted of a rifle-like launcher, a length of syntherope, and a variety of grappling hooks. It was designed for civilian use, and was quite noisy.(GUN)

Vertigo Squadron
This was the name of the branch of the Mandalorian Shocktroopers who flew aerial combat missions in support of ground-based mercenary actions.(JFOS)

An obnoxious, swarming insect native to the planet Garqi.(U)

Verullian Land Slug
This disgusting creature crawls around by flopping its body in a lunging motion.(MC12)

This man served as the King of the Naboo for thirteen years before Queen Amidala was elected to replace him. During his early yeras as King, Veruna clashed often with Senator Palpatine. Over time, however, Palpatine convinced Veruna to become more involved with offworld politics. This eventually led to Veruna's downfall. It was later discovered that Veruna was a corrupt leader, and was using the prosperity of the planet to fill his own coffers. He even provided a collection of underground storage facilities to Palaptine, which were used to dispose of the Senator's enemies. During their debates and election campaign, Veruna used Amidala's age as his primary platform. As the election wore on, the people tired of his bombastic assaults and started to listen to what Amidala was saying. They quickly understood that she was much smarter and better prepared to lead them, and voted Veruna out in a landslide vote. Following the election, Veruna was exiled to the Naboo Wastelands. He later died under mysterious circ*mstances, although many belived Veruna had been assassinated.(JQA, IG1, SON, NEGC)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "mercenary."(OWS)

This species of creatures was known to interstellar travellers as space rats. They average a meter in length, and have two razor-sharp fangs. They inhabit the bowels of starships like a virus, wreaking havoc with systems while attacking the crewmembers who come to fix the problems.(RM)

Verwood, Kaysil
This female Zabrak served a spokesperson for the Refugee Relief Movement, during the year leading up to the Clone Wars. Verwood found an adversary in Brookish Boon, who denounced Verwood's plan to hold a gala fundraiser on Alsakan in order to gain funding for the RRM.

Because of her place at the forefront of the RRM, and because she had married a human male, Verwood feared that she was going to be among the first beings to be persecuted under Emperor Palpatine's New Order. Rather than submit herself to Imperial control, Verwood joined the fledgling Alliance with her sister, Elibet Dav. They worked tirelessly to relocate refugees and freed slaves, and Verwood later served as the Zabrak representative to the Galactic Caucus of the New Republic.(HNN5, NEGA)

Very Dumb Orphan
This slang term was used by the Special Operations units of the Alliance to describe an orphaned rebel agent who knew too much to be allowed to remain out of contact. These agents were either rescued, silenced, or discredited, in order to preserve the information they carried.(GG9)

This gaseous substance was often used as engine coolant. When mixed with ves, the combination created a gas which can disperse a blaster bolt on contact.(CFG, GFT)

Ves, Gord
This ancient Jedi Knight was one of the most celebrated members of the Jedi Order, during the era of the Great Sith War.(CN1)

This was one of Corondexx's pulse rifle models.(GG10)

Ves'ad, Mother
This ancient Wookiee matriarch was rumored to live in the Shadow Weave Caverns, in the Kkowir Forest of Kashyyyk, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

Vesari Fry-house
This was a style of restaurant that was created by the Vesarian race, featuring a wide variety of foods that were fried in any number of oils, using a range of techniques.(RC66)

This alien race was one of many that were singled out for their anti-Imperial political stance, during the early years of the New Order. A group of Vesarian students was shot and killed by the Imperial Sector Police when they staged a peaceful, anti-Imperial rally at the Imperial City University. Although the centurion in charge of the operation was arrested, there was no other response from the Imperial government.(CN2)

This Imperial Navy trooper was assigned as a sensor operator at the Imperial garrison on the Forest Moon of Endor. Vesden was in charge of scanning for possible infiltration of the shield generator bunker protecting the second Death Star. In reality, Vesden was a counterintelligence officer placed in the garrison by the Imperial Security Bureau.(CCG10)

This man was one of the many corrections officers who served under Captain Jareth Sartoris aboard the prson barge Purge, about a year before the Battle of Yavin. When the Purge experienced problems with its thrusters and was stranded in the Unknown Regions, ICO Vesek, along with Austin and Armitage, were assigned to a task force led by Sartoris to investigate the presence of an abandoned Star Destroyer in their vicinity. The hope was that drive components from the larger ship could be salvaged to help repair the Purge. During the search, Vesek was the third man to begin experiencing strange symptoms, including a rattling cough that first appeared in ICO Austin. Upon returning to the Purge, Vesek and several others who exhibited the same symptoms were sent to the infirmary. Vesek suffered a massive seizure, then violently vomited up blood before settling down. Upon returning to the Purge, Vesek was placed in a quarantine bubble after Austin died from his illness. This put Sartoris at a disadvantage, because Vesek had been charged with maintaining the launch codes for the ship's escape pods. Sartoris spent many hours sitting beside the quarantine bubble, waiting for Vesek to awaken enough to give him the codes. When Vesek failed to regain consciousness, Sartoris tried to pinch his nose closed, hoping to jolt Vesek into a moment of lucid thought. However, Vesek suffocated and died because of Sartoris, and Sartoris walked away from the body, rationalizing his actions by claiming that Vesek would have died eventually.(SWDT)
Vesell, Hayvlin
An expert in artificial intelligence at the Technomic Research Foundation, Vesell, theorized that xylen-based memory chips, while out-dated, could be used to enhance artificial minds due to their finer divisibility of information. He was a contemporary of Cray Mingla.(COJ)

This name was given to female Zabrak, and meant "fresh air".(GCG)

This large rodent, native to planets like Dathomir, was a relative of the womp rat found on Tatooine. They were noted for their keen sense of smell, which allowed them to track prey for many days or over long distances. This trait, coupled with the fact that veshets were easily trained to perform complex activities, made them popular among assassins during the last decades of the Old Republic. Trained veshets could attack on command, or only after acquiring a certain scent.(LFCW)

Veshiv, Coh
This Imperial advisor was captured by the crew of the Far Orbit, after they defected from Imperial service and struck out a privateers. Their mission to capture Veshiv was funded by the Alliance as part of the Far Orbit Project. Veshik himself was known as an annoying, self-centered blowhard who had been sent away from Coruscant on a "fact-finding" mission to the Ringali Shell in an effort to get rid of him. Veshiv's entire career had been based on knowing the secrets of others and using them to his own advantage, and he was generally regarded as one of Palpatine's best blackmail artists. When Dhas Vedij and the Far Orbit caught up to the Empire Forever and claimed to be their replacement as Veshiv's escort, Captain Annance gladly turned Veshiv over to the privateers, believing them to be Imperials. Veshiv's capture turned a great deal of Imperial attention on the Far Orbit, especially from former Captain Vocis Kenit.(FOP)

This species of slow-growing tree was native to the planet Mandalore. Veshok forested lined the Kelita River for many generations, providing hardwood for buildings and furniture, until the Yuuzhan Vong razed large tracts of forest in an effort to defeat the Mandalorians. The Mandalorians, like the veshok trees, survived the invaders' attacks.(LF5, RC66)

Veshok Squad
This clone commando unit of the Grand Army of the Republic was trained by Rav Bralor during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Veshok Squad was dispatched to the planet Thyferra, shortly before the First Battle of Coruscant.(RC66)

This was a species of aggressive, bio-engineered creature that was native to the planet Lok.(GQRG, SWG2P)

Vespula Manufacturing & Exports
Once based in Shamd City, on the planet Kirima, was discovered to have been operating with several violations of copyrights and patents held by the Commerce Guild, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. After a series of cease-and-desist orders were issued against Vespula, the Commerce Guild called in the bounty hunters of House Salaktori to bring Vespula's operations to a halt. In a swift paramilitary action, Vespula's headquarters were demolished and twelve employees were killed.(HNN5)

Vess, Rosha
This dark-haired woman was a frequent patron of Coruscant's Outlander Club, during the last decades of the Old Republic. She was often seen in the company of her friends, Nyrat Agira and Immi Danoo. Like Nyrat, Rosha had a belly tattoo that identified her as a member of the Zealots of Psusan.(OWS, SWI75)

Vessar Asteroid Belt
This field of asteroids was located in the Telanka System, and was believed to be the home of Buula's Rocky Home.(HAS)

This was a type of infochant, a being which had been cybernetically modified to store tremendous amounts of data in their heads. However, the vessel had no idea what the information deals with. When used for legal activities, vessels were generally considered couriers. Often, vessels were created from beings who were indebted to a more powerful infochant, as a way to pay off their debts.(GG2)

Vessel Cargo Manifest
This Imperial document was one of a number of documents required from any spacer who plied the spacelanes during the New Order. The procedures for obtaining the certification were documented in the Spacer's Information Manual. Known as an VCM, this document provided information on the current cargo of a starship.(SWJ9)

Vessel Drive
This was a form of cranium-implanted, computer storage device, used by cybernetically-enhanced beings during the last decades of the Old Republic. With a vessel drive installed, a being could commit to memory huge amounts of data. More often than not, vessel drives were used by corporate thieves and espionage agents, who infiltrated a competitor's operations and stole information.(HNN4)

Vesser, Dak
This being was a xenoarchaeologist who was investigating the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. He had become tainted by months of close proximity to the Dark Side of the Force, and was suspicious of the Jedi Knights who tried to infiltrate the Sith academy. The Jedi were on Korriban to search for information on Darth Malak, and Vesser became angry at their constant intrusions. When the Jedi tried to question him at a cantina in Dreshdae, Vesser became angry and attacked them. He was killed in the fighting that ensued.(KOTOR)

Vessery, Broak
This Imperial Navy Colonel served Ysanne Isard, after she escaped death during the Battle of Thyferra. A tall, black-haired man who had the nervous habit of picking invisible pieces of lint from his uniform, Vessery and his ships were dispatched by Isard to recover as much of Rogue Squadron as they could from Corvis Minor Five, after the Rogues fell into a trap laid by Isard's clone and Prince-Admiral Krennel. Vessery then trained the Rogues in the use of the TIE Defender, in hopes that their combined skills could be infiltrated into Krennel's forces and used to bring the rogue warlord down. The Requiem Squadron, under the command of Wedge Antilles' alter ego Antar Roat, managed to infiltrate Krennel's forces and bring down the shields protecting Ciutric. In the aftermath of the liberation of Ciutric and the deaths of Krennel, Isard's clone, and Isard herself, Vessery fled with two complete squadrons of TIE Defenders and their pilots.(IR)

The New Republic maintained a military training facility on this planet.(WBC)

This ancient woman was a proctor at the Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies, during the early years of the New Order. It was believed that Madame Vesta was Leia Organa's personal nanny, during the princess' education at the Academy.(T11)

This race of beings was native to the planet Vestar. They were considered nomads, and dressed in distinctive robes.(EOE)

Boba Fett caught up with the crew of the Port-Esta Queen on this planet, then was tracked by Nevo's gang from Vestar to Star Station 12.(EOE)

Vestas Ruling
This historical event occurred during the height of the Old Republic, but was settled with the help of the Jedi Order's Council of First Knowledge.(PJSB)

This man, a native of the planet Carida, served the Empire as a pilot in the Navy. He commanded the disguised Corellian freighter which deposited Lieutenant Brazack and Ghost Squadron on Sulon, during the Empire's subjugation of the moon. He was a co*cksure pilot, and flew the freighter like it was a swoop.(SFE)

This man was one of Coh Veshiv's personal aides.(FOP)

Vestor Nebula
This great cloud of ionized gas was located within the Trans-Nebular Zone. At its core was the Vestor Pulsar, which provided much of the ionized gas in the Nebula.(GSE)

Vestor Pulsar
This neutron star was located at the heart of the Vestor Nebula, located in the Trans-Nebular Sector of the galaxy. This rapidly-spinning cinder of a star was all the remained of a giant star that went supernova many millennia before the advent of the New Order. It spewed twin spirals of ionized gas outward as it spun, forming the Vestor Nebula. The jets of gas also act as a kind of beacon, and many spacers used its emissions to help navigate the Trans-Nebular Sector.(GSE)

Vestwe, Sateen
This Alderaanian man served as an aide to Senator Bail Organa, working aboard the Tantive IV during the months following the Clone Wars. Vestwe was the latest in a long family line to serve the Royal House of Alderaan, a lineage that could be traced back some forty generations. Vestwe received his military training from Giles Durane, and was known for his marksmanship.(DAG, CHRN2)

A tree which was native to the planet Ithor, the vesuvague had a great root system. The roots grow quickly, and often emerge from the soils a thick vines. When a creature gets close enough to the tree, the vesuvague entraps it with these vines, constricting the prey until it dies and can be consumed by the plant.(TME, GOF9)

Veterans' Mental Care Hospital
This hospital was established in Galactic City, on the planet Coruscant, in the wake of the war against the Yuuzhan Vong. The facility was constructed as a place where military personnel could be treated for the mental stresses that often accompanied war. Although many outsiders considered the facility and its staff to be too sympathetic to their patients, many patients felt that they were being imprisoned for things that were out of their control.(LF4)

This was the capital city of the planet Troiken.(SWDB)

An Endoran creature which possesses a lot of nervous energy.(COJ)

Vet'lya, Karaksk
This Bothan served as Pors Tonith's chief of staff aboard the Corpulentus, during the height of the Clone Wars.(JT)

A word of goodbye used by Dap Nechel.(TFE)

Vetter, Elke
This woman was a member of the Imperial Knights, and was the sworn protector of Marasiah Syn, during gthe years following the Sith-Imperial War. When Marasiah was traced to Socorro by Darth Talon, Vetter gave her life in order to ensure that Marasiah escaped. Unfortunately, Darth Talon was able to glean Marasiah's location from Vetter's dying mind, and set out to capture the princess.(SWLB)

This word was used to describe a member of the Veubgri race, native to the planet Gbu.(CS)

An alien race from the planet Gbu. The planet's intense gravity had caused them to evolve into wide, squat beings with a number of sensitive tendrils used to manipulate and touch things. They also have six feet, which help keep the aliens stable.(CS)

Veujarij, Bura
A researcher at the Imperial Institutue of Military Medcine, this Imperial doctor spent a large part of his career investigation the benefits and problems associated with cloning of beings for use as military soldiers. He based a large part of his work on the techniques of the Kaminoans who created the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic. Doctor Veujarij discovered that clone troopers not only aged faster, but experienced genetic mutations faster than normal beings. These mutations were only accelerated when the clone was under stress, such as during military service. He later published his work as the paper "Aging and Tissue Degeneration in Kaminoan-cloned Troops" in the Imperial Medical Review.(RCTC)

This was the twenty-second symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letter "v".(SWM)

Vevut, Novoc
This Mandalorian soldier agreed to meet with Boba Fett and Goran Beviin at Zerria's Bar, on Drall, to discuss Thrackan Sal-Solo's offer of employment, some ten years after the end of the war against the Yuuzhan Vong. Sal-Solo wanted the Mandalorians to fight on the side of Corellia, if he was forced to go to war against the Galactic Alliance in order to ensure Corellia's independence.

Vevut was distinguished by his dark skin and the thick dreadlocks that spilled from his head, as well as the large scar that crossed his left cheek. His hair was braided with small gold clips that rattled when he shook his head. Each clip represented the spoils of the various kills he had made over the years, and many were forged from credit coins that were melted down and reformed. It was said that Vevut's braids were even more impressive than Boba Fett's collection of Wookiee scalps.

Vevut was known on his homeworld of Mandalore as a weaponsmaker, and was skilled in the use of various metals. Vevut's adopted son, Ghes Orade, later became emotionally involved with Mirta Gev, when the young woman returned to Mandalore with Fett, who was actually her grandfather. Vevut later served among the many Mandalorians who participated in the Second Battle of Fondor, where they served as backup for Admiral Daala's Maw Irregular Fleet, and recaptured the destroyer Bloodfin.(LF2, LF5, LF8)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "gold."(OWS)

Vevut Squad
This was one of the many clone commando units that made up the Grand Army of the Republic, during the era of the Clone Wars. Vevut Squad was originally trained by Rav Bralor, and many other commando units quietly claimed that Vevut's clones acted like sons who were eager to please their mother.(RCTC, RC66)

Vewas Data Controllers
This small corporation propuced a wide range of remote control devices.(GFT)

Vew-Grek Holo Images
This multimedia conglomerate was based on Bespin's Cloud City. Its leaders were given positions on the city's Exex during their tenure.(GG2)

This man was an Alliance agent, and a friend of Do'naal. This friendship cost him his position with the Alliance, as Do'naal was actually an Imperial agent working to ferret out rebellious individuals. Vewin was captured and interrogated on Kelada, and was subsequently considered a security risk to the Alliance.(SESB)

This star was the central body in the Vex System, located near the Monsua Nebula in the Moddell Sector of the galaxy.(GMR9)

This man was one of Cularin's minor crimelords, during the last years of the Old Republic. Vex was quite skilled in the arts of interrogation, and could bring any being to the point of collapse and hold them there until they surrendered their information. Of course, he preferred to have his Trandoshan henchmen do the actual dirty work.(LFCW)

This Defel served as Greezim Trentacal's bodyguard until Trentacal was killed on Gabredor III. Vex was recommended to Trentacal by another contact within the Karazak Slavers Guild, and Trentacal offered Vex the position of bodyguard on the spot. At first, Vex had no interest in the job, having other personal duties to attend to. However, the Defel found himself between a rock and hard place when his own agenda was caught between Trentacal's rivals and the Karazak Guild. Vex decided to join Trentacal and avoid the entanglements, thereby furthering his own goals. Vex proved himself to be a loyal servant, and was given more and more control of Trentacal's daily routine until they were caught on Gabredor III. The slaving transfer station on the planet was infiltrated by the Red Moons, and their leader, Sully Tigereye, personally tore Vex apart in hand-to-hand combat aboard the Atron's Mistress.(SWJ8, TFE)

Vex Major
This planet was the primary world in the Vex system, which was located in the Moddell Sector of the galaxy. A swampy world, Vex Major was surrounded by a desnse asteroid field known simply as The Belt. The few human settlers who made a living on the planet were close-knit clans of fisherfolk. The planet itself was often referred to as Far Gent, term used by the Ffib fanatics who settled the planet some forty years before the Battle of Endor. The name "Vex Major" was believed to have been coined by the first explorers who tried to reach the planet, which was located on the edge of the Monsua Nebula. They hoped to use Vex Major as a staging point for excursions into the Unknown Regions, but navigating through the Belt and overcoming the anomalies caused by the Monsua Nebula proved particularly vexing.(GMR9)

This female Tusken Raider was the leader of the small faction which believed Sliven was unfit to lead his tribe, during the years following the Battle of Endor. Vexa was the first to voice her opinions after Sliven returned from the desert with Tahiri Veila, then announced that he would raise the girl as a Tusken Raider. Vexa allowed Tahiri to remain on two conditions: first, that her true parentage be kept secret; and second, that she be forced to pass the trials of adulthood required of any Tusken Raider youth. If Tahiri succeeded, then Sliven's faith in the girl would be proven correct, and both would be allowed to remain with the tribe. If Tahiri failed, however, both would be exiled to the deepest deserts. Sliven agreed, and Tahiri was allowed to grow up with the tribe. When Tahiri returned from her training at the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, Vexa greeted her amiably enough, but quickly demanded that the trial begin. Tahiri and her friend, Anakin Solo, were taken into the deepest part of the Jundland Wastes and given seven days to return. Despite Tahiri's successful return to the tribe, Vexa still demanded that Sliven be banished from the tribe. Tahiri intervened on his behalf, and forced Vexa to abide by her original agreement.(P)

Vexa Flechette Pistol
This flechette pistol was produced during the height of the New Order.(SWGAL)

This law enforcement officer was also a member of Sires Vant's criminal organization, and was one of Vant's "antenna-breakers."(GG11)

This one of the many small mining settlements established on the planet Kallistas. It was the primary extraction site of radioactive isotopes mined on the planet.(GG10)

Vexok savaka
This ancient Sith command translated roughly into Basic as "Get up, there was work to do."(PH)

Vexonuk, Zosh
A native of the planet Genarius, this member of the Blood Raptors gang was a noted swoop racer in the Cularin System, during the final years of the Old Republic. A competitive racer who was not afraid to bump his fellow racers out of his way, Vexonuk hoped to win enough races to buy his way off Cularin.(JST3)

Vexta Belt
This system was used as a staging area for pirates attacking the Delephran shipping lanes.(SWJ3)

Vey'lya, Bree
This Bothan, a clanmate of Borsk Fey'lya, was one of the first members of the Bothan SpyNet to lend his assistance to the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. Bree worked with a team of Alliance agents to recover a Bothan spy team on the planet Cordes, before Imperial forces could apprehend them.(RESB)

Veyn, Milzin
This Imperial Navy Lieutenant was a native of the city of Hullis, on the planet Halmad. He later served at the Imperial garrison in Hullis, during the period of time the planet was raided by the Hawk-bats, and a fighter pilot.(IF)

This submersible vessel was used on the planet Rhinnal as an ice breaker. It was used by hunters and explorers to reach the polar reagions of the planet. It measured 9.5 meters in length, and could transport up to ten passengers and twenty metric tons of cargo. The V-Fin required a pilot and co-pilot to operate.(CCW)

This scale describes the output capacity of a repuslorlift engine's turbothrust converter coil. Most landspeeders use V5- to V9-gauge coils, while X-Wings and military T-47 airspeeders use V12- to V18-gauge coils. Large transport ships require much heavier-gauge coils.(CFG)

Known as the Shooting Star, this was Koensayr's version of a heavy assault starfighter. It was originally developed near the end of the Galactic Civil War, but never saw active production. The prototype of the VGK-3 was stolen by Bryce Agoris and Myrgaanti Shi-iki, who modifed the ship and renamed it the Warhog. The VGK-3 measured nineteen meters in length, and required a pilot and gunner to operate. There was little room on the VGK-3 for any cargo, with all usable space being set aside for power plants and drive systems. It was believed that this craft was armed with five laser cannons, a dual ion cannon, and two proton torpedo launchers.(SWJ6)

This Keganite man was a member of the Hospitality Guides, and was assigned to escort Qui-Gon Jinn, Adi Gallia, and their padawans, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri, during their mission to locate O-Lana.(FFT)

Vharing, Jovan
This Imperial officer served aboard the Interrogator under the command of Captain Nolaan, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Vharing was the latest in a long line of males in his family to attend the Imperial Academy, graduating in the top two percent of his class and receiving a posting as a communications officer aboard a Victory-class Star Destroyer. A close friend and trusted advisor, Vharing was also a student of Nolaan, who was grooming the young man for his own command. When Nolaan transferred to command of the Interrogator, he brought Vharing along with him. This was both a boon and a bane for Vharing. When Nolaan was executed by High Inquisitor Tremayne for a minor error, Vharing was quickly promoted in his place. At the time, Vharing was the youngest person ever promoted to Captain and command of a ship. Tremayne kept a sharp eye on Vharing, for he had proclaimed that and of Nolaan's advisors would also be executed. Vharing remained in command of the Interrogator until a senior Lieutenant Leeds inadvertently ordered the bombing of a settlement on Qlothos while Vharing slept. The planet was virtually undefended, and sixty civilians were killed in the raid. Among them was a high-ranking engineer from Kuat Drive Yards and his family, who were on vacation at the time. Tremayne executed Vharing for this mistake, despite the fact that he had nothing to do with it. Vharing's disembodied spirit roamed the ship for several minutes before realizing it was truly dead.(TFNR, SWJ11, OWS)

This woman was living on the planet Dathomir during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "earth," "soil," or "dust."(OWS)

This Mandalorian word stemmed from the word yaim, meaning "home," and referred to a temporary hut created from wattle and daub.(OWS, SWI86)

This was the plural form of vheh'yaim, referring to homes or the buildings of a small farm.(SWI86, LF5)

This large, herding animal was native to the planet Qiilura. Despite their size, vheks were regularly attacked and killed by packs of gdans.(RCHC)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "map."(OWS)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "plains" or "fields."(OWS)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "farmer." Vhett was also the root of the surname Fett.(OWS, LF2)

This was the alias used by Boba Fett, when he tried to locate Taun We on Roonadan, some ten years after the end of the galaxy's war with the Yuuzhan Vong. In reality, the name Vhett was little more than the root form of his own name, Fett. In the Mando'a language, vhett meant "farmer."(LF2)

Vhett, Arla
This woman was discovered by Bardan Jusik in the Valorum Center, during the final months of the Clone Wars. Jusik had been searching for Doctor Olovot Qail Uthan, but found Vhett's presence in the Force because it didn't belong with the other insane minds being kept at the prison facility. Jusik and Kal Skirata took Arla Vhett with them when they captured Doctor Uthan, and later learned that she was Jango Fett's long-lost sister.(RC66)

This was the plural form of the Mandalorian word vhette, and meant "farmers" when translated into Basic.(RCTC)

This small, tan-furred rodent was native to the planet Mandalore. For many years following the Galactic Civil War, populations of vhe'viin were quite small, due to the lack of agriculture on the planet. However, in the wake of the Swarm War, Boba Fett's call for Mandalorians to return to their homeworld created new demands for homegrown foodstuffs. As agriculture increased on Mandalore, so did the population of vhe'viin, which scurried through fields in search of the grains and grasses that made up its diet.(LF8)

This is the Mandalorian word used to describe two or more vhe'viin.(RC66)

This Mandalorian word translated into Basic as "mine," or a type of ordnance.(OWS)

This was the given name of the Twi'lek Jedi Master, Vhiin Thorla.(TS)

This island continent was located in the northern hemisphere of the planet Illarreen. It was the birthplace of the Poss'Nomin race.(AE)

When translated into Basic, this Mando'a word meant "mist."(OWS)

This was a disgusting creature native to the homeworlds of the Yuuzhan Vong.(EVR)

This was the model number of Industrial Automaton's speeder pilot droid. These droids moved about on three wheeled legs, and had a pair of retractable arms for steering and operating a vehicle. These droids had a number of visual and auditory sensors, and were equipped with a computer interface jack that allowed them to access maps and global positioning data.(SPG)

When translated into Basic, this archaic Mando'a pronoun meant "we."(OWS)

This was the Argazdan name for the Mother Goddess, who was the central figure in the Vianism religion. The origins of Vianism could be traced back to the Zhell and Seoulian civilizations, and the central goddess was not always known as Via. As missionaries moved outward from the Core Worlds, the goddess took on various names wherever they stopped. Although the worship of Vianism died out in the Core, it gained a strong foothold in the Kanz Sector, and the first missionaries to that region of the galaxy became the ancestors of the Argazdans. Over time, the name Via became quite prominent, and replaced most other names throughout the galaxy. Via was known to have two distinct aspects to her being: the Glorious Radiance, which was a form of energy that bound the goddess to all living things in the galaxy; and the Beatific Countenance. There were branches of Vianism that honored and respected these two aspects, the Sisterhood of the Glorious Radiance and the Sisterhood of the Beatific Countenance.(OWS)

Via, Kara
This woman was an Alliance operative during the Galactic Civil War. She led the infiltration team that tried to gain access to TransGalMeg's corporate headquarters on Pako Ramoon, an action which was successful with the help of Diskio and K'lial Khzrry.(CRO)

see Iego(LEV)

This Dark Jedi Knight trained under High Inquisitor Tremayne, and believed himself to be the logical choice to replaced Tremayne upon his death. Vialco stalked his victims from afar, planting horrible dreams in their minds until they were at his mercy. However, Vialco was also arrogant, and believed that anyone who could not touch the Dark Side of the Force was below him. This caused considerable trouble when he was ordered to work for non-Jedi commanders, and led to his being assigned to guard the new Imperial communications bunker near Iscera, on the planet Nysza III. When the Alliance learned of its construction, Commander Beatonn sent Harrier Team to destroy it. Vialco killed Arecelis Acosta and handily defeated Fable Astin during the mission, but the Harriers were able to take out the station. Vialco retreated, knowing that Fable would be an easy target, and was later contacted by Adalric Brandl. Brandl told Vialco that he was holding Fable on Trulalis, and the Dark Jedi could not pass up the tempting offer to remove her. Vialco quickly traveled to Trulalis and confronted Fable, who had become a much more formidable opponent that he believed possible. Fable was able to disarm him and defeat him, but she could not kill him. She did not want to become part of the Dark Side. However, Brandl had other ideas. He sent an image into her mind of Vialco recovering his lightsaber and attacking, and Fable moved to counter the blow. Instead of striking another lightsaber, Fable's blade severed Vialco's head from his shoulders.(SWJ8)

Viamarr 4
One of the planets visted by the Night Caller shortly before it was captured by Wraith Squadron near Xobome 6. It was an agricultural world known for Viamarr Blackroot.(WS)

Viamarr Blackroot
This fungus was grown only on the planet Viamarr 4, where it was found in vast subterranean caverns. The deep black fungus puts out tubers and offshoots which can grow to a kiometer in diameter, and which were harvested for their meaty texture and nutritional balance.(WS)

This religion was believed to have originated in the Core Worlds, with the Zhell and Seoulian civilizations. It later spread outward into the far reaches of the galaxy, and was eventually displaced and forgotten in the Core. The primary goddess at the center of this religion went by many names, and she was known as Via in the Argazdan language. Via was supported by two distinct entities, the Glorious Radiance and the Beatific Countenance, each of which represented one aspect of the goddess. Both of these entities spawned their own specific forms of Vianism, and the Sisterhood of the Glorious Radiance became the primary form of Vianism in the galaxy. The Sisterhood of the Beatific Countenance later gained a strong following on Lorrd. Vianists adhered to the various tenets and beliefs that were described by Via, including the service of others and the need for each follower to make some level of sacrifice in order to serve the mother goddess. Usually, this sacrifice was the willingness to give up one's prior life to dedicate themselves to service. Unlike other religions, however, the choice to make the sacrifice was made by each individual, not thrust upon them by priests and other leaders.(OWS)

This was the name given to any being who worshipped the religion of Vianism.(OWS)

This was the high-backed, Ansionian saddle used to when riding a suubatar.(APS)

Via's Aura
This ancient transport vessel was one of the many Vianist missionary vessels that spread the word of the mother goddess Via to the outer reaches of the galaxy, millennia before the onset of the Clone Wars. The Via's Aura was later grounded on the planet Lorrd, and its hull became the central structure of the Temple of the Glorious Radiance.(OWS)

Vibrator Knife
see Vibroknife(JS)

Vibre-class Assault Cruiser
Developed and manufactured by Silvuit Corporation, this 100-meter long craft bristled with weapons. It found widespread usage among Imperial fleets which survived the Battle of Endor, as the remnants of the Empire began raiding New Republic convoys for supplies. Vibre-class cruisers were plated with matte-black armor, with a layer of stealth coating bonded to it. A triangular, scarab-shaped craft, it was armed with four laser cannons, a pair of tractor beam projectors, and four ion cannons. The shape of the ship was dictated by its mission profile. It could latch onto larger capital ships with its tractor beams, and use cutting lasers to open the other ship's hull. A squadron of zero-G spacetroopers was disgorged into the larger ship, which would then take control of it. The ship required a crew of thirty to operate, along with 15 gunners. It could transport up to sixty troops and 500 metric tons of cargo.(JASB, PP, WOTC)

Vibrion, Gebnerret
This elderly man was the political leader of an active Alliance cell during the last years of the New Order. He suffered greatly from Zithrom's Disease, and constantly took Clondex to ease the pain. In his earlier days, Vibrion was an Old Republic Senator from Ghorman. He later served the Imperial Senate, and quickly sided with Mon Mothma following the Ghorman Massacre. When warrants were issued for her arrest, Vibrion went into hiding and went to work for the Alliance. When he was captured by the Empire and imprisoned on Selnesh, the Alliance sent in a team of agents to either liberate him or execute him before the Empire could learn his secrets. The assault team, led by Lieutenant Haslam, managed to rescue Vibrion while suffering minor injuries, thanks to the quick thinking of Doctor Aurin Leith.(SWJ10, TFE, OWS)

This bearded man worked as one of the chief technicians working aboard Centerpoint Station, during the years following the Swarm War. Vibro was on duty when Prime Minister Sadras Koyan set in motion his plans to fire the Centerpoint repulsor at Coruscant, in an effort to force Cha Niathal to accede to his demands, during the height of the war between the Galactic Alliance and The Confederation. Vibro urged the Prime Minister to fire the repulsor anyway, as a way to prove to the galaxy that Corellia was ready to do anything and everything to maintain her independence. When Koyan decided to flee the station when Jacen Solo and the Anakin Solo arrived in the system, Vibro was ordered to await firing orders from Admiral Genna Delpin.

Unknown to Koyan and even his teammates, Vibro was actually a Corellian native named Rikel, and his desire to fire Centerpoint's repulsor went deeper than his loyalty to Corellia. Vibro tracked Koyan's escape, and was surprised to see him get into a shuttle that was part of the Galactic Alliance fleet. This event tipped him over the edge, and Vibro began setting the weapon to be fired on his own command. Without anyone to stop him, Vibro fired the repulsor, which further overloaded the Glowpoint, which had been sabotaged by Doctor Toval Seyah. The power source overloaded and exploded, destroying the station and killing everyone onboard.(LF7)

An axe-like weapon that uses a vibrating blade.(CPL, DA)

Vibroaxe Squadron
This group of space pirates assisted Warlord Zsinj in his attempt to steal the Razor's Kiss. Their leader was a high-strung Devaronian male who was extremely irate at Zsinj and his forces after the attempt, since the Vibroaxes had no idea they'd be assaulting Kuat itself. They had planned on fighting X-Wings and Y-Wings, and they were unable to change tactics quickly enough to avoid over fifty percent losses of hardware and pilots.(IF)

This was a form of sonic whirlpool used to relax muscles.(POT)

This was the term used to describe the blade used in a vibroknife.(HSR, DFR, COTF)

This Skipray Blastboat was part of the Khuiumin Survivors' fleet, and was part of the assault force sent to capture Zlece Oonaar aboard the Galaxy Chance.(IJ)

This hand-held weapon was similar to the vibroknife, only larger.(HSR, MTS)

Vibroblade Brigade
This mercenary band was active on the planet Murkhana, during the height of the Clone Wars.(RDV)

This gang rose to power on the planet Draenell's Point, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Their rise to power threatened the control of Benthar's Boys, especially after they kidnapped Benthar himself. The Alliance agents on the planet to investigate the construction of the Imperial supply depot in the Bissillirus System assisted Benthar's Boys in rescuing him, and Vibroblades agreed to join the Boys in fighting against the Empire instead of each other.(GMK)

This speciallized form of kunda stone was developed for use in communications devices by the kadrillian known as Rodno, during the height of the New Order. Leia Organa discovered that the transmissions of the vibro-crystal could shatter kunda stones, which made the vibro-crystal an effective weapon against the Empire's kunda-stone breathing masks.(LAT3)

This rapidly-vibrating sword was modelled after the ancient blades used by many races.(TFE)

This was a common starship tool that employed a vibrating blade. It was designed to cut through structural panels and other dense materials.(HSL)

This small component was used in the manufacture of vibroknives and other weapons that employed a sharp blade that vibrated rapidly, adding to its ability to cut through almost any material. The vibrogenerator set up the vibration of the blade, often as speeds of a thousand vibrations a minute. If this component shorted out or was otherwise damaged, the weapon became little more than a static knife.(CN2)

This Gamorrean weapon was a tall weapon with a long, vibrating blade attached at the top.(OE)

Like its cousins, the vibrohammer uses an internal generator to create a rapdi vibration. The vibration then motivates the peen of the hammer, allowing the user to quickly drive nails or crush stone, depending on the size of the peen.(ROM)

Vibro-hydro Tub
This was the intergalactic version of a hot tub.(GCQ)

This switchblade-like device used a vibrating, monomolecular blade as its primary weapon. The blade was connected to a small power source that vibrated the ultra-thin blade at incredible speeds, allowing it to more efficiently cut through flesh and most other solid materials. Because monomolecular blades were quite prone to breaking, the blade in a vibroknife was removable.(DFR, CN1)

Produced by Czerka, this was a form of vibroblade that was mounted to a grip which allowed it to be used in bare-fisted combat. The grip had four holes for each of the fingers on the human hand, and the blade was mounted across the top. A cutting blow could be made by punching out at a target.(EGW)

This form of large sledgehammer was equipped with a small power source that gave the vibro-mallet the ability to vibrate rapidly, giving it the ability to strike an object several times during a single swing of the tool.(LF8)

This kind of cleaning implement employed a small, vibration-producing mechanism in the mop head, allowing a janitor or other sanitary technician to more effectively clean floors. Instead of simply swabbing cleaning fluid or water on the floor, a vibromop also scrubbed while it moved across the floor, loosening stuck-on materials.(LJ5)

This cleaning device used the same technology as a vibroaxe, applying the vibrating head to the mop in order to assist in cleaning.(DH)

This thin, metal needle vibrates rapidly, allowing it to pass through most materials with ease.(TSK)

This cutting implement used a rapidly-moving blade to slice through most materials. The vibrosaw was more efficient that a vibroknoife, because it was drawn back and forth over the surface to be cut, adding more cutting power to the vibration of the blade.(RD, TFUN, CWWS)

A medical instrument with a vibrating blade, a vibroscalpel contained a small power source in its grip. This power source supplied enough energy to rapidly vibrate the blade of the scalpel, allowing it to cut with much less force than a standard medical scalpel. Because of this, a surgeon had to be extremely careful when using a vibroscalpel, because they could inadvertently cause more harm than good. Vibroscalpels were used most often when operating a beings with thick, scaly, or leathery skins, since it allowed a surgeon to cut into the skin qjuickly. Unfortunately for many beings, vibroscalpels eventually found their way onto the black markets of the galaxy, where they became deadly weapons of force and persuasion.(HSR)

This form of scimitar was developed by Togorian weaponsmasters, using the basic scimitar and adding a power source and a vibrating blade.(UANT)

This form of personal shield was made of high-density ultrachrome, which maintained a razor-sharp edge despite hard usage. Developed by Kar Vastor to be worn along the forearms, vibroshields hummed with the power required to power their bladed edges. When used in combat, a vibroshield served both defensive and offensive uses. It could easily deflect a blaster bolt, then be used to slash the shooter in two.(SHPT)

This was a type of small, easily-concealed weapon, equipped with a tiny power source to drive its vibrating blade.(HSL)

This was another name for a vibrospade.(PH)

This was a type of digging implement, equipped with a vibrating shovel blade.(GOF10)

This was a form of vibrating polearm weapon, which was often stuck into the ground as part of a trap.(GMR1)

A Hapan sword with a vibrating blade.(CPL)

Vibrosword Squadron
This was one of the many Eta-5 Interceptor squadrons that made up the starfighter compliment of the Galactic Alliance battle carrier Dodonna, during the years following the war against the Yuuzhan Vong. V-Sword Squadron, as it was often referred to, was made up of pilots who lacked any connection to the Force, making them one of the few Eta-5 units without at least one Jedi-trained member.(LF1)

Vibrotonic All-Muscle Trainer
This was one of the most effective, and most expensive, exercise machines that was produced during the final years of the Old Republic. It provided the user with an intense workout, even though the user was not required to perform much in the way of physical activity. The machine used deep-muscle vibrations to stimulate muscles throughout the body, causing the muscles to contract and relax in rapid succession. Over a period of several minutes, this repeated vibration was as effective as physical exertion.(LJ6)

This unusual whip was developed during the last decades of the Old Republic. It contained a small power generator in its grip, which provided energy along the length of the whip. In this way, tiny blades located along the whip were shifted back and forth at high speeds. Thus, when the whip struck its target, it was able to cut through it rather than leaving a welt.(O)

This form of fencing used a specialized, vibrating wire to keep beings and creatures from entering or exiting an area. The wire was attached to a remote power source, and vibrated in a tight cycle. This vibration made the wire cut through flesh, bone, and most dense materials with relative ease.(SSR)

This was the New Republic military's term for a three-starfighter pattern, in which the three craft formed the letter V. One ship led the formation, with the other two trailing on either wing.(DW)

This group of Alliance container vessels was destroyed by Maarek Stele, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War.(TIE, TIEP)

This Yuuzhan Vong word translates into Basic as "the anger which grows from pride."(VP)

Vice Chair of the Senate
This was the title given to the individual who served as second-in-command to the Supreme Chancellor of the Old Republic. Sometimes referred to as the Vice Chancellor, the Vice Chair of the Senate was often chosen by the Chancellor.(CHRN2)

Vice Chancellor
This was another name for the Vice Chair of the Senate.(CHRN2)

This was the shortened term used to describe any the Corporate Sector Authority's divisional Vice Presidents, also known as Executive Viceprexes. Each Viceprex was a permanent employee of the Authority. Each Viceprex was in control of one of the Authority's divisions, and all worked under the control of the Direx Board.(HSE, CSA)

Vici of Alderaan
A popular series of stories which retell the history of the young Jedi Vici.(SWJ9)

Vick, Slane
This young man served the Old Republic navy as a Private aboard the Ranger, during the height of the Clone Wars. When the Ranger was boarded by Separatist battle droids, during the fight for control of the planet Praesitlyn, Private Vick was among the guards who accompanied Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon to engage them before they could take control of the ship. Both Vick and his partner, Corporal Raders, were later chosen to serve as Halcyon's personal guards, after the Republic's forces were able to land on Praesitlyn. Upon landing on Praesitlyn, both Vick and Raders signed up for scout duty, preferring the action to sitting around waiting for the battle to start. After returning to base with Odie Subu and Erk H'Arman in tow, Vick and Raders were then allowed to sit in the command center with Halcyon and his leaders, Anakin Skywalker and Zozridor Slayke, to devise a new plan to defeat the Separatists. They were surprised and eager when Skywalker chose them as the point men for his daring mission to rescue the hostages at the Intergalactic Communications Center.(JT)

This man was a member of the BloodScar Pirates, during the height of the New Order.(A)

This small corporation produced a wide range of miniature holographic projection devices, during the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Many of VicksVisc's devices were used in the construction of droids.(CVD)

This diminutive alien race, averaging just a meter in height, was distinguished by their long noses.(LOJ)

This planet, the primary world in the Vicondor System, was one of the four worlds that supplied funding and resources for the construction of the Station 88 Spaceport, during the decades leading up to the Clone Wars. The natives of Vicondor had gold-colored skin and four, tiny tentacles which waved in the air like fronds when they talked.(LOJ)

This woman was living on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

This slick, viscous substance was used aboard starships.(COG)

This female Mungra owned and operated a restaurant in Makrin City, on the planet Shelkonwa, during the height of the New Order. An acquaintence of Yeeru Chivkyrie, Vicria was well aware of the trouble that rippled through the city after the Empire took control of the planet. Distingiushed by the red highlights in her tan-colored main, Vicria was a strong-willed female who demanded competence and loyalty from her employees. Thus, many were surprised when she took on a lithe, female human as a waitress, shortly after the Battle of Yavin.

It was Chivkyrie who had asked Vicria to take on the woman, who was actually Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan. Princess Leia had been on Shelkonwa at Chivkyrie's insistance, although the Adarian was unaware that he was being manipulated by Makrin City's Chief Administer Vilim Disra. When Disra tried to capture Leia as a traitor to the Empire, Vicria agreed to take her on as a waitress, hiding her in plain site until Chivkyrie could find a way to get her off Shelkonwa.

Although she chafed at Organa's inability to grasp the social structure of the Mungras and the Adarians, Vicria saw that she was strong and willing to learn, and honored Chivkyrie's request(A)

This was one of the most common names given to male Corellians.(GMR9)

Victor Flight
This was one of the many starfighter squadrons that formed the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps during the Clone Wars. Victor Flight's primary mission was the protection of the spacelanes around Naboo and the moon of Ohma'Dun. The members of Victor Flight were considered mavericks by their fellow pilots in Bravo Flight, a belief that stemmed from a period just before the Trade Federation's invasion of Naboo some ten years before the onset of the Clone Wars. After the Battle of Naboo, the commanding officer of Victor Flight was arrested by Captain Magneta on charges of conspiracy, for helping pirates obtain transit patterns for incoming freighters. These charges were never proven, however.(GMR9)

Victor Initiative Project
This was the name given to the joint development effort between Rendili StarDrive and Kuat Drive Yards that ultimately produced the Victory I-class Star Destroyer, during the height of the Clone Wars.(NECH)

This Imperial-class Star Destroyer was the flagship of the Qeimet Fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. TIE Fighter pilots from the Victorious were re-assigned to fill the holes in the Imperial Navy forces at U'dray, where the Empire took heavy losses while trying to subjugate the planet.(ISB)

This Imperial-class Star Destroyer was part of the Imperial fleet, under the command of Rear Admiral Michael Unther.(SWJ2)

Victory, Salem
This truly sick man was known as a smuggler and mercenary, and was considered the leader of the Happy Blasters. He used his customized starship, the Starcat, to transport the group across the galaxy. Victory was in the mercenary game for the money, and had a knack of finding people who would pay huge sums of credits to recover certain artifacts. For this reason, Victory and the Happy Blasters took the job of recovering an unknown artifact from the Krieks, on their homeworld of Kriekaal.(SWJ13)

Victory at Endor
This assault frigate was part of the Bothan Combat Response Element, during the early years of the New Republic.(E)

Victory Base
This was the name of the Imperial garrison, located in the city of Hullis, on the planet Halmad. Wraith Squadron knocked it out as part of Operation Groundquake.(IF)

Victory Day
This Imperial holiday was created in the wake of the Clone Wars, to celebrate the defeat of both the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Jedi Order. Depending on where one celebrated Victory Day, the festivities often included an impressive airshow.(A)

Victory Day
This was one of the many holidays recognized by the New Republic, set aside in remebrance of the Battle of Endor.(SQ)

Victory Fleet
This was the name given to the first naval fleet of Victory-class Star Destroyers that was deployed by the Old Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. Led by Captains Terrinald Screed and Jan Dodonna, the Victory Fleet's primary mission was to eliminate the threat of the Bulwark Fleet, led by Dua Ningo. After several skirmished near Ixtlar, Alsakan, and Basilisk, the Victory finally defeated the Bulwark Fleet during the Battle of Anaxes.(NECH)

Victory Forum
This gladiator arena, found in the city of Dying Slowly on Jubilar, was the site of the All-Human Free-For-All. It was named by the victor of one of Jubilar's many wars. Some time after Han Solo fought in the Forum, it was destroyed in a war. The Forum, and the surrounding city, were laid to waste and never rebuilt.(TBH)

Victory I-class Star Destroyer
A medium-duty capital ship, the Victory I-class was the precursor to the Imperial-class vessel. It was designed by Walex Blissex and was commissioned into service near the end of the Clone Wars. The vessel was introduced approximately six months earlier than planned, in an effort to match up against the Bulwark Fleet of the Separatist officer Dua Ningo. It was manufactured by Rendili StarDrive and Kuat Drive Yards as part of the Victor Initiative Project, and was built to serve three purposes: planetary defense, planetary assault and ground troop support, and ship-to-ship combat. It can run at speeds up to .45 past lightspeed. The Victory I-class measured 900 meters in length, and was manned by 4,798 crewers and 402 gunners. It could transport up to 2,040 troops, and held 8,100 metric tons of cargo. It was equipped with 10 quad turbolaser batteries, 40 double turbolaser batteries, 80 concussion missile tubes, and 10 tractor beam projectors. Note that the Star Wars: Customizable Card Game states that the Victory I-class Star Destroyer had the capability to operate in a planet's atmosphere, a fact that was corroborated in Han Solo's Revenge. Also note that Starships of the Galaxy indicates the weaponry of this ship consisted of 10 light turbo quad lasers, 20 double turbolaser batteries, 20 concussion missile tubes, and 10 tractor beam projectors.(HTTE, ISB, CCG, SOG, HSR, NECH, SSOG)

Victory Lake
Admiral Ackbar's personal home on Coruscant, it consists of a pair of cylindrical habitats linked by a walkway. One cylinder was set out of the water, while the other was situation in the lake itself. The lower half of this cylinder was made of transparisteel, and allows Ackbar to see out into the water.(BTS)

Victory Rationing Orders and Regulation Plan
This Old Republic regulation was put in place during the early stages of the Clone Wars, hoping to ensure that vital war materiel and foodstuffs would be available for the Republic's armed forces. It also was established to help control the inflation which threatened to devalue the Republic Credit. Among the things which were controlled by the VRORP was starship fuel, limiting the amount of fuel that was available for civilian use. Special vouchers had to be obtained by civilians who wanted to travel the galaxy, and these vouchers were quickly counterfeited so that criminal organizations could continue to operate.(SWI67)

Victory Ring
This was one of the many aliases maintained by Han Solo for his starship, the Millennium Falcon. The alias was used during the mission to Ord Mantell, shortly before the Battle of Hoth, in which Han was nearly captured by Cypher Bos. The Captain of the Victory Ring was known as Valrith, although it was actually Leia Organa who played the part of Valrith during their escape.(RMOM)

Victory Section
This was a section of the Battle Group of Yun-Yuuzhan, which was commanded by Warmaster Tsavong Lah during the Battle of Ebaq.(DW)

Victory Square
This open plaza was constructed on the planet Coruscant, in the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, as a monument to the efforts of the galaxy in finally ending the war. Because Coruscant had been reformed by the Yuuzhan Vong into a simulacrum of the long-lost planet of Yuuzhan'tar, Victory Square also commemorated the efforts of all beings - including the Yuuzhan Vong - in bringing the conflict to an end. The square was filled with lush, green vegetation, and was brightly lit at all times, signifying the undying light of the galaxy.(DN3)

Victory Street
A thoroughfare located in the city of Zehava, Obi-Wan Kenobi claimed that his grandfather built weapons which resembled ligthsabers and sold them on Victory Street. This ruse was in an effort to draw away the attention of several Dan guards who intercepted himself, Cerasi, and Neild.(DOD)

Victory Tax Credit
This coin was minted by the Empire.(TT)

Victory Without War
This was the philosophy of the New Empire, as established by the Fel family dynasty, during the decades leading up to the Sith-Imperial War. Supporting by initiatives such as the Imperial Missionaries, the Victory Without War philosophy stressed the use of diplomacy and patience before resorting to violence. Many of the later Fel Emperor's were also sensitive to the Force and served in the Imperial Knights, so they were able to draw upon the Force to help them mediate a given situation.(SWLH)

Victory-class Mark II Star Destroyer
This was another name for the Victory II-class Star Destroyer.(IJ)

Victory-II class Star Destroyer
This update to the original Victory-class Star Destroyer was originally commissioned during the height of the Clone Wars. The Victory-II class was manned by 5,881 crewers but only 226 gunners. The Victory-II also measured 900 meters in length, and was 20 turbolaser batteries, 20 double turbolaser batteries, 10 ion cannons, and 10 tractor beam projectors. The use of ion cannons on this ship, as compared to the use of concussion missile launchers on the Victory I-class Star Destroyer, allowed the Victory II-class to carry out missions that involved security and the capture of enemy vessels. This made it an ideal ship for patrols that sought out pirates and smugglers who might otherwise harass Imperial shipping lanes. Note that Starships of the Galaxy - Sage Edition indicates that this ship can carry 6,107 metric tons of cargo, which is the exact number of crewers listed in other sources.(SWSB, ISB, RDV, SSOG)

This Imperial-class Star Destroyer was dispatched to the Demophon System to quell the riots and looting that sprang up as the system's star began to go supernova.(SN)

This was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "pleasing to the senses".(GCG)

Vida, Ayy
This Twi'lek female frequented the bars and nightclubs of Coruscant, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. She was unusual among Twi'leks because her yellow skin was striped with orange, rather being a solid color. A consort working for Hat Lo, Ayy Vida dreamed of being rescued from servitude, but feared that Tas Kee would eventually hunt her down. During the year leading up to the Battle of Geonosis, Ayy Vida was a known associate of Achk Med-Beq. She hoped that his association with Dannl Faytonni would allow her to meet the man, whom she believed to be an officer of the Old Republic who might be able to free her from enslavement.(OWS, SWDB, IWE2, SWI75)

This man served as the Chief of Security aboard the Courageous, serving under Admiral Saul Karath during the height of the Mandalorian Wars.(KOR4)

When translated into Basic, this Mando'a word meant "neck."(OWS)

This was the name given to the grand ballroom aboard the luxury monorail, the Ananuru Express.(CH72)

Videnda Sector
This area of the galaxy contained the planet Dorvalla.(COD)

This was an old form of audio-video transmission, which used continuous strips of photographic film to capture consecutive frames of images. Videoloops were viewed through a specialized player, which projected the images onto a screen, as well as projected the audio soundtrack.(DA)

This Langhesi man was one of the colonists who settled the lowlands of Zonama Sekot. In his time, Vidge was known as a gloomy individual whose skills as shaping the seeds of the tampasi were unsurpassed. It was Vidge who helped shape the Sekotan starship purchased by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, during their search for Vergere.(RP)

This was one of the largest settlements on the moon of Lamus, consisting of some 1,500 men, women, and children at the time of the Galactic Civil War. It was in Vidge-Ribu, some twenty kilometers north of the moon's equator, that the A'Mar stored their dismantled starships and unwanted technology.(WOA31)

This was a small corporation that manufactured macrobinoculars for use in the civilian marketplace.(ROE)

Vidicx Campaign
This series of battles was eventually won by the Alliance, due in part to the work of Scandium Team and Dutra Zeneta.(SWJ10)

Vidkun, Benedict
This short, thin human had bulging brown eyes and pale skin from living too many years underground in Coruscant's southern hemisphere. He worked as an engineer, and had access to many schematics and entry codes. He was a confederate of Lando Calrissian, and agreed to help Lando and Luke Skywalker gather information on Prince Xizor's palace. They haggled on a price, which Luke paid, but they also demanded that Vidkun accompany them to the palace, as a form of insurance. Vidkun's paranoia got the best of him, and he believed that Luke and Lando would kill him as soon as they got to the palace. He pulled a blaster on them, and threatened to kill them both. A short firefight resulted in the death of Benedict Vidkun, although his information was instrumental in gaining access to the palace.(SE)

This was a generic term used to describe any two-way communication that used a video component, in addition to audio.(CWWS)

Vidlog Droid
This form of surveillance droid was produced for police and law enforcement agencies, during the years following the Swarm War. These small, repulsor-equipped camera droids were deployed at crime scenes to record everything from the placement of objects to the faces of bystanders in the crowd, allowing the police to analyze a crime scene in great detail at a later time.(LF9)

This was another name for a vidlog droid.(LF9)

Similar in many respects to an automap, this device was used aboard ground-based repulsorlift vehicles to provide directions and travel information between locations. The vidmap could be programmed to recognize a wide variety of terrain, both urban and natural, and give a driver details about their trip.(TG)

This Keganite boy was one of the first to understand that Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri opposed their teacher, O-Bin, out of a greater understanding of the galaxy. V-Ido was the first child to openly question O-Bin's adherence to the General Good.(FFT)

This was a slang term used to describe any building that was constructed as a complex of theaters that showed multiple holovids over the course of each day.(OWS)

This was a generic term used to describe any video display system that was installed inside the helmet or headgear worn by soldiers. The input for a vidreceiver could come from a number of sources, including the visual field of another soldier, the HoloNet, or a central command station, and could consist of static data displays or video. Depending on the feed, the displayed content could also have an audio component.(LF9)

This was a generic term used to describe any visual display system. These were usually two-dimensional playback screens, allowing pre-recorded video or live video feeds to be displayed to viewers.(LJ5)

This was a form of public presentation systenm, combining a wall-sized collection of monitors to display an immense image. Most often, vidwalls were used for advertisem*nts and scheduling systems, but they became popular in home entertainment centers when the average price of a unit fell, following the endof the Yuuzhan Vong War. In order to eliminate clutter on the display, the average vidwall was operated by a dedicated remote control unit.(SWI67, FJ3)
This Devaronian female served her homeworld as a Senator to the Old Republic, along with Senator Elsah'sai'moro, during the height of the Clone Wars. During the years leading up to the Clone Wars, Senator Vien'sai'malloc was known as one of the few incorruptible members of the Galactic Senate. Unknown to most beings, however, the Senator was not what she seemed. Unlike Senator Elsah'sai'moro, Vien'sai'Malloc had allied herself with the Separatists. It was her work that allowed the Separatists to establish a hidden military on Devaron, from which Separatist forces launched ambush raids against Republic supply convoys. After Elsah'sai'moro discovered her true nature, Vien'sai'Malloc hired Aurra Sing to eliminate her. She retained the bounty hunter's services in order to protect herself from a reprisal from the Jedi Knights. However, when three Jedi - Masters Tholme and the Dark Lady, along with Aayla Secura - had infiltrated her estate, she tried to stop Aurra Sing from killing them. When Aurra Sing refused, the Senator tried to atone for her treachery by revealing the true location of the base to Aayla Secura, who was unable to relay the information before Aurra Sing could strike. In the end, Senator Vien'sai'Malloc was imprisoned for her part in the Separatist attacks, but the Republic allowed her to be tried on Devaron when President Aven'sai'ulrahk demanded it. The Senator was executed for her crimes against her people.(J3)

This man was one of the many Senators who served the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars. Viento was distinguished by his well-groomed appearance, including eyebrows that curved upward into points at his temples, and a beard that was little more than a black stripe down his chin. His skin was quite pale, but was always flawless with make-up. Unknown to many, Senator Viento was under the protection of Jedi Master K'kruhk. This proved a minor deterent to Quinlan Vos, who traveled to Coruscant to assassinate Viento in order to solidify his position with Count Dooku. Dooku had become tired of Viento's schemes, especially when he discovered that Viento had been using his association with Dooku to further his own ends. Quin, for his own part, believed that Viento was the mysterious second Sith who had appeared after the Battle of Geonosis. Jedi Master K'kruhk and the former Jedi struggled briefly, but Quinlan was able to kill Viento before K'kruhk could stop him. An investigation into Viento's death revealed that the Senator had been behind several plots to sabotage the starships of other Senators who were loyal to the Republic and the Jedi Knights, pinning him as a supporter of the Separatists.(RSS, RDR)

This was one of the most common names given to female Corellians.(GMR9)

This unusual, nine-legged spider was one of the many pieces of biotechnology developed by the Yuuzhan Vong. Each of the nine legs ended in large claws, giving the viewspider a stable base on which to stand. Hanging from its central body was a large sac, which was filled with a form of optical jelly. When stimulated by the inputs from organisms in a remote location, the viewspider could manipulate the optical jelly to present the Yuuzhan Vong with an image of what was happening in the remote location.(T)

This wall-mounted viewscreen was used on cruise ships and in resorts and spaceports to display information, maps, schedules, and directories.(RM)

Viga Alliance
This alliance of star systems was controlled by Senator Sano Sauro during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.(JQ9)

This man, distinguished by his ruddy skin color and graying hair, was a noted expert in genetics who served as the chief scientist at the GeneTech Syndicate, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Doctor Bigh took a team of experts and hired a crew to capture several arachne specimens on Talus and transport them back to his laboratory on Nubia, but he chose to transport the arachnes alive, rather than frozen in carbonite. The ship experienced trouble on lift-off, allowing the arachne to escape and kill much of the crew. After the transport vessel crashed near Nashal, the arachne escaped into the wild.(SWGAL)

This was one of the most common surnames found among the human population of Corellia.(GMR9)

Vigil, The
This was the name given to the ceremony formed by the A'Mar of the moon of Lamus, in which they remembered their first encounter with the Wellspring and the thirty-year occurance of the sunless day. The original A'Mar discovered the Wellspring on the eve of the sunless day, but were afraid to drink from it. When the sun failed to rise the next morning, their apprehension only grew. At the same time, so did their thirst. After watching the coronal ring of fire move across the sky was the moon and planet matched orbits, the A'Mar finally gave into their thirst and drank from the spring. They were immediately revitalized, and the next morning saw the sun rise again. The A'Mar were not supersititious, and understood something of the celestial mechanics behind the sunless day. However, they never forgot their initial fear, and established The Vigil to ensure that the waters of the Wellspring would continue to flow. Once every thirty years during The Vigil, one A'Mar who had never drunk from the Wellspring was required to spend a day and a night at the Wellspring without taking a single drink. When the coronal ring of fire passed across the sky and set, the A'Mar could then drink from the Wellspring, thereby ensuring that the sun would rise again. During the Galactic Civil War, the sunless day occurred at a time when only one A'Mar child had never taken a drink from the Wellspring.(WOA31)

Vigil, The
This secret organization was created during the New Order in the Mestra System, and was formed to fight the Minos-Mestra Corporation's poor treatment of its working class miners and retirees. While the executives of the corporation lived in opulence on Shesharile 5, they provided next to nothing for pensions or benefits.(GG6)

This Old Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer was deployed to Utapau, as the flagship of a taskforce under the command of Obi-Wan Kenobi, during the search for General Grievous in the wake of the First Battle of Coruscant.(E3N, OWS)

This Etti Light Cruiser was part of the Corporate Sector Authority's fleet during the early years of the New Order. The ship was assigned to Angela Krin durnig her search for the source of tempest spice, after the resolution of the blockade of Endregaad.(TF)

This Carrack-class cruiser was part of Admiral Greelanx's fleet, under the command of Captain Eldon. It served as a recon warship during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, and was one of the first ships to see action. It took out the Take That! before being hit by the Bnef Nlle. The resulting loss of shields spelled the ship's doom, for the smugglers on Nar Shaddaa quickly regrouped and sent the Minestra and the Too Late Now to finish off the Vigilance.(THG)

This Imperial Carrack-class cruiser was assigned customs patrol duty in a remote sector of the galaxy near Nadiem, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Commanded by Captain Deyd Llnewe, the ship intercepted Han Solo three times. Each time, the smuggler claimed to be running supplies for the farmers on Nadiem, when in reality he was stealing them for the Alliance.(T2)

This New Republic Majestic-class battle cruiser served as a picket ship assigned to the Fifth Battle Group. During the Republic's attempted blockade of Doornik-319, the Vigilant took the frontline position vacated when the Wayfarer suffered a hyperdrive malfunction.(SOL)

This patrol vessel was part of the Thaereian Navy, and was assigned to the Thaereian Patrol that protected the Cularin System, during the final years of the Old Republic. The Vigilant was commanded by Captain Yfridian during its service in Cularin.(WGT)

This form of space mine was developed by Merr-Sonn, during the years following the Swarm War. These mines were designed to be easy to deploy, since they could be programmed to locate a specific location and stay there. This allowed a minelaying vessel to simply dump its mines in random locations, and the mines would then move into the correct position on their own. This helped the deploying force avoid being discovered. The Vigilante mines then stayed in their pre-programmed position, operating until its power ran out or it was retrieved, and destroying anything that came within its weapons range.(LF8)

This Imperial Dreadnaught was part of a convoy that was ambushed and destroyed by the Alliance, shortly before the Battle of Endor.(XWA)

This was the term, from the old Tionese word for "nephew", used to describe the nine powerful members of the Black Sun criminal organization who worked for the Underlord. While the Underlord was the leader and most powerful member of Black Sun, the vigos controlled various aspects of Black Sun's operations. Many vigos also managed their own criminal operations, but always with the understanding that any part of their work had to benefit Black Sun. Competition for an opening among the vigos was always intense, although the Underlord had the final say in which beings were elevated to the rank of vigo. Individual vigos often spent their free time digging through the histories and operations of their peers, hoping to expose some damning secret that would disgrace the other and elevate themselves in the eyes of the Underlord. Usually, a vigo was appointed to replace the Underlord in the case of the Underlord's death, making the competition among vigos quite intense. This competition forced the Underlord to keep a watchful eye on his vigos, in case one of them decided to take the Underlord's demise into their own hands.(SE, SWI89, CN1)

This was the old Tionese word for "nephew," although much of the galaxy knew it as the Black Sun term that named the closest lieutenants who worked for a leader. Leaders of Black Sun reasoned that the addition of a family relationship term would help the lieutenants work together for their "uncle."(SE, SWI89)

The captain of this modified Corellian Engineering Corporation gunship claimed that he was part of a small task force assembled by Leia Organa Solo to ensure that the Wanderhome reached Ralltiir intact. However, the Vigor and its companion, the Blunt Force, were actually Peace Brigade ships that had intercepted the distress call of the Wanderhome and hoped to bring its load of refugees to the Yuuzhan Vong. The pilots who were escorting the Wanderhome managed to drive off the Peace Brigade ships, allowing the Wanderhome to reach Ralltiir safely. The Vigor was modified to be operated by a crew of ten, and could accommodate up to four prisoners and 450 metric tons of cargo. It was armed with eight double turbolaser cannons and a pair of quad-laser cannons.(NJOSB)

Vigos, Dantos
This male Duros served as the chief medical officer aboard the Pride of Selonia during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. In addition to his skills and training as a doctor, Vigos also had more than twenty years of combat experience within the New Republic military, making him a competent physician during the heat of battle. However, he met his match when he was placed in charge of ensuring the health of Tahiri Veila. The young Jedi was locked in a mental battle with her alter ego, Riina Kwaad, and traditional methods of reviving her failed to bring her around.(FH3)

This Elom worked as a thug and enforcer for Jabba the Hutt. Vigrriev was stationed on Tatooine, but travelled across the galaxy when needed.(GG12)

This continent was the one of the largest landmasses found on the Fresia.(CCW)

This race of green-skinned humanoids was native to the planet Viidaav. The Viidaav were adapted to livingin the arid environment of their homeworld, having long, thin limbs and a series of heat-dissipating plates lining their skulls. During the build-up to the Clone Wars, the Viidaav agreed to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and allowed the Separatists to establish a base of operations on their homeworld. They were unaware that Count Dooku was planning to use the Viidaav base as the lure in a trap to destroy a contingent of Old Republic troops. The trap involved the detonation of several massive bombs, and their explosion would have rendered large portions of the planet's surface unlivable. When they learned of the plan, several Viidaav soldiers sacrificed themselves in order to disable the trap and save their homeworld.(CWA5)

This planet was an arid world that was dominated by rocky deserts. The natives, also known as the Viidaav, existed in small settlements near the largest outcroppings of rock. The planet was the site of a Separatist base during the early stages of the Clone Wars, until Old Republic scouts managed to locate it. Count Dooku and his commander, General Grievous, allowed the base to fall into the hands of Republic clone troopers, in order to spring a massive trap. They planned to set off a series of bombs that would have rendered the planet's surface unlivable, a scheme that the native Viidaav learned of at the end of the battle. Rather than see their homeworld destroyed, several Viidaav soldiers sacrificed themselves to shut down the bombs.(CWA5)

When translated into Basic, this Mando'a verb meant "to run."(OWS)

Viis Empire
This was one of the many fringe groups which were part of the Old Republic during its last decades.(HNN5)

This was a common name used by the Geonosian race.(UANT)

This was one of the many Wookiee cities that were established in the wroshyr trees of their homeworld of Kashyyyk. The headquarters of the Claatuvac Guild were located in Vikkilynn.(SWCL)

This man was a pilot with the Coruscant Security Force, during the era of the Clone Wars. Vil and a team mate were transporting Omega Squad to a rendezvous in Galactic City when the command was issued to execute Order 66. This countermanded their standing order to follow the orders of any Jedi present, and required Vil and any other CSF officer to report on any Jedi activity they witnessed. Vil then received word of the so-called Jedi Rebellion, and relayed information about the attack on the Jedi Temple to the Omega Squad commandos.(RC66)

This given name was common human males across the galaxy.(GCG)

This young man was a student of xenoarcheology at the University of Agamar during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Vil was part of the team which traveled to Bimmiel with Anki Pace, to serach for Jedi artifacts. He and Denna were sent out to repair some equipment but failed to return. It was believed that they were captured and enslaved by the Yuuzhan Vong.(DTO)

This young woman was the only surviving child of the King of Naldar, after her homeworld was destroyed by Imperial forces in the wake of the Battle of Endor. She was the twin sibling of Prince Denin, who died about two years before the Battle of Endor. From that point forward, Vila adopted the alias of Denin, in the hopes of retaking Naldar. She took a starship and fled Naldar, barely making it to the Forest Moon of Endor. There, she posed as Denin in hopes of enlisting the aid of the Alliance in freeing Naldar. She also hoped to be trained as a Jedi Knight by Luke Skywalker. However, her pleas for help fell on the deaf ears of Leia Organa, who couldn't understand why Denin would linger on Endor when his people were dying. Although the Alliance couldn't spare a fighter squadron, a small task force was sent to accompany Vila back to Naldar. It was on Naldar that Leia discovered the truth about Denin's death, and Vila was forced to explain herself. Shortly afterward, when it was discovered that Flint was behind the subjugation of Naldar, Vila jumped in front of a blaster bolt meant to kill Flint. She wanted the fighting stopped, after Flint agreed to free Naldar. Vila died from her injuries, but it was rumored that she was reunited with Denin when she became part of the Force.(MC92)

Vonnda Ra's male companion on Dathomir. He was somewhat gifted in the use of the Force, and could manipulate the weather. He later went with Tamith Kai to search out potential trainees for the Shadow Academy, and helped her kidnap Zekk. During his apprenticeship to Tamith Kai, he grew stronger and stronger in the use of the Dark Side of the Force, and became one of the leaders of the Shadow Academy. When Zekk became a powerful student under Brakiss, the two were placed in a unique, zero-gravity combat chamber to duel each other to the death. The winner would become the Shadow Academy's military leader. Although Vilas held the upper hand throughout most of the duel, Zekk prevailed and killed Vilas.(SA, LO, L)

Vilbum, Astaal
This Baragwin was a noted Jedi scholar, during the last decades of the Old Republic. He knew of several Jedi Holocrons which were stored in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and was one of the first to discover the Holocron which told of Volfe Karkko's imprisonment on Kiffex. This discovery led Mace Windu to dispatch a team to Kiffex to eliminate any threat from the re-awakened Anzati magician.(OWS, DRKN)

Meaning "beautiful", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual.(GCG)

This moon orbited the planet Vycinyth, and was the site of House Melantha's orbital game preserve.(LOE)

This Aquar female originally hired by the Nexcore Mining Corporation as a security officer, where she was given access to some of NMC's most sensitive information. Because of this, she was among the first individuals fired when NMC was investigated for monopolizing the extraction of ores from Velusia's oceans. She ended up in the lowest section of Mount Hollow, where she formed the Sisters of the Crimson Mark, doing anything she could to disrupt the activities of the Nexcore Mining Corporation.(CCW)

Vilia, Klorr
This noted botantist spent a large portion of his life's work searching for an herb that appealed to a wide range of species and tastes. His work resulted in the development of the herb savorium, and Vilia decided to invite his friend, Zorneth, to sample the first taste. Zorneth declined, since Vilia had used it to season a cut of meat. Vilia took the first taste himself, and was affected by the herb. He became the first of the Smilers, and was known as Smiley to Zorneth and his subordinates.

Zorneth cared for him for the next five years, all the while realizing that the secret of savorium must be maintained. Vilia died on Zorneth's starship when it was attacked by Dictator-Forever Craw's forces. Zorneth had ordered that the savorium groves on it be destroyed rather than captured, and the droid PDA6 followed those orders to the letter. Vilia was caught in the explosion and died.(DRO, NEGA)

This clone commander was dispatched to the planet New Plympto, during the final stages of the Clone Wars, to take control of the planet after the native Nosaurians had joined the Separatist forces. He carried out his orders to the letter, including the command to execute Order 66 and the subsequent round-up of Nosaurian refugees. However, he secretly wondered what the newly-christened Galactic Empire would do when he and his fellow clones had outlived their usefulness. When he voiced his question to Darth Vader, the Dark Lord assured Vill that the Emperor had a plan for the clones, which would be revealed in time.(DT1)

Villa Solis
This massive estate was located in the moorlands of Terephon, and was owned by the Galney family. The estate was surrounded on all sides by kilometers of bogs and shallow swamps, and the only safe approach was through the air. Many members of the Galney family preferred the isolation and security provided by Villa Solis' location, as well as the access it provided to some of Terephon's richest hunting grounds.

A large portion of the estate was destroyed, some ten years after the end of the war against the Yuuzhan Vong, when the Ducha Galney tried to eliminate Jaina Solo and Zekk. The two Jedi had discovered the Ducha's role in an assassination attempt on the life of the Queen Mother, Tenel Ka, and leveled her own estate in an ultimately futile effort to prevent the Jedi from escaping.(LF3)

Villache, Nazrita
This hardened woman served the Klatooinan Trade Guild as Pok Nar-Ten's chief technician. In this position, she was in charge of maintaining, repairing, and modifying the freighters of the Guild.(SWJ11)

Village of Aurilia
This settlement was founded by a group of Force-sensitive refugees who were abandoned on Dathomir by the Empire, during the early years of the New Order. Originally established by Rohak and his aides, Noldan and Paemos, the Village of Aurilia was settled by beings who had been arrested by Emperor Palpatine's agents because they were considered "dangerous" to the Empire because of their abilities. Although the Village of Aurilia enjoyed several decades of peace because of its remote and hidden location, it was eventually discovered by the Nightsisters and the Dark Jedi Mellichae, who launched several waves of attacks against it. The largely pacifist population of the Village fought back, eventually repelling the attack and then creating a massive blind-spot with the Force, hiding the village from normal sight until it could be rebuilt.

During this period of hiding, the Village of Aurilia grew stronger and prosperous. Mellichae and his followers were imprisoned in the village, to ensure that they could not reveal Aurilia's location. However, it was because of Mellichae's attacks on the village that Rohak and Marite agreed that the Village of Aurilia would open its arms to offworlders who wanted to learn about the Force, a decision that took many months to come to fruition. Those individuals who completed their training at the Village were considered the equivalent of a Padawan. The Village of Aurilia was also opened up to trade with other settlements on Dathomir, which helped deflect any Imperial investigation into the village's true nature.(SWGAL)

This Devaronian explorer made most of his credits selling information to the highest bidders. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, much of his information was bought by the Empire.(REB)

Ville Brok
This was the alias used by Joak Quiller to describe the Suwantek TL-1800 he and his fellow stormtroopers stole from Majer Dreflin, when they abandoned their posts aboard the Reprisal, just after the Battle of Yavin. Quiller and his squadmates used the alias to land in the city of Janusar, on the planet Ranklinge, in order to pick up supplies.(A)

This speciallized form of villip - distinguished by its flattened, gelatinous form - was used in groups to create a light shaper.(UFCD)

One of the many bio-engineered technologies of the Yuuzhan Vong, villips were created in pairs, and resembled a lumps of formless flesh. They were cultivated in wide, marshy paddies, and each pair grew like a couple of berries on a single stalk. The plant itself was recognizable by its three blue leaves, which surrounded the central stalk. When activated by touching the ridge of flesh known as the eversion stoma, the villip seemed to pucker open, revealing an eye-like socket. This socket then opened a communications channel to its companion villip, allowing two parties to speak across vast distances. Each villip was a sentient piece of technology which was "tuned" to communicate with the other villip which grew from the same stalk, and the Yuuzhan Vong often had many villips in their possession, depending on how many others they were in contact with. The connection between villips was rooted in their consciousness, and was formed by opening tiny hyperspace portals between pairs. Once contact was made and a connection established, each villip would turn itself inside-out, forming itself into the image of its owner, thereby giving the impression of talking directly to an individual who may have been halfway across the galaxy. Larger villips known as master villips were capable of budding many smaller villips, allowing it to communicate with multiple subordinate villips at once. These groupings were reserved for use by military commanders, and communication was only allowed from the master villip to all subordinates. A speciallized form of villip was also used to record visual information for later playback. Known as tactical villips, these villips were more independent than other forms. After the hostilities between the Yuuzhan Vong and the Galactic Alliance were resolved, and the Yuuzhan Vong were allowed to live on the planet Zonama Sekot, they found that villips and many other bio-engineered devices simply reverted to their natural forms. This was one way in which Sekot forced the Yuuzhan Vong to give up their lust for war and embrace a more enlightened existence.(VP, DTO, EL1, SWRPG2, UF, UFCD, NEGW)

Villip Beacon
This was a form of villip, bioengineered by the Yuuzhan Vong to send a signal back to a companion villip or villip choir. What made the villip beacon different from a standard villip was that it was easily concealed, and did not form itself into the guise of its companion's user. Rather, it simply recorded what it observed and transmitted it to its companion. Villip beacons were often used for covert surveillance, with an agent carrying one hidden in their robes in order to transmit images and sounds from an enemy location.(FH3)

Villip Choir
see Villipichoir Field(HT)

Villip-choir Field
This form of holographic projection was created by speciallized villips, which were bioengineered by the Yuuzahn Vong. Two or more villips were required to create the field, which could reproduce a three-dimensional view of what the villips were seeing. In this way, the Yuuzhan Vong could observe remote events in vivid clarity. There were essentially two forms of villip choir, depending on how the choir received its information. The simpler form acted on the signal of a remote villip, sometimes called a villip beacon, and simply relayed the information it received in in full color, but only in two dimensions. The more sophisticated form, known as a light shaper, used speciallized villips - known as villids - to produce a bioluminescent form of hologram.(HT, UFCD)

Villius, Justar
This man was the speaker of the House of Citizens, on the planet Corulag, during the Clone Wars. He was believed to have been killed during a Separatist attack on Curamelle, when the Legislative Hall was badly damaged. Rescuers eventually located Villius and pulled him to safety.(WOTC, GCG)

This seedy cantina was located in the Gnarlytown district of Coruscant, during the final years of the Old Republic.(DSTR)

Vilorin, Abil
see Filorin, Abil(AIR)

This planet, located in the Lifh Sector, was invaded by the Empire. However, the native Vilosorians were able to overrun the local garrison and force the military off-planet.(CRO)

This alien race, native to the planet Vilosoria, goes through two seasonal phases. During the cold months, the Vilosorians were docile and calm. During the warm months, they were vicious carnivores. When the Empire invaded their world, they were able to overrun the local garrison and force the Imperials off the planet.(CRO)

Vilrein, Kelsa
This dark-haired woman was one of the hostesses aboard the Kuari Princess when Detien Kaileel was arrested by Imperial forces.(TFE)

This man served as the flight systems coordinator at the Ariana spaceport, on the planet Garis IV, during the early years of the New Republic.(SWJ3)

Vilthar, Kodi
This man was a noted assassin, who worked in the Core Worlds during the height of the New Order. Vilthar was hired by Yustavan Dreezien to assassinate Cilyn Gara, a mission which Vilthar executed to perfection. However, Vilthar was unaware that Dreezien planned to kill him as well, to cover up any "loose ends." Luckily for Vilthar, he was apprehended by a group of freelance mercenaries who had been hired by Magda Gara to locate her father's killer. Vilthar pleaded guilty to the crime, but received a level of clemency when he testified against Dreezien.(CCW)

This gas giant was the fourth planet found in the Velus System. It was orbited by thirteen moons.(CCW)

A descendant six generations removed of Nomi and Vima Sunrider, Vima-Da-Boda was a great warrior for over a century, during the final decades of the Old Republic. She later began teaching her daughter, Neema, about the Force, in the wake of the Clone Wars. Neema, however, grew tired of her mother's slow style, and attempted to teach herself. She became seduced by the Dark Side of the Force, and was utterly consumed by it. Neema became the mistress, and later the wife, of an Ottethan warlord, who eventually grew tired of her and cast her out into the rancor-filled forests of his homeworld. Vima heard Neema's telepathic plea for help, and set out at once to find her. Vima arrived too late to save her daughter, and sliced the warlord in half with her lightsaber. She succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force, and was stripped of her ability to sense and use the Force. Thus, she escaped the Jedi Purge which Emperor Palpatine initiated. Whether she did it on purpose or not, Vima got into trouble and was sent to the spice mines of Kessel, where she discovered Kyp Durron. She taught him what she could of the Force before she was taken away. Vima, now 200 years old, was discovered by Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo on Nar Shaddaa, during the early years of the New Republic. Note that Jedi Search claims that Han and Leia found her on Nal Hutta. There, she gave Princess Leia a 10,000 year old lightsaber that was originally discovered some 800 years earlier on Ossus. Han and Leia returned to remove her from spaceport and move her to Coruscant, following the death of the reborn Emperor Palpatine on Byss. She helped Leia learn about the ways of the Jedi, just in time to help Leia shield her newborn son, Anakin, from the reborn Emperor. Following the death of the Emperor and Empatojayos Brand, Vima accompanied Leia back to Onderon, but during the victory celebration she mysteriously disappeared. It was not known if she had since died, or simply returned to Nar Shaddaa.(DE1, JS, DE2, EE, UVG)

see Vima-Da-Boda(OWS)

Vimdin, Bom
This male Advosze despises other members of his own species. He was pessimistic and territorial, working as a solo smuggler for corrupt officials. He was in the Mos Eisley cantina when Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker booked passage to Alderaan on the Millennium Falcon. Following the Battle of Endor, he was apprehended by agents of the New Republic while transporting Imperial agents back to Imperial space.(CCG2, WBC)

Vimmas, Lungru Nokko
This Hutt, known to have maintained a household of Cerean retainers, was implicated in the assassination attempt on the life of Mika the Hutt on Nar Shaddaa during the early years of the New Order. Lungru distinguished himself from other Hutts with a diamond-shaped tattoo in the center of his forehead. It was Mika himself who questioned Lungru's part in the plot, which was actually masterminded by Mika himself to deflect the attention of his parent, Popara, from his plans for the tempest spice. Lungru himself scoffed at the idea of assassinating Mika, since he had become one of Popara's closest business partners. After Popara's murder, it was Lungru who made the observation that the entire business surrounding the tempest seemed like a family affair, and guessed that Zonnos had been behind the assassination of Popara. Rather than confront anyone with his thoughts, Lungru chose to ally himself with Zonnos, and dispatched his own forces to hunt down the freelance agents Popara had hired to track down the source of the tempest spice.(TF, WOTC)

This was the nickname of one of the four clone troopers in the Theta Squad of commandos, which participated in the Battle of Geonosis. Vin was among the three members of the squad to be killed in the fighting.(RCHC, RCTC)

This pirate gang worked for the Zel'iphian Slave Traders, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWGAL)

Vin, V'Sook M'Alra
This matriarch of a Gorothite j'ber, from the city of Graith, was generally considered the founder of the M'Nes religion. She claimed that transcendence could not be achieved individually, but only as a species.(GSE)

Vina Ocean
This body of water dominated the western hemisphere of the planet Bacrana.(FBS)

Vinaq, Ulicx
This Devaronian merchant won a huge amount of credits from Imperial Governor Desh during a sakresh match. In retaliation, Desh stashed a crate of Imperial weapons on Vinaq'a ship, then issued a warrant for Vinaq's arrest. Desh claimed that Vinaq had stolen the weapons from his own armory. A 2,000-credit bounty, plus salvage rights to Vinaq's ship, was placed on his head. Vinaq was recognizable because of the multitude of facial piercings he sported.(GG10)

This plant was native to the planet Dantooine, although it was not abundant. The native Dantari learned that the vincha had certain medicinal properties, and valued the rare plant for its ability to heal. Dantari medicine men chewed the soft, white root to develop a paste with their saliva. The paste could then be spread on a cut or other wound, and the wound would heal much quicker than if left alone.(DTO)

This female Zabrak worked as a mechanic for Varas Hoorst, in the city of Bayonard, on the planet Cularin, during the final years of the Old Republic. It was Vinda who discovered Naja Delan nosing around the repair shop, after the young Duros overhead a conversation among Jax and his comrades. Although she alerted Jax, the thug was not able to intercept Delan and his group of youths before they were able to reach the authorities.(JCT1)

This being was one of the primary businessbeings working for Starshipwrights and Aerospace Engineers Incorporated, during the early years of the New Order. Vinda and his associate, D'rag, put out a collection request for the 2,500 credits owed to them by Han Solo for unexplained debts. They eventually issued eight requests for payment, and Han ignored them all until Spray showed up to repossess his ship. The debt was later repaid by Spray, who was actually Odumin, and who had used Solo to reach the Glayyd clan on Ammuud.(HSR)

This planet was the homeworld of the Vindalian race. The planet might orbit a binary star system, because Vlacan Umber offered Jax Pavan a second-morn meal.(CN2)

This alien race was noted for its secretive nature and its love of the arts. Because of their secretive nature, many Vindalians chose to ignore the common news of the galaxy at large, focusing only on events that occurred on their homeworld. The average Vindalian was humanoid in stature, although the vulpine shape of their ears and face distingiushed them from human stock. Vindalians were quite tall and thin, and many other beings believed that they were malnourished, upon first encountering them. The females of the species were usually taller and larger than the males, and size was considered an attractive attribute in either sex.(CN2)

This was a race of six-limbed, insectile beings, distinguished by their stark white carapaces. The Vindar subjugated the race they called the Squidge, and took out most of their aggression on the hapless beings.(T19)

Vindi, Nuvo
This mad scientist worked for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during the early years of the Clone Wars. The Senior Medic of the Perma families, Doctor Vindi was placed in charge of the secret laboratory that was hidden beneath the eastern swamps of the planet Naboo. When the laboratory's location was discovered by Senator Padme' Amidala and Jar Jar Binks, Doctor Vindi ordered his battle droid bodyguards to captured them before they could report on his location. He then explained to them that he had reconstructed the Blue Shadow Virus, which was believed to have been eliminated many years before. Doctor Vindi refused to let his new virus be destroyed, considering the multi-celled lifeforms that made up the galaxy's sentient races were more of a plague than a simple virus. He had created enough of the airborne form of the virus so that a single bomb could be exploded in any given star system, unleashed the virus on the inhabitants of the system. When Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrived to locate Senator Amidala, Doctor Vindi was forced to protect his virus at all costs. When he was confronted by Skywalker, he dared the young Jedi to capture him, then made off with a remote detonator that would set off all of his virus bombs. Although he was later apprehended by Peppi Bow, Doctor Vindi believed that he would be able to kill everyone on Naboo by setting off his bombs. His plan appeared to have been foiled when the clone troopers who accompanied the Jedi were able to deactivate them beforehand. However, Vindi's assistant droid managed to recover one vial of the virus.(CWTV17, CWTV18)

This was the code word used by Haazen to alert the Jedi Knights who lived at the Draay Estate on Coruscant to the presence of intruders, during the years that followed the Great Sith War. The use of the code word meant that the Jedi Order had finally decided that the followers of Lady Krynda Draay could no longer be trusted, and that Jedi Knights had been dispatched to secure the estate. As part of his treachery, Haazen had explained to the Jedi who followed Lady Krynda that the Jedi High Council had been infiltrated by Sith Lords. Thus, when Master Xamar allowed a group of Jedi Knights to enter the estate to arrest Lucien Draay, Haazen activated the code word, claiming that the Sith had been discovered by Lucien during his own investigations.(KOR10)

This was the brand name of Arakyd Industries' XM-15 "brilliant" missile, developed shortly before the Clone Wars.(HNN5)

This style of double-bladed lightsaber hilt was sometimes found among the new order of Jedi Knights who were trained by Luke Skywalker during the height of the New Republic, despite its name and the fact that it harkened back to the weapons of Exar Kun and Darth Maul. The Vindicator hilt was fromed from two identical hilts welded together at the end. The emitters of the Vindicator were much wider than the main shaft, which provided a measure of protection against energy backwash.(JKAP)

This modified Corellian light freighter was part of the starship complement dispatched to Edan II, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. It played a major role in the destruction of the Imperial Star Destroyer Havoc, shortly after the Battle of Yavin.(IAG)

This New Republic fleet transport ship was stationed near Ammuud during the years surrounding the rebirth of the Emperor Palpatine on Byss.(EE)

Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser
This Kuat Drive Yards warship was developed and manufactured to help fill the gap in the Imperial Navy, whenever Imperial-class Star Destroyers were unavailable and smaller ships were not powerful enough to counteract an enemy force. TheVindicator-class heavy cruiser measured 600 meters in length, and retained many of the Star Destroyer's design points. The Vindicator was armed with 25 light turbolasers, 20 turbo quad lasers, ten point-defense laser cannons, 20 light ion cannons, and three tractor beams. The basic hull of this craft, which was created from designs developed by Wilhuff Tarkin himself, was later reused as the platform for the Immobilizer 418 Interdictor-class cruiser. Because most Vindicator-class heavy cruisers were converted into Interdictor-class cruisers, very few of them remained in their original stock condition.(SOG, RESB, SSOG)

This was one of the multitude of Imperial-class Star Destroyers which made up the Imperial Navy fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(XVT)

This Imperial Tartan-class patrol cruiser was one of a handful that earned the vessel its reputation as a capital ship that could chase down smaller pirate and rebel vessels, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWDB)

This small city, located on the planet Pochi, grew up around the spaceport established on the planet by Faarl the Conquerer.(WBC)

Vine Cat
This feline predator was native to the wilds of Haruun Kal. There were twelve known species of vine cats, each equally dangerous(SHPT)

Vine Rawl
This species of tree-climbing rawl was native to the planet Naboo.(SWG2P)

Vine Snake
These reptilian creatures live in the vines on such planets as Wayland and Dagobah. They resemble pythons of various sizes, and hang motionless in the vines which grow in swamps and jungles. From this position, vine snakes drop onto their prey, quickly wrapping their thick bodies around their victims and constricting them. The prey eventually dies of suffocation, and the vine snake then eats it whole.(TLC, CCG4)

Vine Street
This avenue was located on the planet Masterhome, in the capital city.(SWCP)

Vine Tiger
This predatory feline was noted for its ability to be kind and gentle with its offspring, yet vicious with its prey.(E3N)

Vine Walker
see Octuptarra(SWDB)

Native to the planet Kashyyyk, this fruit was often fermented for use in jaar.(RD)

This unusual creature was native to the methane-covered world of Skako. It moved about on three spindly legs, which supported its bulbous body. The shape of the vine-climber served as the inspiration for the Octuptarra Droid.(CWVG)

Beans grown in the jungle domes of Belsavis. It was also known as vine-coffeine.(COJ, THG)

A species of creature found on Nirauan.(SOP)

This plant, native to Dagobah, had a segmented crystalline coating that acts like a prism, reflecting the little sunlight that reaches the floor of the swamps into a brilliant rainbow.(ISU)

A plant which produced a kind of tasty legume, it grew in the wild, on the planet Carest 1.(SWJ14)

Once native to the planet Caamas, this dense vine grew under the surface of the soil. Each vineroot developed a network of interlaced shoots and roots that made cultivating the soil extremely difficult.(SWI68)

A soft fabric manufactured in the jungle domes of Belsavis. It was extremely expensive, due to its single origin location.(COJ)

This man served as a security officer within the Gepparin Landing Control force, working for the BloodScar Pirates at their base on Gepparin during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. Vinis was part of the crew that greeted Tannis when he returned to the base with Mara Jade, during Jade's investigation into the dealings of Moff Glovstoak.(A)

This was the name given to one of a pair of dwarf opee sea killers kept at the Otoh Gunga Zoological Research Facility before the Battle of Naboo. The dwarf opees were the facility's rarest and most valuable specimens. Despite being just as vicious as their larger cousins, Nink and Vink were also able to understand simple commands after being trained by the researchers.(E1A9)

Vinn, Grumme
This old Duros trader worked during the height of the New Order, plying the spacelanes with his starship, the Corsa-Vinn. The ship had been in his family for years, and had earned a reputation as a smuggling vessel. Grumme Vinn himself despised smugglers, and worked hard to make a name for himself as an honest trader. He often went out of his way to avoid helping a smuggler, in order to preserve his own hard-won battles for respect. As the Empire rose to power and more and more smugglers began helping the Alliance, Grumme found that his personal moral code was more of a burden than a blessing, but he nonetheless stuck with it.(PSG)

This species of tree was native to the planet Tenek. It was unusual in that its bark was composed almost entirely of metal, which made the trees excellent conductors of lightning-borne electricity. These trees were discovered by Doctor Safford Raen to be the primary food sources for the raen sovra. The worms lived in the ground, twining through the roots of the vinna and waiting for thunderstorms. When lightning struck a vinna tree, the metallic bark conducted electricity into the ground, where it was consumed by the sovra worms. This sudden burst of electricity stimulated that worms, which burrowed through the ground and helped aerate the soil below the trees.(COG)

Meaning "evening star", this was a common female name among the Mon Calamari race.(GCG)

Vinnax System
This planetary system was known for its incredibly beautiful creation-swirls of gases and dust. The system was dominated by a countervacuum that breaks up the natural rotation of the system's elements.(MA)

Vinne, Kabalard
This Wroonian outlaw, a former representative for the Guild of Armaments Distributors, claimed responsibility for the attack on the Imperial warship Rampant while it was in drydock at the Wroonian Stardock. Vinne claimed that the attack was a response to Governor Norrin's crackdown on some of Wroona's less respectable guilds.(SWJ9)

This Dark Jedi and his brother, Karoc, were seduced by Count Dooku and agreed to serve as two of his lieutenants. Both brothers were killed some ten months after the Battle of Geonosis by Anakin Skywalker, who was searching for the source of the cortosis-based battle droids being produced on Metalorn.(NECH)

This small corporation manufactured cryogenic power cells and inoization reactors for starships such as the B-Wing, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(XW, TSC)

This Galactic Alliance warship was one of many that were dispatched to support the Anakin Solo on its mission to capture Centerpoint Station, during the war between the Galactic Alliance and The Confederation, some three years after the end of the Swarm War.(LF7)

This planet was home to the unusual Chevin race. It was a temperate world covered with vast plains that were abundant with the backshin hunted by the Chevin. Arctic tundra and small deserts broke up the plains. More than three million years before the Galactic Civil War, Vinsoth was struck by a huge asteroid. The resulting destruction was believed to have wiped out several major species of life. The smaller creatures managed to survive, and evolved into the Chevin species. Vinsoth was also the homeworld of the humanoid race of Chevs, and supported a wide range of plant and animal life.(MTS, GG12, EGA)

Vinta Corporation
This major corporation produced a wide variety of items from its corporate headquarters on the planet Malastare, during the last decades of the Old Republic.(ETM)

Vinta Harvest Ale
This microbrewed beer was produced by Tradium. It was specially brewed for serving during the height of the podracing season on the planet Malastare, at the running of the Vinta Harvest Classic. The marketing campaign revolved around the following description: "When the races get tough, the tough reach for Vinta!"(ETM)

Vinta Harvest Classic
This was one of the races on the professional podracing circuit during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was run on the planet Malastare, just after the Boonta Eve Classic. During the race which occurred shortly after the Battle of Naboo, the Red Iaro planned to negotiate a peace treaty with R'cardo Sooflie IX and the Lannik, using the race as a distraction in order to kill the Jedi Knights who were on Malastare mediating the negotations.(ETM, OWS)

This droid interface unit was designed by Haor Chall Engineering for use aboard starships, during the final years of the Old Republic.(SWG2P)

Vinth Conflict
This impending battle was avoided when a group of Duros explorers discovered the planet Gerhalt III.(GMR2)

A creature native to the planet Kalarba, the vintha had been domesticated and raised for its meat.(DRO)

Vin'ticula Order
This band of bounty hunters worked for the Dark Veil Order, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWGAL)

Meaning "vicious", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual.(GCG)

This Rodian scoundrel was a compatriot of Mynnic the Jedi, and often worked with Mynnic's team during the years following the Battle of Naboo.(GMR6)

Vintollo, Harman
This Imperial officer served as a Lieutenant in the armed forces, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Lieutenant Vintollo was stationed in Kaadara, on the planet Naboo, when he discovered information on the existence of a Geonosian biogenics lab that was still in operation. The lab was found to be creating mutated Kwis and Klikniks that were Force-sensitive, which were then provided to the Sith as minions.(SWGAL)

This fairly common ore was used in a number of modern applications.(PP)

Vinzen Neela 5
This remote planet was the site of an Imperial starship transfer, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. The Imperial cargo ferries of the Sela group met the escort carrier Hininbirg near the planet, to turn over a shipment of TIE Defenders.(TIE, TIEP)

This was a common name among members of the Ugnaught race.(UANT)

This Mon Calamari served as the Flag Lieutenant aboard the Galactic Alliance warship Ocean, serving under Supreme Commander Cha Niathal, some ten years after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong conflict.(LF2)

This was a stringed, musical instrument played on the planet Mawan.(JQ6)

Violet Gallery
This was the training gallery that was maintained for the Master in Violet at the Training Hall of the Five Masters, on the planet Cularin, during the final years of the Old Republic. Like the other galleries, the Violet Gallery was destroyed when the Training Hall was burned to the ground, in the wake of the Clone Wars.(LFCW)

Violet Hem
This was the name of the personal starship owned by Dia Passik's owner, during the time she was sold into slavery. Her owner taught her all about flying, naively thinking she was just a silly female. However, when a visitor arrived with an armed shuttle, Dia stole the shuttle and fired on the Violet Hem, destroying it and her master. The ship was named for the hem of the Emperor's cloak.(IF)

Violet Viska
Chalco suggested to Anakin Solo that they meet up with an acquaintence of Chalco's in this tavern in Ariana, on Garos IV. Chalco hoped to obtain information on Daeshara'cor's whereabouts.(DTR)

Violion Twitch Bells
This was a small percussion instrument which can be played when plugged into a power source.(POT)

Vionor, Ead
This being was one of the major shareholders in the Bunkurd Corporation until he was murdered by the Twi'lek assassin Kylaena, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War.(SWGAL)

This grenade launcher was manufactured by Zone Control, and can be mounted under the barrel of a blaster rifle or carbine. It can carry two grenades at a time, ejected with a Tybrene launcher. The Viper had a range of up to 500 meters, and were extremely accurate at shorter distances.(CFG, DARK)

This was one of the CR90 corvettes that were part of the Alliance's naval forces, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The Viper was traveling with the Dragon when their task force encountered a group of Imperial starships over the planet Argoon. The Imperials were recovering a group of abandoned cargo containers, and were well-prepared to defend themselves. The Dragon was destroyed, along with several other Alliance ships, forcing the Viper jump into hyperspace in order to escape.(TIE, TIEP)

Viper 1
This Imperial CR90 corvette was part of a small group that escorted the Star Destroyer Intrepid, during the months leading up to the Battle of Yavin. Like its companions, the Viper 1 carried squads of stormtroopers to and from the Star Destroyer. Unfortunately, the Viper 1 was destroyed by Alliance forces.(XW, XWP)

Viper 2
This Imperial CR90 corvette was part of a small group that escorted the Star Destroyer Intrepid, during the months leading up to the Battle of Yavin. Like its companions, the Viper 2 carried squads of stormtroopers to and from the Star Destroyer. Unfortunately, the Viper 2 was destroyed by Alliance forces.(XW, XWP)

Viper 2
This was the brand name of Zone Control's second-generation grenade launcher.(ROE)

Viper 3
This Imperial CR90 corvette was part of a small group that escorted the Star Destroyer Intrepid, during the months leading up to the Battle of Yavin. Like its companions, the Viper 3 carried squads of stormtroopers to and from the Star Destroyer. Unfortunately, the Viper 3 was destroyed by Alliance forces.(XW, XWP)

Viper 40
This model of ion engine was produced by SoroSuub. It was very powerful, and very reliable.(SOL)

Viper Alpha Squadron
This group of Mandalorian warriors riding war mounts assaulted Iziz during the Great Sith War.(TSW)

Viper Kinrath
This was a species of large, deadly spider that was found in the jungles of the planet Kashyyyk, as well as on the plains of Dantooine. Unlike other species of kinrath that were known simply for their vicious attacks, the viper kinrath could inject a deadly poison with its bite. These creatures were not true arachnids, having just four thick legs that helped it move about. A fifth limb emerged from the viper kinrath's head, which ended with a sharp stinger that delivered the poison that was used to immobilize its prey. The viper kinrath relied on infrared vision and its sense of smell to move about, since its vestigial eyes were too small to be useful in tracking its environment. Viper kinraths marked their territory with the secretions from their sweat glands. These creatures reproduced by laying large numbers of eggs, each of which contained the seed of a small crystal. The ancient Jedi Knights on Dantooine discovered that these crystals could be used as a power source for lightsabers.(KOTOR, KOTOR2, WOTC)

Viper Probe Droid
An Arakyd probe droid used by the Empire, the Viper was a squat, spherical droid which moved about on a small repulsor engine and had six segmented arms. Manufactured to specifications detailed by Darth Vader, they were armed with a light blaster cannon and a self-destruct mechanism. They were also equipped with a variety of sensor systems and recording devices. Although Arakyd indicated that the Viper was built to Imperial specifications, much of its design was actually based on the work of Viper Sensor Intelligence Systems, a small corporation absorbed by Arakyd during the Clone Wars. The first wave of Viper probots to come into Imperial service were produced on Mechis III, at the time when IG-88 controlled the planet. The assassin droid added secondary programming to these droids, mandating that the droids also report back to IG-88 on Mechis III if they found any weakness or flaw which the assassin droid could exploit in its quest for galactic dominance. In essence, IG-88 hoped to use the Viper probe droids as the advanced scouts in the droid revolution. The Viper was extremely sensitive to external stimuli, and were known to turn themselves on during transport if jostled too much. They were delivered to a specific destination by a hyperspace jump pod, which was specially designed to carry the droid without damaging it. The pod was a single-use device that absorbed the heat of entering a planet's atmosphere and cracked open upon landing.(E5, DFR, DFRSB, TBH, FTD, NEGW, NEGD)

Viper Sensor Intelligence Systems
This corporation, based on the planet Vulpter, was accused by Arakyd Industries of stealing Arakyd's probe droid designs for the development of the XPLR-R exploration droid. When VSIS refused to back down from any confession of wrong-doing, Arakyd sent an assault force of sixty AAD-4 combat droids to Vulpter to smash VSIS' corporate headquarters. The sixty droids encountered little resistance from VSIS, which was absorbed into Arakyd's conglomerate. The facilities on Vulpter were turned into an Arakyd research and development lab, which was overseen by a garrison of Arakyd combat droids.(HNN5)

Viper Tower
This building was the corporate headquarters of Viper Sensor Intelligence Systems, located in the city of Hpaq on the planet Vulpter.(HNN5)

Viper Wasp
Native to Yavin 4, this vicious insect made its home inside the thick, hollow vines that grew in the densest parts of the jungle. The sting of a viper wasp delivered a potent venom that caused cramps, diarrhea, yellowing of the eyes, numbness in the hands and feet, pustules on the mucous membranes, and hormonal disruption.(SWED)

Viper-series Probot
see Viper Probe Droid(DA)

This alien race was a member of the Old Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. Many Vippit were native to the planet Nal Hutta, a world that appealed to their unique physiology. The average Vippit was distinguished by a wide, turquoise-colored shell that protected their soft body. The Vippit moved about on a single, many-toed foot that left behind a trail of yellowish mucus. The mouth and voicebox of a Vippit was capable of speaking in the Basic language, while the two eyes used for seeing were located atop individual stalks. Vippits were known for their ability to actively think with both sides of their brains, and were capable of using each half to monitor and understand two distinct spheres of attention. Reintegration of knowledge and memories occurred during normal sleep cycles, allowing a Vippit to acquire knowledge almost twice as fast as most other races. The shell of a Vippit was a source of personal pride and communal acceptance, and the polishing of shells was one of the most basic forms of contact in their society. An individual Vippit could go without food and sleep for many days, a trait which mande them one of the hardest-working races of the Old Republic.(HIV, TCD)

This unique plant, native to the planet Nal Hutta, was used by the Vippit race as a medicinal supplement, especially during their mating period. It was also a powerful conunter-agent to the intense hormonal surges that acompanied the sexual phase changes experienced by the X'Ting race, although very few could afford it.(TCD)

Vir Vur
This flying mammal was native to the planet Rori.(GQRG)

This Acherin female was killed in the civil war that broke out on the planet Acherin, in the wake of the Clone Wars. Clive Flax tried to locate her, on the advice of Toma, during his search for information the freedom fighter known as Flame. Clive learned from Vira's brother and sister-in-law, Alder and Halle, that Vira had been rescued from an Imperial prison by Flame, despite the fact that Vira was from Eluthan and Flame was from Sood. This event helped Flame gain credibility with the Eluthans, and helped her become the freedom fighter that Clive knew.(LJ8)

Vira, Ro
This was the name of a noted Zabrak individual.(UANT)

This synthetic virus was manufactured for the Imperial Security Bureau. It was always fatal, although it wasn't contagious. It could be kept in remittance through regular injections of a serum developed to counteract its effects.(FOP)

This race of ten-legged, crablike beings was native to the planet Vvaw.(E3N)

Prince Xizor's personal starship, the Virago was a custom-built MandalMotors StarViper. Xizor's extravagant tastes demanded a ship that was anything but ordinary, and he contracted MandalMotors to build it. The result of their collaboration was the StarViper-class attack platform, a heavy assault fighter of incredible speed, armoring, weaponry, and price. The nine-meter-long Virago was unique in the galaxy, although MandalMotors developed other designs from it that were less powerful. This ship was propeled by a Quadex IGt converter system, which was supported by four wing-mounted Koensayr N2-F microthruster engines capable of moving the ship at speeds approaching 800 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. It was armed with a pair of Ht-12 double laser cannons and a pair of proton torpedo launchers.(SE, EGV, SWDB, NEGV)

Viral Jelly
This was a disgusting form of dessert that was favored by Jabba the Hutt.(BF4)

This was a common name among the Duinuogwuin who had been encountered in the galaxy.(GORW)

This was a common name within the Tarasin culture.(UANT)

This was the term used to describe any illicit newsfeed which insinuated itself into another, more mainstream newsfeed, in order to present information in unexpected places.(SWJ3)

Viraxo, K'Armyn
This man was the patriarch of the Viraxo family, and controlled Viraxo Industries during the height of the Galactic Civil War. K'Armyn cultivated ties to the Empire, and the lucrative contracts he won helped gain Viraxo Industries a good deal of power in their local sector. It was rumored that he had bribed an Imperial official to get the power he held, but that was never proven. He was a rival of Tomaas and Antan Azzameen, whose Twin Suns Transport Services tried to maintain a healthy business in Viraxo's sector. He was killed shortly after Ace Azzameen joined the Alliance, in a skirmish between Azzameen and Viraxo forces.(XWA)

Viraxo Designs
This was one of the smaller divisions of Viraxo Industries.(XWA)

Viraxo Industries
This shipping and hauling operation was developed and maintained by K'Armyn Viraxo and his family. Viraxo Industries owned many contracts with the Empire in their home sector, which allowed Viraxo to grow powerful. K'Armyn tried to stamp out any competition, but was unable to eliminate Twin Suns Transport Services.(XWA)

Viraxo Technologies
This was one of the smaller divisions of Viraxo Industries.(XWA)

Virdugo Plunge
This was the largest waterfall found in the city of Theed, on the planet Naboo. It flowed from one of the many tributaries of the Solleu River.(IWE1)

This was a species of large, saber-toothed rat that was native to the planet Despayre. Virevols were considered among the planet's most dangerous creatures.(DSTR)

Virgilio, Sarin
A New Republic Captain from the planet Masterra, Virgilio became commander of the Escort Frigate Quenfis, which was part of Coruscant's Home Fleet. He was a strong supporter of the Bothans, and had been since he was the third officer on a Corellian Corvette scout ship that picked up the surviving members of the group which stolen the plans to the second Death Star. Later, as a Captain in the New Republic, he was in charge of the mission that intercepted the Leia Organa Solo's team sent to recover the Katana Fleet. After Borsk Fey'lya admitted that he was only trying to obtain the Katana Fleet for political gain, and that stranding the rest of Rogue Squadron was a necessity that loyalty couldn't overcome, Virgilio was forced to re-examine his own loyalty to Fey'lya. As Fey'lya was publically explained that he considered Rogue Squadron his enemies, Virgilio decided that he had heard enough. He placed Fey'lya under house guard until the Katana was secured. After fey'lya was implicated in a plot to frame Admiral Ackbar, Virgilio remained a strong supporter of the New Republic, even though his faith in the Bothans changed.(DFR, DFRSB)

Virgillia 7
This was one of the many colony worlds maintained by the Virgillians, until the onset of the Virgillian Civil War.(TBSB)

Virgillian Aristocracy
This was the primary governmental body of the Virgillian Systems, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Aristocracy held tyrannical control over the various star systems, and their control was eventually opposed by the Virgillian Free Alignment just before the Clone Wars began. The Aristocracy fought mightily against the Alignment, and managed to receive backing from the Empire during the height of the New Order. However, the forces of the Alignment eventually allied themselves with the Alliance, and the Virgillian Civil War began in earnest. The seven-year conflict was ultimately won by the Virgillian Free Alignment, which overthrew the Aristocracy and took democratic control of the Virgillian systems just before the Battle of Endor.(HNN4)

Virgillian Civil War
This battle occurred just before the Battle of Endor, and was the culmination of a decades-old conflict between the Virgillian Aristocracy and the Virgillian Free Alignment. The origins of the Civil War can be traced to the years before the Clone Wars, when a team of Jedi Knights was believed to have been killed while trying to negotiate a settlement between the Aristocracy and the Alignment. During the era of the New Order, the forces of the Aristocracy had the backing and support of the Empire, which had begun to impose tight controls in the Virgillian System. Underground freedom fighters began to organize themselves around the Free Alignment, and eventually received aid from the Alliance. In a struggle which lasted nearly seven years, the Alignment managed to overthrow the tyrannical government, shortly before the Battle of Endor. The Virgillian Free Alignment and its newly-formed government decided to send twenty-two of its best ships to Sullust, to augment the Alliance's fleet as it readied for battle.(TB, TBSB, HNN4)

Virgillian Free Alignment
This was the name of one of two factions which vied for control of the government of the Virgillian planets shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. The Alignment sought to win its freedom from the Virgillian Aristocracy, and the struggle for control was deemed so powerful that the Jedi Knights were asked to dispatch a team to mediate the dispute. Their struggle led to the full-scale conflict known as the Virgillian Civil War. As the civil war took its toll on the Virgillian people, it was the Alignment which finally defeated the Aristocracy. The Alignment, shortly after its victory near the height of the New Order, allied itself with the Alliance and sent a small fleet to assist in the Battle of Endor.(TBSB, HNN4)

Viridia system
A system mentioned in the port access codes of an old YT-1300 found in the Imperial scrap yard on Dathomir.(CPL)

Viridian Termite
An insectiod alien with huge pincers.(TJP)

This was one of the more common surnames used by the Duros people. Like all such names, Viridux was used only for official business, to indicate one individual from another when in the presense of non-Duros. This name literally meant "spacer".(GCG)

Virile Squadron
One of the squadrons of TIE Fighters maintained by the Thyferran Home Defense Corps.(BW)

This cold world was located on the far Rimward edge of Mayagil Sector. It served as one of the Alliance's most Coreward bases, under the cover of the Issham Mining Corporation.(PP)

Virmeude Starport
This spaceport was carved into the bedrock of the planet Virmeude. It served the Alliance, as well as a myriad of pirates and smugglers who supported the Alliance.(PP)

This was a common name used by the H'nemthean race.(UANT)

This was the common term used to describe the unique identification that was provided to speeders and other vehicles that were used on roadways and thoroughfares across the galaxy. Each vehicle was given its own virt-tag, which could be scanned by police and law enforcement agents to verify that the vehicle was properly licensed.(MF)

Virtues of King Han Solo, The
A song written by C-3PO, to help Han Solo convince Leia Organa that he was a worthy choice for a husband.(CPL)

This planet was one of many planets ravaged during the Clone Wars. It was eventually liberated by the Army of the Republic, with the help of Anakin Skywalker and Garven Dreis. Years later, Virujansi was nearly taken over by the Empire, but a group of Alliance soldiers impersonated the government's leaders and infiltrated the Captivity prison moon. The planet was ruled by the Rajah, who was assisted by a number of other political contemporaries: the People's Advisor, who translated visitors' requests to the Rajah; the Mouth of the Ancestors, who uses past Rajahs' actions as pertinent precedents when necessary; the Eye of History, who provided options that could be used to solve difficulties; the Wrathor, who described the Rajah's displeasure when appropriate, using insults and barbs; and the Concilliator, who helped all parties come to agreement.(RC, OWS)

Virujansi Uprising
This was a bloody war fought during the early millennia of the Old Republic.(HNN4)

This Imperial frigate was part of the Empire's naval forces during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, the Virulence responded to an Alliance raid on an Imperial repair station, but it arrived too late to prevent the Alliance's forces from destroying the various starships that were docked at the station.(XW, XWP)

An Imperial-II class Star Destroyer commanded by Joak Drysso at the Battle of Endor, the Virulence was one of the few Imperial ships to survive the outcome of that battle. Drysso, after witnessing the destruction of the Executor, fled Endor and vowed to exact revenge on the Alliance. He found a receptive audience in Ysanne Isard, who made him one of her primary commanders. She brought the Virulence with her to help protect her interests on Thyferra, and promoted Drysso to commander of the Lusankya. Lakwii Varrscha was promoted from Executive officer to command the Virulence. Isard ordered both Drysso and Varrscha to destroy Rogue Squadron's space station in the Yag'Dhul system, but Booster Terrik had laid a trap for them. He nearly destroyed the Lusankya, but Varrscha interposed the Virulence between the space station and the larger ship. The Lusankya fled Yag'Dhul, believing the Virulence to be destroyed. However, it was captured by Terrik and held at Yag'Dhul until the Battle of Thyferra, at which time Booster enlisted the aid of Ace Squadron and helped defeat the Lusankya. Booster then claimed ownership of the Star Destroyer, and only the shrewd bargaining of Talon Kaarde and the timely announcement of his daughter's engagement to Corran Horn allowed him to actually keep it. Stripped of all but minimal weaponry and defenses, Booster renamed the ship the Errand Venture and used it as a sort of travelling source of parts and information for smugglers and other pilots.(BW, SOP)

Virus Droid
This was another name for the Octuptarra Droid, stemming from the fact that the Separatists sometimes loaded the cranium of the Octuptarra with toxins and viruses that could be used against the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic.(SWDB, NEGD)

This Tarc was the Keddek of the planet Hjaff during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWJ14)

This Imperial-class Star Destroyer was outfitted with enhanced sensors and communications packages, and was assigned to map out unknown regions of the Outer Rim Territories during the years leading up to the Battle of Endor. Many Imperial officers considered the ship to be a joke assignment for lower-ranked officers.(CCG11)

Visalis, Victor
This man was living in Bestine, on his homeworld of Tatooine, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

This man served the Imperial armed forces as a Captain, during the early years of the New Order. Known for his cruel nature, Captain Vischera was assigned to oversee the Imperial prison facility on Felucia. In order to protect himself, Captain Vischera surrounded himself with genetically-enhanced bodyguards.(DD01)

This Mon Calamari Star Defender was commissioned for the New Republic Navy. The first of the Star Defender line, it was commissioned for use just a few weeks before the Yuuzhan Vong began their invasion of the galaxy. This ship was considered the first of the new Viscount-class Star Defenders. Note that Agents of Chaos: Hero's Trial claims this ship was of Corellian manufacture.(VP, HT)

see Visitor Consumption Tag(CSA)

Viscount-class Star Defender
This Mon Calamari warship was developed for use by the New Republic. The first class-designated Star Defender, the Viscount-class vessel measured some 17 kilometers in length, and was originally designed to combat the threat of the Super-class Star Destroyers of the Imperial Navy. The choice of the designation as a Star Defender was made to separate the ship from its Imperial counterparts. Although Admiral Ackbar managed to convince the New Republic Senate to sponsor the ship's construction, the small number of Super-class Star Destroyers that were found to be active in the galaxy made many Senators expressed their concerns about the total cost of the project. Many considered it to be a waste of resources and capital, depsite the fact that Viscount-class Star Defenders captured or destroyed many of their Imperial counterparts. When the Yuuzhan Vong launched their invasion of the galaxy, however, it was quickly discovered that the Viscount-class Star Defender was one of just a handful of New Republic vessels that could stand up to a fully-armed worldship.

The average Viscount-class Star Defender required a crew of 68,174 to operate, and could accommodate up to 12,500 troops and 200,000 support crew or refugees. Cargo space allowed for the transport of up to 200,000 metric tons of cargo, and hangar space allowed for 168 starfighters, forty-eight heavy assault fighters, and nearly 1,000 other small spacecraft. The usualy starfighter complement included 120 X-Wings or Y-Wings, forty-eight A-Wings, and forty-eight B-Wings or K-Wings. Weaponry included turbolaser batteries, heavy turbolaser batteries, laser cannons, ion cannons, and concussion missile launchers, as well as several tractor beam generators. Note that the ship was given Mon Calamari origins in Vector Prime, while Agents of Chaos: Hero's Trial claims it was a Corellian design.(HT, SSOG)

This was one of the largest political territories defined on the planet Uyter, during the Old Republic.(VD3, SWDB)

This expensive, chain-like thread was produced by the Geonosians from the egg cases of extinct spiders.(VD2)

Vishav, Aul Tarrus
This Bitthaevrian held the rank of Major-Guardian within the m'Yalfor'ac Order. Born a slave in the Upper Bal'ta'ran Cluster, he grew to incredible size due to the continual labor he was forced to do. The skin on his arms was striped, due to a bout with sinjaffe which seemed to slow him down for only a few days. This size and strength was perceived as a threat by his slavemaster, and was ordered to be executed. He managed to escape when his guards underestimated him, and his escape made him legendary among the slaves of the bal'ta'ran crystal mines. He entered the m'Yalfor'ac Order as a footsoldier, and worked his way upward until he became the personal bodyguard of Quaal Tavier Catharius. He proved his loyalty to Tavier when he singlehandedly defeated three attackers sent by the rogue Jael Ganton Farvash, thereby thwarting Ganton's attempt to assassinate Tavier. Tarrus was revered as a hero, and was considered by many to be almost an equal of Tavier himself. Tavier bestowed upon Tarrus the Ransar Rhal Insignia, which practically ensured his position as successor to Tavier's leadership.(AIR)

Vishay Water
This was a mildly alcoholic, carbonated beverage.(RD)

This was a common name used by the H'nemthean race.(UANT)

This man was one of the many architects who worked on the construction of the first Death Star, during the early years of the New Order.(DSTR)

Vishtu Sector
This was the name of one part of the planet Coruscant, after it had been destroyed and rebuilt by the Yuuzhan Vong into a simulacrum of their long-lost homeworld, Yuuzhan'tar.(FH3)

Visi, Delia
This woman was wanted in connection with the Rori Incident, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWGAL)

This was the primary communication medium developed by the Kadrillian race. Using modified kunda stones, the visicom transmitted and received audio and two-dimensional video signals. Specialized visiscreens displayed images and projected the associated audio.(LAT3)

Similar in most respects to an ad-cube, a visi-cube as a way to display personal images. The images were stored inside the visi-cube's small member cells, and were displayed holographically at each face.(MC37)

This was a term used to describe the connection between endpoints in the Kadrillian visicom system.(LAT3)

An video device which provides instant access to books and periodicals, and displays them on a 2-dimensional screen.(COJ)

This form of display panel was the primary access point of the Kadrillian visicom system. Each visiscreen produced audio and video output of communications signals.(LAT3)

Visitor Consumption Tag
Known as a viscount, this voucher was offered by the Corporate Sector Authority. For a nominal fee, any being who visited to the Corporate Sector could acquire the tag, which entitled them to obtain a twenty-percent discount on all purchased goods. Residents of the Corporate Sector were forbidden to hold these tags, but a healthy black market evolved to provide them to Sector residents. Services, including restaurants and hotels, were not included in the discounts.(CSA)

Visitors, The
This was the Chiss term used to describe the first beings from outside the Unknown Regions to visit the Chiss, many years before the loss of the Outbound Flight Project. The Visitors brought the Basic language to the Chiss, although few decided to learn it.(SQ)

This was the term used to describe a single member of the Viska race.(PG1)

A ruthless alien race native to the planet Rordak, the Viska were a species of flying carnivores which have two large wings, two arms, and a thick tail. They have long necks and small, triangular heads, and their mouths were circular in shape and protect the blossug, which was used to pierce the skin of their victims in order to feed. The Viska were feared throughout the galaxy because they survive by consuming the blood of their victims. They were incredibly adaptable to variations in climate. Their political system was led by a leader who was chosen in combat, when all the offspring of a deceased caleisk fight against each other until only one survives. The survivor becomes the new ruler of the Viska. Most other races in the galaxy simply refer to the Viska as the "great bloodsucking fiends of Rordak." Note that Dark Tide II: Ruin seems to indicate that the Viska was not sentient.(PG, DTR)

This young Jedi Knight was one of a handful who were stationed on the planet Ossus, where they were charged with protecting the Jedi training facility there, during the Galactic Alliance's conflict with The Confederation. Unfortunately, Vis'l and Loli were killed in the line of duty, when Major Serpa of the Galactic Alliance Guard arrived and took control of the facility.(LF6)

This Galacian man was Queen Veda's strongest supporter. One of the eldest Galacians of his time, Viso was also blind in both eyes. He was also one of the few members of the royal household who knew of the way to determine if a Galacian wore the Mark of the Crown, and revealed to Prince Beju that he wasn't King Cana's heir. After this, Beju stepped out of the race to succeed his mother and threw his support behind Wila Prammi.(MOC)

An video device which took incoming images and encodes them for transmission to another site. It was basically a full-motion video camera.(SME)

This planet was located on the border between the space held by the New Republic and the space held by Warlord Zsinj. Zsinj maintained several business ties on the planet, but only through a series of bribes to the planetary officials. The Republic managed to convince them to ally themelves against Zsinj, and they agreed. Shortly after Zsinj lost the Razor's Kiss at Kuat, the security forces of Vispil blasted the warship Counterpunch from their airspace after it threatened them for not cooperating.(SOC)

This Quarren frequented the Jekk'Jekk Tarr bar, on Nar Shaddaa, during the years following the Mandalorian Wars. Visquis maintained a set of rooms well-hidden underneath the main structure, separated from the bar by a small, constantly-changing maze.(KOTOR2)

This male Klatooinan and his partner, Heet, worked for Rej Taunt on the Smugglers' Moon of Nar Shaddaa, during the early years of the New Order. Viss had once gone to technical school with Bammy Decree, and it was the two Klatooinans who recommended that Decree be hired to reconstruct the damaged hulk of the Stellar Envoy. Viss and Heet later accompanied Taunt on his mission to exchange a cargo of frozen eopie meat for a shipment of buzz droids, hoping that his ability to close the deal with the Colicoids would help Taunt impress a Black Sun vigo. Unfortunately, just as the deal was closed and they were loading the buzz droids into the ship, Viss tried to strength his neck. The Colicoids saw this as a threatening gesture, and attacked him, pulling Viss limb from limb.(MF)

Viss, Ellu
This young man was one of the handful of Jedi apprentices who managed to survive the Sith-Imperial War. When he fled the Massacre at Ossus, Ellu Viss took with him a wealth of historical information about the Jedi Order, hoping that one day it would be preserved for future generations. In his personal journal, Ellu Viss explained that none of the Jedi of his time knew that the Sith had re-emerged, and that they were unprepared for the viciousness with which Darth Krayt and his minions assumed control of the galaxy.(EGF)

Vissencant Variations
This was a collection of fifteen distinct pieces of classical music, all of which were musical representations of a certain time of the day.(MBS)

Vissencant Variations
This was a collection of classical etudes, which were popular among classical music afficcionados during the height of the Clone Wars. Written by Bann Shoosha, the Variations were inspired by the Shoosha family's flight from Brentaal, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. The fact that they became so popular in such a short time attested to Shoosha's skills as a composer. Note that MedStar I: Battle Surgeons claims that the Variations were of Selonian origin.(MBS, MJH)

Visseon II
The Alliance cruiser that attacked an Imperial convoy near Laramus, capturing 14 transport ships without taking a loss.(SWSB)

This Brolfi was a member of the guerilla movement that was led by Patriot, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. It was Vissfil and a companion who captured Jedi Padawan Lorana Jinzler, when she accompanied Jorus C'baoth to barlok to mediate the resolution of mining rights between the Brolfi and the Corporate Alliance, some five years before the onset of the Clone Wars. Jinzler had been tracking the burst thrusters that were obtained by Jhompfi, in an effort to locate the facility where the guerillas were building their missile. Vissfil nearly brought her to meet directly with Patriot, but Kinman Doriana arranged for him to keep her hidden, in order to preserve his own cover as Defender.(OF)

This was the name of a noted Selonian individual.(UANT)

Vista, Maxo
This male Euceron was a noted athlete, perhaps most famous for winning five events at the Galactic Games on Berrun just before the Battle of Naboo. Among his greatest victories was in the swoop race, where he unexpectedly set a galactic record for the fastest run through a holograhpic obstacle course. He later served as a Galactic Games official when they were held on his homeworld of Euceron seven years later. After the death of timekeeper Aarno Dering and the discovery a plot to implicate Old Republic Senators in gambling and other felonies, Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered that it was Maxo Vista who had killed Dering and nearly assassinated the Jedi Knights who were on Euceron to help preserve the peace during the Games. Vista was able to capture Obi-Wan and force him to participate in a holographic obstacle course, hoping to kill the Jedi while he himself was well-prepared for the event. Obi-Wan embarrased him, though, and Maxo Vista was forced to flee Eusebus in shame. Unfortunately for Maxo Vista, the Jedi Knights also discovered that he was behind the rigging of the illegal podraces being staged in the Great Dordon Caves, which were to smash into a crowded part of the city. Obi-Wan and Siri Tachi, also on Euceron, brought Maxo Vista to the Ruling Council for judgement. Further investigation into Maxo Vista's dealing revealed that he had been submitted to membership to the Commerce Guild by Liviani Sarno, as part of the plan to discredit the Senators who were voting against the Guild. Unfortunately for the Jedi, Maxo Vista was allowed to go free when Bog Divinian refused to testify against him. Worst of all, he was never tried for the murder of Aarno Dering.(JQ3)

This man served the Empire's military forces as a Colonel, during the era of the Battle of Hoth. Colonel Vistore led a group of Imperial starships that were patrolling the Bruanii Sector, and was contacted by Admiral Flanken to assist with eliminating a group of Mugaari pirates that had taken up residence in the sector.(TIEP)

Vistu District
This was the name of one part of the planet Coruscant, after it had been destroyed and rebuilt by the Yuuzhan Vong into a simulacrum of their long-lost homeworld, Yuuzhan'tar.(UF)

Vistulo brandale
An interstellar spirit. '49 was a decent vintage, but '46 was better.(DFR)

Visual Electromagnetic Intesifier
This Imperial technology was developed as a complement to the orbital nightcloak. Where the orbital nightcloak was designed to limit the amount of natural light that reached the surface of a planet, the visual electromagnetic intensifier augmented the amount of light that reached the planet's surface. Thus, where the nightcloak was effective in dropping the ambient temperature of a planet, the visual electromagnetic intensifier concentrated light to raise the surface temperature. When propoerly aligned, the device could literally cook the surface of the planet away. Unlike the nightcloak, the visual electromagnetic intensifier was never implemented on a large scale.(ISB)

This was a Chiss unit of distance, approximately equal to 1.6 kilometers.(OF)

Visz, Hylo
Born on the planet Balmorra, this female Mirialan was a noted smuggler, operating from her starship, the Crimson Fleece, during the era of the Great Galactic War. Her father had been a droid designer when the war started, and an attack by the Sith Empire forced Hylo and her mother to flee Balmorra. At a stop on Nar Shaddaa, Hylo's mother contracted an illness and soon died, stranding Hylo on the moon, were she spent much of her youth working as a grease rat for the Hutt Crime Cartel, until she earned enough credits to purchase her ship. She was the mastermind behind the formation of the Smuggling Contingent, having seen and heard from various planets that were suffering because of the Mandalorian Blockade of the Hydian Way and the Rimma Trade Route. Although the primary goal of the Smuggling Contingent was to get supplies to impoverished worlds in the Core regions, Hylo Visz also saw a chance to reap incredible rewards for herself and the members of the contingent. Her plan for breaking the blockade was quite simple, and involved the element of surprise, hoping that the Mandalorians would not know what to do when confronted by smugglers. Visz and the other smuggling leaders filled their largest transports with supplies and raw goods, before making hyperspace jumps to the choke points of the blockade. She timed the reversion to realspace so that the smuggling ships were no less than a parsec from the Mandalorian ships, giving the Mandalorians reason to question what was happening. In the brief time she was given, Hylo Visz ordered her ragtag fleet of attack ships to drop out of hyperspace and attack the Mandalorians. Although initially outgunned by the Mandalorians, the smuggling ships were much smaller and more manevuerable, and they were soon assisted by Republic warships from nearby worlds, after communications from the blockade told of the attack. This combined force managed to drive off the Mandalorians and smash the blockade, opening up trade once more. Hylo Visz arrived on Coruscant as a hero, and was paid quite handsomely for the goods her ships carried to the capital planet. The leaders of the Republic wanted to honor her efforts, but she never showed up for the medal ceremony that was staged. Popular rumors claimed that she had been killed after double-crossing a group of Hutts, but this was never proven.(SWORW, SV)
This Imperial General was in command of the garrison on Dathomir, some twelve years after the Battle of Yavin. Vit organized several excavation missions to the site of the Chu'unthor, hoping to collect lightsabers and other Jedi artifacts. His plans involved luring a disgruntled Jedi Knight to Dathomir and turning them against the New Republic, as a sort of living weapon. This traitor would the centerpiece of Project Nightsaber, willing to train an army of Force-sensitive Imperial agents. His plans nearly came to fruition when Dal Konur was stranded on Dathomir. Vit offered him a chance to meet the Moff Council if he would serve as the leader of Project Nightsaber. Dal was eager to prove himself, and set out to eliminate the team of Jedi agents who were tracking him. Unfortunately, the Jedi agents managed to infiltrate Vit's compound and apprehend Konur. In a brief firefight, they also captured General Vit and placed him in custody for questioning.(WOA30)

This was the generic term used to describe the various healthy, non-alcoholic concoctions that were popular during the years following the Swarm War. Vitajuice bars served all manner of juices that were made from the fruits, vegetables, and greenery of exotic and unusual plants. Because of the ingredients used to make vitajuice, most bars that served it smelled like flower shops.(LF5)

Vitamin Syrup
A food substitute, it was what Ken survived on which living in the Lost City of the Jedi.(LCJ)

Vitan, Bodis-Ker
This Jedi Knight was the watchman of the planet Cadinth and the surrounding space in the Allied Tion sector, until he was killed in the capital city of Saskapeg, just prior to the Battle of Geonosis. Vitan had been trying to dispel a Separatist uprising, but the rioters proved to be more powerful than he believed. His death left the Cadinth Oligarchy in fear of the Separatists.(HNN5)

This medicinal products was created by Drall scientists. Created from a blend of natural herbs and bacta emulsion, the Vitapill provided the user with enhanced vitality for a short period of time.(CCW)

A pure, distilled water which was fortified with vitamins and sold by the bottle.(WSV)

This group of Alliance Y-Wings supported the Tela, and was stationed aboard the frigate Xerxes during the months that followed the Battle of Hoth. The Vite shuttles were destroyed by Imperial forces that supported the Habeen.(TIE, TIEP)

Vitex fo gobaj ka zu zux
This Bocce phrase translated into Basic as "I will get back to you on that one."(GPB)

Vitorrian, Ana
This woman was born into high society, attended the Imperial Academy, and served as a legal assistant to the Imperial Senate before turning her career to prosecuting members of the Alliance. She then fell in love with Thaddeus Ross, and their on-again, off-again romance turned her beliefs toward those of the common being. She knew how to bend the rules in her favor, a trait which interested Ross and the members of the Society of the Black Bha'lir. She eventually joined the Black Bha'lir as an attorney, using her alluring beauty to disarm witnesses while she portrayed her clients as unfortunate victims of the Galactic Civil War.(BSS)

Vitt, Rian
This Sullustan male worked as a dockworker at the Bilbringi shipyards during the years following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. When the rogue Jedi Dal Konur arrived at Bilbringi to steal a ship that could take him to Bastion, Rian Vitt was assigned to move his cargo from its arrival bay. Konur then clouded Vitt's mind so that the Sullustan couldn't remember where the cargo came from, or where it was moved to. This gave Konur a bit of a headstart on the Jedi who trying to track him down.(WOA29)

This exclamation from the Bocce language translated into Basic as "Emergency!"(GPB)

Vitus, Darth
This ancient Sith Lord established a laboratory on the remote moon of Oricon, many centuries before the onset of the Great Sith War. Although Darth Vitus eventually died, his strange creations continued to live on in the moon's wilderness. All knowledge of Darth Vitus and the moon Oricon were lost for years until a group of explorers found a Sith holocron that contained information on Oricon's location. These explorers had hoped to turn over any knowledge they learned from Darth Vitus' compound on Oricon, but never returned from the moon.(WOTC)

This man served the Old Republic's navy as a Lieutenant Commander, serving as Dondo Foth's executive officer aboard the Mandian during the height of the Clone Wars. He was a perfect complement to Foth's persistent nature, and regularly sought ways to ensure they were in the best position possible to detect incoming enemy vessels. During the Republic's attempt to liberate the Intergalactic Communications Center from the Separatists, it was the Mandian's crew that detected the incoming Separatist reinforcements from Sluis Van.(JT)

Viumbay, viotay
This was a meditative chant that was used by the Sunesi people of Monor II.(SWJ10, OWS)

This beautiful brunette was one of the two women Chewbacca befriended at the spa located on the campus of the University of Rudrig, several years before the Battle of Yavin. Han and Chewie were in between jobs, just prior to seeking out the Queen of Ranroon with Alexsandr Badure and Hasti Troujow. Both Viurre and her friend, Kiili, were undergraduate students in the field of nonhuman ethnology at the time, and Chewbacca's Wookiee heritage was of extreme interest to them.(HSL)

This Sullustan technician was a member of the Alliance, and was part of the personnel assigned to Rendezvous Point 4 shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Viv was the primary technician who worked on the modifications to the Vindicator freighter.(IAG)

This Galacian male was a healer, and one of Elan's assistants.(MOC)

Vivab Desert
Located on the planet Clar, this desert area was actually an ice-swept plain.(AIR)

This Imperial Navy Commander was in command of the Star Destroyer Steadfast, and served under the command of Carnor Jax. Jax ordered Vivant to reduce Collo Fauale to rubble, in the wake of Kir Kanos' escape from Phaeda. He obeyed those orders, even in the face of an assault by Rogue Squadron. When Wedge Antilles and the Lusankya arrived, Vivant was unsure of his next move.(CE)

This was the name given to the specialized chamber used by the Yuuzhan Vong Shapers. The vivarium was protected by a permeable membrane that kept out microbes and diseases during the shaping of new lifeforms.(EVC)

This specialized drug was used to help bring hospital patients out of comas and other states of unconsciousness. Vivatherin was often administered with chromostring, which helped the body absorb the vivatherin.(LSSM)

Viveca, Tyro
This Krish was considered the wealthiest member of his species, and was a hunter and collector of exotic predatory creatures. However, his morals were considered lacking by many fellow big-game hunters, since Viveca often hunted sentient beings for sport. He was known to have captured a female Florn lamproid and her mate, killing the male and stuffing while maintaining the female in captivity for a later hunt. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, Viveca opened his doors to Cecil Noone, who had traveled to Kabal in an attempt to sell a Hapan gun of command his band had stolen. Viveca had heard through the underworld grapevine that Noone had crossed or doublecrossed both Guttu the Hutt and Ritinki, and threatened to turn Noone and his band over to the other crimelords if he didn't simply give the weapon away. When Noone protested, Viveca explained that the only way he would escape would be to avoid being captured before he could exit the Krish's hunting grounds. During the hunt for Noone, Viveca found himself the target of the female Lamproid he had captured, which had been set free by Noone. Although the Lamproid managed to kill Viveca's servant, Rutt, he was able to kill it before it could harm him. The loss of the creature only increased Viveca's desire to kill Noone. Viveca thought it was very unsporting of Noone to accept the help of his companions, Dawson and Kels Turkhorn, in escaping from the compound, but soon found himself worrying about his own demise. Dawson had rigged up a wad of detonite to a motion sensor, and when Viveca entered a copse of bambooi, his body triggered the devise. The resulting explosion killed Viveca instantly, and leveled some four hectares of bambooi.(GMR1)

This was the Neimoidian word for the number 50.(GPB)

Designation of one model of Sarylcorp reactor plant, used on starships like the GAT-12j Skipray blastboat.(HTSB)

Vixe, Bow
This Gran athlete refused to let his sister, Cera, marry Vee Naaq.(IA)

Vixe, Cera
This Gran female wanted to marry Vee Naaq, but her brother Boe refused to allow it. She pretended to be afraid of the group of spacers hired by Vee Naaq ro "kidnap" her, in order to convince Boe Vixe that she wanted to remain on Kinyen.(IA)

Vixe, Rae
This Gran was the patriarch of the Vixe family, and the father of Cera and Boe Vixe.(IA)

A native of the planet Roon, Vixx was one of Auren Yomm's teammates during the Colonial Games.(DCAR)

This Kajain'sa'Nikto was owned by Jabba the Hutt, during the height of the Galactic Civil War, and was assigned to keeping the Hutt's sail barges and skiffs well-armed. He had several caches of weapons hidden on Jabba's sail barge. Unfortunately, Vizam perished when Jabba's sail barge exploded near the Pit of Carkoon, when Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa rescued Han Solo, shortly before the Battle of Endor.(CCG7, SWI98)

This planet was the site of an Imperial prison during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWJ3, BSS)

This vicious, egomaniacal man was a member of the Mandalorian Mercs, until he became disgruntled by the fact that Jaster Mereel was elected to lead them. Vizsla and his supporters executed a bloody coup, splitting from the Mandalorians to form the Mandalorian Death Watch. Vizsla then spent much of his life hunting down Mereel and the remaining Mandalorian Mercs. After eliminating most of the Mandalorians on Concord Dawn, Vizsla and his cronies set up a base on Moonus Mandel. He never forgot the Mandalorians, and worked behind the scenes to set up an ambush for them on Korda 6. His plan worked nearly to perfection, as the troops of Jaster Mereel and Jango Fett were decimated in surprise attacks during the era known as the Mandalorian Civil War. Vizsla was able to exact a measure of revenge when he shot and killed Jaster Mereel, who had been abandoned by Montross on the battlefield. Vizsla and the Death Watch then fled Korda 6 to celebrate their victory. He knew, however, that some Mandalorians had survived, and later coerced the planetary governor of Galidraan to help lay a final trap for them. Vizsla convinced the governor to hire the Mandalorians to put down a political insurrection, while calling for the help of the Jedi Knights in eliminating the Mandalorians, whom he claimed were slaughtering political activitists. The Jedi sent a task force to Galidraan, which wiped out the Mandalorians and sent Jango Fett to prison. Years later, Jango found Vizsla and the Death Watch near Corellia, and badly damaged their ship. Vizsla and Fett found themselves locked in mortal combat on the planet's surface, where Vizsla briefly gained the upper hand when he was able to inject a lethal poison into Jango's body. However, Vizsla was unprepared for an pack of dire-cats, which ripped him apart before eating him.(JFOS, SWI80)

Vizsla, Pre
This Mandalorian served as the Governor of Concordia, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. About a year after the Battle of Geonosis, Governor Vizsla was visited by duch*ess Satine Kryze of Mandalore, who accompanied Obi-Wan Kenobi to the moon, as part of an investigation into rumors that thousands of Mandalorians were massing into an army that could threaten the Galactic Republic. The duch*ess and Kenobi brought with them the body of a Death Watch terrorist who killed himself after bombing the Peace Park in the city of Sundari, and Vizsla wasted no time in taking possession of the body and whisking it away. At a dinner that evening, Vizlsa refused to acknowledge the presence of the Death Watch on Concordia, and suggested that any surviving members might be receiving funding from the Separatists, as part of a plot to discredit the duch*ess and strike at the Republic. When the duch*ess excused herself from dinner, Vizsla had her followed, and later discovered that she was working with Kenobi to carry out a secret investigation on Concordia. Vizsla then revealed that he was actually the leader of the Death Watch, and confronted Kenobi while wielding an ancient darksaber that had been stolen from a Jedi many generations before. Although he was physically strong, Vizsla was not match for Kenobi's skills with a lightsaber, and Vizsla was forced to flee. He returned to his hidden base of operations to report on the situation to Count Dooku, and he was later contacted by Senator Tal Merrik, who had managed to kidnap duch*ess Satine. Vizsla was able to alert Separatist forces near the duch*ess's starship, the Coronet, and a boarding party was sent to capture her. However, the Jedi and the duch*ess's guards were able to destroy the battle droids that boarded the ship, and Satine was able to reach Coruscant and plead her case. Vizsla was not thwarted by this, however, and he dispatched Mandalorian snipers and assassins to eliminate her. Their failure gave Vizsla reason to worry, because duch*ess Satine knew too much about his plans to take over Mandalore. His worry turned to anger when the Republic's proposed military occupation of Mandalore was called off after evidence failed to support it, but Dooku ordered him to stand down and await further orders.(CWTV34, CWTV35, CWTV36, SWI116)
This Turazza was the sister of Nizzal and Rizzal, the trio of Turazza which bonded to Loh'khar when they hatched from their eggs at Galliwig's Cantina. The trio thought of Loh'khar as their father, and traveled Kathol Sector with him. When Loh'kahr decided to join the crew of the FarStar, Vizzal and her sisters followed him. Vizzal was a skilled gatherer, and worked as Loh'khar's "procurement officer." She was also quite adept with droids. Like her sister Rizzal and Loh'khar, Vizzal was was emotionally damaged by Nizzal's defection with Khzam.(DARK, KO)

This Gorothite j'ber was influential in the manufacture of hovercraft for use by the various corporations which mined heavy metals and hyperbarides on Goroth Prime.(GSE)

V'Jar be' Mun De' B'Den
This rotorcraft was produced y V'Jar Technologies to be a bare-bones transport vehicle. The body of this craft, known to offworlders as the Silver Falcon, was shaped like a teardrop. It was propelled by six fast-spinning rotors, and was much smaller than similar craft produced in the greater galaxy. It measured twelve meters in length, and required a pilot and co-pilot to operate. This craft could also carry up to six passengers and two metric tons of cargo.(GSE)

V'Jar be' Mun K'Raith
This V'Jar Technologies hovercraft was known to offworlders as the Windstorm. Measuring six meters in length, it required a pilot and co-pilot to operate. Because it relied on turbines to achieve lift, the K'Raith could only attain a flight ceiling of one meter and speeds of up to 80 kilometers an hour. It could carry up to eight passengers and 600 kilograms of cargo.(GSE)

V'Jar Technologies
This was the name of the primary manufacturing facility owned by the V'Jar j'ber, on the planet Goroth Prime. V'Jar Technologies produced a wide range of hovercraft for corporate use, during the height of the New Order.(GSE)

This planet was located in a remote sector of the galaxy, and was known to the Jedi Order to be a nexus of Dark Side energy. The planet was distinguished by its desolate environment, which was dominated by acid rains and muddy rocks. The planet itself was little more than a cloud-shrouded gray ball from orbit, an appearance that changed little when one landed on its surface. The ground was rocky, with very little vegetation. The skies were continually swept by storms, and the average temperature was kept low due to the dense cloud cover.

The human population of Vjun eked out a meager living, with a collection of influential families holding large portions of the usable landmass. What was unusual was that the population of Vjun had a much higher midi-chlorian count, on average, than most other human populations in the galaxy. The ruling families made it their business to understand their counts, and a higher midi-chlorian count was considered a sign of power and prestige. Buildings on Vjun had to be built of heavy stone and dense alloys, but even these materials eventually were eaten away by the acid rains.

Some eight years before the onset of the Clone Wars, the planet was swept by a plague of madness that wiped out a huge percentage of the population in just a year. The survivors struggled to exist without many of the necessities, and Vjun was virtually forgotten. It was only later that it was learned that the plague came about as the result of genetic tampering done by the Viscount Malreaux and a group of elitist nobles, who had tried to manipulate the number of midi-chlorians in their cells to achieve more strength and power.

It was on this planet, years later, that Darth Vader established a private retreat during the height of the New Order. He built Bast Castle there, and kept Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber in a protected alcove hidden inside. The lightsaber was later recovered by Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila, along with Tionne, Master Ikrit, and Uldir Lochett.(DE2, ECH, VF, YDR, SWDB)

Vjun Fox
This small, evil-looking fox was native to the planet Vjun. The Malreaux family considered the fox to be their familiar, since its coat was striped with the same cream and crimson colors used on the family's livery. The Vjun fox was distinguished by its prehensile hands, which it used instead of paws to move about and manipulate objects.(YDR)

Vjun Moss
This species of venomously green moss was native to the planet Vjun. It was known for its sticky texture and tenacious growth pattern. It was also passively carnivorous, and any creature that mistakenly laid down in a patch of the moss would be eaten alive. The process was fairly slow, and any creature that awakened quickly would escape with skin burns.(YDR)

This was the term used to describe any of the human natives of the planet Vjun.(OWS)

This Krupx warhead launching system was used on Imperial IPV-1 system patrol craft.(TSC)

This proton bomb was produced by ArmaTek for use by the Empire, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. VL-61/79 bombs were usually deployed by TIE Bombers.(CCS)

This was the designation of Senator Fyro Rodan's personal secretary droid, during the years following the Swarm War.(LF4)

This planet was located in the Rachuk System. It was the site of Admiral Devlia's base of power.(XWN)

Vlahu, Zor
This man was one of the many Jedi Knights who gathered on Ruusan to fight against Lord Kaan and the Brotherhood of Darkness. A friend and supporter of Lord Hoth, Lord Vlahu and his sister were killed together, in one of the early struggles against the Sith. Lod Vlahu's lightsaber was recovered by the Sith, and given to one of the warriors who was sent into battle against the forces of Lord Kiel Charny.(JVS)

This was the Elomin term used to describe a herd of cherfers.(COG)

Vlanth Shipping Supplies
This corporation produced a wide range of equipment for starship owners, including cargo hooks and loading gloves.(PSG)

The largest city on the planet Courkrus, it was located in one of the driest parts of the planet.(IJ)

Vlassy Nature Preserve
This natural park was established on the planet Garqi, along the banks of the Vlassy River. Much of the preserve was dominated by forests or canyons, and was therefore unsuitable for farming. The Vlassy Nature Preserve was set aside to ensure that some portion of Garqi's environment remained unspoiled by human hands. It was here that Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade prepared for their wedding.(U, GORW)

Vlassy River
This meandering river was located on the planet Garqi, about 800 kilometers southwest of the city of Pesktda.(GORW)

Tihs Gamorrean term was used to describe an unmarried female of their species. It was often used in a derogatory manner.(SWJ14)

This was a massive laser cannon that was produced during the height of the Clone Wars. The VLD2261 was a surface-to-air weapon, designed to be installed in ground-based facilities for defensive firepower.(SWDB)

Vledmo, Imo
This being roamed the galaxy as an independent spacer, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

Vlee, Ussar
This was one of the three ruetsavii sent to chronicle and criticize the life of Ooryl Qrygg.(BW)

Vleen, Gresia
This Imperial customs officer patrols the Noonian Sector in the Interdictor cruiser Tory's Catcher, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. One of the few women who held the position of Captain in the Imperial Navy, Vleen would do anything to prove herself in the male-dominated military. Most spacers who encountered her described her as a "loose laser cannon."(SWJ2)

This was the name of a plentiful, though ultimately worthless, species of creature that was native to the Yuuzhan Vong homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar.(FP)

Vlemoth Port
A primitive, industrial world.(GMH)

Vlenda, Allion
This man was a representative of the Arakyd Corporation, and was one of the primary liaisons with the Empire. It was Vlenda who announced the creation of the C-Viper probe droid.(SWJ14)

This Rodian was a small-time smuggler and con artist, and a friend of Vilmarh Grahrk during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Vletho was among the many criminals who seriously doubted every single word that came out of Grahrk's mouth. Unfortunately for Vletho, he was the only being smaller than Villie to voice his opinion, and often was clouted by the Devaronian for his disbelief.(TDV)

This heavy-set Anoo-dat served as a personal assistant and security guard for Tig Fromm during the early years of the New Order, although he could not agree with Tig's use a droids to solve organic problems. Vlix was placed in charge of the security around the construction of the Trigon One space station, but his forces were not prepared for a rebel attack led by Thall Joben. When C-3PO selflessly pushed Vlix out of the way of a falling cargo container, Vlix realized that there was more to life than controlling other beings. He agreed to help the rebels out by providing access to the hangar in which the Trigon One was being held. Vlix remained in the service of Sise Fromm, but was eventually captured by Boba Fett and turned over to Jabba the Hutt.(DCAR)

Vlix, Blissa
This Wroonian was the head of Wroona's trade and travel misintry, during the height of the New Order. Vlix was unable to actively stop the work of pirates in the area of space known as Keller's Void, but worked with Wroonian officials to post a 500,000-credit bounty on the heads of the pirates.(WOTC)

A fermented drink favored by the Quarren, it was made from the seaweed native to the Calamarian seas. It had a barely palatable taste, but it really packs a wallop.(DU)

This Ithorian surname was believed to mean "fire warden", according to historian who studied the Ithorian race.(GCG)

This Ithorian medical officer served aboard the Chilastra during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Doctor Vlohei reached Druckenwell after fleeing the destruction of his homeworld at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong, and he feared the aliens with his very life. When the Yuuzhan Vong attacked the Chilastra in an effort to capture Ka-Tu-Un, Doctor Vlohei readily told the aliens where to find the hapless Cerean, in an effort to save his own skin.(GMR8)

This Keganite boy was a student at the time Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri were held on Kegan.(FFT)

This form of biological organism was constructed by the Vaathkree to act as a form of living town. Essentially domed cities constructed of metallurgy and engineering, the Vnals have a limited form of communication and intelligence.(TTSB)

V'nel, B'Yen Do
This Gorothite religious leader was once a member of the T'B'Dellyi'Mai, until his beliefs went unheaded by its leadership. V'nel then split from the T'B'Dellyi'Mai and started his own militant group, the K'Len J'Bar Kasoon. His "grand task," which formed the basis of the group, had three main parts: making Goroth Prime ungovernable for the Empire, to incite the Gorothite people to revolution, and to rouse the "spiritual forces" of the planet to join the cause. His own beliefs were rooted in the M'Nes, the True Faith preached by the V'Sook j'ber, but he felt that the only way to pass the trials imposed by the Scouring and the Empire was through direct action.(GSE)

This Keganite man was married to O-Melie. Together, they gave birth to a daughter, who was named O-Lana. They discovered that their daughter was strong with the Force, and contacted the Jedi Knights on Coruscant despite the possible destruction of the Common Good. When O-Lana was kidnapped and held in the Relearning Circle, O-Melie and V-Nen were unable to openly ask the Jedi to help, but instead pleaded with their eyes and their emotions.(FFT)

This Alliance frigate was under the command of Commander Beatonn during the Galactic Civil War.(SWJ8)

This ball of frozen rock was the seventh and outermost planet of the Sacor, or Sacorria, System.(CCW)

This Corellian Engineering Corporation transport was part of the Imperial supply fleet that was ambushed by the Alliance before it could rendezvous with the Corrupter. The Alliance tried to force the Imperial-II class Star Destroyer out of battle by cutting off its supply lines.(XWA)

Vo Dasha
This primary moon of the gas giant Taboon, Vo Dasha was the site of Bogga the Hutt's ancient stronghold, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. It was an arid world of rocky mountains and plains. The trees that grew on this rugged terrain were noted for their dense wood, which was harvested at great cost and used to create exquisite pieces of furniture.(TOJC, OWS)

Vo hunk be
This Huttese phrase could be translated into Basic as "It's my naptime."(GMR4)

This Imperial Navy Captain served as the commander of the Tarkin, during its construction in the Patriim System. Voal was part of a growing number of officers aboard the Tarkin that wanted to eliminate Darth Vader. They feared and loathed him, because of his wanton disregard for his subordinates, especially after Major Kuhru was unable to capture Luke Skywalker. When Colonel Nord decided to use the ionic cannon aboard the Tarkin to take out Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, the superweapon exploded. It had been sabotaged by the Alliance, and tore itself apart when fired. Voal and all aboard were killed.(LTA3, MC51)

This gas giant was famous for its atmospheric storms.(GG2)

Vobah, Bassi
This attractive, blond woman worked for Lob Doluff as an administrative official and a member of Oseon's police force, during the early years of the New Order. She was born in the Oseon System to poor parents who immigrated to the Oseon with the hope of setting up a life as merchants, but never got a break. She rose through the ranks to become the Peacekeeper of Oseon, and was assigned by Lob Doluff to assist Waywa Fybot in arresting Bohhuah Mutdah. She was able to penetrate the trillionaire's defenses via a scheme in which Lando Calrissian pretended to be the spacer who was delivering Mutdah's regular shipment of lesai. Vobah and Fybot hid in the Millennium Falcon until Lando made contact with Mutdah, then they were to burst in and arrested Mutdah. Unfortunately for Bassi Vobah, Rokur Gepta had already murdered Mutdah and had been using Fybot in order to exact revenge on Lando. Fybot was ordered to kill her upon entering the compound, and he did just that, blasting her head off in Mutdah's library.(LCF)

This was the name given to Obi-Wan Kenobi during his imprisonment in the Learning Circle on Kegan.(FFT)

A planet.(SOL)

This was the term used to describe a droid's speech sythesizer.(SW)

Vocal Enhancer
This was a form of voice modulator that was used by many alien races to help mask the true sound of their natural language and voice. The vocal enhancer made their rough, raspy, or otherwise bizzare vocalizations sound more palatable to the ears of humans and other races.(NEGW)

Vocal Tongue Accelerator
This form of non-medicinal drug was developed to allow certain humanoid races to communicate with others, but allowing the musculature of the tongue and mouth to move at a much faster rate than normal. The use of VTAs was recommended when communicating with races that had high metabolisms, such as the Jawas of Tatooine.(GPB)

This being served as the Supreme Chancellor of the Old Republic during the time of the Gank Massacres, some 4,800 years before the Battle of Yavin. It was Chancellor Vocatara who ordered that the Juggernaut War Droid be built to go into battle against the Gank Killers.(NEGD)

This was another term for a vocabulator.(HSR)

Vocta, Yin
This Anomid entrepreneur was the brains behind the formation and operation of Vector Technologies. A graduate of the Lunis-Medix Medical Academy on Dzass IV, he was known to be loyal only to himself, and dealt with both the Alliance and the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. He was also extremely rich and powerful, and was skilled at making a person feel at ease while negotiating with them, thereby getting them to drop their guard. Despite the criminal dealings of Vector Technologies, Yoin Vocta never resorted to bribery or violence to get his way. He earned the respect and loyalty of his employees by treating them fairly and paying them well, ensuring his own base of power. He spent a great deal of his early career on Tatooine, and developed a great love for the desert. He also developed a network of informants, and was known to keep regular tabs on Jabba the Hutt.(WSV)

When translated into Basic, this Mando'a word meant "comrade," "mate," "brother," or "sister," depending on the context in which it was used.(OWS)

This was the Mandalorian word for "brother" or "sister," depending on the context in which it was used. Because the Mando'a language lacked any formal identification of gender, the term could also be used to describe a comrade or friend.(SWI84, OWS)

This was the Mando'a word for "brothers," and was the plural form of the word vod.(SWI87)

Vode An
This chant became the anthem of the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. Named for the chant Vode An!, the song was more of a lament than a military fight song. The opening verse went Bal kote, darasuum kote, Jorso'ran kando a tome, which meant "And glory, eternal glory, We shall bear the weight together." The second and final verse went Sa kyr'am Nau tracyn kad, Vode an, which meant "Forged like the saber in the fires of death, Brothers all."(RCTZ)

Vode An
This Mandalorian phrase meant "Brothers All," and became anthem of the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic.(SWI84)

Another term for a vocabulator.(AS)

This was an affectionate, Mandalorian term used as a diminutive form of the word "brother." The literal translation was essentially "little brother." This term was rarely used in front of strangers, as it might betray a weakness to an enemy.(SWI87, RCTZ)

This was the plural form of the Mandalorian word vod'ika, and meant "little brothers" when translated into Basic.(RC66)

This food was a staple in the Ho'Din diet, and was used throughout their cooking styles.(VOF)

This Si'Klaata Cluster planet was covered with thick swamps and jungles. It was the homeworld of the Vodran race, and was believed to have been the original home of the dianoga. The planet was invaded by Imperial forces, which met with resistance from the natives. The Empire decimated the population and destroyed many of the planet's cities before the planet was subjugated.(MTS, SWJ6, GG12)

A humanoid race native to the planet Vodran, they were one of the three races signed into indentured servitude by the Hutts during their battles with Xim the Despot, more than 25,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Of the three - which included the Klatooinans and Nikto - the Vodrans have proved to be the most loyal to the Hutts. Vodrans were warm-blooded reptiles whose faces were studded with short spikes around the eyes and mouth. The Vodran race evolved the only true intelligence on their homeworld, descending from a species of tree-dwelling reptiles that lived in the trees. They learned how to hunt in packs, and developed a primitive hunting culture when they were discovered by the ancient Hutt Dojundo. The Vodrans signed up with Dojundo, believing that he was leading a sort of holy war against the evil Xim, and were oblivious to the machinations of the Hutts to control their star system. The Vodran strongly resisted the Imperial presence on their planet, and were summarily destroyed by the Empire. A handful of the planet's original population remained, and its pro-Alliance stance grew over time. They never lost sight of their loyalty to the Hutts, however.(MTS, SWJ6, GG12)

This unusual alien was from a supposedly uninhabited planet which was razed by an Imperial laboratory. The Imperial scientist Devlor Samt found Voegliss and raised him like a son. He showed many aggressive tendencies, and when he was 15, Voegliss was taken from Samt by the local Moff and trained to be an Imperial assassin.(HR)

Vog, Belinda
This woman was the owner of Vog Salvage, Incorporated. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, she took a crew to the Graveyard of Alderaan to hunt for the rumored Royal Palace inside Asteroid 7785. Her teams managed to reach the asteroid just before a team of Alliance agents, but they were unable to locate any valuable scrap because the rumor turned out to be just that - a rumor.(GA)

Vog Salvage, Incorporates
This salvaging operation was owned by Belinda Vog, and worked during the height of the New Order.(GA)

Vogel 7
This planet was the site of an Imperial base which was eventually captured by the Alliance. Ranulf Trommer was raised there.(ROC, IF)

This Hutt controlled Nar Shaddaa's fuel supply lines during the years following the Great Sith War. He also maintained a harem of dancing girls in his private residence, which he often provided as entertainment for his associates and peers.(KOTOR2)

This plant produces seed pods which explode when they were thrown. The vognallia plant was grown on the planet Revyia.(GG12)

Vogog, Roath
This was the name of a famous Houk individual.(UANT)

Vogol, Castion
This man was a noted Kuat Drive Yards executive, during the height of the New Order. Many considered Vogol something of a free spirit, given his penchant for attending parties and galas on planets far from Kuat.(GCG)

Voh, Chelah
This Ho'Din female was a lifelong friend of Brinaloy N'Vaari.(ND)

This pleasantly temperate planet, located in Parmel Sector, was famous for Vohai Unirail, which connected points along a line that wrapped completely around the planet. During the year that followed the Battle of Yavin, the Alliance won a key battle against Imperial forces on Vohai, allowing the Alliance to gain an advantage in Parmel Sector. In the wake of the Galactic Civil War, several Kaminoan scientists and genetic engineers defected to Arkanian Microtechnologies while working on Vohai. It was believed that Taun We was among them, a fact that Boba Fett later used to track the Kaminoan down.(GG9, LF2, OWS)

Vohai Unirail
This Kuat Drive Yards 10-T monorail was perhaps the most famous example of the technology behind it. Like other 10-T installations, the Vohai Unirail was powered by a super-conductive wire that was suspended above the planet Vohai on repulsorlift pads. The monorail track ran around the entire planet, from pole to pole, connecting various locations along the way.

The train itself was made up of the control cab and forty-five individual cars, including eleven dining and casino cars. This set of cars stretched for 1,150 meters along the unirail track, and required a crew of 100 to operate. The Vohai Unirail could accommodate up to 1,500 passengers in its thirty-four cabin cars, and passengers could choose from suites or state rooms, depending on their budget. In addition to passengers, crew, and fuel, the Vohai Unirail could transport up to three metric tons of cargo. A one-week vacation aboard the Vohai Unirail started at 6,500 credits, which included the most basic accommodations.

During the height of the Galactic Civil War, the Vohai Unirail was a popular meeting place for agents of both the Empire and the Alliance, as its crowded dining facilities helped to cover up secret discussions.(GG9, OWS)

This form of mold was extremely pungent, and becomes unbearable when it rotted. It was found in abundance in the swampy jungles of Gelgelar.(SWJ14)

Vohn, Tiroc
This man was one of the many members of the new generation of Mandalorians that were trained by Boba Fett, during the height of the New Republic.(PM)

Voice Indentification Correlator
This was a form of starship sensor system that could analyze verbal communications and identify specific individuals by their vocal patterns. These devices were often found on the starships owned by bounty hunters.(JB)

Voice Manipulation
A technique used by Jedi Knights that allows them to verbally implant suggestions into the minds of others. This use of the Force was emplyed to enable peaceful solutions to potentially dangerous problems.(SWSB)

Voice Modulator
This was the generic term used to describe any device which would alter the tone, timbre, and frequency of a user's voice, masking it beyond recognition and allowing the user to mimic the voice of another being.(SON)

Voice Override: Epsilon Actual
This was a verbal command that was developed as a galactic standard, and was issued to immediately override a droid's programming. This command was programmed into the droid brains of R2-D2 and C-3PO during the months following the end of the Clone Wars, preventing them from telling anything about Luke and Leia, the children of Padme' Amidala and Anakin Skywalker. When the two droids were later reunited in service to the Royal Family of Alderaan, Captain Jeremoch Antilles once again used the Epsilon Actual override code. This time, he used it aboard the Tantive IV to prevent the droids from speaking of Princess Leia Organa's presence, after the Princess recovered the plans for the first Death Star from rebel agents on Toprawa.(E4R, TGD)

Voice Override: Epsilon Actual - Brattakin's Testament
This override command was placed in C-3PO's memory by B-9D7 after the droid was damaged by Jace Forno. The command was activated by the announcement of a memory wipe for all the droids being sent to Boonda the Hutt, and activated the initiative submodule implanted in his leg. It caused 3PO to become a strong-willed leader of the droids, rallying them against the memory wipe and creating a strong fighting force.(DRO)

Produced by BothiCorp, this device was designed to bypass voice-activated starship locking systems. The VoiceBox connected to the locking mechanism, and searched the lock's memory for encrypted voice patterns it recognized. The VoiceBox then converted its user's voice patterns into a pattern recognized by the locking mechanism, allowing the user to gain access to the starship.(SWJ13)

This was a security system that used a sophisiticated form of voice recognition to protect data or goods. Many banks used these to prevent unauthorized access to safe-deposit boxes.(HSL)

This was a form of security system that used an electronic analysis of a being's voice to verify their identity. Voiceprints analyzed vocalizations against a variety of parameters, but were not infallible. Thus, many security systems combined voiceprints with retinal scanners and other forms of identity verification to create a more accurate analysis.(CWWS)

This small device was designed to record personal notes or dictation, and could produce a text document from the dictation.(HSE)

This was the term used by the Jedi Knights to describe a being that, at first, seemed to give off no living energy. In many respects, this made them like holograms. However, this emptiness of life-energy was a skill that few beings had, and many of them were more dangerous than the Sith or any Dark Jedi.(JQ2)

This silver-plated droid was owned by Roa, and helped operate the Happy Dagger. Void was scheduled to be destroyed by anti-droid fanatics on Roonadan, so Roa picked the droid up for virtually nothing. Void's personality had been traumatized by the events, though, and required a complete reprogramming.(HT)

Void Cutter
Zothip's gunship, used as a command base for the Cavrilhu Pirates' operations.(DFR, DFRSB)

Void Demon Base
This was the only permanent settlement on the moon Isen IV, and was built by the Void Demon pirates. At any given time, the base was manned by 47 pilots, 320 troops, and 23 administrative personnel. 140 droids assisted in the maintenance of the base, which was protected by eight laser cannons and three turbolaser batteries.(PG1)

Void Demons
A band of pirates which makes its home in the Isen System, on the moon Isen IV, the Void Demons were led by Aban Ghart during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(GG9, PG1)

Void Demons
Voracious creatures that hunt in packs.(COJ)

Void Droid
This was a term used to describe any droid which was left behind when a starship was abandoned in space. The droids on board were usually left behind as well,by sentients who simply don't understand the automata. These droids, without proper maintenance, programming, or frames of reference, go insane. It was at the point of insanity that a void droid was created. Void droids raid other, less fortunate droids for their parts and lubricants, and will attack other droids in a mechanical feeding frenzy.(SH)

Void of Death
This was the name used by the Charon death cults to describe the final resting place of all living things.(UANT)

Void Spear
Developed by the Chestrashi race, this biological spear appeared to be a hollow, metal shaft with a serrated blade on the front and a set of guidance vanes at the tail. However, when the blade struck living flesh, it began to break down, releasing thousands of toxic microbes into the target's body. These microbes attacked the nervous system and skeleton of the target, causing a rapid debilitation which was much more devastating that the simple penetration of the blade.(GFT)

Void Spider
A blood-sucking insect.(SL)

Void Station
This was the asteroid-based fortress of Jib Kopatha, which was operational during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWEIA)

Void Stone
This meteorite was originally discovered in the home galaxy of the Charon. It was maintained as a holy relic, and was capable of dampening a being's ability to connect to the Force.(RESB)

Void Wings
This pirate group was operative during the height of the New Order.(PP)

Void, The
This was the Charon term used to describe the final reality of their universe. The Charon homeworld and its sun were sucked into a black hole, which served as a model for the Void. The Void, in the Charon belief system, was the way of the universe. All life was eventually consumed by the Void, although the Charon know that they were born from the Void. It calls them to return, but chose them to first rid the galaxy of other life. Life, in the Charon belief, refused to acknowledge the Void, and was deemed unnatural. It was believed that the Final Prophet would emerge to take the Charon on their final mission, eliminating all other life before delivering the Charon to the Void.(OS)

Void, The
This unusual weapon was produced many years before the onset of the New Order. It fired a chemical mixture that poisoned any being it came into contact with. The poisonous effect wasn't immediately obvious, and often incapacitated individuals several hours after their initial contact with the chemical. The Void was believed to have been in the possession of Mother Ves'ad, on the planet Kashyyyk, during the Galactic Civil War.(SWGAL)

Void, The
This Dark Side pool of energy was accessible at the Valley of the Souls.(DF2)

Void, The
This area of space near the planet Corellia was a battleground for the forces of the Hidden Daggers and their Hutt rivals, who were struggling to control access to Corellia during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

This was Krupx's version of the seismic charge, developed during the last years of the Old Republic. It was considered by many weapons experts to have been the most sophisticated of all seismic charges, using a combination of baradium and collapsium to supercharge the explosive core during deployment. When the Void-7 exploded, it created an intense core of pure vacuum at the center of the blast, which sucked in all sound in its vicinity before exploding outward. The resulting shock wave was capable of penetrating the deflector shields of most starships, allowing the explosion to cause damage to a starship's hull. Jango Fett was known ot have used Void-7 seismic charges aboard his ship, Slave I.(NEGW, CHRN2)

This flat, elliptical freighter was Jabba the Hut's personal flagship. It was destroyed near Orleon, when Jabba's crew inadvertently allowed a swarm of stone mites to breach the ship's shields. Jabba was forced to abandon the ship, and had to be rescued by Han Solo. Han only allowed Jabba to enter the Millenium Falcon if the bounty on his head was removed. Jabba reluctantly agreed, and managed to survive the loss of his ship. Note that this event was proven apocryphal by the release of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, although it was very possible that Jabba simply reneged on the deal once he was safe.(LTA2, MC28)

This New Republic Nebulon-B frigate served as part of Han Solo's fleet, used during the hunt for Warlord Zsinj. It joined Solo's fleet after the battle near Levian 2, and left the fleet after the battle at Vahaba. Its crew remained behind to crew the Red Gauntlet, which was captured in the battle.(SOC)

Void-Spider TX-3 Landspeeder
This 'lunar-lander' shaped, enclosed speeder built by Bespin Motors. It measured 7.6 meters in length, It was referred to by Bespin Motors as an air taxi.(E4, DU, GG7)

Voilis, Ren
This man worked as a producer for several HoloNet variety of shows that were produced by Cularin Central Broadcasting, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. It was Ren Voilis who gave Yara Grugara her start in broadcasting, when he created the segment that became Eye on Cularin.(LFCW)

A tall, muscular humanoid whose brother was killed by C-3PX on Bonadan, Vojak pursued the assassin droid to Hosk Station. There, Vojak cornered C-3PX momentarily, until the droid killed him with a laser mounted in the back of its head.(DRO)

Vokkoli, Ydor
This Mungra served as the leader of the Freedonna Kaisu band of rebels, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. Vokkoli and his followers opposed the plans of Yeeru Chivkyrie and the Republic Redux organiation, but he agreed to meet with Princess Leia Organa to discuss an agreement. On a starship, Vokkoli explained that he and his group feared that any open rebellion by the groups in Shelsha Sector would bring more Imperial forces to the region, and all their groups would be smashed. The rebel leaders agreed to meet again on Shelkonwa, where Chivkyrie revealed that he had made arrangements with Chief Administrator Vilim Disra to help Shelsha Sector secede from the Empire.

Unknown to the rebels was the fact that Disra had no plans to assist the Alliance, and only hoped to capture an Alliance leader and supplant Governor Barshnis Choard. The treachery was discovered by Princess Leia, but not before Disra had set his plans in motion. Chivkyrie, embarrassed by this turn of events, did what he could to get Vokolli and Thillis Slanni off Shelkonwa before they could be captured by Imperial forces.(A)

This corporation manufactured engines, like the Plug-8G, as well as entire podracers.(IG1)

This planet was the world on which Bregius Golthan maintained a fortified and well-guarded castle during the height of the New Order. The castle was heavily guarded with sensors and anti-starfighter emplacements. The planet had a temperate climate, and was studded with rugged mountain ranges. Golthan's castle was located within one of these ranges, near the planet largest starport. It was here that Golthan took Platt Okeefe after capturing her on Canyon, but the New Republic managed to destroy the castle and rescue Platt.(SWJ8)

This deity was worshipped by the Stenax race on the planet Stenos for many centuries, until a series of devastating earthquakes destroyed their temple and sent a statue of Vol into the planet's crust. The Stenax believed that the statute was Vol's personal avatar, and searched for years to locate it. Legend proclaimed that the Stenax people were cursed to stay on Stenos until the statue was found. Han Solo stole the statue icon of the god.(LTA4, MC70, GMR1)

Vol, Darish
This Sith Master served as the Grand Lord of The Tribe, during the years that followed the Yuuzhan Vong War. An imposing man whose bald head was at once ancient and handsome, Darish Vol was the strongest Sith Lord of his generation. When the Sith meditation sphere known as Ship arrived on Kesh, it forged an immediate bond with Vestara Khai, prompting a meeting of the Circle of Lords to discuss what to do. When Lady Olaris Rhea stood up for Vestara and asked her to explain what had happened between herself and Ship, the Grand Lord was forced to accept Vestara's words as the truth. He also acknowledged that Lady Rhea had formally chosen Vestara as an Apprentice, although Lady Rhea had made no such announcement. In a later meeting, Lord Vol called Vestara to join them in discussing the reasons why Ship had appeared on Kesh. Ship explained that the Sith on Kesh were needed to help restore the Sith to prominence in the galaxy. Although Ship explained that the Sith on Kesh were the only surviving members of their kind, Lord Vol realized that the unusual vessel was the key to leaving Kesh and restoring the Tribe to power. He demanded that Ship teach the Tribe about the rest of the galaxy, so that the Sith could rise up and conquer other worlds. Over the two years that followed, the Sith prepared themselves to leave Kesh and begin their conquest of the galaxy. Their plans were briefly interrupted when Lady Rhea and Vestara both experienced an intense wave of energy through the Force, which Ship explained had been created by Luke Skywalker, the exiled Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Lord Vol and Lady Rhea then put together a task force to confront Skywalker, although they were opposed by Yuvar Xal, who questioned the logic behind sending a single team against the Grand Master. Any further argument was cut off when Ship decided to leave the Tribe and head off on its own, answering the call of an even stronger presence that seemed to exist near the Maw cluster of black holes.(FJ2, FJ3)
This man was the Captain of the New Republic cruiser Equity, and was in command of the small fleet which was dispatched to Soullex to acquire the Super-class Star Destroyer Guardian.(SWJ15)

This New Republic fleet carrier was used for pilot training during the Black Fleet Crisis.(TT)

A street in the city of Coronet which runs perpendicular to Starliner. Han Solo agrees to meet Belindi Kalenda at the corner of the two streets, just after Thrackan Sal-Solo begins his intra-species war on Corellia.(AC)

Volcanic Cannon
This Yuuzhan Vong weapon was used to fire plasma balls. They were used on the various Yuuzhan Vong warships.(GMR8)

Volcano Cannon
This was the name given to the Yuuzhan Vong launching system, used to fire plasma balls at a target.(SBS)

Volcano Slide
This was one of the many attractions found on Hologram Fun World.(GOF4)

This woman served as a Captain in the Alliance military, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Stationed on the moon Rori, she was placed in charge of the Alliance's mission to determine what caused the explosion of the Star Core project in Restuss, and to gather any and all information about the project for the Alliance to decipher.(SWGAL)

This balding, middle-aged Imperial Navy Captain served aboard the cruiser Requital during the early years of the New Republic. He was on duty when the Requital intercepted the Messenger shortly after the Empire retook Coruscant, hoping to discover New Republic contraband or escaping agents. Instead, he found that the Messenger was a courier ship owned by the Coure Courier Service, and he let the ship go. Voldt was unaware that the ship's passenger was none other than Jak Bremen of the New Republic, and that the Messenger's crew had been conscripted to deliver fleet rendezvous information to the Hope. However, before he let them go free, Voldt placed a homing beacon in their cargo hold. The beacon allowed Imperial warships to track their position, but they were unable to catch the Messenger before it could deliver its cargo.(TFE, SWJ7, OWS)

This was a species of small rodent native to the taku forests of Telkadis.(COG)

Volette, Ves
This male Caamasi was a noted artist, who worked from a study on the planet Coruscant during the final years of the Old Republic. Ves Volette was known for his light sculptures, which were exceptionally beautiful and unique. Volette was unusual among the artist community, for he rarely sought out the spotlight or unwanted attention. Beings would either appreciate his art or not, and either way was fine with him, so long as he maintained his independence. One of his regular patrons was Baron Vlacan Umber of Vindalia, who became good friends with Volette while purchasing several light sculptures over the years. During the months that followed the end of the Clone Wars, Ves Volette had planned to reveal his latest masterpiece. However, when his homeworld of Caamas was all but destroyed, he had planned to cancel the unveiling. His assistant, Dejah Duare, wanted him to be able to bask in the limelight, and urged him to carry on with the show. When his homeworld of Caamas was devastated shortly after the Clone Wars, Volette was struck by a wave of memnii that seemed to eminate from Caamas, and forced him to experience the deaths of every Caamasi who was killed in the attack. Instead of attending a gallery opening, Volette chose to remain in his workshop, where he created a wondrous and poignant light sculpture that represented the light of his dying people. When Dejah later returned to his residence, she discovered that he had been stabbed in the chest, after which he bled to death on the floor. Although she contacted the local police force, Dejah also hired Jax Pavan and his team to perform a private investigation of his death. Pavan later discovered that the domestic droid owned by Vlacan and Kirma Umber had committed the murder, hoping to alleviate the stress that Kirma Umber was experiencing when she feared that her husband was having an affair with Dejah Duare. The droid had used a data retrieval spike to commit the crime, driving it into Volette's chest with incredible force.(CN2)

This New Republic security officer was assigned to guard Tycho Celchu, while Celchu was under suspicion in the probable murder of Corran Horn. Voleyy was a heavy-set man who would use his Stokhli Spray Stick on anyone in the area if it meant that he could contain his prisoners.(KT)

The Old Corellian equivalent of the verb, to want.(SWJ7)

Voli, Ujin
This Gotal crimelord formed the Antar Band and began preying upon the ships which followed the Sisar Run during the Galactic Civil War. Voli and his Band were one of the largest rivals to the Nalroni Sprax and his Black Sun operatives, after a proposed deal between them fell through. Since then, Voli had surrounded himself with the most vicious of associates, in an effort to keep Sprax at bay while hounding his every move. Voli's right eye was badly injured during a run-in with Black Sun agents, and was useless for seeing. He and his lackeys once captured Kalend Thora, shortly after she recovered the only copy of the Barani List from Limna Yith. He held her in his stronghold, deep inside Temptation Canyon on Sriluur, until she was rescued by mercenaries sent by Mal Biron. Ujin Voli fled to Yen-2 in an effort to recover the decryption sequence and unlock the List. However, the mercenaries followed him to Yen-2 and recovered the List before Voli could decipher it. Voli himself was shot down and killed by Guri, who had come to Yen-2 to recover Mal Biron's mercenaries.(SSR)

This unusual worm was once known to have lived on the planet Lwhekk, many millennia before the Battle of Yavin. It excreted a unique, crystalline substance once every ten years. This substance, known as sapith, was known to be useful as a crystal focusing device in the construction of a Jedi's lightsaber.(KOTOR)

Volk, Derel
This man, a skilled safari hunter and a member of the Mining Guild, often represented the Guild at the annual Vor-cal hunt held in Tapani Sector. Shortly before the Battle of Endor, Volk was involved in other business, and was replaced by Annora Calandra.(LOE)

Vollen, Ny
This short, middle-aged woman was a native of the planet Gaftikar, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. A native of the city of Eyat, Ny was a mechanic and pilot who became friends with the ARC Trooper known as A'den, during the Old Republic's search for the rogue trooper Sull. To Ny, A'den was just a man, so she was a bit surprised when he introduced her to Sull, since he looked almost the same. However, she agreed to help Sull get away from Gaftikar and escape being recaptured by other soldiers or Republic Intelligence agents. Her job as a freighter pilot brought her to Coruscant, near the end of the Clone Wars. When Sull, Jaing, and several other clones accompanied Kal Skirata on mission to defect from Republic service and return to Mandalore, Jaing sought her out as a possible source of information on the status of the Republic's shipping operations. She provided Skirata and the clones with a wealth of information on what was happening at Kuat Drive Yards, in exchange for any information on the whereabouts of her missing husband. When the time came for Skirata's comrades to abandon the Republic and flee to Mandalore, A'den made sure to rescue Ny Vollen and bring her with them. It was Vollen who asked that A'den extract Yayax Squad as well. Upon reaching Mandalore, Ny Vollen was one of the first people to discuss with Kal the death of Etain Tur-Mukan, and she warned him that Etain only died once, so she was beyond any further pain. The only pain to be experienced by reliving her death was the pain Kal himself would feel. Kal seemed to accept this wisdom, although it gave him little comfort to know that Etain's son would never grow up to know his mother. Ny then set off to take on several shipping jobs out of Fondor, but returned briefly to provide Kal with a datachip that had once belonged to Etain. For his own part of the bargain, Kal was only able to provide news of the death of Ny's husband, which Ny gratefully accepted, since it gave her a small measure of closure. Ny then explained that the clone trooper known as Levet had been traveling with her, and wanted sanctuary on Mandalore. Kal quickly agreed to this, but balked when Ny wanted to also bring two former Jedi, Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy and a Kaminoan refugee named Kina Ha, to the planet to hide. Kal might have refused, until he learned that Kina Ha had been part of an experiment into prolonging the life expectancy of a normal Kaminoan, and was well over 100 years in age.(RCTC, RC66)

This stormtrooper Sergeant was in command of the bomb squad which traveled to Cloud City, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. Vollot and his crew wore modified stormtrooper armor, with heavy helmets and throat shields and better protection of exposed areas. Captain Treece ordered Vollot and his men to search out and disarm any bombs planted by the Ugnaughts, after the Empire garrisoned Cloud City.(MC56)

Vollrath, Jaris
This assassin was hired to kill Gavid Lermyn, just after the onset of the Clone Wars. Although Vollrath believed that he had been hired by an intermediary working for Osten Dal'Nay, he was actually hired by the Thaereian Military, who wanted to silence Lermyn's dissidence. Unknown to Vollrath, he was also targetted for assassination by the Thaereians, to cover up his role in Lermyn's death.

Although Vollrath managed to infiltrate the meeting between Lermyn and Cularin's leaders, and although he managed to squeeze off the perfect shot, the blast that was intended for Lermyn was taken by a freelance agent who had previously worked with Osten Dal'Nay.

Vollrath's employers had planned for this contingency, and had provided him with a piece of clothing to leave behind at the scene. The clothing wrongly led Cularin authorities to suspect Dal'Nay of the assassination attempt, in an effort to cover up the Thaereian involvement in the plot. Unfortunately for the Thaereians, Dal'Nay was able to prove that he was well away from the Hiironi irstat at the time, eliminating him as a suspect.(JCT1)

This was a generic term used to define a type of artwork.(A)

Volmey Strip
Located some 200 kilometers toward the interior of the Rym Mountains of Socorro, this box canyon served as a meeting place for smugglers and pirates. The canyon had been hollowed out over the years, and formed a dangerously narrow landing strip.(BSS)

Volot Lock
This current-generation of locking mechanism employs a micro-generator to maintain constant power.(CFG)

This being was supposedly the third cousin of Emperor Palpatine. Volpau was killed on the Ubuuga, and was entombed in a sarcophagus for transport to Coruscant, where he would have received a proper burial. His funerary effects were shipped to Coruscant aboard the ZZ-class freighter Mingula. However, the ship was abandoned in space, and was later recovered for salvage by Boba Fett. However, after the Ubuugan fleshborers aboard the ship were roused to attack, Fett used his flamethrowers to kill the insects. The resulting fire caused the Mingula's power cells to overheat, causing a massive explosion that tore the ship apart. Volpau's body and his effects were utterly destroyed in the blast. The only thing that survived was Volpau's ceremonial crown, which Fett acquired before the ship exploded.(BFS)

Andews Rolo's muscular bodyguard at the Captivity prison center.(RC)

Voltare Spaceport
This spaceport was active more than 50 years before the Battle of Geonosis.(LOJ)

Voltin, Dref
A reporter for the Hypermedia Galactic News Service, he reported on many of the Empire's attacks on the New Republic.(HTSB)

This given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy.(GCG)

Volumes of Truth
These religious writings were central to the Ni'Shaw-Dak Ministry, and related the laws and moral practices of each of the Jydan deities. These books were believed to have been written by the three prophets of each god, and were considered companion volumes to the Jydan Writings.(AIR)

Volune, Garil
This businessman owned property in the city of Cuipernam, on the planet Ansion, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He also served as a member of the Unity of Community's leadership, and was one of the few members who hoped that the Jedi Knights, dispatched to Ansion to negotiate a treaty between the city dwellers and the Alwari, would succeed. He was among the nine members of the Unity to vote in favor of Ansion remaining with the Old Republic.(APS)

This Imperial High Inquisitor maintained a retreat on the planet Skorrupon during the height of the Galactic Civil War. When he discovered that the Jedi Knight Sia-Lan Wezz was on the planet, Volytar set out to assume total control of Skorrupon. In a brief struggle that eventually swept over most of the planet, Volytar and his forces defeated and killed the Jedi Knight, leving Volytar in complete control of Skorrupon.(GCG)

Volz, Mira
Renn Volz's daughter and assistant, she was born on Kessel when it was still a lush planet. When her father was captured aboard his Ionic Ring near Randa, she fled to the planet and hid inside the cargo hold of the Millennium Falcon. When she was discovered, she enlisted Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in an attempt to rescue her father. She used one of his inventions to transmit an image of herself into the Ionic Ring, letting her father know that she was no longer under the control of Captain Bzorn. Professor Volz refused to submit to Bzorn's treachery, and threatened to destroy the ship. He was eventually rescued by Han, Luke, and Mira.(CSWEA)

Volz, Renn
This native of Kessel invented the Ionic Ring, which he hoped to use to reclimatize harsh planets. Note that the Rebellion Era Sourcebook indicates that Renn Volz was native to the Seswenna Sector. Volz attended the University of Byblos before attracting the attention of Willhuf Tarkin, who brought him to the Maw Installation. While working at the Maw, Volz developed the Ionic Ring, and several of his ideas were used in the development of the Orbital Nightcloak. Around the time of the Battle of Yavin, Volz and the Ionic Ring were captured by Imperial Captain Bzorn, and the ship was used to destroy planets. Bzorn claimed to have Renn's daughter, Mira, held captive, and used this fact to control Renn. However, Mira was actually free, and returned to his laboratory on Kessel with the help of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. They were able to intercept the Ionic Ring and defeat Bzorn's troops, freeing Renn. Renn decided that the Ionic Ring was too dangerous, despite was good qualities, and destroyed the ship.(CSWEA, RESB)

This was the capital city of the planet Trevura.(WOA14)

This Abyssin worked at the Mos Espa arena during the time leading up to Anakin Skywalker's victory in the Boonta Eve Classic podrace. Vomak was employed by Watto to intercept Qui-Gon Jinn and recover yougn Anakin, after the Jedi Master won the slave in a bet on the race. Vomak and his cronies never got the chance to recover the boy, as Qui-Gon whisked him away to Queen Amidala's ship.(IG1)

Vomm Powder
This was a vinegary-smelling explosive.(RD)

This was the Neimoidian word for the number 1.(GPB)

Von, Taron
This Skakoan individual was noted in the histories of the planet Skako.(UANT)

Von Asch
This man served as an Air Marshall within the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was captured by the Alliance shortly before the Battle of Endor and imprisoned. The fledgling New Republic took him out of prison in order to provide intelligence on a group of pirates who were using TIE Interceptors to ambush Republic convoys. Unknown to the Republic, former Captain Kine had been employed by the leader of the pirates, Lieutenant Kiela, to help free Von Asch. The pilots of the ships vowed to reform the Empire under Von Asch's command, but the aging man refused their offer, claiming they were mere thugs and that they were dishonoring the very Empire they sought to restore. In the firefight that ensued, Von Asch took a killing shot from Kine which was meant for Isolde, allowing Isolde to shoot Kine dead. With his dying words, Von Asch explained that he had to die in order for Isolde to live and fulfill her destiny. Isolde managed to keep Von Asch alive until medical help could arrive, and he eventually recovered. Note that this character was referred to as Von Tarsh in Star Wars Gamer #6.(T5, GMR6)

von der Agar, Ecclesis
This eccentric man was once a member of the Nova Scouts, before he retired to the Moddell Sector of the galaxy. He established a base of operations in The Belt surrounding the planet Vex Major during the early years of the New Republic, and recruited his own group of scouts to explore the areas of the Unknown Regions closest to the Inner Zuma region. However, von der Agar's mental state was deteriorating quickly, and he often sent his apprentices on blind jumps through Wild Space because his calculations were confused at best. He also regularly accused his apprentices of stealing from him, especially when it came to his maps. Despite his growing senility, von der Agar retained a spark of his old self, and could find some of the best routes through Moddell Sector's unusual environment.(GMR9)

Von Sarko, Arrek
This man was a native of the planet Naboo, living in the city of Moenia during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

Von Tarsh
see Von Asch(GMR6)

Vona Sea
This body of water was located on the planet Byblos.(PSPG)

This was the brand name of Kuat Drive Yards' light blaster cannon.(GG6)

This planet, the homeworld of the Alain people, was once a world of pristine beauty. Much of its surface was covered with silvery snow and ice, but a rich and diverse ecology sprang up. The Alain themselves were known for their survival skills, which were required to maintain their society in the face of near-perpetual winters. However, as the Alain became more technologically advanced, they found that the pollution and toxic waste of their factories was destroying the planet. Rather than adapt their factories to produce less waste, the Alain decided to adapt to the changing climate instead. As a result, Von-Alai's environment quickly became over-polluted. The natural plantlife died out, and the white snows were replaced by gray rain that was tainted by chemical toxins.(LOJ)

This Hapan man was a pirate, and Benwick Chell's pilot, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. He and Benwick were at Coruscant when the planet fell to the alien invaders, and barely made it back to Hapes before agreeing to meet with the Yuuzhan Vong priest Harrar. Vonce provided information on the escape of the Millennium Falcon from Coruscant, and of the familial linkage between Leia Organa Solo, Han Solo, and their children: Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin. When he admitted that his team could not capture either the Falcon or the stolen Ksstarr, Harrar ordered Neeka Sot to execute Vonce. She performed this task quickly, snapping Vonce's neck before he could react.(DJ)

This was one of the many Corellian families which were considered enster, maintaining their sociopolitical affiliations with almost fanatical devotion.(MBS)

Vondar, Jos
This Corellian man was a surgeon who served the Grand Army of the Republic during the height of the Clone Wars. He had hoped to make a name for himself by working on a planet at the forefront of the fighting, but found himself stationed at the Rimsoo Seven military hospital on Drongar instead. Raised in a small farming town, Jos was the son of a family doctor who earned a decent living keeping the community healthy. His family was strictly Ensterite, formed from the Vondar and Kerso clans. The healing arts were in his blood, as many of his aunts and uncles were also doctors or surgeons. Jos left home at twenty to train on the planet Coruscant, but never forgot his roots, and remained loyal to the beliefs of his family and neighbors. By the time he was stationed on Drongar, Vondar had attained the rank of Captain, and was named Chief Surgeon in charge of the rest of the medical corps at Rimsoo Seven, reporting to Colonel D'Arc Vaetes. He was considered pragmatic by his peers, believing in only those things he could see and touch. For this reason, Jos didn't have any belief in the existence of the Force until he met Barriss Offee, who was stationed at Rimsoo Seven some two years after the Battle of Geonosis. He managed to remain relatively sane on Drongar by using sarcasm and wisecracks to hide his true feelings, although he often found refuge in the music of his roommate, Zan Yant. Many of his innate beliefs were challenged during his tenure at Rimsoo Seven, including the theory that droids and clone troopers were essentially the same thing: drones that were identical, and created to serve the needs of higher species. His contacts with trooper CT-914 and the droid I-5YQ shook him up, as both individuals were just as "human" as he was. Additionally, he found himself physically and emotionally attracted to Tolk le Trene, even though he knew any relationship they could have would go against his Ensterite background. With his emotions and beliefs in turmoil, Jos was unprepared for a Separatist attack on Rimsoo Seven itself. CT-914 died in a preliminary skirmish, and Zan Yant was killed during their evacuation. He refused to grieve, feeling that holding onto the pain allowed him to remember how alive his friends were. Once Rimsoo Seven was relocated, however, he allowed himself to admit that Tolk's proposal of a non-committal relationship was a worthy compromise. Before he knew it, however, he had fallen in love with her. He also found a new friendship with his new bunkmate, the youthful Kornell Divini. As fate would have it, Jos' exiled uncle, Erel Kersos, was appointed to replace Tarnese Bleyd, and Kersos tried to explain his loneliness to Jos. Although Uncle Erel had married an ekster woman, she had died shortly afterward, and he was left without any kind of family. Jos, however, understood what his love for Tolk would meet, and decided to marry her. It was at this time that Uncle Erel had a series of meetings with Tolk, and nearly talked her out of any formal relationship with Jos. Tolk put some distance between them, and Jos fell into a deep depression. He even considered suicide, but eventually worked up the nerve to tell Tolk exactly how he felt. She had been waiting to have him demonstrate his love, and gladly accepted it when he offered. As this was going on, Jos also learned from Barris Offee that the traitor in their midst was actually Klo Merit. Jos immediately blamed Merit for the death of Zan Yant, and confronted the Equani. Merit admitted his role, and tried to flee. Jos fired his blaster at the Equani, killing him instantly. Although he regretted the taking of a life, Jos realized that he had eliminated a threat to the Republic.(MBS, MJH)

Vondar Canyon
This rocky, desert canyon was located on the planet Aargonar.(REL)

see Vandor-3(TCD)

Vondarc System
This star system was located in the Mid Rim, and was one of the endpoints of the Enarc Run. Dannen Lifehold joined the Alliance in this system, after bringing a group of Alliance personnel to rendezvous with a cargo frigate there prior to the Battle of Yavin.(TSK, SWJ3)

This city, located on the planet Meastrinnar, was mistakenly destroyed by the Empire during a raid on a suspected Alliance stronghold. The stronghold was actually in Vondrol, the sister city of Vondrel.(CRO)

Located on the planet Meastrinnar, this was the sister city of Vondrel.(CRO)

This man served as one of Admiral Harkov's chief advisors aboard the Protector, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Like Harkov, Vondruln was part of a group of Imperial officers who were secretly working to aid the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Vondruln's primary mission was to identify any Imperial spies or agents aboard the Protector, and ensure that these agents did not discover their plans. Thus, when Maarek Stele was transferred to the Star Destroyer several months after the Battle of Hoth, Harkov left Vondruln in charge of making sure Stele had an "accident". However, then the "accident" failed to eliminate Stele, Harkov knew that he was in trouble. In a fit of anger, he loudly cursed Vondruln before shooting him dead from point-blank range.(TIEP)

Vonduun Crab
This crustacean was native to the homeworld of the Yuuzhan Vong, where it was the only known predator of the amphistaff. This was due to the fact that the vonduun crab's shell was the only known substance that could repel an amphistaff's teeth as well as it narrowed blade form. Because of this, armor-like shell was bio-engineered to exist away from the crab's body, where it could be used by the warriors to make living, protective armor known as skerr kyrric. The armor was essentially a bioengineered crab, complete with gripping legs that held the armor to the warrior's body in several places. The armored shell was composed of an intricately structured crystalline lattice, and was reinforced by and energy field created by power glands not unlike those of the amphistaff. By chance, Corran Horn discovered that the vonduun crab was allergic to the pollen of the bafforr tree. The crab armor would swell up in reaction to the pollen, quickly suffocating the warrior wearing it. The Yuuzhan Vong soon discovered this, and wiped out the planet Ithor in hopes of eliminating the threat. However, the shell armor could also be pierced at a depression beneath the armpit of the wearer. A strike to this point by blaster bolt of lightsaber could kill both the armor and the warrior wearing it.(VP, DTR, T, UFCD, NEGW)

This was a term used by the various beings of the New Republic to briefly describe the Yuuzhan Vong species. However, among the Yuuzhan Vong themselves, the term "Vong" meant that the person being addressed did not have the favor or kinship of his family or the gods, and the term was therefore taken as a derogatory term.(EVC)

Vong War
This was a term used to describe the era of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Because the term "Vong" was used alone, it was a term that conveyed the speaker's hatred of the Yuuzhan Vong and what they did to the galaxy.(LF8)

This was the Mandalorian term used to describe the Yuuzhan Vong.(PM)

This was the term used by scientists of the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance to describe the way in which Coruscant and many other worlds were quickly reformed into worlds that the Yuuzhan Vong could inhabit. Many worlds in the galaxy were simply replanted with Yuuzhan Vong flora, which took months to eventually claim the planet's surface. Planets such as Coruscant, however, were seeded with exploding fungus and other rapid-growing organisms, reducing the urban world to rubble in a matter of weeks. The goal of Vongforming was to eradicate all former lifeforms from the planet's surface, and replace them with Yuuzhan Vong analogues. Complete Vongforming of a planet took place over one or more decades, depending on the amount of plant and animal life that existed on a given planet. Scientists and xenobiologists with the Galactic Alliance later discovered that the Yuuzhan Vong were not that different from most life in the galaxy, at least genetically. The primary exception was that all Vongformed life, including plants, animals, and the Yuuzhan Vong themselves, contained a unique strand of genetic material that set them apart from all other species. This difference was key to the development of the Alpha Red virus. A few planets, like Coruscant, had a World Brain installed beneath the surface, to monitor and control the change processes.(EL2, DW, LF1)

This was the New Republic's term for the unusual forms of plant and animal life which were used by the Yuuzhan Vong to reform a planet to their own designs.(T)

This was the term used by Jacen Solo to describe his connection to the Yuuzhan Vong. It was not the Force, but rather another sensation of merging with the extra-galactic species and their bio-creations. Jacen found that he couldn't use his Vongsense while employing the Force, requiring him to use one sense or the other in battle. However, after Tahiri Veila managed to reconcile her mind with Riina Kwaad, she discovered that she had a very enhanced form of Vongsense. It was different from Jacen's in that it sprang from the part of her mind which was Riina, and Tahiri could use it almost all the time. Like Jacen's howeer, Tahiri's Vongsense was not as strong or powerful as the Force.(DW, FP)

This was a term used to describe those beings who were infected by the bioengineering that was part of the Ossus Project, in the wake of the Sith-Imperial War. The Ossus Project was championed by Kol Skywalker, who hoped that Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology could help heal those planets that had been damaged in the war that resulted in the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong, nearly 100 years earlier. The project was sabotaged by Darth Krayt and his new Sith Order, and many of the planets were rendered even more unliveable than they had been before.

The inhabitants of these planets were infected by the same contagions that destroyed their homeworlds, and were forced to travel to Coruscant to request assistance from the New Empire. Unknown to these suffering beings was the fact that the Sith Lords who now controlled the galaxy had caused their various afflictions.(SWLC)

This was a Mandalorian adjective used to describe anything that was made from the biotechnology of the Yuuzhan Vong.(PM)

Vonill, Hoipa
This woman worked for Balmorran Arms during the last decades of the Old Republic. She was the lead developer on the RO-D droid project.(HNN5)

This Keganite boy, the grandson of O-Yani, was sent to the Relearning Circle when he suddenly became ill. He was later used by the Enforcement Guides as a scout, in the wilds of Kegan. O-Vieve and V-Tan told O-Yani that V-Onin was taken for the General Good.(FFT)

This planet was known for its intense dust storms.(GMS)

This valuable ore was found on the planet Ando Prime.(GMR2)

This name was common among Ithorian females. Although such names do not generally have meaning, Ithorians who studied their race's history learned that the name referred to an Ithorian waterfowl.(GCG)

This waterfowl was native to the planet Ithor.(GCG)

This ancient man was one of Empress Teta's main lieutenants, during the era of the Great Hyperspace War.(FOSE)

This Imperial Major was the Liaison Officer of Sentientology Studies under Emperor Palpatine.(GG4)

This being served the naval forces of the Grand Army of the Republic as a Commander. During the height of the Clone Wars, Vontifor was in command of the Venator-class Star Destroyer Dauntless, serving under Admiral Wullf Yularen and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker.(CWWS)

An uninhabited planet located in the Si'Klaata Cluster, Vontor was the site of three huge battles between Xim the Despot and the ancient Hutt warlords, nearly a century before the formation of the Old Republic. The third of these battles marked the final defeat of Xim and the end of his rule. It also marked the first time the Hutts used Klatooinan, Nikto, and Vodran warriors to augment their own ranks.(HSL, GG12, SSR, NECH)

This spicy, slightly rotten-tasting food was considered a treat by the Yuuzhan Vong, who often gave it to their children as a reward.(EVC)

This woman was one of the Dathomirian Witches who served matriarch Zalem during the last decades of the Old Republic. Many of the males the Witches kept as slaves believed Vonya to be the prettiest of the Witches. It was Vonya who discovered Ros Lai and Quinlan Vos in an ancient temple, where Ros Lai's true nature was revealed. She barely escaped a confrontation, and returned to Zalem to report on her daughter's treachery. Vonya later recaptured Quinlan and returned him to Zalem. When Quin and Ros Lai tried to escape, Vonya set out after them in a subterine. They flew into the center of the Star Chamber, where Vonya tried to destroy the other vessel. The heroic efforts of Yag Shushin allowed Quin to continue the pursuit, and he eventually shot down Vonya's craft. Vonya died in the resulting explosion.(SWIE)

This man was one of the smugglers who used to work with Han Solo and Roa, during the early years of the New Order. Vonzel was permanently disabled when he botched an emergency landing, and was forced to spend the rest of his life immoblized in a hospital.(HSR)

This was the Ewok word for the number 7.(GPB)

Vook, Bama
This Talz worked as a test pilot for Trinkatta Starships, in the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Boll Trinkatta assumed that Bama had been killed when Bartokk assassins working for Groodo the Hutt stole the droid-equipped starfighters that Trinkatta's corporation was building. In reality, Bama Vook had slaved the starfighters together and "stolen" them himself, in order to ensure that the Trade Federation didn't take possession of them. In order to better communicate, Bama Vook wore a voice translation unit on a thick collar around his neck. After taking the droid starships, Bama Vook disguised himself with an eyepatch, in hopes of escaping notice long enough to find the Jedi Knights who had come to Esseles. Qui-Gon Jinn soon realized that it was Bama Vook who had alerted Adi Gallia to the presence of the Trade Federation on Esseles, and the building of the droid starfighters. When he stole the starfighters, Bama Vook also obtained a prototype hyperdrive developed by the Neimoidians, presumably for use the starfighters.(E1A2)

Vookto, Cei
This Duros Jedi Master was killed three months after the Battle of Geonosis, during the defense of the planet Lianna. Known for his dry humor and quiet demeanor, Master Vookto took up the mantel of an officer during the Clone Wars, despite his own personal reservations about the direction the Jedi Council was taking. His death in the Battle of Lianna allowed an entire squadron of his troops to survive an attack.(J1, NECH)

Voolai, H.
This man was the director of Human and Other Resources for the Alliance. In this role, he was responsible for setting the basic guidelines used to recruit beings into the Alliance.(XWA)

This predatory, canine creature was noted for its exceptional sense of smell, which it used to locate and track its prey. Voolk-hounds on the the trail of prey often trembled as they approached their prey, as the scent of the prey became more and more intense.(CWWS)

This Yinchorri female was the daughter of Kardek, who offered her up for marriage to Vilmarh Grahrk, in order to ensure the Devaronian's help in stealing starships from the Golden Nyss Shipyards, shortly after the Battle of Naboo.(TDV)

This blue-white star was the central body in the Voon System.(TOJC)

The ancient Nelroni Marauders established a hidden base on this planet, deep underground. It orbited the blue-white star also known as Voon. They launched their primary assault on the Hyabb-Twith Corridor from Voon, until they were able to establish a base on Dachat.(TOJC)

Voon, Jund
This humble Ishi Tib operated the Wave Works gift shop, located within the Fathoms restaurant complex in Calamari's Wildwater City. Despite his modest appearance, Jund Voon was one of the wealthiest beings on the city, second only to Odanni herself. A serene individual, Jund Voon often unsettled his patrons with his bland demeanor. It was rumored that Odanni resented the fact that Jund Voon was so rich, a story backed by the Mon Calamari's known desires for power and wealth. Those who knew Jund Voon the best also knew that, in additon to the beautiful jewelry in his shop, Jund Voon also ran a black-market operation from the back of the establishment. He sold everything from weapons to illegal stimulants to forbidden foods, and would also fence stolen merchandise for the right commission. Beneath his humble exterior, Jund Voon was a greedy old miser. He was also a slave master, maintaining the Qwohog artist Kei No Kay in a specialized tideppol tank and forcing her to create the artwork and appearance of the Wave Works.(WSV)

Voona's Dream II
This was one of the many false identities created by Cecil Noone and his band of thieves for the starship Asaari Wind, which they had stolen from Ritinki.(GMR1)

A predator native to the planet Orellon II.(SWJ2)

This Imperial Lieutenant served on the Star Destroyer Relentless. It was Voor who discovered Alliance agent Dana trying to dispatch information on the bounty for Adar Tallon to the Alliance.(TM)

This Skeebo was the Kaptain of the Skeebo City Konstabulary force when Anachro was kidnapped by the Skavers. Voor put up minimal assistance in recovering the Hutt, because Voor was secretly in command of the Skavers. He hoped to obtain a huge reward from Gorga the Hutt, but Gorga hired Boba Fett to assist in Anachro's rescue. Fett captured Voor and forced him to lead him to the Skavers' hideout in the Southern Crags. Fett successfully recovered Anachro, much to Voor's dismay.(BF)

This was the Neimoidian word for the number 4.(GPB)

Voor Beetle
A species of swarming insect.(GOF10)

Voorg the Thandicant
This was one of the Outer Rim's most notorious slavers. Voorg worked from a base in the Kala'uun Starport on Ryloth, where he controlled much of the slave trade passing through the facility. Despite his less-than-reputable businesses, the Twi'leks of Kala'uun considered selling slaves to any being but Voorg to be smuggling, and often punished others who dealt in Twi'leki slaves by freeing the slaves and imprisoning the smugglers.(ND, PSPG)

This man was a native of Alderaan. He was part of a group of Alderaanians who traveled to Yavin 4, following the destruction of the first Death Star, to meet with Princess Leia Organa. He was extremely loyal to Leia, and was adamant about restoring the memory of Alderaan.(IS)

Much of the trade which occurred on this planet was controlled by the Klatooinan Trade Guild, during the New Order.(PSG)

Voorlach Temple
This ancient ruin was discovered on the planet Krykis IV by Doctor Corellia Antilles. She remembered the dig well, because it was believed to have been a religious site, and was filled with hundreds of mysterious artifacts. However, further investigation revealed that the Voorlach Temple was simply an old marketplace, and the artifacts were merely trinkets that were sold there.(SWJ14)

Vooro, Marath
This Neimoidian served as a Customs Vizier at the Trade Federation's commercial hub in the Enarc System, during the final years of the Old Republic. In the wake of the Clone Wars, Vooro was outraged when Sentepeth Findos was named acting Viceroy of the Trade Federation. He demanded to know where Nute Gunray was, refusing to acknowledge Findos' ability to control the Federation until an orderly succession of power could be realized. When Findos signed the treaty that nationalized the Federation under the new Galactic Empire, Vooro vowed to bring the Federation's remaining military power to bear against any Imperial actions against Federation-held worlds.(SWI84)

This tiny, furry carnivore was native to the planet Naboo. The round body of the voorpak was mainly fur, with a thin body supported by eight spindly legs. Their wide eyes and excellent hearing made them successful hunters, and were known to be fearless and loyal. Many of the Naboo considered the voorpak the perfect pet, since it was loyal to its owner and - despite its size - would attack any being who threatened them. Their soft fur also made them retain body heat, making them "living handwarmers." This fur also had a pleasant scent, which mingled with that of their owner. Voorpaks were bred in several different subspecies, with rarer varieties fetching much larger costs than more common breeds.(WSW, UA)

Voors, Hallolar
This young entreprenuer was a native of the planet Jubilar. Some fifteen years before the Battle of Hoth, Boba Fett accpeted a job offer from Jabba the Hutt to kill Voors, who had begun selling black-market spice in defiance of the Hutts' cartel on the substance. Voors was fooled into thinking Fett was a potential seller, and offered to provide regular shipments to the bounty hunter. Fett released a neural toxin, incapacitating Voors' bodyguards long enough to shoot the man, in an alley on Executioner's Row.(TBH)

The population of this planet was the unknowing target of Uris' first proposed test of his improved nanogene droids.(GMH)

Voorson, Deen
This idealistic young man was an ardent supporter of the Alliance, despite the fact that much of his family worked for the Empire. He believed that the Alliance was right, and the murder of his parents only strengthened that belief. He joined up as a technician and mechanic, and worked on the Alliance's starfighters at Yavin 4 and Hoth. He tried to gain a favor from his aunt and uncle at the Kuat Freight Port, hoping to maneuver a power generator off the main line and into the pirate ship Long Run, captained by Boo Rawl. While his aunt and uncle gruffly declined to help Deen and the Alliance, his young cousin Shannon had no such reservations. The nine-year-old used her slicing ability to reroute the power generator - using her mother's authorization codes - to the Long Run. Deen was glad for the help, but believed that his aunt had had a change of heart. When he and Rawl discovered Shannon hidden in the Long Run's holds, he reluctantly agreed to bring her along. The Imperial pursuit forced his hand, and he fled Kuat with Rawl, the power generator, and Shannon.(SWJ9)

Voorson, Johan
This starship repairman was part of a long line of Voorsons who dedicated their lives to working within the Kuat Drive Yards. Johan, like many of his relatives, married another KDY laborer, and was somewhat disdainful of the "wandering Voorsons" who left Kuat for broader horizons. His disdain for his nephew Deen - who pleaded with him to release a power generator for the Alliance - eventually led to the loss of his daughter, Shannon. Shannon believed, as Deen did, that the Alliance was rightly battling against the Empire. Shannon sliced into the KDY computers and arranged to get the power generator to Deen's people, then stowed away on Deen's ship.(SWJ9)

Voorson, Nell
This Kuat Freight Port traffic controller married Johan Voorson, and they lived their lives in service to the Empire. She could not abide the actions of her nephew, Deen, and sided with her husband when they refused to help him supply the Alliance with a power generator. Her daughter, Shannon, sliced into the Kuat computer system and arranged for Deen to obtain tha generator, then stowed away on Deen's ship. Nell was on duty when the generator was stolen, and fired on the pirate ship until Shannon's voice suddenly sounded on her comm channels. Her dedication to the Kuat facility failed to completely override her parental instincts, and she directed several transports to move between the Long Run and the Imperial pursuit until Deen's ship escaped to open space.(SWJ9)

Voorson, Shannon
This precocious, nine-year-old child grew up at the Kuat shipyards, watching her parents slave for the Empire's war machine. Her best friends were books and computers, and she learned a great deal about independence and strength from reading Vici of Alderaan. She was an accomplished computer slicer for her age, and looked up to her older cousin, Deen. She admired him for his dedication to the Alliance, and found herself willing to leave her parents to join as well. She sliced into the Kuat Freight Port's duty schedule and helped the Alliance steal a much-needed power generator, and then stowed away on the pirate frieghter Long Run, piloted by Boo Rawl and her cousin, Deen.(SWJ9)

Voorson Generator
This was a large-scale power generator that was to produce an akinetic field. Many starship construction facilities utilized Voorson generators that were larger than the drive systems on most capital ships to produce strong enough akinetic fields to bring starship components together.(ISB)

This was a common male name among the Gamorrean people. Like most Gamorrean names, it was essentially gibberish that indicated what a Gamorrean would do if you made him angry.(GCG)

This Sullustan owned Docking Bay 77 in the Mos Eisley spaceport, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order.(IDC)

Voota, Tho
This Yevethan male was one of Nil Spaar's primates. He and Dar Bille discovered the New Republic's statis probes near Doornik-319, shortly after the Battle of ILC-905. He commanded the Interdictor cruiser Splendor of Yevetha.(TT)

This was the name of the small, stiletto-like weapons that were favored by members of the Umbaran race.(NEGA)

Vootuh, Tsaak
This Yuuzhan Vong Commander was in charge of the small fleet which was dispatched to Yavin 4 to capture the students who were training at the Jedi praxeum. Tsaak Vootuh was disappointed to find that the Peace Brigade had reached the system first, and had bungled their own capture attempt. He was then forced to expose Mezhan Kwaad and her heretical work on Tahiri Veila, after having gained the confidence of Nen Yim through his spy, Tsun Qel. Unfortunately for Tsaak Vootuh, he was killed when Tahiri managed to escape from the Shapers. Tsaak Vootuh's actions, however, became the stuff of legend to the many Shamed Ones who struggled to find their place in the new Yuuzhan Vong society. Mezhan Kwaad's heresies proved to the Shamed Ones that the Jedi Knights were not the evil creatures they were made out to be. Stories of how Tahiri survived her torture began to circulate among the Shamed Ones, starting an underground cult that worshipped the Jedi Knights, not the old Yuuzhan Vong gods.(EVC, FH1)

Vop Hui
This Alliance CR90 corvette and her sister ship, the Mar Duun, were dispatched to lay out a minefield near the planet Vinzen Neela 5, several months after the Battle of Hoth. The arrival of the Alliance ships coincided with that of the Sela freighter group, which was part of an Imperial convoy that was transporting TIE Defender prototypes through the system to a rendezvous with the Hininbirg. Both Alliance corvettes were destroyed by the escort ships that accompanied the Sela group.(TIE, TIEP)

Vop the Usurer
This greasy Rodian tyrant was known for his grating style and the constant odor of cheap raava which surrounded him. He was completely unaware that his main rival, the Bimm named Ritinki, had murdered his primary accountant Lyle Lippstroot and replaced him with a duplicate. Both crimelords had planned to meet aboard the Song of the Clouds to discuss an alliance, but Ritinki learned that Vop was going to purchase a sealed lockbox from the Ithorians. The lockbox held a Gun of Command, and was desired by virtually every crimelord in the Outer Rim. Ritinki had Lippstroot killed in an effort to acquire the lockbox for himself. Then, in the midst of their meeting, Vop was shot in the back and killed when a firefight broke out.(SWJ15)

An audio device which took incoming sounds and encodes them for transmission to another site. It was basically a microphone.(SME)

This word from the Jawan language translated into Basic as "smoke."(GPB)

This race of emotionless, hollow-boned humanoids was native to the planet Vortex. Vors had a rack of wings that sprouted from their backs, giving them incredible agility in flight. Their faces were covered with thick, leathery plates, which gave them an emotionless appearance that matched their unemotional demeanor. They normally lived on the planet's surface, but they built underground shelters in which to live during the intense seasonal storms that swept across the surface of Vortex. These warrens were visible as rings of concentric hummocks that dotted the grasslands of the planet's surface. The Vors were a tribal race that didn't have much of an opinion on anything but their music, especially the Concert of the Winds. When Chancellor Palpatine assumed the role of Emperor, shortly after the Clone Wars, the Vors covered all the holes in the Cathedral of Winds in protest, refusing to let offworlders hear their songs. Even after the Battle of Endor, they reluctantly allowed offworlders to visit the planet. Their distrust of other races appeared to have been justified when Admiral Ackbar's sabotaged shuttle crashed into the Cathedral of Winds and levelled it. In the wake of the destruction of the Catherdral, the Vors barely accepted the assistance of the New Republic in rebuilding it, and they once again shut off all contact with the galaxy until the reconstruction was complete. However, after the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Winds, the Vors once again allowed offworlders to visit their planet and hear the Concert of the Winds.(DA, COTF, JASB, UANT)

Vor Entye
This was the formal Mandalorian phrase for "thank you," being formed from the words vorer and entye. It translated literally into Basic as "I accept your debt," or, more familiarly, "I owe you one."(OWS)

Vorad, Herik
This Mandalorian man was the foreman in charge of the mining operation that discovered a new lode of beskar, or Mandalorian iron, just north of Enceri, some ten years after the end of the war against the Yuuzhan Vong.(LF5)

Vor'an, Erox
This was the name of a noted Ebranite individual.(UANT)

This was the name of a noted Pho Ph'eahian individual.(UANT)

Vorc Sector
An ancient demarkation of the galaxy.(TOJC)

This was an annual game safari held by the noble Houses of Tapani Sector. Each year, the Vor-cal was staged at a different family's orbital game preserve, in order to minimize the threat of inter-House aggression. A huge feast was held the evening prior to the hunt, to bring the hunters together to discuss the operational rules.(LOE)

This form of stun stick was developed by the Aing-Tii Monks. The Vor'cha delivered a powerful jolt of energy that could render the average human unconscious for a long period of time.(KR, FJ2)
This Noghri served as the first dynast of Honoghr during the early years of the New Republic. When Leia Organa Solo trie to prove that the Noghri had been deceived for decades by the Empire, Vor'corkh was the most vocal of those who did not believe her. However, after exposing an espionage droid among those droids that were supposedly restoring Honoghr's crops, and after showing how the Empire's kholm-grass could kill other plants, Vor'corkh was forced to agree with Leia's assessment.(DFR)

This Bothan was a member of the Alya clan, and revered Borsk Fey'lya above many other Bothans. During the recovery of the plans to the second Death Star, and following the death of Koth Melan, Vord'lya and his associates appropriated the plans and delivered them to the Alliance, attaining glory for their clan.(SESB)

Vordu, Alku
This being served as the Senator of his homeworld, Daroon, on the Imperial Senate during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. Senator Vordu was on Daroon when Emperor Palpatine disbanded the Senate. Senator Vordu was targeted for capture by Falto Dragen, but a team of Alliance agents managed to rescue Vordu before he could be brought into custody. Vordu then tried to reach Bail Organa on Alderaan, to implore Organa to bring the Alliance into full rebellion against the Empire. Unfortunately, the Alliance agents arrived in the Alderaan System just as the first Death Star destroyed the planet. Although the group was captured by the Imperials when their ship was damaged in the shockwave, Vordu and the Alliance agents escaped in a stolen Assault Shuttle.(RESB)

This race was known for its highly-offensive body odor.(POT)

This was the shortened form of the Mandalorian phrase vor entye, meaning "thank you." Vor'e was used in more familiar speech, and meant "thanks".(OWS, RCTZ)

This given name was common human males across the galaxy.(GCG)

This was the Mandalorian verb for "to accept."(OWS)

This was the native language of the Vor race, consisting of melodious chirps, squawks, and whistles. The Vorese alphabet consisted of swirling lines and tapered diamond shapes.(UANT)

Vorgan, Milanda
This woman was Garv Debble's chief assistant during the excavation of Mount Tantiss, following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn.(LCSB, TTSB)

This leafy plant, native to the planet Cularin, was noted for its noxious odor.(LFCW)

Vorian Four
This planet was devastated by niobarium pollution, in a covert operation to solidify the position of the Commerce Guild, some years before the Clone Wars.(APS)

Voria's Ember
This quadrant of space within the Karthakk System was named in honor of Voria Sergar, by the Alliance operatives who worked in the system and were acquainted with Voria herself.(SWGAL)

This two-meter-long, predatory reptile was native to the planet Dantooine. The voritor moved about on four heavily-clawed feet, which it used to dig into the ground or hold tightly to its prey. A pair of dorsal fins stood high upon its back, allowing the reptile to gather or dissipate body heat as needed. The hide of a voritor was incredibly tough, helping to protect the reptile when it hunted or fought for territory. Xenobiologists could not agree how long these creatures lived, but their lifespan seemed to be in the hundreds of years.(ROD)

This young, male Gorph was the son of Queen Slugga. The Queen feared that her son woulod never find a princess, and set out to find one herself. Prince Vork, known as a selfish and vile being, was presented with the Ewok child Latara to be his wife. However, Latara's friends managed to rescue her before the wedding could take place.(ECAR)

An alien race.(SOL)

This Kadas'sa'Nikto thug was a member of Gardulla the Hutt's crime organization, shortly after the Battle of Naboo. Watto offered a bounty for his capture, after learning that Vorkeesk had killed someone who owed him money. Jango Fett later claimed this bounty, during a mission to locate Gardulla the Hutt.(BH)

This Imperial corvette was the first ship to be equipped with the new cloaking device created at the Vorknkx Project's laboratories on To-phalion, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. It was during this time that the former leader of the project, Grand Admiral Zaarin, was attempting to kill Emperor Palpatine and take control of the Empire for himself. The attempt failed, and Zaarin fled to To-phalion, hoping to steal the Vorknkx and hide somewhere in the galaxy. Grand Admiral Thrawn tracked Zaarin to To-phalion, and purposely modified the cloaking device on the Vorknkx so that it would not work in hyperspace. When Zaarin stole the ship and tried to make the jump into hyperspace, the Vorknkx exploded, killing all onboard.(SWI66)

Vorknkx Project
This secret Imperial research project was aimed at creating a working cloaking device for starfighters. It was rumored to have been set up on the planet To-phalion, in the Iast System.(TIE)

Vorkosigge, Gandl
This man served the Empire as a Chief Technical Proctor at the Imperial Academy on Carida, and was one of the faculty members who presided over the expulsion trial of Mako Spince. Spince had destroyed the Academy's mascot moon as a practical joke.(DESB, OWS)

This flowering plant was native to the planet Mandalore. Vormur blossoms were usually gathered in the wild and wrapped with simply twine or ribbon, creating a small bouquet.(LF8)

Vorn, Liegeus Sarpaetius
This man served as Seti Ashgad's holo-transmission faker, during the attempt by Dzym to take control of the galaxy. Born to a wealthy house, Liegeus was a blacksheep who preferred to steal other people's ideas and use them to his own benefit. Early in his career, Liegeus had a romantic affair with Imperial Admiral Daala, but the two wen their separate ways when Daala was stationed at the Maw Installation. Liegeus was employed for his ability to create realistic, highly illegal holo-vids that passed as the real thing. He also had a large part in the construction of Dzym's flagship, the Reliant. Liegeus posed as Ashgad's pilot when the leader of the Newcomers first met with Leia-Organa-Solo. Liegeus created a series of transmissions that helped cover the tracks of Ashgad and Dzym after they kidnapped Leia and disposed of her small fleet of ships. Liegeus, however, realized that Ashgad was not in control, and understood that Dzym was not all that he appeared.

Liegeus strove to help Leia where he couldn't help himself. He allowed her to dump out the drugged water Ashgad provided, while secretly providing her with pure water. When the time came, Liegeus helped her get free of her room and escape, although his part in her escape was punished by Ashgad and Dzym. He was later discovered by Luke Skywalker, who rescued Liegeus from Dzym and brought him tothe Newcomer camp. Liegeus recovered, and once free of Seti Ashgad and Dzym, he helped the reunited Newcomers and Oldtimers begin to rebuild their world. When Daala arrived with the representatives of the New Republic to find Leia and Luke, he was reunited with Daala. The two left Nam Chorios, bound for Daala's reclusive residence on Pedducis Chorios.

They existed for some twenty years in relative peace, until Liegeus was killed by a thermal detonator that had been deployed by assassins who were working for the Moff Council. Daala vowed to avenge his death, and spent the next five years amassing evidence against the Moffs who were behind the murder.(POT, ECH, LF8)

This ancient Jedi artifact was destroyed by Echuu Shen-Jon on the planet Krant, in order to prevent the device from falling into the hands of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. Note that the Clone Campaigns supplement for Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds indicates that the Vor'Na'Tu was destroyed on Hanoon.(GB, GBC)

This desert world was the main planet in the Vornax System, which was located in a remote sector of the galaxy. During the height of the Old Republic, a vast droid manufacturing facility was established in an ore-rich area of the desert. However, in the wake of the Clone Wars, this facility was abandoned.(T18)

Vorne, Torel
This short, dark Reussi became the despicable crimelord who ran the industrially-polluted world of Reuss VIII. He cared little for the planet or his fellow Reussi, valuing profit and the bottom line above all else. He was also an efficient loan shark, and it rumored to take internal organs as payment of debts. These organs, it was rumored, were used to replace those worn out by his workers, or sold to wealthy individuals in the Core World. Torel Vorne found a ready source of organs in the Reussi he had enslaved, tricking them into a state of debt and then offering them credits for their organs, either at present or when they died. The ability of the Reussi physiology to adapt to other humanoids ensured a ready supply of new organs, and allowed Vorne to keep increasing profits in the face of stiffer competition. The fact that some organs were used in the factories of the Reuss Corporation ensured that Vorne could maintain his production quotas without losing workers. However, word of his black-market organ deals reached the New Republic government several years after the Battle of Endor, and Major Bren Derlin was sent to investigate. With the help of shockboxer Lobar Aybock, Derlin was able to expose Vorne's criminal activities, forcing the crimelord to flee Reuss VIII to avoid being taken into custody. He remained at large for many months, while various warrants for his arrest and individual bounties were offered for his capture.(GG9, SS, OWS)

A town on Yavin 4, located near the Alliance's medical center.(LCJ)

This species of canine predator was native to the planet Myrkr. Vornskrs had long, sharp claws and whip-like tails that excreted a mild poison, and they moved about in the forests of Myrkr with exceptional agility and stealth. Zoologists theorized that the bobbing of a vornskr's tail tended to reduce their natural aggression. Those vornskrs that were captured when young and had their tails bobbed were often used for pursuit and killing by hunters who took the time to work with them. Vornskrs were also somewhat sensitive to the Force, and preyed on the ysalamiri.(HTTE, EGA)

This pointed-eared being was one of the many smugglers who were sought out by Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca, during their search for Han Solo. Vorol was working on The Wheel at the time that Calrissian and Chewbacca intercepted him, and provided information on the whereabouts of Bossk.(LTA4, MC69)

This species of large, legless reptiles was found on a variety of planets throughout the galaxy. They were predatory by nature, relying on stealth and camouflage to trick their prey into getting too close to their mouths. Voroos individuals could attain lengths of ten meters, and lived in moist, marshy areas where they were often mistaken for mossy hillocks or submerged tree trunks. They were considered immobile by most xenobiologists, and it was speculated that they reproduced when the palak beetle transported genetic material from one voroos to another.(COG)

Vorpal Demise
This ZH-25 Questor light freighter was owned by the Alliance.(SWJ5)

When translated into Basic, this Mando'a word represented the color green.(OWS)

When translated into Basic, this Mando'a word meant "vegetation."(OWS)

This planet, located near Concord Dawn in the Mandalore Sector of the galaxy, was known for its agriculture and nerf farms. However, the planetary leaders showed a surprising lack of judgment when it came to land management, and much of the planet's arable surface was left to degrade after it was grazed. The resulting loss of ground-level moisture, coupled with the planet's already arid atmosphere, caused severe draughts to occur. Many geologists believed that the planet would become a desert world within a few generations of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy.(PM)

Vorra, Ord
This female Twi'lek had a romantic relationship with Biggs Bogan, during his period of service to the Old Republic on the planet Drongar, some two years after the Battle of Geonosis. She inadvertently provided Kadir with information on Bogan's career, providing the Nediji assassin with a way to obtain a starship to flee Drongar. Like Bogan, Ord Vorra was an Adept at the game of Strag, and their love of the game brought them together.(MJH)

Vorrik, B'sh*th
This Yuuzhan Vong Commander led the initial assaults on the Imperial Remnant, and scored a decisive victory at the Battle of Bastion. Vorrik was distinguishable from most Yuuzhan Vong by his face, which seemed to have had the skin peeled away, revealing torn muscles and throbbing blood vessels. After regrouping his forces, Vorrik then launched an assault on Borosk, where the remains of the Imperial fleet had fled. He fully believed that the Empire was no match for his forces, but was surprised to learn that the Imperials had agreed to accept the assistance of the New Republic in defending their worlds. B'sh*th Vorrik was forced to hastily retreat from Borosk after losing a slaveship and its contents, briefly striking at Yaga Minor before fleeing into the inner galaxy. He discovered the New Republic communications center on Generis and promptly destroyed it, learning during the attack that a second facility was located on Esfandia. He took his fleet, led by the destroyer Kur-hashan, to Esfandia, only to find himself once again pursued by Grand Admiral Pellaeon. The two fought to a stalemate over Esfandia, until Tahiri Veila tricked Vorrik into sending a small force to the surface of the planet, ostensibly to destoy the communications base. This left Vorrik and the Kur-hashan with a reduced defensive shield, and Pellaeon attacked. Vorrik, lacking the support needed to win the new battle, realized that he was going to die. Rather than die a coward, he turned the Kur-hashan onto a collision course with the Right to Rule. Unfortunately, the Kur-hashan exploded well short of the Imperial vessel, killing Vorrik and all Yuuzhan Vong aboard .(FH1, FH3)

Vorrik's Folly
This was the name given to the large mass of orbiting debris created around the planet Esfandia, in the wake of the Battle of Esfandia. It was named for the Yuuzhan Vong Commander, B'sh*th Vorrik, who had tried to destroy the Esfandia Long-Range Communications Base on the planet's surface. However, faced with the combined forces of the Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant, Vorrik was unable to hold the planet. His flagship, the Kur-hashan was badly damaged in battle, and Vorrik tried to ram his attackers with the dying hulk. The ship exploded before it could do any damage, creating the largest chunks of debris around the planet. The Galactic Alliance worked diligently to make sure none of the orbital debris fell to the planet's surface, protecting both the base itself and the population of Brrbrlpp which lived in the atmosphere. Much of the debris coalesced into an asteroid-sized mass, the primary body in Vorrik's Folly.(FH3)

Vorru, Fliry
This Corellian served the Old Republic as the planetary governor. He assumed the title of Moff after Emperor Palpatine took control of the galaxy, and administered Corellia with a loose hand. He often turned a deaf ear to smuggling and priacy, and the resulting influx of smugglers and pirates tainted Corellia's otherwise spotless history. Vorru was considered to be a rival for Palpatine's position early in the New Order, until Prince Xizor had him arrested and sent to the prison on Kessel on trumped-up charges. This allowed Xizor to take control of the Corellian criminal world and use it as a training ground for his future lieutentant, such as Zekka Thyne. Years later, when the New Republic was trying to find information on Coruscant's defenses, Wedge Antilles liberated Vorru on the condition that he keep an eye on Zekka Thyne. Vorru agreed, and was set loose on Coruscant. He petitioned the New Republic to allow him to create the Imperial City People's Militia, as a way to get the underworld under control without expending addition Republic resources. Basically, the ICPM would mean that the criminals governed themselves, under the control of Vorru himself. The Provisional Council reluctantly agreed, and Vorru set up his militia. However, he had his own agenda, with some direction from Ysanne Isard. The ICPM became a revamped Black Sun criminal organization, and Vorru became its crimelord. He controlled the information going back to the Council, and was even so bold as to apprehend Kirtan Loor. He blackmailed Loor into working for him, and began playing his own aspirations against the demands of both the New Republic and Isard. In the end, Vorru became Isard's man in all aspects, and leaked information about a supposed Palpatine Counterinsurgency Faction attack on his own bacta storehouse. This helped deflect the Republic from the plans of Isard, who then destroyed much of Imperial City while raising the Lusankya from its drydock and fleeing Coruscant. Vorru went with her, and when they arrived on Thyferra, Isard made Vorru her Minister of Trade. When they created the Thyferran Home Defense Corps, Vorru became involved with Erisi Dlarit, and the two spent equal time alone in love and mocking Isard. When the Battle of Thyferra started and began to go the way of Rogue Squadron, Vorru tried to escape form Thyferra in his personal shuttle. He was caught by Elscol Loro and Iella Wessiri. When he tried to escape, Elscol shot him in the throat. However, her weapon had been set to stun by Iella, who wanted to bring him before the New Republic to atone for his crimes.(WG, KT, TFE, BW)

This was a clan of True Ubese.(SESB)

This was a delicate, glass-like material used to create intricate vases and sculptures.(SBS)

This herbivorous creature, native to the Forest Moon of Endor, consumed virtually all plantlife in its path. This included living plant material as well as the dried wood and grass used by the Ewoks to build their huts.(ECAR)

This was the term used by the Sith who were stranded on the planet Kesh to describe the ritualized markings and tattoos that were applied to students and adepts who achieved certain ranks within The Tribe. These facial markings were painted onto the skin with a brush that was dipped in the thick nectar of the s'rai plant, and each set of markings was chosen for its significance to the wearer. The artists who applied the vor'shandi markings trained for years under their Masters, learning how to draw upon the Dark Side of the Force to provide each set of markings with ritual power and significance. Vor'shandi markings were usually applied to the face and arms, but were applied with s'rai nectar so that they could be washed off after important ceremonies and events, allowing the Sith to return to their natural beauty afterward.(FJ2)
Vorsian Crystal
This crystalline mineral was known throughout the galaxy for its exquisite clarity.(LF6)

This was a name that was common among the Sanyassan race.(UANT)

This smuggling ship was owned by Rezzo and Drossh during the height of the Clone Wars. The pair used the ship to smuggle all manner of goods into the Cularin System. The ship was badly damaged when the pair caused a shipment of weapons to explode, and later sold as salvage.(LFCW)

This planet was the homeworld of the Vors, and the site of the Cathedral of Winds. Its rotational axis was very steep, causing extremely sudden seasonal changes that resulted in large atmospheric storms that raged across its surface. The winds generated by these storms made landing from orbit difficult at best, and it forced the native Vors to establish below-ground warrens in which to live. Each of these warrens was built in concentric circles, with common areas in the center. A temperate world, Vortex had no natural satellites, and its surface was covered by forests, mountains, and plains that were blanketed with purple, red, and tan grasses. Viewed from space, Vortex was a pearlescent orb of metallic grays and blues, with everchanging storms creating swirling cloud patterns. Its day lasted 18 standard hours, and its year lasted 421 local days.(DA, COTF, JASB)

Vortex Cathedral
see Cathedral of Winds(DA)

Vortex Corporation
A weapons manfuacturer for the Empire during the Galactic Civil War.(SN)

Vortex Mk1
This was a starship reactor core that was produced by Slayn & Korpil during the height of the New Order.(SWG2P)

Vortex Mk2
This was the second-generation of the Vortex Mk1 starship reactor core, produced by Slayn & Korpil during the height of the New Order.(SWG2P)

Vortex Mk3
This was one of the most powerful starship reactor cores produced by Slayn & Korpil, during the height of the New Order.(SWG2P)

Vortex Mk4
This was one of the most powerful starship reactor cores produced by Slayn & Korpil, during the height of the New Order.(SWG2P)

Vortex Pool
This type of water-filled pool employed jets of water to create a soothing swirl, in which a being could relax sore muscles.(BTS)

Vortex Wind
This heavy Mon Calamari cruiser was part of the task force assigned to the Mon Mothma, during Operation Trinity.(FP)

This was the native language of the Vors.(EGP)

This was a common name among the Talz race.(UANT)

This surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy.(GCG)

Vorusk, Kal
This madman was employed by Govin Thane, during the Imperial attempt to halt the flow of refugees from Cloud City and located an Alliance safeworld, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. It was Vorusk who captured Spensor Kluub and tortured him. When a team of Alliance agents tried to free Kluub, Vorusk was nearly defeated and was forced to flee the outpost.(GMR3)

This was a water-covered planet that was located in the Outer Rim.(IOT, GORW)

This star was the central body in the Vorzyd System, which was located in the Outer Rim Territories.(GORW)

Vorzyd 4
This planet, the homeworld of the Vorzydiak race, was the fourth world in the Vorzyd System. Vorzyd 4 was known as the manufacturing center of the Vorzyd Cluster, and produced much of the food and durable goods for the system. Some eleven years before the Battle of Naboo, the Jedi Council was asked to mediate a dispute between Vorzyd 4 and its neighbor, Vorzyd 5. The Vorzydiaks of Vorzyd 4 claimed that the natives of Vorzyd 5 did not want to work for their credits, yet wanted to control the Vorzyd Cluster. The leadership of Vorzyd 4 was unaware that the Freelies were behind the sabotage. Ultimately, the work of Obi-Qan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn helped bring the Freelies and Chairman Port together, and peace was restored - both on Vorzyd 4 and between Vorzyd 4 and Vorzyd 5.(TTW)

Vorzyd 4
This was the name used to describe those Vorzydiaks which were native to Vorzyd 4.(TTW)

Vorzyd 5
Known as the Gambler's World during the reign of Emperor Palpatine, Vorzyd 5 was a casino-covered world under Imperial control. The Emperor maintained the planet in an effort to collect large sums of credits for the Empire. Dozens of space-going holopanels and billboards announced the planet's location throughout the system. The various gamblers and party-goers were a mix of the richest and most influential beings in the galaxy, all come to wager their credits in games of chance. Many of the games were heavily rigged, and brought substantial amounts of money to the Empire's coffers. Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa attempted to disrupt the operation shortly after the Battle of Yavin, but were captured in the attempt. They were rescued by Alliance supporters.(CSWEA)

Vorzyd 5
This was the name used to describe those Vorzydiaks which were native to Vorzyd 5.(TTW)

Vorzyd Cluster
This was another name for the inhabited worlds of the Vorzyd System, including Vorzyd 4 and Vorzyd 5.(TTW)

Vorzyd I
This searing ball of rock was the innermost planet of the Vorzyd System.(GORW)

Vorzyd II
This gas giant was the second planet of the Vorzyd System. It was orbited by eight moons.(GORW)

Vorzyd III
This terrestrial world was the third planet in the Vorzyd System. It was orbited by a single moon.(GORW)

Vorzyd Slider
This was one of the many slider varieties that were concocted by Dexter Jettster, for the manu at Dex's Diner, during the final years of the Old Republic. An homage to the Gambler's World of Vorzyd V, this sandwich included a Mongo Beefhead patty that was topped with Vorzydiak mushrooms and kibi strips. The entire sandwich was served on medium-density food-board.(OWS)

This was the native language of the Vorzydiak race.(GORW)

This was the near-human race which was native to the planets Vorzyd 4 and Vorzyd 5. In general usage, those beings native to Vorzyd 4 were referred to as Vorzyd 4's; Vorzyd 5's were the Vorzydiaks native to Vorzyd 5. The average Vorzydiak resembled a human being, but had yellow skin, wider eyes, and a pair of long antennae sprouting from their head. Most Vorzydiaks attended school every day of the week until the age of ten, when they started working one day a week in the factories of their homeworld. Each year, they worked an additional day each week until, at the age of seventeen, they worked full-time, seven days a week. At the age of seventy, a Vorzydiak was allowed to retire, being deemed to old to keep up with the younger Vorzydiaks. Most Vorzydiaks died shortly after retiring, being unable to adapt to life without work. As a people, Vorzydiaks tended to be isolationists, and rarely made contact with other beings or worlds. They were also minimalists, and tended to value conformity and stasis. Among the various peoples of the Commonality, the Vorzydiaks were the first to achieve hyperspacial flight, after the Old Republic provided them with the basic technology. Their exploration of the nine sectors brought many races together, but the efforts of the Vorzydiaks was overshadowed by the exploitation of the Commonality by the Columexi.(TTW, GORW)

Vorzydiak Mushroom
This mushroom was native to the forests of the planet Vorzyd 5.(OWS)

This was one of the largest, and most powerful, Kiffar clans which were native to the planet Kiffu.(NEGC)

An Alderaanian swear word.(XWRS)

Vos, Asante'
This Kiffar was dispatched to Ryloth to work with Quinlan Vos to locate Aayla Secura. Asante' was a Guardian of Kiffu, and had once been close to Quinlan while he had lived on Kiffu. When Quinlan discovered the existence of Kessel energy spiders in the ryll caves of Ryloth, they were attacked by Asante', who revealed that she had been part of the group which was developing glitteryll. She nearly killed Quinlan, then revealed that it had been herself and Pol Secura who fed Quinlan and Aayla an overdose of glitteryll to erase their memories. Their plan had been to do away with the Jedi without killing them, thereby clearing the way to continue production of glitteryll. Before she could execute Quinlan, Asante' was attacked by one of the huge spiders.(SWT)

Vos, Korto
This young child, born in the turmoil that followed the end of the Clone Wars and the establishment of the Galactic Empire, was the son of Jedi Master Quinlan Vos and Khaleen Hentz.(RHE)

Vos, Korto
Quinlan Vos assumed this alias during the years following his return to the Jedi Order, in an effort to gather intelligence on the state of the galaxy as the Separatists began to grow in power. Korto Vos was a former Republican Guard who finished his tour of duty and set out on his own as a mercenary. His base of operations was aboard The Wheel space station, where he was attended to by the Chadra-Fan Tookarti. When one of his operatives, a thief named Khaleen, stole a datadisk containing detailed information about a Separatist on Kamino, Vos decided to allow the disk to return to its owner, the crimelord Zenex. This would ensure that the Separatists did not discover that their plans for Kamino would have fallen into the hands of the Jedi Knights. Zenex, however, discovered that Vos was a Jedi, and threatened to kill Khaleen and Aayla Secura. Aayla, however, was too strong for his pheromones, and managed to kill Zenex before he could eliminate Vos. This served two purposes: it allowed Vos's identity as a Jedi Knight to remain a secret, thus preserving his information network; and it allowed Vos to use a subtle nudge with the Force to convince Zenex's Neimoidian contact that nothing was amiss with the datadisk. He continued to use the Korto Vos alias during the mission to liberate Brentaal from the Separatists, until he was captured by Shogar Tok's troops. Unknown to the Separatists, though, was that Korto Vos and Sagoro Autem had planted a series of explosives. These explosives went off spectacularly, destroying much of the weaponry protecting Tok's fortress and allowing Vos and Autem to escape. Korto returned to Khaleen on Nar Shaddaa, where he found himself pursued by Jedi Master Agen Kolar. Kolar knew who Korto truly was, and was acting on intelligence from Tookarti that Korto had turned traitor and joined the Separatists. While this was exactly the outcome the Jedi Council had wanted when it inserted Quinlan into place as Korto Vos, Agen Kolar was unaware of this background. With the help of Khaleen, who was captured and held for questioning, Korto managed to escape from Kolar. He then set out to confront Tookarti, for selling him out to the Jedi. Korto revealed his true identity to the Chadar-Fan before killing him, further cementing his deep-cover story. With the Korto alias compromised, Quinlan was freed to "defect" from the Jedi Order, allowing him to get deeper underneath the Separatist forces.(RS, J2, RDB)

Vos, Kurlin
This man, the older brother of Tinte Vos, was the Sheyf of the Kiffu many years before the Battle of Naboo. He later ceded control of the Kiffu to Tinte herself. It was Kurlin who allowed the Jedi Master Tholme to take Quinlan Vos to Coruscant for formal Jedi training, despite the arguments of his sister.(DRKN)

Vos, Pethros
This man, a native of the planet Kiffu, was married to Quian Vos. Both were members of the Guardians of Kiffu, and were the parents of the noted Jedi Knight, Quinlan Vos. Both Quian and Pethros were killed when a group of rogue Anzati, under the command of Volfe Karkko, breeched the interdiction of Kiffex to establish a base of operations there.(DRKN)

Vos, Quian
This woman, a native of the planet Kiffu, was the cousin of Tinte Vos and was married to Pethros Vos. Both were members of the Guardians of Kiffu, and were the parents of the noted Jedi Knight, Quinlan Vos. Both Quian and Pethros were killed when a group of rogue Anzati, under the command of Volfe Karkko, breeched the interdiction of Kiffex to establish a base of operations there.(DRKN)

Vos, Quinlan
This young Jedi Knight was a Kiffar who was discovered by Ki-Adi-Mundi and allowed to leave Kiffex to train on Coruscant. Note that Star Wars: Darkness indicates that Quinlan was discovered by Master Tholme. His parents, Quian and Pethros, were members of the Guardians of Kiffu, but were killed by a group of rogue Anzati under the command of Volfe Karkko. His remaining family hoped he would remain loyal to Kiffex first, and Quin vowed to return to his homeworld as often as possible. As a Padawan, Quinlan trained with Obi-Wan Kenobi, and they fought side-by-side with their Masters during the Stark Hyperspace War. His psychometric talents were quite strong, and Quin was quickly raised to the level of Jedi Knight after being trained by Jedi Master Tholme. Quinlan had just started training Aayla Secura as a Padawan when he was captured on Nar Shaddaa by Pol Secura. His memory was erased with an intense overdose of glitteryll, although he still had contact with the Force. He lacked his old discipline, however, and came very close to the Dark Side of the Force before returning to Coruscant. He was later dispatched by Mace Windu and Saesee Tiin to infiltrate the planet Dathomir and locate a connection between the Witches of Dathomir and the disappearance of the planet Ova. He hoped to learn more about matriarch Zalem and her clan, in an effort to link the temples on Ova to those on Dathomir. Quin, distinguished by the stripe of yellow tattoo which crossed his face horizontally, was taken captive and enslaved by Vonya, and earned special notice when he killed a guardian whuffa worm singlehandedly. He was offered a chance to serve as Zalem's personal bodyguard, but he hestiated enough to be relegated to keeping wild kwi. In doing so, Quin learned that of the ancient Kwa and their Infinite Gates. He also learned that, because of his killing of a guardian worm, he was now the guardian of the Star Chamber on Dathomir. He was later recaptured by Zalem, but was rescued by his friend Yag Shushin and Ros Lai, who was herself a Dark Side adept. They were unable to prevent Zalem from unleashing an Infinity Wave at Coruscant, but Quin managed to destroy the command module of the Star Chamber on Dathomir, eliminating the Wave before it hit the planet. He also brought Ros Lai to Coruscant as a prisoner, in the hopes of returning her to the Light Side of the Force. Shortly afterward, Quinlan was recalled to Kiffu by his aunt, the Sheyf Tinte Vos, to help discover the increase in attacks by feral Anzati. Quinlan also discovered that his former Padawan, Aayla Secura, was on Kiffex, under the control of the Dark Jedi Volfe Karkko. With the help of several other Jedi Knights, including Quinlan's former teacher Tholme, Quinlan overcame the Dark Side and defeated Volfe Karkko in one-on-one combat. Instead of returning to Coruscant with the rest of the Jedi, Quinlan left Kiffu with Vilmarh Grarhk, following Master Zao's belief in letting the Force guide his path. He was later reunited with Aayla when Master Tholme was captured by Kh'aris Fenn and imprisoned with Nat Secura on Kintan. They managed to defeat the Morgukai warriors, Tsyr and Bok, and rescued Tholme and the Secura heir. Upon returning to Coruscant, Quinlan Vos was elevated to the rank of Jedi Master, for his work in freeing Master Tholme and helping resolve the upheaval on Ryloth due to Kh'aris Fenn's actions. As the Clone Wars broke out, Quinlan decided that the best way to help was to go underground and infiltrate the Separatists. He adopted the alias of Korto Vos and managed to help the Jedi in a number of arenas, specifically on Brentaal. As Korto, he worked to infiltrate the Separatist network as part of an elaborate plan conceived by the Jedi Council. In a daring move, the Council dispatched Agen Kolar to arrest Quinlan and bring him back to Coruscant for justice. Kolar was unaware of the plan, and was chosen because he would never actually kill Quinlan, despite any "crimes" he might have committed. When Kolar failed to recover Quinlan, it gave him a chance to abandon the Korto Vos alias and reveal himself as a Jedi who had become disillusioned with the Republic and the Jedi Order. After he killed Tookarti, he completed his transformation by delivering his "resignation" to the Jedi Council in a holographic message from a secure location, so as not to be traced. He then traced down Count Dooku on Antar 4, and did what was necessary to win the Count's trust. While on Antar 4, Quinlan learned that Dooku had been negotiating with Sheyf Tinte for the rights to establish a Separatist base on Kiffu. He had managed to win a measure of Dooku's trust when they traveled to Kiffu to complete the negotiations with Tinte. When Dooku ordered Tinte's death, Quinlan couldn't stand by and allow it. He killed Kadrian Sey before she could assassinate Tinte, then took the old woman and fled. However, Dooku apprehended them and forced Quinlan to read Tinte's mind. After learning of Tinte's treachery - how she had murdered her brother, of her dealings with the Anzati Jedi Volfe Karkko, how she allowed the Anzati to keep the prisoners on Kiffex quiet by allowing the Anzati to feed on them, and how she sealed the pact by giving Quinlan's parents to Karkko as sacrifices - Quinlan could no longer control his anger. Although Tinte claimed to have only wanted Quinlan to follow in her footsteps, he refused to listen. When Dooku presented Quinlan with a lightsaber, he eagerly cut down Tinte Vos, killing her on the spot and solidifying his turn toward the Dark Side of the Force. The Jedi Order feared that his turn was complete, but Quin continued to maintain that it was a necessary aspect of his cover. Some six months before the First Battle of Coruscant, Quin was reunited with Obi-Wan Kenobi aboard the Titavian IV, after Obi-Wan answered the ship's distress call. The pair barely escaped from Asajj Ventress and Skorr, and Quin then traveled to Rendili with Obi-Wan. After his brave efforts during the Rendili Fleet Crisis, Quinlan was allowed to rejoin the Jedi Order. Unknown to his friends and the Order, Quinlan's actions were all part of a much more devious plan of Count Dooku's design. After having turned Quin to the Dark Side, Dooku planned to have Quin return to the Jedi Order, as a traitorous double agent. Quin, however, finally realized that the Jedi Order was his true home, and he eventually abandoned the plans of Count Dooku. He kept this change of heart to himself, however, hoping to use his position within the Separatists to locate the second Sith Lord who was working with Dooku. Information gathered from Salje' Tasha led Quinlan to believed that the second Sith was Sora Bulq, and Quinlan agreed to serve as Oppo Rancisis' second-in-command at the Siege of Saleucami in order to get close to Bulq. On Saleucami, he was forced to assume command of the mission when Rancisis was killed by Sora Bulq. His fellow Jedi believed that he was privy to what Master Rancisis had planned, but Quinlan was ignorant of what had been done while Rancisis was in his battle meditation. So, Quinlan was forced to create his own battle plan, which ultimately succeeded in eliminating Sora Bulq. However, the loss of Rancisis weighed heavy on everyone's minds. In the wake of the battle on Saleucami, and after learning that Khaleen Hentz was pregnant with his child, Quinlan vowed to leave the Jedi Order when the Clone Wars were over. Vos later led the forces of the Grand Army of the Republic into battle on Boz Pity, during the Outer Rim Sieges. In the wake of the First Battle of Coruscant, Vos was dispatched to Kashyyyk as part of the task force led by Jedi Master Yoda, and fought alongside Tarfful and Chewbacca at the Battle of Kachirho. However, when Darth Sidious revealed his true nature and killed Mace Windu, he sent out communications to the various clone commanders to execute Order 66. It was believed that Quinlan Vos was killed by fire from a Republic tank, but no body was ever found. Vos himself was badly injured, and his lungs were seared by the heat of the blast that nearly killed him. However, his love for Khaleen and their child drove him to survive. He was severely injured when he managed to kill Commander Faie, and only the timely arrival of Vilmarh Grahrk saved him. The Devaronian took Vos' injured body away from Kashyyyk, and acquired a bacta tank in which to immerse the Jedi. Quin recovered slowly, and about eight months later they set out to find Khaleen. When she was not on Nar Shaddaa, Quin acted on a hunch and they set out for Kashyyyk. They found Khaleen, as well as Jedi Masters Tholme and T'ra Saa, hiding in the jungles with the Palsaang clan of Wookiees. There, Quinlan was able to meet his son, Korto, for the first time.(SWIE, OWS, SWT, DRKN, ROP, J2, RDB, J3, J4, RDR, IS3, RT, RSOS, RDV, RHE)

Vos, Tinte'
This female Kiffar served as the Sheyf, or the leader of the Guardians of Kiffu, during the last decades of the Old Republic, after her brother Kurlin stepped down from power. She hated the fact that Kurlin allowed Quilan Vos to be taken to Coruscant for Jedi training, wishing instead that he be trained as a Guardian. Before Jedi Master Tholme could leave Kiffu, though, Tinte' used Quinlan's incredible psychometric powers to "read" her cousin Quian's family amulet. Quian was Quinlan's mother, and she was killed when a group of rogue Anzati attacker her ship. Tinte' needed to know how Quian died, and used Quinlan despite Kurlin's objections. Quinlan was deeply affected by the knowledge of his parent's deaths, and Kurlin was left with no choice but to send Quinlan to Coruscant for healing as well as training. Many years later, shortly after the Battle of Naboo, Sheyf Tinte' contacted the Jedi Council about Quinlan's loss of memory at the hands of Pol Secura. When Quinlan returned to Coruscant instead of Kiffu, she demanded that the Jedi Council dispatch Quinlan - her own flesh and blood - back to Kiffu to investigate the destruction of a security outpost. She refused to accept the help of T'ra Saa, the Jedi watchman of the sector, although she would not reveal her true desire. Once Quinlan was on Kiffu, Sheyf Tinte' used his psychometric abilities to discover the reason that a band of feral Anzati were suddenly attacking the Kiffu. However, further investigation by the Jedi Council revealed that Tinte' Vos was incarcerating political prisoners, in addition to criminals, on Kiffex, in direct violation of an agreement with the Old Republic. Mace Windu, Plo Koon, and Adi Gallia were dispatched to the twin planets by Chancellor Palpatine himself to remedy the situation, as well as to rescue the Jedi who were already on Kiffex. Sheyf Tinte' remained free, however, and was approached by Count Dooku, who wanted to establish a Separatist base on Kiffu. Tinte' remained defiant, and Dooku ordered her death. Quinlan tried to stop it, exposing the fact that he was still working for the Jedi Order. He took Tinte' and fled, but Dooku apprehended them and forced Quinlan to read Tinte''s mind. After learning of Tinte''s treachery - how she murdered her own brother because he allowed Quinlan to go to Coruscant for training, her dealings with the Anzati Jedi Volfe Karkko, how she allowed the Anzati to keep the prisoners on Kiffex quiet by allowing the Anzati to feed on them, and how she sealed the pact by giving Quinlan's parents to Karkko as sacrifices - Quinlan could no longer control his anger. Although Tinte' claimed to have only wanted Quinlan to follow in her footsteps, he refused to listen. When Dooku presented Quinlan with a lightsaber, he eagerly cut down Tinte' Vos, killing her on the spot and solidifying his turn toward the Dark Side of the Force. Her memory lived on for many months, haunting Quinlan's dreams and leaving him shaken.(OWS, SWT, DRKN, J4, RSS)

Vos, Tiran
This was the name of a noted Zabrak individual.(UANT)

Vos, Zac'ryah
This Kiffar served as a General in the armed forces of his homeworld of Kiffu, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. A veteran of many wars, Zac'ryah was distinguished by his white-streaked hair and the cybernetic eye that replaced his left eye, glowing red and giving him a menacing appearance. When the Battle of Geonosis plunged the galaxy into conflict, General Vos was believed to have died on Kiffu during the skirmish with Separatists that took the like of Tinte Vos. This was eventually proven to be the truth, although Quinlan Vos used Zac'ryah's identity to infiltrate Coruscant and assassinate Senator Viento, during the period of time Quinlan worked directly for County Dooku. Quinlan's protrayal of Zac'ryah was a bit too emotional, especially when Bail Organa suggested that Tinte' Vos had been killed by a Dark Jedi.(RSS)

Vos Gesal Hotel
This hotel, located on Coruscant during the last decades of the Old Republic, was popular with entertainers from across the galaxy. Found in the Uscru District, the Vos Gesal Hotel was distinguished by its bullet-shaped building and the spotlights that shone from its domed roof. As its name suggested, the Vos Gesal Hotel was located on Vos Gesal Street, near the Outlander Club.(IWE2)

Vos Gesal Street
This busy thoroughfare was located on the lower levels of the Uscru District of Coruscant.(HNN5, SWDB)

Vosa, Komari
This woman was being trained as an apprentice to Darth Tyranus, otherwise known as Count Dooku, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. She went rogue just after the Jedi Knights defeated the Mandalorians on Galidraan, after Dooku refused to support her readiness for the Jedi Trials. Her training was cut short by the Jedi Council, which feared that she had become unstable, and pointed to her infatuation with Dooku as evidence. Komari fled Coruscant, but she later joined the task force of Jedi Knights dispatched to Baltizaar. It was believed that she died in the battle at Baltizaar. When he found out she was still alive, Tyranus put a huge bounty on her head, to ensure that Jango Fett accepted the bounty and set out to eliminate her. Tyranus hoped to aqccomplish two things: eliminate any threat posed by the Bando Gora to the plans of Darth Sidious, and test Jango Fett to prove he was a legitimate candidate to serve as the basis for a clone army.

Jango discovered that Komari Vosa had become the leader of the very Bando Gora cult she had battled on Baltizaar, after slaying her fellow Jedi and turning to the Dark Side. She believed that the Jedi Order - and Dooku in particular - had abandoned her, and set out to exact revenge against those she now hated. Her weapons of choice were a pair curved lightsabers, similar to the one used by Dooku. Komari Vosa and her followers developed a form of death stick that warped the mind of its user, creating a slave for the cult's own use. She used these drugged slaves to attack her enemies. The cult was eventually smashed by Jango Fett, who managed to confront Vosa on Kohlma. Jango would have killed her if Tyranus hadn't stepped in. Tyranus then explained that he had trained Vosa years before, and used the Bando Gora as a way to test Jango's suitability to serve as the template for the clone troopers that were created for the Army of the Republic. It was never known what happened to Komari Vosa in the wake of the events on Kohlma.(SWI63, WOTC, BH, EGF)

Vosengoor, Cerisa
This woman served as an Old Republic judiciary official, working on Coruscant during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Judiciary Vosengoor spent part of her career investigating the training practices of the Jedi Knights, especially with regards to young children.(HNN5)

This was a blend of one hundred percent pure alcohol, noted for its sky-blue color and the distillers' use of lumps of geref to add color and flavor. Vosh was often sold in spiral-shaped bottles of clear glass, which served to put the alcohol's sky-blue color on full display. Because it was two-hundred-proof alcohol, vosh was often used as an ingredient in mixed drinks. Once decanted and exposed to the air, the geref lumps that floated in the vosh began to dissolve into vapor, creating a temporary bubbling that made many mixed drinks exciting and fun.(PM)

Vosh, Trence
This man, a native of the planet Alderaan, was a Navy Captain who served the Old Republic during its final decades. Captain Vosh was in command of the Leviathan Dreadnaught, patrolling the hyperspace trade routes and enforcing Old Republic trade laws.(SOG)

Voshan Containers
This small shipping operation was active during the height of the Clone Wars. They were believed to have been allied with the Separatists, as many of their transports and freighters were often seen in convoys that were supplying Separatist locations.(RCTZ)

Vo-Shay, Kinnin
This man was known throughout the galaxy as the man who never lost a sabacc match. Many believed that Vo-Shay obtained magical assistance from the amulet he wore around his neck, although the amulet was nothing more than a gift from an old girlfriend. Kinnin was easily recognizable by his silver-streaked white hair, pale violet eyes, and the long scar that ran around his mouth and past his nose. It was believed that Kinnin and his ship, the Ashanda Ray, were lost in the Tyus Cluster some fifty years before the Battle of Endor, but Vo-Shay showed up on Nar Shaddaa shortly after the battle. He had been helping the young man named Nyo to obtain a lightsaber Nyo wanted. Nyo dreamed of becoming a Jedi Knight, and tried to win enough credits to buy the weapon by playing sabacc against the Herglic gambler Doune. Kinnin soundly defeated Doune, taking more than 200,000 credits in the match. However, he won the hatred of Doune, who beat them to Nar Shaddaa and stole the lightsaber. Doune then challenged Vo-Shay to one last hand. The stakes were Vo-Shay's amulet against the lightsaber, and Vo-Shay purposely lost the hand. He wanted to ensure Doune wouldn't come after them anymore, and he knew that Doune didn't want the lightsaber in the first place. He was right on both counts, as the Herglic gave up the lightsaber after winning the amulet. Vo-Shay then told Nyo of his experience in the Tyus Cluster, where he was caught in the gravity well of a mass of black holes along with the disembodied Jedi Master, Aryzah. Lost in the timeless null void of the black holes, Aryzah taught Vo-Shay how to use the Force. He then managed to get free of the black holes, and Aryzah stayed with him from then on. After meeting Nyo, Vo-Shay and Aryzah agreed to help him learn more about the Force.(TFNR)

This Imperial Major, distinguished by his full beard and mustaches of bright red hair, was in command of a Star Destroyer as part of Admiral Giel's armada, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. His ship was one of the first vessels attacked when Luke Skywalker and a small team infiltrated Giel's fleet to try and destroy it. When he realized that the attack was coming from TIE Fighters piloted by Alliance pilots, Major Voss ordered his gunners to spray defensive fire at the smaller ships. Despite concerns from his gunnery officers about hitting other Imperial ships, Major Voss ordered the TIEs destroyed. Other commanders followed suit, unaware that their wild fire was striking and damaging the rest of the armada.(MC61)

This was the shortened name of a noted Chiss individual.(UANT)

This Imperial stormtrooper served under Major Grau during the height of the New Order. Voss was killed on Alashan by a Sentinel creature, while Grau was investigating the underground ruins exposed by a team of Alliance archaeologists, shortly after the Battle of Yavin.(MCI7)

A planet.(GMR6)

Voss, Krelba
This was the name of a famous Houk individual.(UANT)

This Trandoshan worked as a bounty hunter on the moon Nar Shaddaa, during the years following the Mandalorian Wars.(KOTOR2)

This Rodian arms dealer worked with Gredori, Keesi, and Aald during the early years of the New Order.(WOTC)

Voss'on't, Trhin
This Imperial stromtrooper was the Commander of one of the Empire's Strategic Insertion battalions. Fiercely loyal to the Empire, Voss'on't was more than willing to play the part of a defector in a scheme hatched by Prince Xizor and endorsed by Emperor Palpatine himself. In the plan, which was meant to splinter the two factions that resulted from the breakup of the Bounty Hunters Guild, Voss'on't was supposed to play the part of a renegade commander who took control of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. He was believed to have forced the ship's crew to evacuate at gunpoint, then took the vessel and fled to the Outer Rim with a hand-picked crew of accomplices. Once there, Voss'on't executed his crew and took the most valuable parts of the Star Destroyer and sold them. Among the weapons and computer systems he stole, Voss'on't also took with him the encrypt/decrypt codes used by the Strategic Insertion forces to send and receive their orders. The story was that he would sell them to the highest bidder, most likely the Alliance, who could use them to anticipate covert Imperial strikes. This all made for a valid scenario, since Voss'on't actually did kill him crewmates, and the codes were meant to exist for months while the Special Insertion teams remained hidden. Voss'on't hid out on a world with a dying mining outpost, waiting for the bounty hunters to find him. His skills as a soldier allowed him to dispatch the weakest or most foolhardy of the hunters, but he met his match when Boba Fett and Bossk apprehended him. Although both hunters nearly died in the capture, Voss'on't was nonetheless brought in. Kud'ar Mub'at served as the middleman in the bounty arrangements, since the reward for his capture was incredibly large. However, when Fett delivered the soldier, he found himself doublecrossed by Mub'at and Prince Xizor himself, who had aligned with the subnode Balancesheet to cross them all. Voss'on't was left stranded from Imperial support, and was executed by Xizor's agents, seemingly at Palpatine's order.(SLS, HM)

This Quarren was known as a very reliable, although not quite trustworthy, information broker during the years leading up to the Battle of Endor. Based on Gall, Vossuk provided the Bothan SpyNet with the first inklings of the location of Han Solo's carbonite-frozen body, when Boba Fett arrived on Gall to make repairs to his ship, Slave I. It was later discovered that Vossuk had actually been working directly for Fett, and had leaked the information about Solo's whereabouts to draw a number of bounty hunters to Gall. Fett then took solo's body and blasted off from Gall, in an effort to shake off the pursuit of those bounty hunters who were trying to steal Solo's body and claim the bounty offered by Jabba the Hutt.(GAL7)

Vost, Aarica
This Corporate Secxtor Authority agent reported directly to Baruche Sloane during her tenure as the starship parts dealer known as Bren-Aarica Rordan. She was a tall, beautiful woman, and was extremely intelligent and ambitious. Her cover as Bren-Aarica Rordan required her to be friendly and attentive, traits which she had no problems assuming. Aarica was the daugther of Larin Vost.(TSK)

Vost, Larin
This powerful man was the head of the Corporate Sector Authority's Expansion division in the years following the Battle of Endor.(TSK)

This planet was the site of a shipyard maintained by the remnants of the Empire, some three years after the Battle of Endor.(WBC)

Vos'yr Valley
This picturesque location was found on Novor XXIII.(SSR)

Vota myo creeta
This Huttese phrase, often heard at hotels, translated into Basic as "Here is my credit card."(GPB)

Votaran, Ruskor
This was the name of one the few Tarro who were living in the galaxy during the early years of the New Republic.(UANT)

Vote of No Confidence
This Old Republic legal action allowed any Senator, or any Senatorial representative, to call upon the Galactic Senate to vote on their confidence in the current Supreme Chancellor's ability to contine to lead the galaxy. By calling for a Vote of No Confidence, an individual openly questioned the Supreme Chancellor's leadership and political abilities. The Vote of No Confidence was only invoked in the most dire of circ*mstances, the last of which occurred when Queen Amidala of Naboo called for a vote on Finis Valorum's leadership, after the Trade Federation blockaded, then invaded, her homeworld. The Galactic Senate stalled when Queen Amidala asked for an investigation, and Chancellor Valorum was unable to gain support for the investigation.(CHRN2, E1)

The meaning of this Zabrak surname was unclear, but translated into Basic as voice guardian". It wa believed that this name referred to individuals who maintained air supplies in hostile environments.(GCG)

One of the four moons orbitting the planet Ambria.(TOJC)

Voth, Sayla
This was the name of a noted Zabrak individual.(UANT)

Vothran, Gelod
A native of Chandrila, this famous actor protrayed Sival Brentioch opposite Vessa Brentioch's portrayal of Freia Kallea during a production of the Kallea Cycle during the height of the New Order.(SWJ13)

Based out of Gelgelar, this smuggler used an RA-series servant droid as a bodyguard, by upgrading its programming and adding a blaster.(SWJ14)

This city, located on the planet Brentaal, was the site of the planet's major starport. Imperial Customs agents once raided an Alliance rawmat warehouse there.(SWJ9)

Votrad Independent Downport
This was the primary spaceport located in Votrad, on the planet Brentaal.(PSG)

Votrad Stadium
This 100,000-seat arena was the largest entertainment venue found on the planet Brentaal. During the height of the New Order, the Stadium was used to produce several performances of the Kallea Cycle, as its 500-meter-long stage allowed for a great deal of realism and activity within the huge sets required to bring the Kallea Cycle to life. It was located in the city of Votrad.(SWJ13)

Vought, Tendin
This bounty hunter traveled to the Cularin System, during the height of the Clone Wars, on a mission to hunt down Nirama. Known in the business as Razor, Vought enlisted the aid of Caranna in his hunt. He was somewhat surprised to find that his employers were droids, but they paid him a huge sum of credits to take the job. Vought also negotiated for a new starship, additional melee weapons, and a protective suit of armor. He was unprepared for Caranna's treachery, though, when she poisoned him with a mild toxin during the negotiations with their employers. She left Vought's inert form behind, and set out on the mission alone. Vought managed to survive the encounter, however. With the credits he earned working for the droids, Vought bought a new environment suit to help him survive, as well as a new ship and new weapons, and set out to exact his revenge on Caranna. He managed to catch up with her in the city of Gadrin, but Caranna managed to escape him again. Vought refused to give up, and set out once again to eliminate her.(LFCW)

This small-time criminal was living in Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Among his many contacts was the mayor of Mos Eisley, Mikdanyell Guh'Rantt.(SWGAL)

see Vourk(SWGAL)

This Rodian worked for Big Bunji as a smuggler and thug, but had more morals than most criminals. He took up smuggling because, more often than not, no one ever got hurt.(MEAS)

This Whiphid worked in the Off-Worlder's Quarter of Ropagi II as a drop point agent, making sure that cargoes get from one ship to another and finally delivered to their destination. He worked for a group of Bothans, but never revealed their identities.(PSG)

This was a pseudonym used by a smuggler who had a great deal of experience with droids. Vox was based on Keyoran, but spent part of his career in the Corporate Sector.(SWJ13, SWJ14, FTD)

This Defel informant worked on the planet Reaper's World, matching bounty postings to available hunters. She was quite skilled in her work, lacking any ture loyalty but maintaining the anonymity of her clients with ruthless cunning. Vox arranged for an anonymous bounty to be placed on the Herglic gambler Nalroch, a bounty illegally posted by Lord Haakon.(ND)

Vox, Wade
This young man was a native of Alderaan, and the son of a wealthy merchant family. He was away from the planet on business when it was destroyed by the first Death Star, and was forced to make a living as a smuggler. He barely survived a number of dangerous missions before making his way to Tatooine. There, he tried to set up his own operations but refused to pay "protection money" to Jabba the Hutt in order to remain independent. Wade was then kidnapped by Jabba, who forced him to race in a series of demolition derbies against a variety of opponents. In these events, Wade was known as a formidable competitor who had just enough control of the Force to keep himself alive. He used a modified X-34 landspeeder as his vehicle of choice, a craft he purchased from BoShek shortly after arriving on Tatooine. He later discovered that the landspeeder had once been owned by Luke Skywalker.(OWS, SWD)

This expensive device provided realtime translation of speech, allowing a Gamorrean to converse in Basic with another race, or allowing Darth Vader to sound more imposing than he already was.(SWI62, DSTR)

A species of obnoxious insect.(CSA)

This was the generic term used to describe the transmission of an audio/video signal to a wide audience of beings.(DSTR)

A speech-synthesizing computer ship that can be placed in any number of applications to provide vocal interaction.(SE)

This was the term used to describe any of the thousands of light-generating segments of a three-dimensional video unit. Voxels were arranged both vertically and horizontally, so that a device's display resolution could be measured by the number of voxels in a given horizontal or vertical line.(SWDT)
Voxen Tass
This modified Brayl-class bulk freighter was owned and operated by Shang Lines during the Galactic Civil War. It was captained by Leona Makk.(IA)

This was the brand name of Fabritech's internal comlink unit, designed for installation on a droid. Its function was very similar to a handheld comlink.(FTD)

This was a form of voice-activated recording device, used by news reporters to help them keep track of their notes and discussions.(MJH)

Bio-engineered by the Yuuzhan Vong from the genetic material of a vornskr and a freo xyn from their own galaxy, the voxyn was a large creature designed to seek out and destroy any being which used the Force. They moved about on eight curved legs, and measured a meter in height and four meters in length. The flat head of a voxyn was dominated by a wide mouth which could regurgitate the acidic contents of its stomach and belch them at a target. This brown mucus attacked anything it came in contact with, and could destroy living flesh in a matter of minutes. Its black scales protects its body like armor, and its dorsal ridge was lined with sensory spines. A white barb studded the end of its whiplike tail. The Yuuzhan Vong bred voxyn to combat the Jedi Knights, using a laboratory based on the worldship Baanu Rass, in orbit around Myrkr, to create a queen from which all other voxyn were cloned and bred. The average voxyn had only a short lifespan after being released from the laboratory, since they required a nutrient compound which was only found on Myrkr, but were more than equipped to make the most of their lives. The Yuuzhan Vong Shapers who were responsible for creating the voxyn discovered that the creatures went wild in the presence of an ysalamiri, losing their natural cunning and going insane. Their beady, yellow eyes were virtually useless until the voxyn located its prey and got close enough to attack it. One of the voxyn's more formidable attack methods was to screech out an intense blastwave of sound, which rendered most beings incapacitated. The blood of a voxyn was also unique, having the ability to transmutate into a neurotoxin exposed to most kinds of air. The toepads of a voxyn were infested with dozens of forms of retroviruses, all but rendering a single antidote useless in the event of infection. Even the tail of the voxy, a holdover from its vornskr origins, administered a neural shock when it touched exposed flesh. All in all, the voxyn was engineered for just one thing: to kill a Jedi Knight. The Jedi realized this, and launched a desparate plan to eliminate the queen at Myrkr. Although many Jedi died in the attempt - including Anakin Solo - the voxyn queen was eventually destroyed when it was led into a dovin basal and consumed by the gravity well. Only a single clone remained of the voxyn species, which Warmaster Tsavong Lah maintained for future use against the Jedi. From this clone he managed to grow six more voxyn before the Battle of Ebaq, which were used to locate any Jedi on Ebaq 9.(SBS, EL2, DW, NJOSB)

Voyage Enterprises
This small corporation produced a series of inexpensive, but nonetheless effective, lightweight armor suits for use by scouts and other personnel.(ROE)

Voyager's Rest
This was one of the most up-scale inns located on the Kavila continent of Dalos IV.(ND)

Voyages of the VSD Protector, The
This series of holovids followed the crew of the Victory-class Star Destroyer Protector on its adventures through the galaxy. Approved by the Imperial Security Bureau, this serial portrayed the ship's crew as they battled against a legendary slivilith.(ANT)

This gray-skinned Twi'lek was one of many who opposed the alignment of the planet Ryloth with the Separatists, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. Voyla hated the fact that the Twi'lek elders welcomed Passel Argente to the city of Lessu, believing that Argente was only hoping to strip Ryloth of its wealth, rather than share the wealth of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.(CWOC1)

Vozda, Dagmar
This former Detached Duty Agent for the office of the Auditor-General of the Corporate Sector Authority investigated the case of Rex Shaxrigge. She posed as a woman executive who was lonely, and allowed Rex to make his moves. They met on Etti IV for what was ostensibly a romantic tryst, hoping to get Rex to try and steal her "corporate secrts." When he found out who she was and that she was trying to arrest him, he pulled a vibroknife on her and threatened her life. This was when a vacationing Fiolla stepped in. Fiolla had recognized Shaxrigge, but when he pulled the knife she felt she couldn't just stand by and watch. In helping Dagmar apprehend Shaxrigge, Fiolla proved herself worthy of consideration by the CSA. Dagmar remembered Fiolla's fearlessness and boldness, and hired her when she graduated. Dagmar took Fiolla under her wing and schooled her, grooming her to promotions. When Dagmar finally retired, she recommended that Fiolla take over her position, which was agreed to by the CSA.(CSA)

This was a species of thick-skinned aliens who were known as warriors.(TSIA)

One of the children serving in Hethrir's Empire Youth camp, Vram was the schoolyard bully. As such, he was also Hethrir's primary source of information about the students.(CS)

Vran, Noran
This woman was an Imperial Captain, and was in command of the 656th regiment during the occupation of Xanas City.(HR)

This race was mercilesssly slaughtered in order for the killers to take control of their lands and the wealth it contained. Neither the Pas'sic government nor the New Republic observed the customs and laws of Pas'sic after punishing the killers, for they failed to distribute the wealth to the survivors and their families.(SOP)

This was the name given to the native language of the Vratix. It consisted of a series of clicks and high-picthed sounds, which were augmented by changes in skin color. Because of this combination, no written form of the Vratix language was created, and non-Vratix could only learn to understand - but not speak - the langauge.(EGP, UANT)

This alien race, native to the planet Thyferra, perfected the creation of bacta by combining alazhi and kavam. They vastly outnumbered the human natives of the planet, but were considered inferior to their corporate counterparts. In form, the Vratix were insectoids that bore a strange resemblance to humanoids. They had large, compound eyes, a stalk-like neck, and three pairs of limbs sprouting from a cylindrical thorax and abdomen. The upper set of limbs served as triple-jointed arms, while the lower two pairs of limbs served as legs. The last set of limbs was well-muscled, and was used in jumping.

Most Vratix were gray in color, with the shades darkening with age. However, body color could be changed to express emotion through the excretion of dernin, a chemical that was produced in the short hair-like bristles that studded the body of a Vratix.

The Vratix existed in a basic form of hive mentality, but were able to function as individuals. As a people, the Vratix believed that sight and sound were not permanent things, and preferred to touch another being in order to recognize their presence. Communication among Vratix was accomplished through a series of low-pitched clicks, although most individuals were capable of speaking the Basic language. Each Vratix individual was given two names. The first was the name of their hive, while the second was a given name.

The Vratix on Thyferra governed themselves through a representative council that was led by two canirs. Three major political parties evolved with the development of bacta: The Zaltin, the Xucphra, and the Ashern Circle. However, the strong pro-human sentiments that permeated the Zaltin and Xucphra factions led to the labeling of the Ashern as terrorists. Although the Ashern were widely considered to have been responsible for the contamination of certain lots of bacta during the height of the New Order, this might only have been a ruse to cover up an internal struggle. The Ashern, through the Vratix Qlaern Hirf, petitioned Wedge Antilles to sponsor their admittance to the New Republic, but the move was placed in limbo when Ysanne Isard took control of Thyferra. Eventually, the Vratix were about to expel the human leaders of the bacta cartels, and took control of Thyferra's production facilities.

During the height of the Swarm War, the Vratix government was targetted by the Colony for a military coup, and in effort to draw the Galactic Alliance into fighting smaller battles and leaving the Utegetu Nebula unguarded. This would have allowed the Colony to launch its full-scale attack on the Chiss, but the plans of the Colony were discovered by Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo. Their message arrived too late to save the Vratix, however, and Thyferra swiftly fell to the Killiks who attacked it.(XWN, KT, SWJ3, SWI64, UANT, DN3, OWS)

Vratix Occupation
This was the term used by certain galactic corporate leaders to describe the ten-year period that followed the Battle of Naboo which was known in the Vratix language as Alazhixazha. It was during this period that the Vratix controlled both the Zaltin and Xucphra factions, thereby controlling all production of bacta on Thyferra.(PH)

Vratixan Blood Eagle
This bird of prey was noted for its incredibly strong talons, which were used to grip and crush its prey.(E3N)

This gentle race had to be evacuated from their homeworld during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, twenty-seven years after the Battle of Yavin.(SBS)

This creature was a medium-sized alien that inhabited the depths of the Nar Shaddaa spaceport. These grey-skinned predators resembled primates in their four-legged posture. They were generally smooth-skinned, with tufts of hair at their shoulders and haunches. Their short, thick tails were used to enhance their balance, and their wide feet and sharp claws provided plenty of stability. They were known to be carnivores that would attack and kill a sentient being, although packs of vrblthers would attack any living creature they could find when hungry. It was believed that vrblthers evolved on the planet of Varl, although no direct evidence ever proved this.(DE2, ETM, WOTC, TF)

This was the Issori term for an unsanctioned birth. The word translated in Basic as "stranger," but had a much stronger meaning because the child and its breeding were unrecognized by Issori society. Children born of vrecje matings were considered outcasts, and were often killed.(IR)

This was the Neimoidian word for the number 3.(GPB)

A former starport customs guard, this Rodian was an associate of Ilb Toranda, working on the planet Cularin during the early years of the New Order. He hated anything that wasn't clean, and lamented his life in the underbelly of Hedrett. He was later paired with Krael during a mission to obtain weapons for Toranda's operations. Vreego hated Krael's slipshod methods of work, and ended up killing the human after he misread a map and led them down a dead-end sewer while trying to find a meeting location.(LFCW)

A native of a fringe world, Vreel joined the Imperial military when the Empire took control of his homeworld. A nonconformist who couldn't fit into his society's rigid culture, Vreel volunteered for the Army when the Imperial began conscripting trainees. Distinguished by the tattooes along his hairline, Vreel quickly became disillusioned with the Empire, seeing its tyranny at face value. He hoped to join the Alliance one day, but could never figure out how to make contact with them.(SWJ2)

This scientist worked for Bioniip Laboratories on Cloud City, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. An expert in artificial intelligence, Vreen was known for cutting corners in order to reach his goals faster than his peers. recruited away from Bioniip by Doctor Issan Len for work on the X0-X1 project. However, while Doctor Len wished to use the droid for the good of the galaxy, Doctor Vreen saw the immense potential it held for the Imperial Navy. Vreen arranged to steal the X0-X1 prototype and installed it in the central datacore of Cloud City itself, hoping to prove to Lira Wessex that the droid was valuable to the Empire. Vreen himself was a victim of X0-X1's unusual transformation plans, and soon discovered that X0-X1 had implanted thousands of evolution droids into his body. Vreen suddenly found himself becoming a living automaton. Doctor Vreen decided that he had better atone for the damage he had done. With the help of a team of Alliance agents sent to protect Doctor Len, they were able to disconnect X0-X1 from the main computer and foil the droid's plans to take over Cloud City. Vreen himself had become a flesh droid, and sacrficed himself to gain access to X0-X1's lair in the central computer core.(CCC)

Vrees, Yan
This male Gran was known con artist who made a name for himself as a card shark and smuggler in the Outer Rim Territories during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. He once lost a large sum of credits to Jabba the Hutt in a sabacc match, then skipped out before paying off his debts. Jabba issued a bounty for his capture, which Jango Fett managed to claim when he located Yan Vrees on Malastare shortly after the Battle of Naboo.(BH)

This was one of the many Gamorrean dialects.(GG7, WOTC)

This was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "lucky" or "fortunate".(GCG)

Vrei, Alask
This Twi'lek male was once a baron on his homeworld of Ryloth, until his holdings were seized in a clan power-struggle and he was left creditless. He discovered that he had a knack for the tactics of dogfighting, and joined the New Republic Navy as a tactician. He served with distinction as a line officer, and survived his fair share of engagements before being named the commanding officer of Nightflier Squadron. Much to the chagrin of his pilots, Vrei acted as if they were his subjects, protecting them from harm in much the same way a lord protected his farmers and smiths. However, he was not above playing hardball if the situation demanded it.(GMR9)

This settlement, located on the planet Thyferra, was the site of the planet's largest alazhi fields.(SWI64)

This Corellian scavenger inhabited the urban alleys and garbage dumps. It was a large, rat-like beast with sharp teeth and claws. Vrelts were the favored prey of the tabaga.(TPS, THG, SWG2P)

Vren, Gunder
This Alliance agent was part of a team dispatched to Tatooine to participate in the auction of the Shard of Alderaan, hoping to recover the slicing program for the Alliance.(LAA)

Vreni Island
Located on Corellia, this small island was covered with trees and was a destination for many vacationers.(IJ)

Vreshann Electronics, Incorporated
This Gotal corporation produced a number of scanning devices during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(GFT)

This Imperial Xiytiar-class transport was destroyed by the Alliance, shortly before the Battle of Endor. It was part of the fleet which supplied the Bretie production facility at the time.(XWA)

This was the term used by the Xxxx to describe the New Republic's communications base on the planet Esfandia.(FH3)

One of the family names used by the Bothan people, it literally meant "caretaker" or "groundskeeper".(GCG, WOTC)

Vriichon Brothers
These Ranat brothers operated an illegal spice den from a building in the spaceport city of Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooime, during the last years of the Old Republic. They eventually sold the building to Chalmun, who renovated it and turned it into Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina. Many within the criminal underworld of Mos Eisley believed that the Vriichon Brothers fled Mos Eisley immediately after the sale, fearing that Chalmun would come after them when he found the bodies of many beings - one-time enemies and debtors of the brothers - in the basem*nt.(IWST)

This was one of the more prominent of the Tarasin irstats which were native to the planet Cularin. It was believed that the Vriisan were the caretakers of a treasure trove of documents and records created by Reidi Artom herself. This treasure was discovered shortly after the onset of the Clone Wars. Among the strange parchments was a "manifesto of expansion" written by Artom, in which she implored the reader to consider the rights and roles of a newly-discovered race before simply stripped their planet of resources. She wrote that all life was sacred, and that no matter where a being traveled in the galaxy, someone was always there before you.(LFCW)

This was a common female name given to Sullustan females. It referred to a gemstone found in the caverns of Sullust.(GCG)

This gemstone was found on the planet Sullust.(GCG)

This New Republic Admiral accompanied Rogue Squadron to Morishim, escorting Garm Bel Iblis on an inspection of the starfighter base there. He was thrust into combat mode when Imperial Captain Vermel tried to deliver Admiral Pellaeon's surrender notice. Vermel's CR-90 corvette was intercepted by agents under the command of Moff Disra and detained, but not before he got off a garbled message to Bel Iblis.(SOP)

Vri'syk, Peshk
This Bothan male, a native of Bothawui, was a member of Rogue Squadron. He was killed by a shot from an ion cannon while defending the planet Borleias.(XWN)

This Wookiee was a noted bolotaur handler, who worked in the jungles just outside of Kachirho during the height of the New Order. He worked with the Rodian leaders of the Etyyy hunting grounds to train hunters to ride the beasts, allowing them easier access to the deep jungles for their big-game hunts.(SWGAL)

This was a species of carnivorous mammal that was native to the moon of Rori. Although vrobals were known to be aggressive, they couuld also be tamed for use as a mount.(GQRG)

This was a subspecies of the vrobal, which was native to the moon of Rori. The vrobalet was smaller in stature than the vrobal, and was somewhat less aggressive than its larger cousin.(GQRG)

This farm creature was known for its stubborn tenacity. Many a farmer had tried to herd them, while the vro-cats think they know what better for them.(THG)

This volcanic world was the third planet in the N'zoth System. It was orbited by a single moon.(CCW)

This Gamorrean male was the leader of the Bolgoink clan, and was one of the strongest hand-to-hand fighters. Vrokk was married to Kufbrug. Guth was accused on murdering Vrokk shortly before the Fair at Bolgoink. His brother, Rog, clakimed to have a document written by Guth which challenged Vrokk to a duel outside the normal fights which occurred at the Fair. The seal on the document was supposedly poisoned, and Vrokk died shortly after breaking the seal. It was said that Vrokk's ghost still lingered in Bolgoink Hold, a sure sign that he had been murdered. Callista Ming, however, knew that Guth couldn't sign his own name, and questioned the validity of the document.(SWJ14)

This man was a noted mercenary from the planet Bethal, during the height of the New Order.(GUN)

This S'krrr greeted Mammon Hoole and the Shroud when they landed near the Sikadian Gardens, on the planet S'krrr. As the caretaker of the famous Gardens, Vroon found it unacceptable for the starship to land so close to the delicate plants collected there. He allowed Hoole to repair the ship, but that effort was interrupted when then-Captain Thrawn arrived on the planet to study its art. Vroon himself discovered that the gentle wingsong of the S'krrr soothed the drog beetles which ate the plants of the garden. It was later revealed that Vroon was a member of a secret S'krrr cult that worshipped insects, believing them to be the god-like ancestors of rhte S'krrr. Vroon wanted Hoole and Thrawn gone so that he could continue to expand the drog beetle population, in preparation for a second-coming of the insects. Vroon had been killing the shreevs that fed on the drog beetles, throwing the dead bodies into a pile behind the Gardens. However, the delicate balance between the drog beetles and the shreevs was upset by his schemes. The drog beetles overran his laboratory and killed him.(GOF8)

Vrortik co*cktail
This Wookiee meal was layered with various meats and cooked wroshyr leaves that have been stewed in grakkyn nectar for weeks.(RD)

This flesh of this small fish, native to Cularin, was considered a delicacy, and was often served sauteed. Vros was an expensive commodity, being found only on Cularin.(WOTC)

Vrosynri Eight
This planet was one of the more lackluster worlds of the Ciutric Hegemony.(IR)

An alien race.(APS)

This was a common name among the Sauvax race.(UANT)

A forested planet, Vryssa was once the site of an Imperial garrison. Boba Fett was forced to wipe out the garrison during a Hunt, after his target had hidden within the base for protection.(TFNR, NEGC)

This Wookiee hunter lived in the city of Kachirho, on his homeworld of Kashyyyk, during the era of the New Order. Vryyr made a living by taking off-world hunters into the jungles to track down and kill some of the planet's most dangerous predators.(SWGAL)

At 1,760 kilometers in diameter, V'Sar was the smallest of the three moons orbiting Goroth Prime.(GSE)

V-series Droid
This was the military version of the MerenData EV-series supervisor droid, produced to try and overcome the backlash over the original EV-series. Like its civilian counterpart, the EV-II series, the V-series droid was spurned by the military, and was eventually scrapped.(EGD, NEGD)

V-series Speeder
This SoroSuub speeder design was favored by many military and law-enforcement agencies during the last years of the Old Republic.(TCG1)

V'sett-class Fighter
This starfighter was created by the Ssi-ruuk people as a follow-on to the droid-controlled Swarm-class fighter. Besides having superior firepower and maneuverability, the V'sett-class fighter was also piloted by a living being. These ships looked very much like their earlier counterparts, being flattened and slightly curved in shape. At each corner of the fighter were sensors and shield generators which provided complete coverage at all times. These shields were one of the many technologies desired by Emperor Palpatine, when he negotiated his deal with the Ssi-ruuk many years before.(FH2)

This planet was the homeworld of the Ka'hren race.(AIR)

This Gorothite j'ber retained control of the major religion on Goroth Prime, the M'Nes, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(GSE)

This small creature was native to the planet Barab I, where it was the favorite prey of the hka'ka.(FH1)

V-Sword Squadron
see Vibrosword Squadron(LF1)

Known as the Decimator, the VT49 was a fork-shaped, armed transport ship developed by the Empire during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The central hull was connected to a pair of dagger-shaped, forward-faced mandibles, giving the VT49 its distinctive shape. The original idea behind the VT49 Decimator was to have a ship that could "outfight anything it could outrun, and outrun anything it couldn't outfight." The Empire used them primarily for ambush missions and medium-distance patrols. Command of a VT49 was considered a promotion by many Imperial naval officers, as its small crew compliment allowed Captains to act without the need for a higher-ranking officer overseeing their actions.(LAWS, SWGAL)

This droid language was used facilitate the transfer of datafiles from the droid or computer to a micro-electronic device.(CFG)

This ancient Keganite man ruled the planet with O-Vieve some thirteen years prior to the Battle of Naboo. They were known as the Benevolent Guides, and revered the prophesies which claimed that a visitation by the Jedi Knights would destroy Kegan society. To this end, they perpetuated the belief in the General Good and kept Kegan isolated from the rest of the galaxy. V-Tan had but a few visions, compared to the number experienced by O-Vieve, but both understood that the visions told of a terrible evil which would sweep the galaxt. Historians later determined that the Benevolent Guides foresaw the coming of Emperor Palpatine and the New Order. However, as the Jedi revealed more and more about the greater galaxy, the Keganite population began to doubt the rulership of O-Vieve and V-Tan. In the end, the populace voted to overthrow the Benevolent Guides and join the Old Republic.(FFT)

This Keganite was a Truant Guide, and was the first to capture Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri during their mission to Kegan. V-Tarz arrested them as truants, believing them to be Keganite children, and sent them to the Learning Circle for education. He was also a guard at the Learning Circle, although V-Davi discovered that he regularly turned off the security systems in the kitchens at night, in order to steal a midnight snack.(FFT)

This Keganite boy was a student at the time Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri were held on Kegan.(FFT)

This Yuuzhan Vong was a member of the Shamed Ones, and was living on the reformed world of Yuuzhan'tar after the planet was captured from the New Republic. Idrish was also one of the many of his caste to flock to the words of The Prophet, Yu'shaa, who told of the Jedi Heresy. It was later discovered by Kunra that V'tel was one of several acolytes who were planning to gather as much power as possible, in an effort to take control of the religion from Yu'shaa.(FH3)

A series of transport ships built by Kuat Drive Yards.(SS)

Vth'naar, Qesya
This Sludir was a member of the FarStar's crew. Before joining the Alliance, Qesya, her brother Quyik, and her mate Rokarn were forced to fight in gladiator battles for Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne on Kal'Shebbol. In a series of battles, Sarne forced Quyik to kill Rokarn before facing Qesya herself. Rokarn had sacrificed himself in order to give Quyik a chance to live, since he knew that Qesya was pregnant with their child. In the end, though, Sarne forced Qesya to kill her brother in order to survive. Qesya joined the crew of the FarStar after being liberated from Sarne's prison on Kal'Shebbol, and served as a combat instructor. During the search for Moff Sarne, she befriended Gunthar, and became increasingly worried about his demeanor as the FarStar probed deeper into the Kathol Rift. Shortly after the FarStar landed on Yvara, Qesya discovered that it was time to give birth to her offspring. She was brought to the ship's medical facility, where the ship's doctors and Yvarema physicians helpe dher give birth. Following the birth of her baby, Qesya elected to resign her commission with the FarStar and remain on Yvara to raise the child. Qesya later returned to assist the FarStar during the Battle of Kathol, as the Yvarema joined the fight against the Imperials.(DARK, KO, KR, E)

Vth'naar, Quyik
This Sludir was the brother of Qesya Vth'naar. Like his sister and her mate, Rokarn, Quyik was forced to fight in gladiator battles for the Empire. In one fateful battle, Quyik was pitted against Rokarn. Rokarn allowed Quyik to win the battle, knowing that Qesya was pregnant. Unfortunately for Quyik, this meant that he had to kill Rokarn in order to survive. Quyik carried the guilt of this act only for a short time, for the Empire then forced him to fight against Qesya herself. In the battle, Qesya defeated Quyik and killed him in order to survive.(KR)

Vth'naar, Rokarn
This Sludir was the mate of Qesya Vth'naar. Like Qesya and her brother, Quyik, Rokarn was forced to fight in gladiator battles for the Empire. In one fateful battle, Quyik was pitted against Rokarn. Rokarn allowed Quyik to win the battle, knowing that Qesya was pregnant. Unfortunately for Quyik, this meant that he had to kill Rokarn in order to survive. Quyik carried the guilt of this act only for a short time, for the Empire then forced him to fight against Qesya herself. In the battle, Qesya defeated Quyik and killed him in order to survive.(KR)

This Imperial Dreadnaught was stationed at the Bundil II platform during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(XWA)

This Old Republic Senator was one of many Senators, including his contemporary, Gopple, who were only interested in saving money for his own projects, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He came under considerable fire when the Navy began speaking openly of the poor state of its ships, which was caused by a series of compromises made by the Senators.(ISB)

Vu, Nin
This woman was a native of Alderaan, and was off-planet when the Empire destroyed the world. She had joined the fledgling Alliance as a trooper, and upon hearing of the destruction of her homeworld, she applied for a position in the Special Forces division. She excelled in the training of an Infiltrator, and was assigned to Task Force Shen upon graduation from her training. She had hoped to join the Alderaanian Death Legion, but her skills were needed in the Infiltrators. She rose quickly in rank, and was eventually promoted to First Lieutenant of the Shen task force, acting as Mart Stevez's second in command.(ROE)

Vu tata rundi
This Ewokese phrase translated roughly into Basic as "a dreadful person."(E6, GPB)

According to Yuuzhan Vong legend, the god Yun-Yuuzhan created the vua'sa as the very first incarnation of a Warmaster. A beast designed specifically for war, the vua'sa commanded the entire Yuuzhan Vong army until a brave Yuuzhan Vong warrior stepped forward and defeated the vua'sa. From that point forward, a Yuuzhan Vong had served as Warmaster, and would continue to do so until another creature could defeat him. Over the millennia, the vua'sa became extinct, primarily due to the fact that they were vicious predators who reproduced quickly. This led to localized population explosions, with large numbers of vua'sa killing every creature in sight until they destroyed their ecosystem. With no food, the vua'sa eventually died out.(EVR, FP)

Vua'spar Interdictor
This Yuuzhan Vong interdictor ship was developed after the invasion of the New Republic gaalxy had begun. Resembling two huge cones connected at their bases, the 908-meter-long Vua'spar interdictor was equipped with three enormous dovin basals for generating a gravity well that could drag ships out of hyperspace. The strength of this gravity well also had one other affect: it caused sever disruption to the brain-wave patterns of most sentient beings, rendering them unconscious for several minutes after their ship reverted to realsapce. These interdiction capabilities, coupled with several yorik coral arms that housed a full wing of thirty-six coralskippers, made the Vua'spar a deadly addition to the Yuuzhan Vong fleet. The Vua'spar was crewed by 638 warriors, and could transport up to 1,144 troops and 17,450 metric tons of cargo. It was armed with twenty plasma projectors and a forward-mounted heavy plasma projector, and it was protected by a collection of smaller dovin basals. These ships first appeared after the Yuuzhan Vong subjugated planets such as Duro and Fondor, after the New Republic began putting up increasing resistance to the invasion plans of the Yuuzhan Vong.(NJOSB)

This planet was believed to have been a base of operations for the Iridium Pirates, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.(HNN4)

This small corporation manufactured starfighter avionics packages during the last years of the Old Republic.(TSC)

Vueral, Tonas
This chirlan-rank Tunroth Hunter was a renowned tracker working in the Anthos Sector.(GG12)

Vuffi Raa
This was the name of the Class 2 multi-phasic robot Lando Calrissian won in a sabacc match from Ottdefa Whett on Oseon 2795, many years before the Battle of Yavin. Vuffi Raa was an Agent of the Silentium, a star-shaped, sentient machine with flexible manipulators extending from each of the five points on his body. Vuffi Raa's creators were unknown, but he claimed to have been built in their image. The name Vuffi Raa was actually a numeric designation in their native language. Vuffi Raa could not remember his creators or his initial acitivation, because he was prematurely activated during shipping. This sudden start-up wiped out a large portion of his pre-programmed memories. The droid later learned that this had been part of an experiment that was performed by The One, the huge interstellar entity that was Vuffi Raa's father. He had hoped that Vuffi Raa would roam the stars, encountering other lifeforms and gathering data on them. This would help The One's people obtain stimulating information about the galaxy without having to enter into the violent tendencies of most races. Vuffi Raa was programmed against violence, so that he would not obtain tainted data about other lifeforms. Inside the droid's shell, a thick fluid circulated throughout his system, providing lubrication and coagulation properties, should the outer metal surface be punctured. It made Vuffi Raa a semi-organic machine, a fact that was eventually revealed years later. The One explained to Lando that Vuffi Raa was an infant organic starship, related to the huge machines The One and his people use to transport information. Vuffi Raa was intercepted by Rokur Gepta shortly after his activation, and was placed in the service of Osuno Whett. When Whett tried to gain power in the Renatasia System, he set Vuffi Raa up as the focal point and primary emissary to the backwater peoples of the system. It was for this reason that Klyn Shanga and his militia chased Vuffi Raa and Lando Calrissian throughout the galaxy. Shanga didn't know, until the end, that it was Whett who was to blame. Gepta had programmed Vuffi Raa to call Osuno Whett "Master," but Vuffi Raa's inherent nature overrode that command. However, when Vuffi Raa encountered Lando Calrissian, his programming found Lando to be a more civilized person than Whett. The small droid couldn't help it when his programming called Lando "Master." The unusual droid could not override all of its programming, though, and played his part as the Emissary when Lando was chosen as the Bearer. Vuffi Raa then had Lando arrested when he emerged from the Great Pyramid on Rafa V with the Mindharp. After this, however, Vuffi Raa discovered that any programming that Gepta had done had run out, and so he returned to Lando's side. The droid explained that he felt Lando was his true Master, and woefully explained the situation. Lando, who had become somewhat attached to Vuffi Raa, forgave the little droid as they blasted their way out of the Rafa System. Although Vuffi Raa refused to be set free by Lando, the young con artist designated the droid as his sole heir, in case Gepta or Shanga managed to kill him. During the defense of the ThonBoka, Vuffi Raa had several conversations with Lehesu, and discovered that his prohibition against violence did not extend to self-preservation, nor to the preservation of the lives he cared for. Thus, when the Millennium Falcon was attacked by Klyn Shanga's militiamen, Vuffi Raa was able to shoot down two of their fighters while Lando was trying to get his own weapons ready. After Lando managed to defeat Rokur Gepta near the ThonBoka starcave, Vuffi Raa discovered his true nature when he was greeted by The One. The little droid was then manumitted by Lando and allowed to roam the galaxy as the starship that he was.(LCM, LCF, LCS, NEGD)

Vuh'jineau Mining Company
This mining corporation was based on the planet Talus during the last decades of the Old Republic. Note that the e in Vuh'jineau has a caret over it.(MBS)

This was an Issori egg fertilization between two members of the noble castes of two different nations. Such a breeding was meant to strengthen the two families involved, as well as ensure genetic diversity.(IR)

This was an Issori egg fertilization between a noble caste member and a more common caste member of a different nation. This type of mating was frowned upon in Issori society, since it was based more on emotion than familiar or political need.(IR)

Vuintor, Jarik
This slight, non-descript man rose to prominence in the Cularin System, during the height of the Clone Wars, and one of the representatives of the group known as Truth For Cularin. Despite his weak appearance, Vuintor was a vocal opponent of the government of Cularin, and openly questioned their motives in hiding certain pieces of information from the population. His broadcasts on the system HoloNet nodes often spoke of government cover-ups and wrong-doings that either caused or prolonged the various troubles that the Cularin System experienced. Many viewers called his tirades theatrical, and he often used stereotypical facial expressions and hand gestures to drive his points home. Many of the documentaries in which he appeared seemed to have originated on Cularin, but closer examination revealed that his "office" on Cularin was more than likely a remote studio that was made to look like Cularin.(LFCW)

Meaning "deft" or "dexterous", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual.(GCG)

This smuggler plied the spacelanes of the galaxy during the height of the New Order, flying in a modified YT-1300 freighter.(SWRPG2)

Vul, Nikki
This woman was a news reporter working on Coruscant during the height of the Clone Wars. She was the first being to report on the destruction of the Invisible Hand during the height of the Battle of Coruscant, just after the arrival of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to the fight.(ROF)

Vul Ag Protocol
see Protocol of Vul Ag(EVC)

This given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy.(GCG)

This woman worked as a receptionist for The Exchange, on Citadel Station, during the years following the Jedi Civil War.(KOTOR2)

This name was an alias used by Shalla Nelprin, during Warlord Zsinj's attempt to steal the Razor's Kiss from Kuat Drive Yards. Vula was an Engineer's Mate, supposedly assigned to the Razor's Kiss while it was in drydock during construction. After Shalla knocked out one of the shield generators aboard the Super-class ship, she called into Kuat Central Authority as Vula, requesting orders due to the theft of the ship.(IF)

This was one of the many dialects of Old Corellian that were spoken on various parts of the planet Corellia. It was believed that the last speakers of the Vulanish dialect died out some fifty years before the Clone Wars.(MJH)

This ancient Jedi Master worked with Yoda and Gra'aton to recover the Chu'unthor, after it crashed into the swamps of Dathomir some 300 years prior to the Battle of Yavin.(CPL)

Vulca Minerals Corporation
A trade and transport company operating in the Outer Rim Territories, Vulca mined the planet Af'El for meleenium.(DFRSB, GG4)

This planet was distinguished by its vast, sulphur-covered plains. Much of the planet's surface was covered in sulphur, the result of violent volcanic activity just beneath the planet's surface.(MDCAR)

Vulderanian Grain Flakes
This dehydrated cereal was commonly found in the stores of foodstuffs found aboard Imperial starships.(DSTR)

A townsperson on Kalarba, he had re-ordered the programming of three E-series droids (Q-E, U-E, and 2-E) in order to secretly build illegal blasters. He destroyed the U-E droid when it questioned the legality of building the blasters. Vuldo was later exposed by C-3PO, R2-D2, and the young boy Nak Pitareeze, when Artoo discovered U-E's memory banks held a record of Vuldo's shooting of the droid.(DRO)

At one time, Vulgarr was the king of the Duloks on Endor. He devised a plan whereby the Duloks would capture all the Ewok children. Their flesh would be eaten, and their hides woul dmake beautiful pouches. When the Duloks were defeated by Teebo and the Grundakk, Logray ordered that Vulgarr be planted in the ground feet-first. Over the years, he would grow into a twisted, gnarled tree, which would server as a reminder to the other Duloks to keep away from the Ewoks.(AT)

This was one of the many names given to female Bothans. In the Bothan language, it meant "sad" or "tearful."(GCG, WOTC)

Vulkar Shock Stick
This was the given to the modified stun batons used by the Black Vulkars, on the planet Taris, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin.(KOTOR)

This Galactic Alliance Victory-class Star Destroyer was part of the Fifth Battle Group, during the Alliance's conflict with The Confederation. The Vulnerator was an old ship by most standards, and had been part of the ragtag fleet of warships controlled by the rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. Despite its age, the Vulnerator and her crew were kept up-to-date during the ship's service. When Jacen Solo took the Fifth Fleet to Kashyyyk during the Battle of Kuat, the Vulnerator was discovered to have the ability to locate and shoot down StealthX fighters, a tactic that few Jedi pilots had predicted.(LF6)

Vulp Major
This gas giant was the sixth and outermost world in the Vulpter System. It was orbited by nine moons.(PH)

Vulp Minor
This frozen ball of rock was the fifth planet in the Vulpter System. It was orbited by a trio of moons.(PH)

An ancient Tetan royal.(DLS)

This planet, the homeworld of the Vulptereen race, was located on the border between the Deep Core and the Core Worlds. It was the third and primary world in the Vulpter System. At one time, Vulpter was a temperate world covered with grasslands and forests. Over time, the Vulptereen urbanized the planet, turning it into a smog-covered world of barren wastes and dingy industrial centers.

During the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo, the planet was overtaken by the Trade Federation and turned into a dumping ground for the products the Federation couldn't sell anywhere else. The native Vulptereen were put to work drilling vast tunnels to serve as storage facilities for the Federation, and anything that was deemed too large or toxic to store on the planet was launched into orbit. This created a ring of debris around Vulpter, primarily made up of old adverstising materials, and choked out a measure of natural sunlight. Eventually, the Vulptereen population found that it could no longer produce its own food, and was forced to import the necessary foodstuffs to sustain themselves. For every city that survived the Clone Wars, five more were abandoned.

During the New Order, Vulpter suffered even more, as the Empire not only shut down access to the Deep Core, but also cut off all shipments to Vulpter. The native Vulptereen perished by the millions, until Alliance agents arrived and exchanged food for land. The Alliance's presence helped the Vulptereen survive until the Battle of Endor, when the Empire was destroyed and access to the Deep Core was restored. The Vulptereen then set out to restore their homeworld, using technologies that proved successful on worlds such as Duro.(IWE1, SWI65, NEGC, PH, LF5)

This star, located in the galaxy's Deep Core, was the central body in the Vulpter System.(PH)

Vulpter Orbital
This space race was developed by the Vulptereen, in an effort to break the monotony of their existence during the New Order. The idea of the Vulpter Orbital was to race a small starship through the ring of debris that covered their homeworld, until one racer reached the finish line or all other racers were eliminated.(PH)

A species of squat-bodied aliens with long, tusk-studded snouts, the Vulptereen were native to the planet Vulpter. They were noted for their technology, especially in the areas of racing engines and machines. However, their desire to produce this technology overcame their basic survival instincts, and the Vulptereen redued their homeworld to a smog-choked industrial wasteland. This forced the Vulptereen to begin importing foodstuffs, since the planet could no longer provide the basic necessities.

As a species, the Vulptereen were known to use echolocation to determine their position, a form of sensing that was developed over many generations of living in the caverns and caves of their homeworld.

During the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo, Vulpter was overtaken by the Trade Federation. The native Vulptereen were put to work drilling vast tunnels to serve as storage facilities for the Federation, and the planet was reduced to a polluted wasteland. The situation only worsened after the Clone Wars, as the Empire cut off shipments of food to Vulpter when it shut down access to the Deep Core. Millions of Vulptereens died from starvation, and thousands more perished in riots that occurred when food became scarce.

Thus, when Alliance agents arrived on Vulpter, the Vulptereens gladly allowed them to use the planet as a Deep Core base in exchange for food and other necessities. In the wake of the Battle of Endor, the Vulptereens set out to rebuild their homeworld, and were more than happy to have assistance from the New Republic.(IG1, IWE1, NEGC, PH, NEGA)

Vulptereen 327
This was another name used to describe the RS557 podracer, used in certain racing manuals.(SWDB)

This was another name for the Vulpterish language.(PH)

This was the native language of the Vulptereen race.(PH)

This man served as a military officer for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, under the command of Count Dooku, during the height of the Clone Wars. Commander Vulpus was dispatched to Belsus by Dooku himself, to oversee General Grievous' efforts to meld the Force-sensitivity of Jedi Padawans with specialized Geonosian technologies.(SWGG)

This searing ball of rock was the innermost planet of the Vulpter System.(PH)

This male Kel Dor served as a Sergeant in the customs force that protected the planet Dorin, during the years that followed the Second Galactic Civil War. Sergeant Vult and Lieutenant Dorss were on duty when Luke Skywalker and his son, Ben, arrived at the spaceport near Dor'shan, after Luke was exiled from the new Jedi Order. Dorss and Vult scanned them for illegal weapons and contraband before allowing them to enter the city.(FJ1)

This planet was the homeworld of the Vultan race. It was the primary world in the Atreyis System, on the spinward edge of the Mid Rim. Many xenoarchaeologists believed that the planet Vulta was among the first worlds to be explored and colonized by humans, following the invention of the hyperdrive. The Vultan race was thought to have descended from this baseline human stock.(TOJC, PJSB)

A humanoid race characterized by its thin frame and it unusual cranium, the Vultans were native to the planet Vulta. Their heads seemed to be a mass of twisted appendages or convoluted skin folds instead of hair. In reality, these fold were simply a cartilaginous net which protected their brains. In females of the Vultan race, this cartilage pointed outward, away from the skull like horns. They tended to have yellowish skin. It was believed that the Vultans evolved from baseline human stock, when the planet Vulta was first visited by explorers shortly after the invention of the hyperdrive. As a people, the Vultans were enamored with the latest in trends and fashions, and were known for their skills in creating and manipulating technology.(TOJ, TOJC, PJSB)

This planet, the primary world in the Vultar System, was badly damaged during the Vultar Cataclysm. Exiled Jedi who were fleeing the third Great Schism discovered ancient technologies on the planet, which could only have been developed by the Architects. However, these Dark Siders could not control the technology, which ran amok and destroyed them. The resulting destruction also wiped out large portions of Vultar's surface.(NECH)

Vultar Cataclysm
This event, which took place some 250 years before Great Sith War, was precipitated by the third Great Schism between the Jedi Order and the followers of the Dark Side of the Force. After the Dark Siders were expelled from Coruscant, they fled to Vultar, where they discovered technologies that could only be attributed to the Architects. After attempting to activate the Cosmic Turbine, the exiles found that they couldn't control the ancient technologies, and were eradicated when the technologies were allowed to keep running. Much of the planet Vultar and the surrounding star system was destroyed during the event.(DLS, NEGC, NECH, EGF)

Vultar System
This star system was located in the Core Words. Much of the star system was destroyed during the event known as the Vultar Cataclysm, some 4,250 years before the Battle of Yavin, when a group of Dark Jedi tried to activate the Cosmic Turbine.(NECH, EGF)

Vultar the Ugly
This Trandoshan was infamous for starting a brutal, underworld power struggle many years before the Battle of Yavin. It was believed that Vultar's left arm was later implanted on the body of Gorm the Dissolver.(EGD)

This modified CR90 corvette was part of the smuggler fleet which agreed to provide arms to the Alliance, just prior to the Battle of Endor. Unfortunately for her crew, the Captain of the Vulture decided to sell out to the Empire, and the Alliance as forced to destroy it.(XWA)

This was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(XW)

Vulture Droid
This was the more common name for the Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid.(SWI50, OWS)

Vulture Fighter
see Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid(CHRN2)

Vulture-class Starfighter
This was the official designation of the Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid.(SSOG)

Vulture's Claw
This freighter was owned and operated by Gha Nachkt, during the era of the Clone Wars. The ship was an ancient vessel that had undergone so many refittings and modifications that it bore no resemblance to its stock form, and even knowledgeable beings had trouble identifying her original manufacturer. Gha Nachkt further modified the ship for use in his salvage operations, adding several manipulator arms and outboard storage containers to carry the debris he salvaged from the scenes of space battles. The result of these modifications was that the Vulture's Claw was essentially a floating warehouse. Anakin Skywalker boarded the freighter in the wake of the Battle of Bothawui, after his Jedi starfighter had been damaged, and R2-D2 was lost, during the fighting. He hoped that maybe Gha Nachkt had recovered the astromech and had stored it aboard the Vulture's Claw, but was unable to locate the droid. This was because Gha Nachkt had hidden R2-D2 in a secret compartment, so that he could transport the droid to General Grievous.(CWTV06, CWTV07, CWVG)

Vuluk, Bor-Kal
This Jedi Master was among the many Jedi who died during the Battle of Ruusan, nearly a millennia before the Clone Wars. The existence of Master Vuluk's lightsaber - believed to be somewhere on Ruusan - became a source of debate for xenoarchaeologists and treasure seekers for many centuries.(LFCW)

This planet was located 34 light-years from Atzerri.(SOL)

A purple-hued wood used to build furniture. According to Childen of the Jedi, this wood was found in an Ithorian herdship guest room, in spite of the Ithorians' reverence of nature?(COJ)

Meaning "fast swimmer", this name was common among Gungan females.(GCG)

This planet was located in the Core Worlds. Sometime after the Battle of Naboo, the entire planetary treasury of Vuma was stolen in a daring theft that was executed by the Slams.(JQ8)

A race devised by Captain Huba and his team of pirate-chefs, it involved racing open skyshoppers across the rocky crags of Kalarba to obtain an object and returning to the starting point with it. The hard part was avoiding the vynocks which scavenge the rocks for metal.(DRO)

A planet.(MBS)

This race of humans was native to the planet Vunak, and was distinguished by the ritual scarring of their foreheads, cheeks, and heads. The whorls and patterns of the scars were exceptionally intricate, and were meant to indicate an individual's social caste status.(MBS)

This small, blue-skinned alien was a con man. He was partners with Grugosh, and served as the brains to Grugosh's brawn. The pair frequented the Mid Rim hangout known as the Maze during the Galactic Civil War. They also supported the Alliance, and acted as go-betweens for the local rebel cell and potential new members.(IA)

This planet was known for its unusual fire lamps.(PSPG)

Vundt, Darsie
This Rampa II native grew up in a middle-class family but despised the life she was born into. She lashed out at society by slicing into local information networks. She got caught by the Corporate Sector Authority, but was offered a position in the Operational Multisystem Management department. She chose to be free, and became one of the Authority's most prominent OMM programmers.(CSA)

This curious lizard was native to the planet Rafa V, and lived in the life-orchards. These lizards were distinguished by the unusual tendrils which sprouted from the side of their head and joined in a loop over their head.(EGP)

This Jedi's struggle with the Dark Side of the Force became a primary teaching lesson for many Jedi Masters. Vuras was confronted with an enemy that used underhanded tactics to continually outsmart and defeat him. Rather than seeking a new way of dealing with the enemy, Vuras simply resorted to using his own underhanded tactics. However, the inherent evil in these tactics, and the anger with which he embraced them, led Vuras to the Dark Side and, eventually, his own destruction.(PTR)

Vurd, Kyood
This Ugnaught owned a tavern on Nar Shaddaa, during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. He traveled in a modified backpack, carried by an immense, green-skinned alien who also served as Vurd's bodyguard. Vurd feared the Jedi, and purchased his bodyguards from slavers who guaranteed the beings to be immune from Jedi mind tricks.(ETM)

Vurdon Ka
This temperate planet, the homeworld of the Vuvrian race, was covered with mosses and primitive plants. The atmosphere of Vudron Ka was quite stable, and lacked any major forms of weather. Thus, the planet's temperature remained stable within a fifteen-degree range, and cloud formations tended to build up and remain together for long periods of time. This left the surface of Vurdon Ka in a perpetual state of near-twilight, but this was more than made up for by the planet's pleasant environment. Many of the species which evolved on Vudron Ka, including the Vuvrians, had sensitive epidermal skin, an evolutionary result of the easy living experienced on the planet.(ANT)

When translated into Basic, this Mando'a word meant "ever."(OWS)

A common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "mountain".(GCG)

This ancient Tarasin ritual was believed to have been as old as the Tarasin race themselves. Each vurgat was a special event, and was held only when the leaders and seers of the Tarasin perceived the need to comprehend something truly important. The holding of a vurgat often marked the occurrence of a much greater event, which had repercussions beyond the Tarasin themselves. Attendance at a vurgat usually involved representatives from all Tarasin tribes, each of whom was called by a power which created strange dreams in their minds.(LFCW)

This humanoid race of reptomammals was native to the planet Sembla. Note that the Wizards of the Coast Web site indicates that Vurks were amphibians. The Vurks were distinguished by the pointed crest that rose from the back of their skull, curving up to a half-meter in length behind them. Their faces were divided by the crest, with bulging cheeks and ocular bones supporting their large eyes. Their hands had three thick fingers and a opposable thumb, and the average Vurk stood more than two meters in height. Because the planet Sembla was constantly being remade due to volcanic activity, the Vurks evolved into efficient nomads. Because of this, they were often regarded in the galaxy at large as a primitive people.

As a species, the Vurks resembled amphibians in that they gave birth underwater, and Vurk midwives were held in high esteem among the Vurk society. They were nomadic by nature, moving across Sembla's surface in large, interconnected clans and never remaining in the same location for more than a few weeks. Whenever two or more clans met up during a migration, they held a great feast that was accompanied by games and bartering. Individuals from both clans were allowed to seek out a mate during these gatherings, helping to keep the gene pool from becoming stagnant. The males who were married during this time went to live with the female's clan. Individual males who did marry before adulthood often remained single for their entire life. Vurks were known for their steady demeanors and their trustworthiness, and were known to be calm even in the worst of situations.

During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the Vurks escaped any lasting impact, primarily because their homeworld was located well off most hyperspace travel routes.(SWDB, NEGA, WOTC)

This woman was one of the members of the Singing Mountain Clan on Dathomir, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

This man served the Imperial Navy as a medical technician, Class Two, during the early years of the New Order. Vurly was assigned to the medical frigate Medstar Four, serving under Commander Hotise.(DSTR)

Vurrha's Blood
This band of smugglers and criminals was formed by Vurrha Chur during the early years of the New Order. The group worked the Outer Rim Territories, always careful not to encroach on the operations of the Hutt kajidics. Vurrha's Blood was named for the ceremony that Vurrha used to initiate new members, in which Vurrha cut himself and then smeared his blood over the face of each individual. Those who remained with the gang were distinguished by the tattoo on their face, a red circle surrounding a black teardrop, which was symbolic of the initiation ceremony. The gang handled everything from smuggling to bounty hunting and loan-sharking, taking on the grunt work and odd jobs that the Hutts considered too small to worry about.(UA, WOTC)

This unusual piece of Yuuzhan Vong bio-technology was grown to serve as a carpet, to provide a softer walking surface for rooms.(FH1)

This Klatooinian joined Rogue Squadron as a pilot shortly after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn.(IJ)

This was the largest of the four main continents found on the planet Veron.(PG1)

When translated into Basic, this Mando'a word meant "special forces."(OWS)

When translated into Basic, this Mando'a word meant "special."(OWS)

This Bri'ahlian served as the planetary president of his homeworld during the height of the Clone Wars. He was a strong supporter of the Old Republic, and was one of Padme' Amidala's close friends. Unknown to both of them, they survived an assassination attempt on his homeworld of Bri'ahl when the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO disobeyed Padme's orders and foiled the would-be killers.(CWA4)

This was one of the more common names given to Cragmoloid individuals.(UANT)

This was one of the largest cities on the planet Brentaal, and was controlled by Lon Isoto and the Cabal during the period following the Battle of Endor. Is Vuultin a city or a planet? The captions seem to indicate it's a city on the barren moon of Brentaal IV, but discussion among the New Republic military indicate it's a planet.(XWES)

Vuultin Starburst
This unusual medal was created by Lon Isoto, in honor of the efforts of the 181st Imperial Fighter Group in defending Brentaal from attack by the New Republic. It was organic in form, with a red, heart-like center and several gold and bronze flares. The first of these Starbursts was awarded to Turr Phennir.(XWES)

vuv Tertarrnek, Daelar
This Covallon was one of the Alliance's deepest cover agents, pretending to be the pet of Moff Harlov Jarnek. The Imperial Moff, a prime example of a xenophobe who couldn't see anything not human as intelligent, thought vuv Tertarrnek was an interesting pet and nothing more. vuv Tertarrnek, on the other hand, understood everything the Moff said, and was able to provide the Alliance with a bounty of information on troop and starship movements in Tandon Sector. However, vuv Tertarrnek's position as a pet made it hard to transmit data back to the Alliance without being caught, since Jarnek liked to keep his pet at his side to impress others. vuv Tertarrnek maintained his position at the Moff's side by using his empathic sense to match his actions to the Moff's needs.(CRO)

An alien race characterized by their ovoid heads and the thin tentacular appendages that hang on either side, Vuvrians were native to the planet Vudron Ka. Their thin skin was exceptionally sensitive, and the average Vuvrian could detect minute changes in air temperature and pressure caused by the presence of another being. The skin of a Vuvrian wrinkles with age and loses its sensitivity, especially if an individual lives on another planet. Vuvrians were more than happy to join the Old Republic, but had little interest in travel or colonization. They felt that any planet other than Vudron Ka was "unpleasant". As a people, Vuvrians were cordial and inquisitive, and many individuals have become some of the galaxy's greatest diplomatic and negotiators.(CCG, ANT, UANT)

This was the native language of the Vuvrian race.(ANT)

Vuvritech 44
This was a small power generator, developed during the early years of the New Order to power stun batons and other, similar tools.(PH)

This planet, located in the Lorn System, was the site of an Alliance safehouse during the early years of the Galactic Civil War.(AIR)

This star system, originally discovered by Bshrah-Ky-Ushsj, was stumbled upon by Sig Coven. While in the system, Coven discovered what was the remained of Hez Kragg's fleet, including the Kragg's Fury. An orange-yellow star was found at the center of the system, and sixteen planets orbited it. Nine of the planets were gas giants, with the remaining seven being solid. Of these, five had atmospheres, and one - the fourth planet in the system - was determined to have a variety of lifeforms living on its surface.(SWJ7)

This planet was the homeworld of a race of ten-legged, crablike beings known as the Viraanntesse.(X3, E3N)

This was a species of Corellian tree that was distinguished by for its deep, brown wood, which was often used in sculpture. The nuts which grew on the vweliu tree were used in making ryshcate, and could also be candied and served as sweet snacks.(XWN, TFE, RCTZ)

V-Wing Fighter
This starship, officially designated the Alpha-3 Nimbus, was produced by Kuat Drive Yards during the last decades of the Old Republic. The fighter was developed by Walex Blissex to improve upon the Delta-7 Aethersprite, which Blissex believed had many flaws. Though designed for law enforcement agencies, the V-Wing was also available in a civilian model. Only a small number of V-Wings were built for civilian use, however. During the height of the Clone Wars, thousands of V-Wings were used in the naval fleet of the Old Republic, augmenting the ARC-170 fighters throughout the conflict.

The V-Wing was a needle-shaped craft that maneuvered with the assistance of four moveable wings, which also served to help the craft dissipate excess heat during combat. The V-Wing measured just 7.9 meters in length, with a maximum wingspan of 3.8 meters. Each of these fighters was armed with a pair of twin laser cannons, and required a pilot and a Q7-series astromech to operate. In order to execute tight turns and complex maneuvers to counteract the abilities of the Separatists' vulture droids, the engines of the V-Wing were mounted one atop the other at the rear of the craft.

Because of their small size, most V-Wings were unable to accommodate a hyperdrive system. Only those V-Wings produced as escorts for Emperor Palpatine's personal Theta-class shuttle were given compact hyperdrives, but these were limited-capacity versions that needed input from the shuttle to manage jumps.(TDR, LEV, TCG10, X3, SWDB, SSOG)

V-Wing Speeder/Transport
An airspeeder used by the New Republic at the first Battle of Calamari, the V-Wing was designed by Slayn & Korpil to be an all-environment speeder. Interestingly, a separate interface transport was used to move the speeder from its docking space. The transport section was loaded in order, and could carry four or six transports. The transport was then launched, and plunged through the atmosphere under snubfighter escort. The speeder pilots entered their ships during this plunge, moving through sleeves to their ships. When all was ready, the speeders were launched from the transport, which then disengaged from any battles. The V-Wing was required to fly back to the parent ship to refuel and be ready to launch more speeders. The four-speeder transport, designated Model A, was 20 meters long; the six-speeder version was the Model B, and was 27 meters long. The transport itself was unarmed. The speeder was 6.3 meters in length, and was armed with a double blaster cannon. Note that The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels indicates that the V-Wing was just 5.7 meters in length, with a wingspan of 9.6 meters. The speeder's design allowed it to channel air into Chab-Ylwoum scramjet intake channels, which helped the ship increase its base speed of 1,000 kilometers per hour to 1,400 kph, but reduced maneuverability.(DE1, DESB, EGV, NEGV)

This was a common name among Quarren females. It meant "wise".(GCG)

VX3 Scanner
This wide-view binocular system was produced by Jassim Design, and was one the their many non-medical applications of medical technology.(TOJC)

This was the designation of a Separatist freighter that made a regular run to the shipyards of the Gwori System, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. The ship later fell into the hands of the Galactic Republic, and served as the transport vessel that carried Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and their clone troopers to the surface of Gwori. The Jedi and their troopers had been frozen in carbonite, so that they could survive the irradiation of the freighter as it moved through the Separatist scan gate that protected the system. In order to ensure that the ship made it to Gwori safely, Skywalker's astromech droid, R2-D2, was assigned to serve as the ship's pilot. However, upon reaching Gwori, the convoy that R2-D2 had been following was not given landing coordinates. Instead, planetary traffic controllers ordered the convoy to a specific landing platform, and R2-D2 was unable to determine the correct flight path. This alerted the Separatist forces on the ground that freighter VX-391 was not part of the normal convoy, and droid starfighters were sent in to destroy it. By this time, R2-D2 had piloted the ship close to the surface of Gwori, so the astromech jettisoned itself and the carbon-frozen soliders, just before the droid fighters were able to destroy the freighter.(CWSOD)

One of Ubrikkian's transport skiffs, the VX6 was a 17-meter-long, one-man skiff that can trasnport up to 15 troopers.(DFRSB)

This electrotelescope system was developed by Neuro-Saav for use aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyers of the Imperial Navy. The VXI-2c was used for visual tracking of targets by shipboard gunners, as a compliment to computer-based targeting systems.(E4VG)

This model of electrotelescope was manufactured by Neuro-Saav, during the height of the New Order. It was designed to allow the user to observe nearby planets, moons, and asteroids, and was equipped with a variety of sensors which could detect energy fluctuations and communications signals.(EGW)

VXL Speeder
This was one of the largest and most elaborate two-being landspeeders ever produced in the galaxy. Originally produced many decades before the onset of the Clone Wars, the VXL Speeder had a bulbous shape that was reminiscent of a large animal. The nose of the VXL Speeder was covered with a prow that gave it the appearance of an ancient, ocean-going vessel, and the front end was protected by a heavy bumper that supported two headlights. Two exhaust pipes sprouted from the front of the speeder and curved toward the rear of the vehicle. The passenger compartment was open to the air, and contained a heavily-padded bench seat that had an arching backrest that followed the contours of the rear engine compartment. The main drive section was located at the rear, and three directional signals were located above the main engine. These signals were housed in an arching fin that curved back to a point, giving the VXL Speeder an ungainly yet speedy appearance.(CWA10)

This factory complex, located within the Vergesso Asteroid Belt, was originally owned by Viraxo Industries. However, after the death of K'Armyn Viraxo in a fight with the Azzameen family, the Empire took control of the facility.(XWA)

Vybb, Allor
This being was a Professor of metallurgy and energy physics at the University of Byblos during the early years of the New Republic. When a group of prisoners escaped from the facilities on Delrian, Professor Vybb was among the many beings who were brought in to help handle the crisis.(GCG)

see Vycynith(PGT)

This forested, temperate planet was one of several resort planets popular with the upper class of the Tapani Sector. It was within the province held by House Barnaba, and all profits from the resorts went into Barnaba's coffers. One of the main attractions of the planet was the collection of four orbiting casinos that catered to the gambling needs of the sector. Vycynith was orbited by a single moon, which was maintained as a game preserve for a variety of species. Note that it was spelled as Vycinyth was well, in the Players Guide to Tapani.(LOE, PGT)

Vydat Pie
This was another name for the Vydat Stardock, located in orbit near the planet Duro.(GMR2)

Vydat Stardock
This orbital stardock, known as Vydat's Pie because of its pie-shaped design, orbited the planet Duro. It was originally built by a consortium of the megacorporations which had taken up residenceon Duro. Docking bays were located all around the station's circumference.(GMR2)

Vydek, Saran
This was the name of a noted Vodran individual.(UANT)

Vye, Dyssa
This man was the Commander of the Corulag Academy, during the height of the Clone Wars. He was believed to have been killed during a Separatist attack on Curamelle, when the Legislative Hall was badly damaged. Rescuers eventually located Vye and pulled him to safety.(WOTC, GCG)

This bounty hunter was the original owner of the frigate known as the Death Mark. It was Vygar who decided to make his ship part of the Zirtran's Anchor space station, believing that even bounty hunters needed a place of their own to rest, make repairs, and socialize with other hunters.(SWJ5)

This was the Neimoidian word for the number 5.(GPB)

Vykas, Zarandro
This young man grew up with his siblings in a Core Worlds household where his parents allowed their children to have whatever they wanted. Thus, Zarandro and his siblings became spoiled, but they also obtained the best educations and training that money could buy. As a unit, the Vykas children were considered something of an irresistable force, playing together in sports and taking over projects and activities from other children. Zarandro, however, desired something more, and quickly became addicted to slumm. When he went to his dealer to demand a way to kick this addiction, his dealer decided to play a trick on him. Rather than giving Zarandro a way to beat his dependence on slumm, the dealer prescribed another drug, this one more addictive than slumm. However, it gave Zarandro greater strength and agility, so he continued to use it to maintain his edge in sports. Sometime later, his sister Zardra approached him with a plan. Using her brains and his brawn, they should go into business as criminals, taking on small jobs that were profitable but nbot exceptionally dangerous. Zarandro quickly agreed to the plan, and the pair set out to take what they could from the galaxy. Zarandro was distinguished by his pale, white skin and his jet-black hair. Although he appeared to be frail, Zarandro was well-muscled and athletic, as many beings discovered when they pushed him too far.(UA)

Vykas, Zardra
This young woman grew up with his siblings in a Core Worlds household where his parents allowed their children to have whatever they wanted. Thus, Zardra and her siblings became spoiled, but they also obtained the best educations and training that money could buy. As a unit, the Vykas children were considered something of an irresistable force, playing together in sports and taking over projects and activities from other children. Zardra, however, grew bored with this existence, and actually came to hate her parents for their continual focus on material things. The fact that her parents were often away on business or pleasure trips only added to Zardra's hatred. More often than not, Zardra befriended droids rather than living beings, preferring their company and their complete lack of infatuation with possessions. Eventually, she approached her brother, Zarandro, with a plan to relieve the boredom and frustration. Using her brains and his brawn, they should go into business as criminals, taking on small jobs that were profitable but not exceptionally dangerous. Zarandro quickly agreed to the plan, and the pair set out to take what they could from the galaxy. Zardra proved to be an exceptional pilot, and was able to get them into and out of their capers with skill and ease. Her starship, the modified freighter Firebrand, was her only true possession. Like her brother, Zardra had jet-black hair. However, her skintone and body were both healthy, as she shared none of his pre-occupation with recreational drugs.(UA)

This planet was often on the itinerary of the Kuari Princess. It was known for its fast-flowing rivers and deep canyons.(RM, SWJ8)

Vyluk Clan
This band of mercenaries was allied with the Empire during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The Vyluk Clan was hired by the Empire to patrol the Yavin System, in the wake of the Battle of Yavin, in an effort to prevent any unauthorized access to the debris field created after the destruction of the first Death Star.(SWGAL)

This given name was common human males across the galaxy.(GCG)

This mynock-like creature was native to several planets, including Bothwaui and Kalarba. These small, dragon-like beasts scoured the rocky mountains of their homeworld, searching for metals to eat. Also called cave mynocks, these creatures were basically all wings, and their huge mouths were covered with small tentacles. Like mynocks, vynocks were covered with a thick, leathery skin.

It was eventually discovered that vynocks were an air-breathing subspecies of the mynock. Vynocks were also immune to the helium-based reactions of the mynock.(DRO, RNTB, NEGA)

This was a species of herbivorous mammals that was native to the planet Corellia. It was noted for its leathery hide. Note that The New Essential Guide to Alien Species indicates that Corellian vynocks were not mammals, but a subspecies of mynocks.(GQRG, NEGA)

This mid-level starship booster system was produced by Incom Industries during the height of the New Order. It was based on the Mynock booster design, with improvements in output power and recharging technologies. Several variations of the Vynock design were produced, with different power output characteristics.(SWG2P)

This Imperial Corporal was part of the design team which created the YI-5 surveillance and investigation droid. When Ysanne Isard, the Director of the Imperial Security Bureau, discovered that the YI-5 had one red sensor eye and one blue sensor eye, she ordered Vypass and his fellow engineers - Gonrey and Streln - to be executed for insubordination. Only the effectiveness of the YI-5 in bringing Vune Willic to justice, coupled with the assurances of Imperial engineers, caused Isard to rescind the termination orders.(PH)

This man was one of the founding members of the Freedom movement on Bakura, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Malinza Thanas refered to him as the brains of the operation, and his skills as a computer slicer helped Freedom obtain detailed information on the government's actions. Vyram was distinguished by his rakish good looks and black hair. After Prime Minister Cundertol was exposed as a traitor to Bakura, Vyram and Malinza were sentenced to "rehabilitation" for their part in the Freedom movement. In order to prove their innocence, they had to prove that the money Cundertol stole from the Bakuran treasury was used to finance his human-replica droid body and his plans with the Ssi-ruuk.(FH2)

This gang of non-humans was active on the city of Tolea Biqua, on Genarius, during the height of the Clone Wars.(LFCW)

This man was a member of the FarStar's crew, during the hunt for Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne. Vyson was killed when the FarStar was disabled by the explosion of the Eradicator, when he broke his neck during the impacts of several shockwaves.(E)

This was the Socorran term for the "honor of giving back." Living by the rule of the vyvya was one of the basic tenets of the Society of the Black Bha'lir, and meant that every member of the Society had to swear to protect the reputations and lives of his or her fellow members.(BSS)

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